In The Divided States Of America, There's Only One Way To "Unite"

Authored by Joey Clark via,

Following the attempted political assassination of several GOP members of Congress this week, calls for “unity” echoed through the halls of power.

Democratic and Republican leaders alike offered up their ruminations on the matter — ”ruminating” not in the sense of offering profound thoughts on the latest tragedy, but rather, as cows “ruminate” on regurgitated cud. That an American citizen would take the ruling class’ dishonest and hyperbolic partisanship seriously enough to actually start shooting congressmen is tough for the political class to stomach, so for now, they chew on their hopes for national unity while promising to temper their rhetoric.

Such calls for “national unity” in the wake of violence are nothing new, and as I heard this latest chorus of “Kumbaya” reverberate around the country, I couldn’t help but snicker. I couldn’t hold back my laughter because I suspect too much about American government, too much about the meanness and bad faith of contemporary American politics, too much about the very nature of human beings’ relationship to political power to take American politicos’ calls for unity, love, and respect seriously. I have nothing against unity, love, kindness, and respect (and I certainly do not condone citizens randomly shooting members of Congress), but I cannot take the power-hungry seriously when they use the language of peace and community to advance their national ambitions of political control.

Political invective, per se, is not the problem — the drive for national solutions is. Even if the political class softens their rhetoric for a time (don’t hold your breath), they will sooner or later find themselves at one another’s throats again as long as they continue to nationalize every political issue under the sun. There is too much power at stake to behave otherwise. In fact, I expect we will soon see that rhetorical game whereby partisan “uniters” criticize anyone who disagrees with their political projects as “dividers.”

Contrary to popular political opinion, “national unity” is not synonymous with basic human decency and peace among men. Quite the opposite. But as long as “our” political leaders continue to conflate the two, a cruel irony will be at work here. The more America’s political leaders try to “unite” the nation through political power at the federal level, nationalizing every issue in the process, the more divided the nation will become. The United States is too diverse to be treated as one big happy family ready to march in lockstep.

The political class’ appeals to American ‘family’ and ‘unity’ is merely a means to obscure what’s really on the agenda— an agenda that goes far beyond the purview of our actual families, villages, townships, cities, and states. The political establishment continues to falsely believe a diverse nation of 300 million-plus people, a nation of nearly 20,000 actual cities, as well as countless families and cultures, can be managed like a singular political body without negative consequences. If only we surrender more of our liberties and governing decisions to Washington D.C., says the political class, “the people” of the United States can be prodded into unity — as long as we are allowed to chew on a bit of happy talk and watch a charity baseball game.

No doubt, how we speak to one another as fellow human beings is important. Indeed, culture and rhetoric are important. And, yes, though politics may often be downstream from culture, politics can also pollute the river of culture and discourse if allowed to become too pervasive. Immense political power has a way of rendering men suspicious and jealous of one another. And once politics comes to define a people through the power of a central state, all that is left is an impending battle over whose culture will be imposed through the power of that state.

In the face of such a looming war, it is no surprise that people often despair only to hurl invective, material threats, and people see actual bullets towards “the others” as the source of their angst. In such a world dominated by national political power, it is understandable that politicos, whether elected officials or disgruntled campaign volunteers, see anyone who opposes their national projects as a threat to humanity.

But the tyrant in you is the tyrant in me, and if we are not careful — if we keep offering the American people the immense national power to command and control their fellows — even our reactions against tyranny and violence will tend to mutate into movements to destroy one another for power’s sake.

If we truly wish to unite the American people, we must abandon our greedy nationalist daydreams. We must decentralize political power away from Washington D.C. and truly embrace the diversity of the American populace. We must reduce the potential power we have over one another so that tolerance for those we disagree with may flourish absent the threat of political coercion. Let California be California. Let Texas be Texas. Let Vermont go their own way and Alabama go another way, and so on.

Furthermore, we should go beyond the idea of states altogether. Local governments can be just as tyrannical as national governments despite their limited geography. Rather than first saying, “We are all Americans,” “We are all Alabamians,” or “We are all Californians,” suppose we instead say:

We are all individual moral agents, each of us with our own unique tastes and talents, each of us possessing the flame of our innate freedom, and we can do as we please as long as we respect one another as free individuals.”

If one day that does become our motto, dare I say, what a statement of human solidarity it would be.


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IOW I agree with this..." We must decentralize political power away from Washington D.C. and truly embrace the diversity of the American populace. We must reduce the potential power we have over one another so that tolerance for those we disagree with may flourish absent the threat of political coercion. Let California be California. Let Texas be Texas. Let Vermont go their own way and Alabama go another way, and so on." But HOW does one do that? How do we unwind from the forces which are pushing for radical centralization of poltical power? To know, first you have to specifically identify the pathways through which it is achieved. Then determine how to block that pathway. This is what is laid out in the book.

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the irony is a bernie supporter targets republicans not knowing all of the sycophants of both parties are to blame for the current social environment. the shooter pointed his weapon in the right direction of evil, however, there are a few layers above congress who need attention. it is also ironic that the party of sjws would beat all of the molon labe wankers here on zh to the punch.

