ISIS: Losing The Battle, But Winning The War

Authored by Giulio Metti via The Gatestone Institute,

  • If ISIS is retreating in Mosul, it is rapidly advancing in Manchester. The Caliphate is winning its war in Europe. Six months ago in Britain, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the ultra-pacifist Labour party leader who blamed the "war on terror" for the recent attacks in Manchester and London, would have been unthinkable.
  • As the Caliphate razed to the ground everything in its path, Europe reacted as if that were just the result of regrettable manners that should not concern her. The Islamists, however, had other plans.
  • "Why, in August 2015, did ISIS need to blow up and destroy that temple of Baalshamin? Because it was a temple where pagans before Islam came to adore mendacious idols? No, it was because that monument was venerated by contemporary Westerners, whose culture includes an educated love for 'historical monuments' and a great curiosity for the beliefs of other people and other times. And Islamists want to show that Muslims have a culture that is different from ours, a culture that is unique to them". — Paul Veyne, archeologist.

The Islamic State is crumbling -- if too slowly. More than two years have passed since French President François Hollande promised, "We will bomb Raqqa". Sooner or later, ISIS will probably be reduced to a small enclave with no territorial continuity, and its chief, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, will be eliminated. It would, nevertheless, be most dangerous to dismiss these three years as a short parenthesis: Nazism did not last as long: "just" 12 years in power and five at war with the rest of Europe. The physical and cultural consequences of the Nazi tyranny are, unfortunately, still visible in Europe. The same will be said of the Islamic State. Three years of terror and conquests are not bad in for a war between the Caliphate vs. everyone else.

ISIS will leave behind an unprecedented terrorist infrastructure (277 Europeans killed on European soil in two years).

Infographic: Jihadist Arrests In The EU  | Statista

If ISIS is retreating in Mosul, it is rapidly advancing in Manchester. The Caliphate is winning its war in Europe. Six months ago in the Britain, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the ultra-pacifist Labour party leader who blamed the "war on terror" for the recent attacks in Manchester and London, would have been unthinkable. His success is clearly linked to the recent bloodshed in British streets.

Infographic: Terrorism in Europe in 2016 | Statista

In the West, ISIS has assailed parliaments in Ottawa, cafés in Copenhagen, beaches in Nice, social centers in San Bernardino, metros and airports in Brussels, music festivals in Manchester, theaters, sports stadiums, restaurants and kosher markets in Paris, churches in Rouen, Christmas markets in Berlin, malls in Stockholm. Not bad for a "JV team", as Barack Obama called the Caliphate.

ISIS has been an unparalleled attraction for the umma, the world community of the Islamic faithful: about 30,000 Muslims around the world -- 6,000 from Europe -- have left their homes to fight under the deadly black flag of the Caliph. ISIS was able to build a global network of terror. Jihadist groups such as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in Egypt, Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Caucasus Emirate in Russia, and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, along with others, have all pledged allegiance to ISIS. The Caliphate has also become the wealthiest terror group in history. Sebastian Gorka, a White House advisor on radical Islam, said: "The attacks of September 11, 2001, cost barely $500,000. ISIS makes that in six hours! Do you feel safe?"

ISIS has made evil viral. The world was stunned when ISIS submerged the Western imagination in the public executions of journalists, the massacres of captured troops, markets for sexual slavery, executions of gays, and public drownings, burning people alive and crucifixions. "Never before in history have terrorists had such easy access to the minds and eyeballs of millions", wrote Brendan Koerner, noting that "ISIS is winning the social media war". Often, evil works. A few weeks ago, in Paris, a Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi was killed by a Muslim shouting "Allahu Akbar". The case was barely covered by the mainstream press. Then several French intellectuals demand the authorities to denounce it as a case of anti-Semitism. ISIS's threats are now so intense that even academic experts of Islam, such as Gilles Kepel, are under police protection.

In a few months, the Islamic State cleared the historic colonial border of Sykes-Picot, conquered half of Syria, destroyed entire cities of prices antiquities such as Palmyra, reached the periphery of Baghdad, and kicked out the Iraqi army, in which the United States had invested 25 billion dollars. That is why many counter-terrorism analysts are intelligently asking if "ISIS is winning".

ISIS's main legacy, however, is devastation -- both cultural and human. ISIS has been successful in making a blank slate, a sort of Islamic "year zero," in which, after an apocalypse, history will start again -- supposedly virgin and pure. The Caliphate will leave behind a Middle East more and more Islamic, not only in the landscape, but also in demography. ISIS swept away entire non-Muslim communities that will never return. Many Christian and Yazidi towns within its orbit will remain permanently empty due to the slaughter, the exile and the disappearance of survivors. The Islamic State has been able to destroy the ancient Christian community of Mosul.

