Illinois Man Arrested For Threatening To Assassinate Trump

In the wake of last week’s shooting at a practice session for members of the House Republicans’ baseball team, federal authorities announced that they’ve arrested an Illinois man for threatening President Donald Trump. In a Facebook post published June 15, Joseph Lynn Pickett of Edwardsville Ill. said planned to assassinate the president, according to the Belville News-Democrat.

“Guess what Trump? I’m waiting for the right time...and I KNOW your (sic) Putin’s (expletive)! The secret service now has a heads up as to my plan to assassinate Trump...let’s see if they act.”

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Vincent Pescitelli said Pickett’s post constituted a threat to “take the life of, to kidnap, and to inflict bodily harm” against Trump, according to a criminal complaint filed with the charges. After the original post, Pickett continued to comment, saying he was “still waiting” for the Secret Service to knock on his door and arrest him.

In another deranged post, Pickett mused about how Trump deserves “a blade in his neck." He also threatening violence against Trump’s supporters.

“Honestly am I really going to have to kill Trump before our fine Government (the jack booted thugs they are) actually takes me into custody for threatening to assassinate President Donald Trump?” Pickett wrote. “I mean he sold our country to The Russians. He is a Benedict Arnold but hey the (expletive) is our President even though he needs a blade in his neck. And you dumb, asses who stick up for him...who’s gonna protect you when someone like me comes t (sic) take you out.”

Until about six to eight months ago, Pickett had been working at Lowe’s in Granite City, Ill. until he was fired for – wait for it - making threats to a coworker, according to the News-Democrat.

Two of Pickett’s former coworkers contacted the St. Louis chapter of the US Secret Service and told them that Pickett had threatening posts on his Facebook page. They also said he had bragged about having weapons. A judge ruled that Pickett, who was determined to be “mentally unstable,” should be detained until his trial to ensure the safety of others.

Edwardsville isn't far from Belleville Ill., the home town of Congressional shooter James Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson, an ostensibly “progressive” never-Trumper, wounded five people when he opened fire on the GOP baseball practice in Alexandria Va. on June 14. Scalise, who was badly wounded after being shot in the hip, was rushed to the hospital after the incident with life-threatening injuries, though his condition has since been upgraded to stable. Hodgkinson was killed during the shootout that ensued.

Hodgkinson, who identified as a supporter and former campaign volunteer for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, also shared anti-Trump memes and rants on his Facebook page.