Even Google Employees Can No Longer Afford Housing In San Francisco

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the new Google modular home

Every now and then a story appears in the national media that causes a lightbulb to start flashing incessantly in my head. For me, such a story came to my attention today and relates to how Google is manufacturing housing for some of its employees due to the ridiculous cost of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here’s a summary from The Verge:

Google’s employees can’t find affordable housing in Silicon Valley, so the company is investing in modular homes that’ll serve as short-term housing for them. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has ordered 300 units from a startup called Factory OS, which specializes in modular homes. The deal reportedly costs between $25 and $30 million.


Modular homes are completely built in a factory and assembled like puzzle pieces onsite. This method of construction can reduce the cost of construction by 20 to 50 percent, the Journal reports. These apartments can also be put up more quickly to address dire housing needs. In one case the Journal cites, tenants saved $700 a month because of reduced construction costs.


Earlier this year, CNBC published a piece that detailed the difficulty tech companies have in trying to convince possible employees to move to San Francisco, especially when they live abroad. In response, some startups are establishing offices in other cities, like Chicago and Seattle. The other option is to out-tech the housing crisis, as Google appears to be doing with its modular home investment.

First, let’s get a couple of things out of the way. Yes, I understand that San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and yes, I get that nobody is forcing anyone to work for Google or live there. Yes, I understand that this is probably intended for entry level employees. Yes, I understand that revolutionary new ways of building homes using technology is the future, and the ability for such techniques to reduce costs is a positive thing. Yes, I understand all of that, yet I still think this development is a  sign we are getting closer to some sort of breaking point.

The middle class in America has been getting squeezed for a long time, and the societal, political and ethical ramifications of this development cannot be overstated. In fact, I’ve been so concerned about the U.S. transformation into a neo-feualism serf economy, I’ve dedicated much of the last decade to writing and warning about it. What’s going on will Google employees unable to afford housing is a sign that this corrupt, fraud economy is now starting to affect even the fortunate amongst us.

Google is one of the most successful companies the world has ever seen, and if its employees are struggling to find a place to live (I don’t care what city it is), something’s really not working. To me, this is a clear glitch in the matrix. A sign that some sort of reckoning is near. How that reckoning manifests I have no idea, but most companies don’t have the luxury of just buying homes to put their employees in. If this is happening to Google, consider it some sort of canary in the coal-mine.

The entire economic system is a rent-seeking, corrupt scam in which financial oligarchs and assorted other parasites suck more and more life out of the economy until it breaks completely. The fact that Google employees are now feeling the repercussions of this, tells you all you need to know. Even a terribly corrupt system can continue until it consumes itself. It is now consuming itself.


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"It's a complete scam."Hey... Americans liked the survival of the fittest, wild-west, tooth n' claw competitive Capitalism until they realised they weren't all that competitive.Now you're on The Menu...tick tock...The ResetActually, are you hungry, I'm thinking extinction is the main course tonightwww.beforethecollapse.com/2017/04/19/extinction-is-the-system-result/Putrid 

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This is why the government should be running housing! Everything capitalism touches, it destroys! It’s time for right wingers to accept the cold, hard truth that capitalism has failed! This should have been obvious after the 2007-08 financial crisis which was cause by too much greed and not enough regulation, but apparently libertarian purists always believe that ‘the market is right’, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary!His Name Was Philando

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Oh please - Bush and the Republicans were in power back then, who believed in unregulated capitalism and free markets and TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS with greedy capitalists on top telling everyone what to do! The accredited media has made it very clear that unettered capitalism caused the crisis, which made the bailouts necessary. If Obama had been power from the start, the crash never would have happened in the first place! Now Trump is making all the same mistakes again by allowing businesses to run wild without being taxed and regulated, and we're probably going to have another crash as a result! When will you free market ideologues learn??His Name Was Philando

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Your facts are wrong  and your thinking is ASS backward. So what your want and  are asking for is Socialism, you want the government to take care of you. You have two choices right now to make you happy. You can go to Valenzuela for socialism light or if your really hardcore i think there is a recent vacancy in North Korea.  While capitalism has its flaws it is responsible for all the wealth ever created. Socialism or any other variations only suck wealth out of society. 