A new study published in the weekly magazine Plos Medicine concluded that around 10,000 members of the ethnic and religious Yazidi minority were killed. The researchers estimated that 6,800 other Yazidis were kidnapped, with more than one third still missing.

"Christianity in Iraq is over", said Canon Andrew White, the great Anglican vicar of Baghdad. ISIS succeeded, for the first time in 2000 years, in cancelling Christian communion in Nineveh. Professor Amal Marogy, a native of Iraq, said, at a conference at the Hudson Institute, that while infrastructure such as the Mosul Dam can be saved from ISIS, the eradication of the Christian presence in Iraq means "the end of a peaceful civilization". There are commentators who are now noting that "ISIS wins when Christians leave the Middle East".

The jihadist recently vandalized ancient Roman statues and artifacts at the Syrian archaeological site of al-Salhiye, known as Dura Europos. ISIS devastated the most famous capitals of ancient Mesopotamia, from Nimrud to Hatra. "This destruction is unprecedented in recent history", according to Marina Gabriel, coordinator of the American Schools of Oriental Research Cultural Heritage Initiatives, an institute that tracks the destruction of Islamic State.

The Nimrud ziggurat, built almost 2900 years ago -- the most spectacular sacred structure known in ancient Mesopotamia -- does not exist anymore. ISIS terrorists devastated the Mosul Public Library, where 10,000 manuscripts were burned or stolen. ISIS also managed to erase of the entire Jewish history of Mosul, including the tombs of Jonah, Seth and Daniel. The Caliphate destroyed the first Assyrian city, Khorsabad. The greatest devastation, however, took place in Palmyra, the most important archaeological jewel of the Middle East. Palmyra delenda est. The Islamic State also eliminated thousands of years of Syrian and Iraqi history, pulverizing exquisite ancient treasures such as the temple of Bal.

As the Caliphate razed to the ground everything in its path, Europe reacted as if that were just the result of regrettable manners that should not concern her. The Islamists, however, had other plans. Professor Paul Veyne writes in his book on Palmyra:

"Why, in August 2015, did ISIS need to blow up and destroy that temple of Baalshamin? Because it was a temple where pagans before Islam came to adore mendacious idols? No, it was because that monument was venerated by contemporary Westerners, whose culture includes an educated love for 'historical monuments' and a great curiosity for the beliefs of other people and other times. And Islamists want to show that Muslims have a culture that is different from ours, a culture that is unique to them. They blew up that temple in Palmyra and have pillaged several archaeological sites in the Near East to show that they are different from us and that they don't respect what Western culture admires".

That is why, after Palmyra, the Islamic State attacked music halls and other Western symbols in Europe.

The "JV team" might be losing ground, but so far it is winning the war of civilizations. Will the West be able not only to free Raqqa and Mosul, but also to reverse this cultural avalanche trying to crush it?




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Did you boobs actually read the article?  Notwithstanding it is from the Gatsetone Institute, it pretty objectively documents the destruction being wrought by the CIA's latest wonder baby.  I'm personally pretty torqued by the razing of the Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra.  Fuck these ISIS niggers.  They need to go.  But they're just a tentacle.  The brain has to go as well.  See, I....Ayyyyyyyyyyyye.I am Chumbawamba.

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Correct. ISIS blowing up the monuments has many long term benefits. Once the goals of the Frankfurt school are achieved, it will truly be the end of history as there will not be any trace of what came before. History will be what the (((chosen))) decide it will be, foisted on the brown mestizo masses so carefully molded using Gramsci's game plan. The (((chosen))) will rule a world where the "culture" allowed the masses is strictly reinforced by every social institution, Academia, the MSM, and whatever Hollywood morphs into when the NWO gains control.The distopia presented in Orwell's nineteen-eighty-four will be pretty much on the mark, with some touches imported from Aldous Huxley.A true paradise... for the (((chosen))) who will have the vast herds of the dumbed down Eloi as sources of spare hearts, kidneys and youthful blood. 

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If people knew what was storied in the basements of the Smithsonian and the Vatican, they would realize that real "history" ended centuries if not millenia ago.  What we think is history, and I am also going way, way back to the genetic engineering resulting in the current "human race," is fabricated bullshit.  Despite their best efforts to secret away the physical evidence, the truth is out there, just beyond one's mind control and other and self-imposed hypnotic trance.

