America Divided: "Summer Of Rage" Accelerates


Earlier this year, we broke the story of 4 Chicago Teens In Custody After Broadcasting Kidnap Of Trump-Supporter Live On Social Media . It was a gruesome news event displayed for the world to see on Facebook Live. The victim was repeatedly kicked and hit, partially scalped, all while he was tied up with his mouth taped shut. The suspects in the video could be heard yelling, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!”. 

Recently,  Michael Hart and I, penned an article titled, The Fourth Turning: A Summer Of Rage And The Total Eclipse Of The Deep State. The brief understanding of this article is, like it or not, America is headed for a ‘summer of rage’ between the deeply divided American People. This comes at a time where the old political order and it’s far too powerful Deep State members are being exposed by the Trump Administration. Their controlling system in this Orwellian agenda is meant to divide, defeat, and rule the unconscious American people as their freedoms and economic mobilities are systematically taken away.

What I have found for you, as per the title, “Guy gets jumped after his car breaks down in the wrong hood”. The white male is ripped out of his ‘broken down’ vehicle by a group of thugs, who proceed to beat the living shit out of him. He’s blind sided multiple times with sucker punches, then appears to be thrown to the ground where 4-5 thugs stomp on his body. Seriously, we hope this young man is okay after this brutal attack. 

Conclusion: Like it or not, divided we stand is the inner workings of the Deep State. America peaked many decades ago during the so-called ‘American High’. Since then, the middle class has been stripped of it’s wealth via the Federal Reserve and the Top .01%. To cover this great theft, the Deep State had divided the American people into a powder-keg expected to unleash in the ‘summer of rage’.

Here is an illustration of when the ‘Great Theft of the Middle Class Started’.


All the while, the American people are too busy clashing with one another—the top .01% calmly walk away.