Jon Ossoff Spent 7.6x More Than Handel Per Vote...For Nothing

Last night's special election for Georgia's 6th District was historic for many reasons, not the least of which was the shear amount of money that flowed into the race.  As we pointed out last night, Jon Ossoff spent a staggering $22 million dollars versus only $3 million for Handel...all for a seat where candidates usually spend about $1 million each.



Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as Ossoff still lost...resulting in a devastating waste of $176 per vote, or roughly 7.6x more than what Karen Handel spent.  Oops.



Of course, as The Mercury News pointed out yesterday, Ossoff received nearly 9x more donations from California than from Georgia, a testament to how this special election morphed into a national contest for Democrats with Nancy Pelosi leading the fundraising charge.

Between March 29 and May 31, Ossoff reported receiving 7,218 donations from California, dwarfing the 808 donations he received from Georgia. In the nine Bay Area counties alone, he received 3,063 donations in the same time period.


Those are only a fraction of Ossoff’s total donations, as he doesn’t have to report contributions from people who give less than $200 in total. In addition, many of the individual donations include the same people giving to his campaign multiple times.

All of which reminds us of another race that had a 'surprising' outcome...

Campaign Spending


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 We are disintermediating The Fourth Estate, thank God! 

We must disintermediate The Fourth Estate.  We must hold our government accountable.  We must be active, not passive.  Fortunately, the internet might just be the tool that enables us to do this.  But the establishment's mainstream media and television propagandists are not going down without a fight.  Just look around.   So, like I say in my Revolutionary Call to Arms , we have to train for the fight.  We The People have to gain knowledge to overcome fear, False Evidence Appearing Real, and we have to train for the fight that we know in our hearts has arrived.  Only then can we find the courage and ability to begin to even practice disintermediating The Fourth Estate.  This is what I see many of us doing, here, now, in the ZeroHedge comments section.  Even when we are not convincing others, or being convinced, then we are at least increasing our own knowledge (and often others) and honing our own intellect and debate skills.…
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How about we look into where the moneycame from.  Perhaps from some illegal sources. Money launderign to buy influence.And who was this judge (I want aname) that signed the order to allow Dekalb County to stay open an extra half hour when no problems were apparent there? How do you spell corruption?Did illegals vote or people vote often?  What is required to cast a vote in DeKalbCounty.Forget about Democrats fixing this voter fraud.  Verifiable paper ballots with ID and proof of citizenship would be RACIST, therefore we will never get them as long as Democrats have any power.  Never mind that Guyana requires ID + proof of citizenship + an address check.  Guyanans can't be racist  because they aren't white.

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De dimz were just showing off their well known proficiency at wasting other peoples money. I read somewhere that for the money they pushed into the middle of Ga6 and set on fire while dancing around it nekid in some long forgotten pagan ritual involving chicken bones & eye of newt...(lol)...they could have funded 6 different candidates somewhere else. Or...fed starving children in Africa for a year or given out clean syringes in NYC for a century or an all expenses paid chartered trip for a DiCrappio globull warming speaking engagement in...Bali.I'm-Jus-Sayin ;-)

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Jon Ossoff Spent 7.6x More Than Handel Per Vote...For NothingMy response: The fact that this occurred using funds from California and other sources outside of GA should absolutely OUTRAGE every American. The fact that this occurred at all is nothing short of election fraud which is a felony.I am very quickly reaching a conclusion that America is proving to be classified as a true BANANA REPUBLIC where FAKE NEWS and PUBLIC OFFICE can be bought for a PRICE.Truly sad.

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Lord have mercy!If that don't just beat all.Georgians want to thank y'all kindly, Hollyweird.Please tell your mama and them we said hello.And to send us another shitload of money.BYE  BYE!

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Another article spreading disinformation. Republican oligarchs are simply more astute as seeming humble. The Hag campaign did not receive as much as Ossof but the money spent of the promotion of Handel combined with the direct campaign contributions exceeded Olsoff

bobsmith5 Simplifiedfrisbee Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:33 Permalink

You just don't get it. Pedogate and Killary crimes has decimated the socialist communist democrats and soon the rino republican fascist along with them. This is something from which they will never recover as more people discover how criminally corrupt the federal government actually has become.

The populace is more cynical than at any other time in our nations history. The politicians are the most hated and despised of any social class, except for lawyers from whom these vermin came.

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Since Jon Ossoff is Jewish, many billionaire California and New York Jews gave his campaign money.  Don't worry; they'll get every penny back from the FED.  And Ossoff will continue doing Zionism's work.