Germany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime Gangs

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Observers have surmised that the real reason for the judge's leniency was that he feared his family might be subjected to retribution from the clan.
  • "In their concept of masculinity, only power and force matter; if someone is humane and civil, this is considered a weakness. In clan structures, in tribal culture everywhere in the world, ethics are confined to the clan itself. Everything outside the clan is enemy territory." — Ralph Ghadban, Lebanese-German political scientist and leading expert on Middle Eastern clans in Germany.
  • "The state promotes organized crime with taxpayer money." — Tom Schreiber, a member of the Berlin House of Deputies.

A court in Hanover has handed suspended sentences to six members of a Kurdish clan who seriously wounded two dozen police officers during a violent rampage in Hameln. The court's ruling was greeted with anger and derision by police who said it is yet another example of the laxity of Germany's politically correct judicial system.

The case goes back to January 2014, when a 26-year-old clan member, arrested for robbery, tried to escape from the magistrate's office by jumping out of a seventh-floor courtroom window. The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he died. Members of his clan subsequently ransacked the hospital, as well as the court, and attacked police with rocks and other projectiles; 24 police officers and six paramedics were injured.

The judge said he was lenient because the defendants witnessed the death of the 26-year-old and were traumatized. The judge also revealed that he had reached a deal with the clan, which among other effects prevented police from testifying in court.

Dietmar Schilff, chairman of the GdP police union in Lower Saxony, said that the ruling had left many police officers shaking their heads in disbelief: "All police forces expect protection and support from the state." He added:

"If we want to protect those who ensure public security, it must be clear that anyone who attacks police officers attacks the state — and has to fear appropriate consequences. It does not matter from which milieu the perpetrators come."

Observers have surmised that the real reason for the judge's leniency was that he feared his family might be subjected to retribution from the clan.

Middle Eastern crime syndicates have established themselves across Germany, where they engage in racketeering, extortion, money laundering, pimping and trafficking in humans, weapons and drugs.

The syndicates, which are run by large clans with origins in Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, among other places, operate with virtual impunity because German judges and prosecutors are unable or unwilling to stop them.

The clans — some of which migrated to Germany during Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war and have grown to thousands of members — now control large swathes of German cities and towns — areas that are effectively lawless and which German police increasingly fear to approach.

Ralph Ghadban, a Lebanese-German political scientist and a leading expert on Middle Eastern clans in Germany, said that the Hanover ruling was a massive failure of the German judicial system. He added that the only way for Germany to achieve control over the clans is to destroy them:

"In their concept of masculinity, only power and force matter; if someone is humane and civil, this is considered a weakness. In clan structures, in tribal culture everywhere in the world, ethics are confined to the clan itself. Everything outside the clan is enemy territory."

In an interview with Focus, Ghadban elaborated:

"I have been following this trend for years. The clans now feel so strong that they are attacking the authority of the state and the police. They have nothing but contempt for the judiciary.... The main problem in dealing with clans: state institutions give no resistance. This makes the families more and more aggressive — they simply have no respect for the authorities....


"The state must destroy the clan structures. Strong and well-trained police officers must be respected on the street. It is a poor example if clan members are allowed seriously to injure 24 policemen and six others without having to fear real consequences. In addition, lawyers and judges must be trained. The courts are issuing feeble judgments based on a false understanding of multiculturalism and the fear of the stigma of being branded as racist....


"The clans adhere to a religious group, a kind of sect with an Islamic orientation. The Islamic understanding of their spiritual leader, Sheikh al-Habashi, who died a few years ago, justifies violence against unbelievers. He taught that there is only the house of ??war [Dar al-Harb], which justifies plundering unbelievers and possessing their wives...."

In Berlin, a dozen or more Lebanese clans dominate organized crime in the German capital, according to Die Welt. They effectively control the districts of Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Moabit, Neukölln and Wedding. The clans are committed to counterfeiting, dealing in drugs, robbing banks and burglarizing department stores. Experts estimate that around 9,000 people in Berlin are members of clans.