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   Capitalism is responsible for all wealth ever created? And enslavement did not contribute anything at all? You are making an argument for Feudalism....Because capitalism is fairly new in the History of Human Follies. Adam Smith wrote hus works in the Eighteenth Century. Marxism, Fabianism, and Fascism are even more modern than that....which serves to demonstrate Social Entropy  and Civilizational Death. Feudalism was the rage throughout the Dark Ages and well before that. The Roman Empire was not built upon the Capital Investments. More like war and Plunder. Google is taking an extraordinary step back to Feudalism currently.

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   You can deny the Roman Empire if you choose. (I hold wealth and antiquities from that Empire. Perhaps not you.) You can deny the Dark Ages if you choose. (I am looking at a Pre Gutenberg vellum hanging on my wall as I write this.) You can deny the Renaissance and The Age of Enlightment if you choose. (I hold antiquities and wealth from that age also.) And all of these Governments and Empires were ruled over by Kings and the people were under the control of their Feudal Lords. And yet I have Wealth from all of those Ages at my disposal...within my ownership and under my stewardship. And your Downarrow  or denial does not change that FACT.

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There are different kinds of capitalism.In Greek Trivium system you have to define terms, otherwise people don't know what you are talking about.The German INDUSTRIAL capitalism system, used under the Kaiser, had banks that made credit loans to industry.The Post War Japanese system had CREDIT GUIDANCE WINDOWS, that worked somewhat similarly.  Japan's capitalist system of that era worked for market share and not price.  This would be a war system with command guidance, and capital controls.The British had finance capitalism with colonies.  The Colonies provided raw materials, and Britian finished the goods, to then add price.  Money sourced out of banks in the form of credit, and it channeled into loans.  The supposed free market is a british system, and its progenitors were Jews in Amsterdam.American finance capitalism is British, and was adopted in 1912, and fully adopted post WW2.  Finance capitalism now derives its money from the FIRE sector.Hudson has done lots of work on FIRE sector and its new Feudalistic takeover of the economy.  In the case of San Franscisco, land does not have Georgist taxes.  Therefore its site rental value is pleged to bankers in the form of usury.  This usury is pledged during bid up of prices during loan hypothecation period.The new Feudalists are those benefiting from misallocation of land, namely absentee landlords and banks.  Google trying to find low priced living for its workers is the opposite of feudalism.  This action is actually almost identical to Ricardo and Malthus arguments in England during Corn Laws period.

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    Human Governments were under a transition in the beginning of the 20th Century. Of course that led to all out War. Post World War I England adopted Fabianism. Russia adopted Marxism. And Germany, Japan, and Italy developed into Militaristic Socialist States....Fascism. Of course these conflicting World views stifled trade. and America flooded the Market with cheap goods as we were a debeloping power at the time...somewhat like China is today. That led to the Freat depression followed by World War II. But before the Eighteenth Century there were no real Private Pools of Capital other than that owned by the Kings and the Feudal Lords...well...I must also include the Church of Rome. As to the issue that Google is not behaving as a Feudal Lord? I wholeheartedly disagree. Currently the Property Taxes in San Francisco...in California... are more onerous that the taxes levied by King George against the Colonists. Property Taxes, although capped by Califoniia's Greg Jarvis authored, Proposition 13, are subject to change upon the transfer of ownership of any property sold. When a sale takes place a new assessment of Property Value is assigned and thereby subjected to Taxes at the new Property Value assessment. Thus the State of California has a financial incentive to encourage property sales and increased Property Prices in order to garner more Tax Revenue to finance their bloated budgets. It is not just the Banks but it is also a collusion with the State Government and their policies that creates a shortage of affordable Housing. Thus, having a large Caipital Pool, Google cannot only afford to develop Cheap Housing and pay the appropriate taxes but guarantee that its workforce will not ever be able to afford to purchase an affordable home on their meager salaries. You lose your job with Google...Well...Then say good bye to your subsidized housing. Therefore as an employee of Google you become entrapped and enslaved with no way out as they own youThat is feudalism. Shantytown, USA. My point was that the Pre Industrial Revolution World was not capitalist, but Feudalist, and they created wealth.. I believe that I have demonstrated that point. All wealth does not come from Capitalism. I may be an asshole at times...er...most of the time... but I love ya all. Ya know that I do. and I am a gonna tell you what i believez to be true. And when I am wrong, as I will be at times, then please stomp my face in it so i will know better than that. It izza Fight Club after all.