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Lets not forget the US's part in bombing the shit out of most of the hsitorical culture of Iraq, Libya, etc and what wasnt razed by them, they stood by and watched as others finished it off! Since the US/UK & Gang created, funds and arms ISIS, lets just be frank....its the US trying to destroy the history of these countries...once historical memories/culture are gone it becomes so much easier to "rule" those defeated.  ISIS was taught well my their creators!The Iraqi ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim noted, “The destruction of cultural heritage aims to erase the multicultural history of Iraq that has been the hallmark of our country.”For millennia, both Iraq and Syria have held prominent roles in world history as part of the cradle of civilization, otherwise known as Mesopotamia. They have sheltered the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, upheld the title of Alexander the Great, and weathered the storms of the Roman and Parthian battles. And throughout all these eras, the religious – both Christian and Muslim alike – have called these lands their home. As a result, both countries are not only rich in historical and archaeological treasures unique to the region, but also rich in a culture even more remarkable.The cultural heritage of this volatile region has played an important role in forming the identity of not only the people who live there, but also the religious world as a whole. As such, it is important both nationally and internationally as symbolic of these cultural identities. Nations and the world derive significant value from their cultural heritage. As one scholar has noted, “[t]he battle over ancient treasures is, at its base, a conflict over identity, and over the right to reclaim the objects that are its tangible symbols.” Today, “antiquities have become yet another weapon in this clash of cultures, another manifestation of the yawning divide.”  [Sharon Waxman, Loot: The Battle over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World 3 (2009).]Cultural heritage is a legacy. It is the heart and soul of a people. And as such, the destruction of it is all the crueler, because, as Bokova put it, “[w]e continue to rebuild, but you cannot rebuild the traditions and heritage of a culture – when it is destroyed it is destroyed forever.”

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Well the Jews attempt, and rather successfully I might add, to play both sides, while still achieving their goal: WHITE GENOCIDE.

An All-American Tale: Illegal Alien Rapes and Murders Moslem Girl

If it were not for the Jewish community changing our immigration law in 1965, and for causing what law remains to not be enforced, this would not have happened. And Europe would be the same safe place it had always been.

ISIS is a product of Israeli and USSA creation.

This does trouble me:

WARNING! — Russia Must not Agree to the Partition of Syria June 21, 2017

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earleflorida asteroids Wed, 06/21/2017 - 14:33 Permalink to defeat the jihadist [?] as we all must have realized by now that france was a progenitor of its own blowback?england shut-up when beheading on street was a no-biggy??? unfuckingbelievable!!!  note:  this is an informational site for education,... but bias'd?!?so, read not much into variant pov's to remain impartial

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How long is the time gap between the Old Testament stories - assuming they're true - and the actual documented history of the Jews?  The Talmud didn't start to be compiled until several hundred years after the life of Jesus, though the oral tradition it was derived from may well have been older.

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Huh? 'actual documented history'? The Torah IS actual documented history. As much as any historical documents we have. And what's the talmud got to do with it? And what's the life of Jesus got to do with the talmud or Isis' destruction of the archaeological history of Jonah, Seth, Daniel? What's the relevance?

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Because they have so much help from the cowards and the traitors at democratic party headquarters..

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I'm sorry but much of the blame for all of this is due to Bush and Blair's "war on Terror". They escalated it from the Jimmy Carter era, when Brezenski had the "brilliant" idea to use Muslims as weapons against the Soviets. That is where the War on terror came from and Bush exported it enmass to the ME after they lied about so many things before, during and after 9/11.

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It cannot be argued that ISIS have vastly improved production values for their propaganda stills, videos and magazines - a far sight bigger budget than the old Al-Qaeda franchises had with their audio tapes.After 9/11 it was all about shutting down the flow of funding to Al-Qaeda - doesn't look like they do this with ISIS, the useful boogeyman who goes anywhere they are needed. 

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If this author (or the Gatestone Institute in general) poked a hornet's nest, he/they would blame the hornets and argue with you that poking the nest had anything to do with it.You can not care much for hornets but still realize that poking the nest will result in a predictable reaction.

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More purposefully blind and misleading hogwash from the Gatestone Institute.You can't talk about ISIS as if it just appeared out of nowhere.  You can't talk about Europe's response without considering who supports ISIS and why.  None of this makes any sense to anyone unfamiliar with Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard."Basically, the thesis is that the US has only two options: Either become the globe's dominant Empire, or be completely destroyed.  To become the world's Empire, the US has to control Eurasia.  It's not possible for the US to just invade and take over.  So instead we just foment upheaval, fostering the very worst and most desperate degenerates in any given society, putting stress on existing fracture lines in those society.  The strategy is to get the desperadoes to destroy civil society, so the only people who can get anything done are those who can project miitary force anywhere on Earth at any time.  There's only one such power today.What many fail to realize is that there are three stumbling blocks to US control of Eurasia.  Everyone thinks of Russia and China, but the first rival the US has to destabilize is the E.U.  It's worth noting that every US intervention has happened in countries on top of huge deposits of strategic resources, mostly energy, and on the trade routes those resources have to travel to get to market; usually to China or the E.U.The refugee crisis made much worse by the US destruction of society in Libya, Syria and Iraq is also a tool of the strategy.  The refugees are all fleeing to Europe, just as the US consolidates its grip on Europe's supplies of energy.  European leaders have to be starting to realize right now that their ostensible ally and Imperial Patron is stabbing them in the back.  They've cooperated with the US to the point they're now well down the road and are finding it very difficult to undo their situation.  The Trump Administration seems to view Germany as the keystone; if they can knock the Germans out of the E.U., the balkanization of Europe can kick into high gear.