The clans reject the authority of the German state. Instead, they run a "parallel justice system" in which disputes are resolved among themselves with mediators from other crime families. A classified police report leaked to Bild described how the clans use cash payments and threats of violence to influence witnesses whenever German police or prosecutors get involved.

(Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

The clans are now canvassing refugee shelters in search of young and physically strong men to join their ranks. State Prosecutor Sjors Kamstra explained:

"The refugees come here with no money. They are shown how inexpensive money can be obtained very quickly. Poverty makes this seductive. Many of them cannot speak German and are naturally vulnerable when they are addressed by someone in their native language. For the clans, the refugees are welcome newcomers, because they are new here and are not known to the police."

The clans have also entered the refugee business by buying real estate and renting those properties to asylum seekers at exorbitant prices. Focus magazine reported that they are laundering dirty money while at the same time getting paid by the German state to house migrants.

Focus reporters visited a dilapidated apartment in Berlin in which five Syrian refugees were accommodated in 20 square meters (215 square feet). On the regular rental market the apartment would barely have yielded €300 ($335) a month in rent, but the clan collects around €3,700 ($4,125) per month from the German state, which pays landlords to house migrants. "Business with the refugees is now more profitable than drug trafficking," said Heinz Buschkowsky, a former mayor of Neukölln.

The Berlin Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamt) confirmed that "proceeds from criminal offenses, including organized crime, were invested in real estate by the persons concerned or by third parties." Tom Schreiber, a member of the Berlin House of Deputies, said the clans have exposed the moral bankruptcy of the German government: "The state promotes organized crime with taxpayer money."

"Berlin is lost," said Michael Kuhr, a well-known Berlin-based security consultant. "These clan structures have established themselves in all areas of organized crime. We will never go back to how things were 20 years ago. In addition, these people are highly dangerous and have lost all respect for the power of the state."

In Duisburg, a leaked police report revealed that in the Marxloh district, the streets are effectively controlled by Lebanese clans that reject the authority of German police. They have taken over entire streets to carry out illegal business activity. New migrants from Bulgaria and Romania are contributing to the problems. Marxloh's streets serve as invisible boundaries between ethnic groups, according to Die Welt. Residents speak of "the Kurdish road" or "the Romanian road."

Police say they are alarmed by the aggressiveness and brutality of the clans, which are said to view crime as leisure activity. If police dare to intervene, hundreds of clan members are mobilized to confront the police. A local woman interviewed by Deutschlandfunk radio said she was afraid for her safety: "After dark I would not stand here because there are a lot of conflicts between foreigners, especially between Lebanese and Turks."

A 17-page report prepared for the state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) revealed that Lebanese clans in Duisburg divide up neighborhoods in order to pursue criminal activities. These clans do not recognize the authority of the police. Their members are males between the ages of 15 and 25 and "nearly 100%" of them are known to police.

The report also described the situation in Duisburg's Laar district, where two large Lebanese families call the shots: "The streets are actually regarded as a separate territory. Outsiders are physically assaulted, robbed and harassed. Experience shows that the Lebanese clans can mobilize several hundred people in a very short period of time by means of a telephone call."

Peter Biesenbach of the Christian Democrats (CDU) said: "If this is not a no-go area, then I do not know what is." He has called for an official inquiry to determine the true scope of the criminal clans in NRW.

NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger rejected that request because such a study would be politically incorrect:

"Further data collection is not legally permissible. Both internally and externally, any classification that could be used to depreciate human beings must be avoided. In this respect, the use of the term 'family clan' (Familienclan) is forbidden from the police point of view."

In nearby Gelsenkirchen, Kurdish and Lebanese clans are vying for control of city streets, some of which have become zones that are off-limits to German authorities. In one incident, police were patrolling an area in the southern part of the city when they were suddenly surrounded and physically assaulted by more than 60 members of a clan.