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Tall Tom:Congratulations on bringing the quality of discussion up several - dozen! - notches.In fact, I can't help but notice several posts following yours that also demonstrate some fascinating information not generally known, and very worthwhile for educating ourselves to a more complete understanding of the financial world, and how we got her.I want to urge you, and all others who are elevating their posts to this level to understand that for a short while - maybe 2 or 3 months, the Oatmeal-for-Brains posters will continue their snarky, intellectually bankrupt 140-character trashing of people like yourself.May everyone who aspires to elevated discussion ignore these fruit-flies and eventually, because they are not receiving any positive reinforcement for their trite, pitiful excuse for posts, they will die off as the quality of discussion soars far above their ability to have the slightest idea what is being said.Again, regardless of agreeing or not, my congratulations for having the intellectual capital to write what you do.

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in SF area, it's the banks and CB counterfeiting that is the problem.If you don't pay 600k for a ghetto home in Oakland, no problem...the bank will give 600k to the next idiot.  The idiots and metally coopted.  everyone is convinced real estate only goes one way.  so go ahead and sign this 30 year note to pay 5,000 per/month for your mortgage.   all the wealth in SF is being siphoned off to the banks.  Not the savers, because a) there are none and b) they get .25%.  This money doesn't come from savers...it comes from the Fed's counterfeiting.   The "interest" you are paying is just a confiscation of your income by the banks.  that's the way it works.  welome to the game.   The only smart guy is the guy living in his van "down by the river" and avoiding both the bank parasites and the property tax man.

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Your idol Obama didn't prosecute and jail even on corrupt banker.  In fact, he allowed banks to run organized crime rackets as a business model and had his DOJ fine the banks but let them off with no admission of guilt.  He took the fines and finneled them to his leftwing causes.  Capitalism isn't the problem, corruption is the problem and the Dems are the most corrupt people there are. Obama was corrupt and Hilary even more so.  Pull your head out of your ass MDB...ah, never mind, the world needs morons like you to make us all aware of how bad it could be if we ever let the Dems take control.

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Exactly! MillionDollarBonus, look at that! Two Hedgers downvoted me.

Look Downers, if something is going to kill you, and your family, you should study that thing very carefully. Now today that thing is Capitalism and you're on the menu, get it?

Putrid: "Any questions? Yes, you in the back, yes, with the raised hand. Speak up? I can't hear you."

Secret Weapon: Will any of us survive? Like Rambo, or anyone? I'm a Texan God dammit!

Putrid: Let's just say that if The Reset happened last week, you'd all be in the process of dying. Even Texans.

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    You are currently in the process of dying, Putrid_Scum. The Reset will not be one isolated Event but it has been an incremental series of events as time is on a continuum....over the past five and a half plus decades of my life. It is happening now. It was happening before. And it will continue to happen for the remainder of your days. I can guarantee that it is all worse than it was before and it will continue to get worse until the day you die. And you, as well as everyone else here, is absolutely powerless to stop it as it has far gone beyond the point of no return. So enjoy your slow and lingering death with even more pain and suffering to come..

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Capitalism??? Where is this free market capitalism you detest. Not in the US. The owners have taken control of the .gov and use regulation and taxation to block the plebs from taking their power. Pull your head out of your ass please and try and start a Money Service Business bank account for example then you will see how regulatory capture is used in the so called free market place.

