Frontrunning: June 19

  • UK PM May says attack on Muslims near mosque is 'sickening' (Reuters)
  • Macron Under Pressure to Deliver as French Turnout Plummets (BBG)
  • Market Volatility Has Vanished Around the World (WSJ)
  • Real victory will be in 5 years, says Macron camp after election win (Reuters)
  • Brexit Talks Kick Off in Brussels as May Urged to Soften Stance (BBG)
  • As Brexit Talks Begin, EU’s Chief Negotiator Wants to Remove Uncertainties (WSJ)
  • U.S., Japan Probe Deadly Ship Collision That Left Seven Dead (WSJ)
  • With Whole Foods in the Cart, Amazon Now Faces the Hard Part (WSJ)
  • Kushner Plans Trip to Middle East (WSJ)
  • Boeing launches new jet as Macron opens Paris show (Reuters)
  • Top Tech Executives Head to White House (WSJ)
  • Vote for Goldman: Bankers Try to Ride an Anti-Trump Wave (BBG)
  • Who Can Challenge the Google-Facebook ‘Duopoly’? (WSJ)
  • Moody’s Cuts Ratings on Australia’s Banks on Housing Concern (BBG)
  • Activist Investor Takes 4.3% Stake in Hudson’s Bay (WSJ)
  • In Hamptons House, a Link to Manafort and Jared Kushner’s Dad (BBG)
  • Less Stressful Tests Could Boost U.S. Bank Payouts $30 Billion (BBG)
  • White House Intends to Tap GOP Staffer for FDIC Chair (WSJ)
  • U.S. Drillers Are Hammering OPEC’s Plans (BBG)
  • Oil’s Gloomy Summer Triggers Hedge Fund Doubts on Gasoline (BBG)
  • Why Some Cyberattacks in Health Care Go Unreported (WSJ)
  • Funds With $14 Trillion Have More Room for Emerging Bonds (BBG)
  • Media Companies Are Getting Sick of Facebook (BBG)


Overnight Media Digest


- Boeing Co's commercial airplane boss sees big market potential for a new jetliner the company has been studying but still wants more time before committing billions of dollars to the project.

- Activist investor Land & Buildings Investment Management LLC, which has accumulated a stake of roughly 4.3 percent in Hudson's Bay Co, said in a letter that is expected to be delivered to the company's board Monday that its real estate is worth four times the stock price.

- A small autonomous-cars company Cruise Automation owned by General Motors Co is getting into the high-definition mapping business, a move that could help the Detroit auto giant compete with Google and others in the race to develop self-driving vehicles.



UK Financial Conduct Authority is searching for its next chairman after the agency's inaugural chairman, John Griffith-Jones, confirmed he would step down when his term expires next March.

Chancellor Philip Hammond said on Sunday that the government had "heard a message last week in the general election" — in which the Labour party made unexpected gains with their manifesto that promised to end tough fiscal policies.

J Sainsbury Plc entered into exclusive discussions to buy Nisa for 130 million pounds ($166.05 million) after the convenience store operator considered buyout offers from multiple bidders.



- YouTube has struggled for years with videos that promote offensive viewpoints but do not necessarily violate the company's guidelines for removal. Now it is taking a new approach: Bury them.

- Mattress maker Casper plans to announce as soon as Monday that it has raised $170 million. The investment is being led by Target, which on Sunday began selling Casper mattresses, pillows, sheets and more in its stores and on its website.

- Representatives of Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, have quietly contacted high-powered criminal lawyers about potentially representing him in the wide-ranging investigation into Russia's influence on the 2016 election, according to three people briefed on the matter.




** Land and Buildings Investment Management of Stamford has built a stake of almost 4.5 percent in Hudson's Bay Co and is sending a letter to the retailer seeking a restructuring to take it private or redevelop its real estate assets.

** Canada could lead a regional effort to address the crisis in Venezuela, according to sources with knowledge of the diplomatic efforts in the South American country.


** Senator Fabian Manning and his wife are suing the House of Commons, the public works department and the Canadian government after the senator slipped on a spill in the Centre Block cafeteria.

** A panel representing environmentalists, oil companies, aboriginal communities and municipalities has managed to achieve consensus on a set of recommendations to the Alberta government on how to ration greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands.



The Times

The founding chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority, John Griffith-Jones, is to step down and will not stand for a second term after a four-year stint during which he was criticised over bungled reports.

Co-op Bank could announce a deal this week that would lead to the struggling lender's hedge fund owners and the Co-operative Group Ltd agreeing a 700 million pounds ($894.04 million) bailout package, averting a wind down that would leave millions of customers and thousands of pensioners facing uncertainty.