In another incident, two police officers stopped a driver after he ran a red light. The driver stepped out of the car and ran away. When police caught up with him, they were confronted by more than 50 clan members. A 15-year-old attacked a policeman from behind and strangled him to the point of unconsciousness.

Senior members of the Gelsenkirchen police department subsequently held a secret meeting with representatives of three Arab clans in order to "cultivate social peace between Germans and Lebanese." A leaked police report revealed that the clans told Police Chief Ralf Feldmann that "the police cannot win a war with the Lebanese because we outnumber them." The clan members added: "This applies to all of Gelsenkirchen, if we so choose."

When Feldman countered that he would dispatch police reinforcements to disrupt their activities, the clan members laughed in his face and said: "The government does not have enough money to deploy the numbers of police necessary to confront the Lebanese." The police report concluded that German authorities should not harbor any illusions about the actual balance of power: "The police would be defeated."

Another leaked police report revealed that the clans are the "executive body of an existing parallel legal system to self-adjudicate matters between large Kurdish and Lebanese families in the western Ruhr area." These clans "despise the police and German courts" and "settle their matters on their own terms."

The Frankfurter Neue Presse reported that Kurdish, Lebanese and Romanian clans have divided up the Gelsenkirchen districts of Bismarck, Rotthausen and Ückendorf, including around the central station, and have "claimed individual streets for themselves."

Arnold Plickert, the head of the police union in North Rhine-Westphalia, warned: "Several rival rocker groups, as well as Lebanese, Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian clans, are fighting for supremacy of the streets. They make their own rules; the police have nothing more to say."

In Düsseldorf, two members of a clan brutally assaulted a 49-year-old woman who witnessed a car accident in the Flingern district. Her mistake, apparently, was to corroborate the "wrong" version of what she saw. The Rheinische Post called on the German government to fight the clans:

"The threat remains, in particular wherever large families, mostly immigrants, place the supposed need for the protection of their loved ones above all else. The readiness for violence is great, the inhibition threshold is low. The punishment of existing laws hardly deters anyone."

In Naumburg, police confiscated the driver's license of Ahmed A., a 21-year-old member of a Syrian clan, during a traffic stop. Almost immediately, police were surrounded by a mob of other clan members. The police retreated. The mob then marched to the police station, which they proceeded to ransack.

Ahmed A., a serial offender whose asylum application was rejected but who remains in Germany, said: "Lock me up. I have nothing to lose. I am going to put a bullet in the head of every single police officer. I will make your life feel like hell. Then I'll just be a cop killer." He also warned the police officer who seized his license: "I will destroy his life. I know exactly where he lives." He then explained what he would do to the officer's wife and daughter. Ahmed A. was allowed to walk free; police said there were insufficient grounds for his arrest.

Naumburg police have defended their weak response as being due to a lack of personnel, but regional parliamentarian Daniel Sturm pointed to the big picture: "We are talking about resistance to the power of the state." The Interior Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, said that it appeared as though the Syrian clan had established a "parallel society" in Naumburg. A local newspaper noted that the police's failure to act "sounds like the capitulation of the state of law (Rechtsstaat)."

In Mülheim, around 80 members of two rival clans got into a mass brawl following a dispute between two teenagers. When police arrived, they were attacked with bottles and stones. More than 100 police backed up by helicopters were deployed to restore order. Five people were taken into custody but then released.

In Munich, police arrested 20 female members of a Croatian clan believed to be responsible for up to 20% of all the burglaries committed in Germany. Investigators believe that the clan has at least 500 members throughout Germany.

In Bremen, police effectively surrendered to clans from Kurdistan and the Balkans because of the need to conserve limited personnel resources for the fight against spiraling street crime by migrant youths.

Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPolG), criticized city officials for their lack of resolve. "Bremen has capitulated to extremely dangerous clans. The state's monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force [Gewaltmonopol des Staates] is now becoming the law of the jungle. Security continues to go down the drain."


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Yet the police continue to set the wrong priorities, like handing out parking tickets ("Knölchen") and checking the speed limit in the middle of the night.