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Hogwash from Gateston... I know.  Are they a Jewish funded operation? I talk about this very subject on a different thread:… and Russia are to be kept apart at all costs.  Both of these countries are land powers, and atlanticist doctrine is virulently against a land power "Eurasia."  Creating chaos and confusion in both countries via restive Muslims is win -win for Atlantacist doctrine.  Allowing Muslims into England sows chaos and confusion, and keeps eyes from focusing on City of London, and their Zionist connections.Rulling Olligarchs and Plutocrats have always required physical removal, or killing them in war.  Hidden elites are using Takfiri Islam as an agent of chaos.  Also, as Rothschild says, "Buy when there is blood in the streets." Saudi Wahabbi is the animating ideology for Takfiri Islam, and in turn Saudis are part of  Washington/London/Paris/Tel-Aviv axis of Zion evil.  Saudi's recycle petrodollars in accordance with 1973 Kissinger-Saudi Agreement, creating the TBill/Petrodollar world economy.

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The sublime irony is that once the Muslims have served their purpose as a tool to destabalise (white) European culture, the (((chosen))) will turn on them with full fury and wipe them out.The (((chosenite))) Frankfurt school support of feminists, gays, Blacks, etc will have the same fate. Once the use of these groups to attack white European/American culture uses its effectiveness, they will be cast aside.The mixed priorities loom into view when the hidden decider groups need to choose between, say, Feminism and Sharia. or LGBT and Islam. The tool de jure is Islam, so too bad for the Feminists, Gays, Blacks, etc.

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Read: Albert Pike

ISIS is the army of the corporate deep state,
next comes their new world religion.

Just need the proper crisis. Right now they are just mrally exhausting the nations with needless war (a la WWI, WWII)

Check out the web site: share international, that will be the new world religion and world wide communism will be the form of government.

For the tech savy, check out CERN, the lectures from the last transhumanism conference in NYC or watch one of these guys' TED talks. Its all there.

The top people are promised life extension, intellectual and superhuman capabilities, dna enhancement (a la CRSPR) and live like gods.

So go ahead whine a out ISIS, your local mason hall (red lodge) are cheering them on, like fools they believe they will become 'ascended masters' by partnering in all of this.

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I have been saying for years that Islam is not a religion. It is a political system. And as such, at least in the United States, it should NOT be afforded religious protection. It is inimical to the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. It is inimical to any country who has a set of laws that differs from Islam. They will not assimilate. They have not assimilated for millennia.

Destroy their false prophet and you will destroy their religion. That is the only method for defeating this scourge. I think everyone here knows what kind of a man "the prophet" really was.

khnum AncientAviator Wed, 06/21/2017 - 14:26 Permalink

People are working night and day to usurp to constitution and replace it with sharia law- if you or I worked to usurp the law of the land it would be called treason and treason within its charter includes anyone who helps the conspirators towards their ends...there should be a whole host of politicians and buerocrats brought to account for the islamification of America let alone these psychos sponsors in the middle east.

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"I have been saying for years that Islam is not a religion. It is a political system"Agreed. I have also been saying the same thing about Islam for years. It is actually an evil totalitarian political system and those who refuse to submit to its demanding requirements are dealt with in extremely cruel ways to scare everybody else into conformity. Totalitarian government by fear.Fortunately, more and more thinking people are now realising this and Islam will be wiped out as it should be. It just leaves the snowflakes of this world to wake up and stop supporting it.

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Surely application of the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws and aggressive deportation of foreign nationals preaching sedition would be a great help. Imagine how nice it would be to read ". . . After the shooting, a joint US Marshals-ICE-FBI team seized the Kissimmee mosque where Mateen was radicalized, then arrested all foreign-born clergy, staff and their immediate family members for immediate deportation. Financial assets of the mosque and deportees were frozen and seized by the IRS pending investigation."For additional fun, Congress could add a requirement that all immigration-related appeals have to go through the nearest US Embassy to the appellant's home country. This would make immediate deportation feasable.At some point, the Saudis are going to run out of money to fund Centers of Terrorist Recruitment and Sedition.

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