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It is a philosophy of government which believes that the best possible government comes from subjecting it to free market forces much like any other good or service. How hard is it for you to see face-to-face the decision makers for the rules which you live under? How easy is it for you to change those rule makers? How easy is it for you to leave their authority if you find it troublesome? How hard is it to do a "reset" when things get corrupt? Localism believes if you lower the transaction costs of escaping bad government then government will be forced to behave itself in order to retain decent citizens. Eventually everybody will get to live under rules more to their liking, in exchange for that they must give up delusions of being able to use federal power to impose their view of things on people they have never met living in cities they have never visited.But to keep power decentralized, there are 13 doorways to centralization of state power which have to be kept shut. Society has to agree to similar measures to keep these doors shut or every generation will wind up with a government more centralized than the last one no matter how they vote- just as we have seen in the US.

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Term limits, political contributions and public-only lobbying. And the total enforcement of the law.

TL - one term of 6 years for senators and one term of 4 years for representatives. No pre or post jobs related to national govt as prerequisite. Can be re-elected after 10 yr hiatus. Judges including Supreme Court justices have max 10 court life and any court.

All lobbying is done in public forum, not even private lunches with employees of Federal govt.

Political contributions, in any form of service or monies will come only from U.S. citizens anonymously via an audited holding and distribution entity. Each U.S. citizen will be limited to $250 per candidate per election. No companies, PAC's, trusts, etc will be allowed to give contributions - U.S. CITIZENS ONLY.

Give this a generation to work and most of the nonsense, like the FED, too big to fail, inefficient military and the like will then be replaced, fixed or eliminated.

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I'd say the FIRST thing to do would be to dis-arm the national overweight sweathog security slugs in blue.  Turn them back into public servants and get back to service instead of John Wayne murderers and they could ALL lose some fucking weight and be made to walk around a little bit.

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This peice is 100% wrong, nationalism isn't the problem, a lack of it is.  A proof here is that the vast majority of politicians of both sides demonize nationalism and instead worship at the altar of globalism.  Their dream for the US isn't a nation, but a large pool of replaceable labour/consumers in a globalist work camp.If the United state is to succeed then US citizens need to see themselves as American's first, rather than a diverse collection of ethnic tribes squabbling amoungst each other.Its the same problem in the UK and the rest of western Europe.  Only Eastern Europe, China, Russia and Japan get it.

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By speaking of the "uncivilized" you are doing precisely what the author is warning against. You set up a category, a box, for those you disagree with. The author is suggesting that to continue doing that leads nowhere except to continued and escalating violence. Somehow, as happened in the 1880s old antagonisms must be set aside and new, mutual goals must be set. Sure, Yankees still thought southerners were bigots and southerners thought Yankees were grasping thieves. But they all still worked together and built modern America. In doing so, they not only had to forgive the other side's excesses, they also had to moderate their own excesses. We can do it again.We must do it again! Bring the troops home; stop interfering with other nations; stop feeding the lie that "We're number one!" We must turn our thoughts and efforts to rebuilding America as a peaceful, popular republic rather than the rabid, no-nothing oligarchy it has become. We can do that through complete societal collapse or we can choose to do it by changing who we are. That was the Trump campaign promise. Multi-billionaire and crypto-Zionist or not, I think he would have pursued those goals if he had not been bushwhacked by factional Democrats and Repubicans alike.

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This article completely misses the boat... a multicutural nation is in itself an oxymoron... it cannot exist... oh for so many reasons.

Nor is it intended to. The psychopathic beasts driving us to this madness have no intention that we will survive it.

It is us, or the financial ruling class, and sadly we will need to wade through the hordes of primatives they have flooded our land with to get to them.

This will never happen, as there is too much inertia to overcome, while the path to world war is wide open. Hope you folks have a good shelter. Actually, I do, just not really convinced I care all that much that I survive. I am tired, and sick to death of observing the whole sick mess...

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The political, racial, religious divisiveness in the States is thanks to 8 years of progressive liberal democrap nasty mean hypocritical intolerant rhetoric led by the illegal Indonesian kenyan alien muslim traitoroys  fudgepacker imbecile & its mnions in their insatiable thirst for power. And the useless do nothing republicants did zero to counter it.  Fukemall.

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I don't want to unite with any liberals.  They can wake up and smell the coffee or get the fuck out.The Republic was not established on their radical form of society. 

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The government is too concentrated in Washington to ever become decentralized again.  The founders intended a decentralized government, then the civil war happened, and the centralization began.  Over time more and more centralization occured like the 1913 centralization of bank powers to the federal reserve.  There isn't a way to reverse it unfortunatally and put things back.  It would have to be gradual, where Trump could have taken the first steps, we see what the media and the powers that be are doing to him to make sure he is ineffective.  

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  There are two groups of people.  Those who want to lord over others and those that just want to be left the fuck alone with little or no government in their lives.