In the small town (100k inhabitants) where I live, 40 people got hired with the Ordnungsamt, and you see them all day handing out parking tickets, yet at night he streets belong to criminal gangs.

It's all part of the left wing socialist plan, where money is extorted from the citizens under the guise of "road safety" or "saving the environment " in order to finance the multicultural utopia.

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Haus-Targaryen Kotzbomber747 (not verified) Mon, 06/19/2017 - 04:19 Permalink

Correct.  I'll tell you this continues until the underlying economy gives out.  When that happens the state will lack funds in a meaningful way coupled with a newly impoverished German population. With any luck Germany will take a hard-right bend, and if it elects to remain as it is or goes hard left -- its over.  I fled the U.S. to escape this multicultural insanity, and it followed me here. I don't know where to go to next, Switzerland perhaps. 

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I am on board.  I would have already moved to the German/Polish border and established myself in both countries already, the problem is the Wife.  She does not see what we see, she thinks I am overreacting and things will work themselves out.  While I agree with her, and have told her as much, I add the caveat that things will work themselves out *with loads of dead bodies*.  So I'Ve gotten her onboard with North-West Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which is among the most sparsely populated areas in all of Germany.  Its a weird time in which we live, a few Germans I am "prepping" with are actively learning either Russian or Polish and one made the joke that soon refugee boats (fill with Germans) will be going from West to East as opposed from East to West. At this point, my hope (at least for Germanic peoples) is the fragmentation of the German government where it basically splits North-West//Rest of Country. Those in the North-West can have all the refugees from Africa they want, and the rest of the Bund becomes some Germanic-ethno state. Its odd how it all works, I've been a civic nationalist for as long as I can remember, but the idiot left is going to push the population so hard into a corner, the only reaction is going to be ethno-nationalism. Only made possible with the economy continuing to function.  

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I'm in Russia now, learning Russian. It's not an easy language though, but I concur with the view that the former Warsawpact countries are the only countries with some sanity left. Going east is the only option for Europeans who want to escape the multicultural paradise.

Their history and experience with a totalitarian communist system has prepared them to recognize the madness of the EUSSR, while the rest of the Western European sheeple continue toswallow the propaganda believing that all is well.

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What about the gangs of WHITE SUPREMACIST SKINHEADS who roam the streets of Europe looking for innocent Muslims to attack?? What about the WHITE terrorist yesterday who drove a truck into innocent Muslims on one of the worst Islamophobic attacks we’ve seen all year?? What about the soldiers of Odin?? What about them??The Left And The Working Class – A Love-Hate Relationship

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Yeah, definitely one of MDB's weaker efforts, humor-wise.  I think the tone is a touch off, the balance of whininess to self-righteoeus stridency is not right somehow.  It must be hard to keep pushing the envelope, what with all the competition from the mainstream media propagandists and flipped-out SJWs.

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Gangs...FBI has everything under control...

Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members are criminally active in the U.S. and Puerto Rico today. Many are sophisticated and well organized; all use violence to control neighborhoods and boost their illegal money-making activities, which include robbery, drug and gun trafficking, prostitution and human trafficking, and fraud. Many gang members continue to commit crimes even after being sent to jail.

Finland is named the world's safest country... with the UK and USA ranking behind Zimbabwe
World Economic Forum ranked 136 countries in its biennial tourism report with one section focusing on safety
Finland followed by the United Arab Emirates and Iceland were named least risky places for tourists to visit
Popular destinations such as the UK, Italy and the USA were rated low on the list but Colombia came last…

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ALL acording to plan...nothing to see here, it is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel Jew-worshippers...check also:-KALERGI plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan-Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list professional rapefugee smugglers… divörsity Lerner Spectre"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit...The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian–Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."Practical Idealism - by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

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No, my wife is the best thing that has happened to me.  Regrettably, she was brought up in schools administered by people of your generation who impressed into her the virtues of multiculturalism.  Coming from a "multikulti" land, I can tell her and you first hand how this ends up and it isn't pretty.  Un-programming some 27 years of unopposed indoctrination takes some time and effort. She is worth it and I will keep at it.  Regrettably, until the economy collapses into itself and these neue Mitbürger show us who they really are -- first hand -- I am afraid her mind won't be materially changed.At church yesterday, there was a Christian refugee from Pakistan who was once an Muslim Imam.  They called the guy in to share his testimony, and it basically came into this guy pleading with the 15 people that were there to take their country back and that Islam is not a religion but a political system and will destroy Germany if nothing changes.  Needless to say, the Pfarrer, well didn't know what to say. He eventually cut the guy off, but an amazing story how many times this guy has been shot or stabbed in Germany by our neue Mitbürger. Guy has a legit Fatwa on his head. He told everyone there he doesn't expect to live another few years as the people that are after him will stop at nothing.  He took off his shirt, showed us his scars.    The branded a cross into the guy's lower back last time. Some real twisted shit. We are dealing with real 6th Century minds here.  If we don't change our opinion of them, and quickly, we're all dead. 

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then keep your first phrase here in mind: "No, my wife is the best thing that has happened to me"your wife is pregnant. what she needs now is stabilitywhat she can't need now is worry about a restless immigrant husband that is fretting about things he can't change, or eying foreign countries to wander to in order to keep his restlessness in checktry to un-doctrinate yourself, for a while, and give her the stability she now needsand keep in mind that she is a German that lives in Germany, the very country that you seem to wish to disintegrate just because it would fit your foreign mindset and foreign worldviewthe country that gave you a job, a livehood, a wife and soon (German) childrenyou do realize that your children are going to be Germans, don't you? and that you have not even scratched the surface of what that means, yet

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Ghordius Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/19/2017 - 05:49 Permalink

and you are not part of this "multikulti" stuff?for example having an American husband fully into typical American worldviews, still speaking badly German, still not understanding much of Germany?what history? when did you ever impress me with your understanding of history, for example?look, one simple example: you moan a lot about "Antifa"... and you still could not elencate the differences between the US "Antifa" and the German Left versions of it even if your life depended from ityour hero Nigel Farage took a German wife, too. after two children, he left herstop hating Germany and all things German. it is time for you to embrace your new culture and home... or to note that you don't fit in Germany. it's up to you

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I love Germany and Germans because Germany is filled with Germans.  If I wanted to live in South Africa or Zimbabwe or Chad of the fucking Congo I would have gone and lived there.  I did not move to Germany to live amongst third worlders.  I moved here specifically so I wouldn't have to. Had I wanted that, I would have moved to the third world.  Gated communities coming to a German city near you soon. What I hate is this cultural suicide you Germans have plunged head-first into and I will continue to speak out against it.Antifa all over the world are cancer, rabid dogs and should be treated as such.  I don't need to know nor appreciate the nuances between them, because they are all sacks of subhuman garbage. Oh, and you're "still speaking badly English" If hating "everything German" is hating Germany's desire to become a South Africa analogue, then yes I hate "everything German" as you define it, and my time here is limited. Oh, just to give you a taste of the medium-term in Europe: this. Due exclusively to people that think like you, we're going to have the top picture first, and as a reaction the bottom picture will follow.  Prove me wrong. >protip - You can't  

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first: you moved because your country, the US, is mishandling US Student Debt victimssecond: "Gated communities coming to a German city near you soon" -> gated communities are the accepted norm, in your country of origin. your comment just highlights that there is no such thing as a gated community in Germanythird: "Antifa all over the world..." is in the ballpark of "is all the same". you just made my point, you don't recognize any differences, for you it's all the same. ergo you have still your head in the US, and not yet in Germanyfourth: you wish for the disintegration of Germany... according to your very American worldviews of doom and blood and great balls of firefifth: "Due exclusively to people that think like you..." you don't even know the smallest part of what I am or how I think. you assume a lot. another typical American "I know everything, and better" trait that you should shed awayif you know peple like me, you'd be facing people that would be shaking at the tree of assumptions and badly digested knowledge that you have in Germanyoh, and you'd be helping in our efforts in the big task of deportations, or be shamed by us for not doing that, and instead wanking around in English-speaking blogs about how "Germany will become like the US" or somethingyou are going to become a father. lay down your boyish snowflake attitudes, and face reality. I know it's a lot to ask from an American, but there it is: it's time for you to become an adult

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 Due exclusively to people that think like you, we're going to have the top picture first, and as a reaction the bottom picture will follow.  Prove me wrong. I have studied enough history to see where this is headed.  I have  seen enough examples to know this is being done deliberately by the organized and publicly-funded Communists.  I know their purpose is to destroy the society by constantly disrupting it.   I know it is past time to begin forming self defense units, eerily similar to Freikorps, and I already know those will morph and coalesce by sheer necessity into Stutmabteilung.  And I know what that means.  And I still prefer it to laying down and giving up our future to these savages.And I believe this is what Kekistan is really about.  Non resistance is neither patience nor compassion, not anymore.  Alea iacta eat.

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Not all Germans have their tails tucked. Wolfsburg isn't Berlin and Lower Saxony is about as progressive as South Dakota. They put up with shit until they don't. Huge difference between the people who lived in the West and those tough bastards who lost half their family crossing over. They just got their Germany back and won't be giving that away to anyone, Merkel included.

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After my best friend in Germany told me face to face "Wir koennen doch nicht einfach die Grenze zumachen!" [But we can't just simply close the border!] on my last visit, I knew Germany was a goner.
At that time I wasn't mentally prepared for in-depth discussions over that, so I only responded "well as a first rough estimate, I'd guess half of Africa would love to emigrate to Germany. You all and Angela Merkel are OK with that?" No reply.

But the better retort would have been:
If you say you don't need to or cannot shut the border, then you effectively say that there is nothing worth defending in Germany (or for the EU fanbois: in Europe.)

And as usual Ghordius speaks in generalities from a self-perceived moral high ground,
bullshitting his/her way out of bringing up some specific facts to not offer anything that can be argumentatively refuted.
And even then self-immolating here with unintended jokes such as "still speaking badly English" which is completely bastardized Denglisch.

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Ghordius, your beloved komissars raped millions of German women in 1945 in the hellstorm.   If they were unfortunate enough to be pregnant, then after they were finished with the rape they would cut the fetus out.  The US army sent 8000 nigger troops into west Berlin to defile German women in the (((Morgentau))) plan. Are you perchance the product of one of those rapes?

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You must be the biggest beta male on this board.Feminized almost as severely as our academians.Not quite as bad as the other poster from Sweden who was always raving about multiculti, but still bad.I bet if you went to a good biochemistry lab and gave them a few specimens they would find a higher than normal percentage of estrogen. 

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Don't be too hard on him. Eventually there will be a need for stretcher bearers for those too timid to abide the sound of a rifle up close.It's funny how some Europeans--not all, there are some wonderful examples of patriotic Europeans on ZH--ridicule Americans for being cowboys, violence prone children. But it is  YOUR leaders who have managed to disarm the population, making it safe for...good citizens. Unfortunately, you are now rapidly filling with the modern equivalent of the Mongol hordes, who care not one whit for either citizenship or your wellbeing. In this instance, you stand nearly naked before godless throwbacks to the dark past, religious zealots fueled by hatred. Meanwhile, in Texas, I legally carry a .45ACP with me everywhere I go. If I'm going to die, someone--or two--is coming with me to explain things, if I can arrange it. I am not going to live under the rule of people who should have died off five centuries ago.Ghordius is the perfect modern metro European. So sophisticated, so urbane, so...completely defenseless against what is coming. Yet he thinks his is the superior intelligence. Amazing.

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Call me a hopeless optimist, but I believe no one should have "died off five centuries ago."  Islam simply hasn't yet had is reformation moment.  It's a younger religion than the other two mainstream Judeochristian theologies, so it's behind by a few centuries.  Think back to how Christians behaved during the inquisitions spanning 1250 - 1450.  Gnarly stuff.  If I were to walk into a madrassa in some Pakistani shithole, I suspect it would be little different from a Catholic church in France circa 1300.Of course even if you accept what I'm saying as fact, then it still doesn't solve the security problems facing Europe today.  And this is where the dark side of me prevails.  I don't think a culture adhering to jungle, tribal, clan, etc. rules can hope to be modernized within one generation.  A solidly iron fist is the only practical solution.  Each country will have to figure out the exact definition of "iron first", but I sure as shit know it doesn't involve free housing, free education, free food and healthcare on par of that of tax-paying natives.

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my in-laws are German (dual German / US citizens as of 2002)... my wife is German... grew up in Bavaria... my kids have de facto dual citizenship until they reach could not get my wife or in-laws to move back to Germany at gunpoint... they see what's going on and know it will only result in "ww2" levels of carnage long term... my father in law grew up with a father that was MIA on the Eastern front while watching his mother rebuild brick by brick with her bare hands... "never again" has a whole different meaning for them, as you can imagine...

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I almost fell off my chair laughing at the shit you just posted. It's not funny though.".. you have not even scratched the surface of what that means.." Ghormless, you obviously didn't read the article, and didn't understand what Haus said, HE DOES understand what it means to be a German in todays Germany, but I'm afraid you most certainly do not. PLEASE read or re-read the article, his 'foreign mindset' is exactly why he can see what you are blind to.

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Ghordius a jew hater?  More like a jew cock sucker.  I don't know if you have been reading the gibberish we "writes" for long, but just look at his avatar.  He is an ECB loving EUrocrat parasite who defends everything EU no matter what.  Just look at the exchange with Haus above, where he is saying that Haus should not write anything on a post about Germany because, well because Haus isn't German born.  This from an immigrant invader loving cuck who clearly hates Americans yet is so arrogant that he think he should be able to come on ZH and call anyone he disagrees with a "troll" who can't write gramatically correct German.  The cognative dissonance rattling around in what he would call a brain exceeds even that of the all those German queers who support Islam.His ilk are the reason all the anti-German propaganda from the last two wars ever could take hold because he simply is devoid of honor.  The truth is that he considers himself a German in the same way a Jew considers himself to be white:  it is just a facade until Germany lets down her guard, and then once again we will have another Dolchstoss.

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Jubal, you are the Jew Hater mentioned. and, funnily, you are at the same time fervent repeater of the newest Zionist propaganda"Just look at the exchange with Haus above, where he is saying that Haus should not write anything on a post about Germany because, well because Haus isn't German born"yes, do look at my many exchanges with "House". look how many times I have to correct him about things in Germany. he even thanks me for that, from time to timeyes, I do think that if Haus wants to live in Germany he has to learn to speak German better and to understand Germans much bettersince he married a German, he could spend some time learning from her instead of only trying to teach her"hates Americans"? LOL try with "hates ignorance"when you behave in a trollish way, I will call your behaviour trollish, Jubalexample: "devoid of honor" -> on a blog, anonymously -> trollif you said that in my face, in person, it would not be a trollish behaviour, note

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If you are going to post on an English language blog YOU are the one who should learn the grammar of the host language.  There are things called capital letters, paragraphs and punctuation.   They are similar to in German, so if you cannot write with them in English than I would have to assume that cannot write with them in German.  As far as I can tell, you should go back to Gymnasium and learn some grammar.As I pointed out above, and in other places, to come to an anti-central bank, anti-fiat money and anti-fascist central government blog and spew EU propaganda is the act of a troll.  But I keep forgetting that you are important.

"look how many times I have to correct him about things in Germany."

What a crock of bull.  All you do is drone on with the same statist EU propaganda.  Without grammar.

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