The Guardian

Barclays Plc and a number of its former executives are expected to learn this week whether the Serious Fraud Office intends to bring criminal charges in relation to emergency fundraising at the height of the financial crisis.

Lloyds Banking Group Plc is expected to extend the deadline for making compensation offers to victims of the HBOS Reading fraud, as it emerged only one of 64 affected customers has received compensation.

The Telegraph

The corner shop group Nisa is poised to sign an exclusivity agreement with the supermarket giant J Sainsbury Plc which will temporarily bar the mutually owned group from courting other buyers.

A rescue bid from Sanjeev Gupta's Liberty Industries group which will guarantee jobs at struggling steel business Caparo Merchant Bar could be announced as soon as Monday.

Sky News

Blackstone Group Lp is buying British flexible office provider The Office Group in a deal will value the privately owned landlord of corporate clients such as Facebook and Santander UK at 500 million pounds, according to insiders.

The Independent

Prime Minister Theresa May's post-Brexit plan to slash immigration will have a devastating "double whammy" impact on the British economy, according to the most detailed study of EU nationals to date.



gmak Mon, 06/19/2017 - 07:46 Permalink

Why is this a terrorist attack? (London, Van plowing into islam-practitioners leaving a Mosque or facility where terrorists are trained). Wasn't it an attack ON terrorists?

overmedicatedu… Mon, 06/19/2017 - 07:52 Permalink

until the leadership who brought terror to the streets of the west are made to pay..random killing of muslem's is senseless  stupid and counter productive tothe problem of The NWO reptiles vision for our world..the current  kings of the west must pay in blood..soros much?

Handful of Dust Mon, 06/19/2017 - 07:56 Permalink

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Lou Dobbs: Deputy AG Rosenstein should fire Robert Mueller and then resign…

DuneCreature Mon, 06/19/2017 - 17:03 Permalink

Latest on George Webb:


~~~)))*** Here Comes The Mobile Attorney Attack Force! .. Bugler Forward! ... Mount Up! ***(((~~~

This is where The Saga of George Webb (c) is going to get really interesting. .......... I may have to track down daDune my adopted half-brother who once commanded a Behind the Enemy Lines (tm) guerrilla mobile attorney attack force himself for a few tactical pointers.

So George announces this morning he is going to sue the FBI and FBI contractor(s) for illegally defaming, wiretapping and targeting him to the tune of a hundred million USD.

Alright! ..This could be the start of a counter offensive that could clean a few bands of Evil Pirates out of some rat nests and safe harbor Federal buildings in and around DC.

Rally on George, you hungry lawyers out there. .. A slot on this battle roster could be a fine feather in your war bonnet and fatten your bank account handsomely. ..... There is danger in the assignment too, so this is a job for the daDunes and Fearless Leader Mosby (tm) type of barristers out there.

Day 240.01 =
` (George goes on the offensive - Lawyer up, Comey, McCabe, Sessions and Lynch. (My guesses) ...... More Webb vs. *named defendants forthcoming*.)

Day 240.02 =
` (It sounds like others are calling out the attack attorneys also. An Ohio lawsuit against a half a dozen opioid manufacturers. ... Oh boy, a suit calling out Big Fat Pharma could drag on for years. .. Lots of ODs can happen in that amount of time. .. And time is money in the world of litigation. .. The lawyers like to stretch the timeframe out a lot. .. Some make a lot of money and others lose a lot of money. .. The question is; Which side pays the huge bill. Eeeeeyikes, have your ducks in line when you march them into a court room.)

Day 240.03 =
` (Off to pow-wow with and recruit attack attorneys - Crowd Source -The Counter Offensive Attack Lawsuit (c). ...... I'm in, George. .. Where do I send my dollars? ... Do I bring my own horse?

Day 240.04 =
` (Let's start with Attorney Cliff Arnebeck.)

Day 240.05 =
` (Shot across the bow of Perdue Pharma and the targeting of youth all over America with prescription and non-prescription addictive drugs. .... Sue them for willful negligence, Again and again until they and the healthcare 'Jive Industry' cease and desist.)

Bonus links - GW Back Story and Crowd Source the Truth

Trish and Jason arrive in Great Briton

Outside Of The Ecuadorian Embassy In London - Julian Assange


To post crowd sourced evidence and for up loading documents go to:

Facebook Group - Crowd Source the Truth

(Full disclosure - I leave as small a footprint on the web as I can. .. You will need to be a member of 'FaceHook' ( and then simply join the CST group to post up links, photos and docs)

Thanks for any help you can offer those folks. ~ DC v6.5


Live Hard, Make Sure Your Mount Has Double Rations And Two Spare Shoes,........You Can Go Bare Foot In The Saddle, Hats and Bandanas Are Mandatory, One Carbine, Two Pistols And A Blade, Die Free

~ DC v6.5