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I guess it comes down to laws and regulations all people in the US are not equal, in terms of how the laws and regulations are applied. If one is not in "THE CLUB" one is less than. This is becoming more and more prevalent.

Time to stand up for the right to live and let live. .Gov get the fuck out of by business. Let me create and produce. If I rise I rise on my own if I fail I fail on my own. I do not require the state to help (steal from me).

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In 1970, David Rockefeller became Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, while also being Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan. In 1970, an academic who joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1965 wrote a book called Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. The author, Zbigniew Brzezinski, called for the formation of “A Community of the Developed Nations,” consisting of Western Europe, the United States and Japan. Brzezinski wrote about how “the traditional sovereignty of nation states is becoming increasingly unglued as transnational forces such as multinational corporations, banks, and international organizations play a larger and larger role in shaping global politics.” David Rockefeller had taken note of Brzezinski’s writings, and was “getting worried about the deteriorating relations between the U.S., Europe, and Japan,” as a result of Nixon’s economic shocks. In 1972, David Rockefeller and Brzezinski “presented the idea of a trilateral grouping at the annual Bilderberg meeting.” In July of 1972, seventeen powerful people met at David Rockefeller’s estate in New York to plan for the creation of the Commission. Also at the meeting was Brzezinski, McGeorge Bundy, the President of the Ford Foundation, (brother of William Bundy, editor of Foreign Affairs) and Bayless Manning, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.[24] So, in 1973, the Trilateral Commission was formed to address these issues.

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Daniel Taylor
Old-Thinker News
March 31, 2009

The Council on Foreign Relations, often described as the "real state department", has launched an initiative to promote and implement a system of effective world governance.

Henry Kissinger, a CFR member, anticipates that President Obama will, "…give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis."

The program, titled "The International Institutions and Global Governance Program," utilizes the resources of the "…David Rockefeller Studies Program to assess existing regional and global governance mechanisms…" The initial funding for the program came with a $6 million grant from the Robina Foundation, which claims that the grant is "…one of the largest operating grants ever received in Council history."
The IIGG program, launched on May 1st, 2008, is the latest manifestation of an agenda that has existed since and before the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations. Former CFR member, Rear Admiral Chester Ward, stated regarding the group,

The International Institutions and Global Governance Program identifies several "global issues" that require a system of world governance. Environmental issues, terrorism, the global economy and energy are all mentioned. The project then states that a system of "universal membership" could be pursued, or alternatively a regional organization, such as the European Union model.

The programcalls for the "Re-conceptualizing" of national sovereignty, citing the European Union’s "pooling" of sovereignty as a model. The CFR project recognizes that historically, the United States has been resistant to the ideals of global governance. The project states, "Among the most important factors determining the future of global governance will be the attitude of the United States…"
The IIGG program continues, "…few countries have been as sensitive as the United States to restrictions on their freedom of action or as jealous in guarding their sovereign prerogatives." The program then states that the separation of powers as stated in the Constitution, along with the U.S. Congress, stand in the way of the United States assuming "new international obligations."

The Council on Foreign Relations global governance program will undoubtedly be pursued under the Obama administration, which is filled with CFR members. President of the CFR, Richard Haass, is serving as a top adviser to the Obama administration. As the IIGG program admits, regardless of who sits in the White House, the globalist agenda moves forward full speed ahead.


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If anyone wants to read the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski in Between Two ages it can be found at the link below.


Sorry for the spam...Folks need to learn how these fuck heads think....

Socialism starts off with lots of hopes and dreams for plebs and ends with them eating Long Pork.

Please let me dis-spell any fantasies of any SJWs that want to roll-up the sleeves on their blouses... You don't know yet but you will become the prey. SJW's it's what's for dinner when no other food sources are available. Dining on a cuckolded bitch boy is not too appetizing but folks will eat or die.

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you know the last time I was in S. Cal. it was early 80's. I could see the beauty in places but the people thing destroyed the overall experience. At that time I was surprised how people liked living there. Didn't like it. Employees who worked for a company that I was contracted to from my company, told me pretty much they didn't have anything after moving out there.

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