Port Of Charleston Reopens After "Dirty Bomb" Threat

In addition to the three shooting incidents that unfolded in the US on Wednesday, the Port of Charleston’s Wando terminal was temporarily closed last night after authorities received word that there was a dirty bomb aboard a container ship.

Officials with the Coast Guard say federal and state authorities are continuing to investigate a potential threat which was reported at the Wando Terminal Wednesday night.


Coast Guard officials say the FBI is investigating a report of a “dirty bomb” aboard a vessel.


A dirty bomb is composed of conventional explosives and radioactive material.


According to emergency officials, no radiation has been found at this time.


A report by the Coast Guard states that at 8 p.m. authorities were made aware of a potential threat in a container aboard the vessel Maersk Memphis.


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As SHTFplan.com's Mac Slavo noted, though no additional information about the dirty bomb had been made available by officials last night, such a device detonated in a high population density area like Charleston could spew a deadly radioactive substance into the air, potentially leading to thousands of deaths and significant environmental damage to the fall out area.

In 2015 the Federal government in conjunction with the U.S. military, State and local authorities conducted a variety of emergency drills including Operation Northern Exposure, which was designed to simulate a dirty bomb disaster and its immediate aftermath.


In 2016 the Obama administration highlighted a dirty bomb as the most likely nuclear or radiological terrorist threat faced by the United States.

But after scanning and clearing four shipping containers on a Maersk-owned ship, the Coast Guard has lifted the temporary safety zone around the terminal, and announced that the port has returned to normal operation.

The source of the information has been detained for questioning.

"Unified Command determines no existing threat to the port. Terminal will reopen and safety zone has been lifted," the Coast Guard said on Twitter.



Read the full Coast Guard press release below: