"The Medical System As We Know Is Going To Blow Up... And Soon"

Authored by Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Think of the ObamaCare reform debate now playing in the US Senate as the final gurglings of polity that knows it is whirling around the drain. They’re pretending to attempt to fix a racket that comprises eight percent of the American economy. Yikes! How did that happen? At the beginning of the 20th century it was one-quarter of one percent (.25 percent) of the economy.

Source: USGovernmentSpending.com

The standard explanation is that, first, Medicare jacked up overall healthcare activity in the 1960s, hauling in a customer-base of old folks who previously received no special treatment and were, generally, less well than non-old folk. Secondarily, technological innovation opened up so many new methods of disease control for everybody, young and old, that we’re able to treat more sickness in more complicated ways — and that drove costs up way further.

The greater part of the story remains neatly concealed within the matrix of rackets erected around the money-flows since the big cost bump-up in the 1960s, and these involve insurance companies, Big Pharma, corporatized doctors’ practices, hospital monopolies, and, of course, politicians on-the-take dividing amongst each other a colossal pool of grift that exists mainly for one simple reason: the cost of everything is hidden from public view.

Nobody has any idea what anything costs. Certainly not the patients, sometimes called “customers” or “consumers” — but really hostages. If you go into the hospital for a stent in the left descending coronary artery, nobody will tell you what it costs, starting with the doctors who have performed the procedure a thousand times. They can’t even estimate the cost (or won’t), though they could probably give you a pretty good ballpark number for the cost-and-installation of a new fuel pump on their BMW-28i.

Charges for medical care are never discussed with the patient. Doctors especially pretend to regard such a proposition as beneath the dignity of their profession, rather like British aristocrats regarded all questions pertaining to money in the Downton Abby scheme of things — a filthy business better left to the servants, like disposing of the table-scraps. Of course the “servants” in the hospital scheme of things are a fantastic hierarchy of dangerously overfed clerks overwhelmed by the anomie of spending countless hours typing fictitious numbers into their work stations. A more pointless life can hardly be conceived. If you ask the ones who “interface” with you at the check-out counter how your bill was toted up exactly, you will receive nothing more than a pitiless stare of contempt — which is actually aimed inward at their own existential quandaries, a pathological dynamic that perhaps deserves attention from the research funding troughs.

The cost of everything medical is worked out in a private rain-dance between the aforementioned manifold concerned parties on the basis of what they think they can get away with in any particular case. In hospitals, this is enabled by the notorious ChargeMaster system which, to put it as simply as possible, allows hospitals to just make shit up.

Any bill in congress that affects to reform the gross financial malfeasance in healthcare ought to start with the absolute requirement to publicly post the cost of everything that doctors and hospitals do, and enable the “service providers” to get paid only those publicly posted costs — obviating the lucrative rain-dance for dividing up the ransoms paid by hostage-patients who come to the “providers,” after all, in extremis. Notice that this crucial feature of the crisis is missing not only from the political debate but also from the supposedly public-interest-minded pages of The New York Times and other organs of the news media. Perhaps this facet of the problem never entered the editors’ minds — in which case you really have to ask: how dumb are they?

(The funniest claim about ObamaCare in today’s New York Times is the statement that 20 million citizens got access to health care under the so-called Affordable Care Act. Really? You mean they got health insurance policies with $8000-deductables, when they don’t even have $500 in savings to pay for car repairs? What planet do The New York Times editorial writers live on?)

The corollary questions about deconstructing the insurance armature of the health care racket, and assigning its “duties” to a “single-payer” government agency is, of course, a higher level of debate. I’m not saying it would work, even if it was modeled on one of the systems currently working elsewhere, say in France. But Americans have acquired an allergy to even thinking about that, or at least they’ve been conditioned to imagine they’re allergic by self-interested politicians. So, the current product of debate in the US Senate is just a scheme for pretending to reapportion the colossal flow of grift among the grifters.

Spare yourself the angst of even worrying about the outcome of the current healthcare debate. It’s not going to get “fixed.”

The medical system as we know it is going to blow up, and soon, just like the pension systems across the country, and the treasuries of the fifty states themselves, and the rest of the Potemkin US economy.


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In 1973, Nixon did a personal favor for his friend and campaign financier, Edgar Kaiser, then president and chairman of Kaiser-Permanente. Nixon signed into law, the Health Maintenance Organisation Act of 1973, in which medical insurance agencies, hospitals, clinics and even doctors, could begin functioning as for-profit business entities instead of the service organisations they were intended to be.https://sott.net/en351109

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what I don't get:  when oil prices are high, they have no problem releasing from the emergency oil reserves to bring prices down.  yet, when medical prices are too high, nobody ever thinks of creating more doctors.for the trillion dollars allocated to obamacare, they could have added 10,000 new medical schools to the 150 or so already there.

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You can't just "create more doctors". It's not like the Fed can just print them up like fiat. It's takes a minimum of 7 years to even get through medical school and residency, and that's for a lowly primary care shlub. You're also assuming there are that many people who are willing to do it and can actually pass the tests... :/

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can't be soon enough. I don't care how sick you are, and docs are (usually) fairly competent & adequate in this country, but the system is an obscenity. guy goes into an OR for a major heart operation; triple bypass, whatever. comes out and is handed a bill for $300K. $300K for .. what ... 3 docs and 5 nurses doing a now-routine operation that lasts maybe 3 hours? we all rightly squeal with outrage at stories of lawyers charging $1000/hr, but these docs are getting...$25,000 an hour?!? WTF?and before all the doctor jock-sniffers chime in about 'it's not their fault!' and 'expensive malpractice insurance!', explain to me why I don't see docs taking loud & public stands to fix this shit. the obvious answer: 'cause they like it the way it is now.let it crash. burn it all down. start over and put someone with a lick of common sense in charge

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"I'm sure you're right, but that don't mean squat to the guy handed the $300,000 bill. all he knows is he's on the hook for a third of a million dollars, because of a routine, everyday 3-hour surgical procedure."

Don't know the the figure, but it would not surprise me if that $200K is to pay for the medical liability insurance. In the event the patient dies and the family sues for half a billion.

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Those are just direct costs. All doctors think about is revenue generation, malpractice, and quality of care, in that order of priority.  It is part of what drives over testing and over treatment and it changes what doctors are willing to do.  Anything with a 1 percent malpractice risk is eliminated even if 99 percent might benefit from it. Of course now there is a new risk, government and or DEA coming to getcha.  That is factored in there too.  In my state the new benzodiazepine monitoring rules means most if not all family docs quit accepting new anxiety disorder patients to treat "go wait several months for the local mental health center to give you an appointment" lol

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Oh gods this is just too frustrating. The only person in this whole space that makes any sense to be is Karl Denninger. He knows how to fix this thing using existing law right now, today. But nobody listens. Nobody freaking listens.So here's me. I had "medical insurance". I also had a terminal illness. And they found a cure. So for over a year I said "get me the cure". Just get me the fucking pills. And hey let's bring you in for a colonoscopy! Let's check our your heart! Lets do this and lets do that but NEVER did they just get me the fucking meds.I don't care if I have ass cancer. I'm dying of progressive liver failure. WTH do I care if I die of one thing or another? Just get me the fucking pills. Let's start with the treatable and curable disease right?AS IF.So finally I meet this guy online. He's from India. And he helps people like me get the meds for pocket change. In India, the cure cost me $1500. The treatment took 90 days and I am DISEASE FREE! It really was that easy and cheap! So fuck this system, I'm never going back, if they want to slap me with a fine for non-insured they have just created another tax resistor because I'M NOT PAYING IT. I'M NOT PAYING TO DIE. I CAN THINK OF OH SO MANY MORE WAYS TO DIE AND THEY ARE ALL FREE./rantIf you or anybody you know is suffering from the horrible Hep-C virus all you need to do if find a guy called Mayur Shetty online. He is DA MAN! He is your guy and mine. Mayur Shetty literally saved my life. So don't wait. You are gonna love the way you feel. I'm an F-5 and I'm alive!The odd finish to my story is after all this I seem to just be drinking myself to death. That probably sounds depressing but from my point of view, all I needed was another 2-3 years to kinda get our busienss on it's feet and now it's doing great and I know my woman will be ok. That's all I wanted and I got it so it's all gravy to me now. It's not giving up if you win. I cheated this system. I cheated death itself. And I haven't entirely given up on me so I sure as hell won't give up on you.Get the cure Hep-C sufferer. Mayur Shetty is your guy. 

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Hey thanks Vaquito! Con muchas gracias.It really is a motivator. Ever since I got the meds? It took one week and my life was changed. There's not much science on this but this disease screws with your head. Somehow it makes you angry. Almost vicious. I now see all the relationships I have destroyed because I was just NOT MYSELF.And it take so long and it happens slow. That's what makes Hep-C so frightening. It's a slow killer. It takes your life away like a vampire on a diet. One sip at a time. And the whole time your body is sending you the message that we are losing. Every day we get weaker and stupider and less competent.So getting on the meds that just kills this virus is like waking up from a bad dream. And all the sudden you remember WHO YOU ARE. And you are like wow, wait, I'm not this angry guy. I'm supposed to be a nice guy! Who is this angry person? I don't even recognize him. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE AND NEVER COME BACK.I guess I'd have to compare it to religious conversion in effect. It a total positive turn around in your life.And I think I know now why so many of my fellow sufferers won't get treatment. It's the disease itself sending you negative messaging of hopelessness and despair and resignation of a fate which for most is so not deserved. It's like this illness propagates a chemical lie in you. That's what makes this illness so evil. It first destroys your relationships and then it destroys you. Right when you need friends, it robs you and leaves you naked and poor and hurting.I am really lucky to have friends that saw through this. Somehow they could see my true heart when I had forgotten it. It's actually making me cry right now. I'm so grateful for them. And there's no way to pay this back. Or wait.....hmmmm......yeah let's get some payback.So since then as you can imagine, I'm kinda out for some payback. I am out for revenge baby! And every life we save is a gigantic FUCK YOU to this system. I am obliged to say that Mayur Shetty follows all the rules and legalities of India.Me? I'm out to break all the fucking rules. We're helping people get travel visas, we are sneaking shit through US Customs, we are getting orders delivered to Mexico and having actual mules smuggle them across border, what are they gonna arrest me for? Saving lives?Well for this pleasure, to get me to stop, they might just have to kill me. But here's the kicker: I was already as good as dead. I wouldn't even be here if I didn't get the meds. What are they gonna do? Fine me? I won't pay. Kill me? You are doing me a favor. Put me in jail?AGAIN?Doesn't matter really. This whole damn planet is turning into a prison. I got to be myself again. They can't take that away from me.I will be me in the world, I will be me in jail.I guess in summation we never really know who we are until we lose ourselves and get ourselves back. And there is one reason that I am the most important person in the universe and it is for this exact same reason that you are too.Hello. I am a yellow mop bucket. You are the most important person in the universe.

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Brother this is medicine.


When our ancestors were crossing the Great Rainbow Bridge from Limu to the mainland,

Some of our ancestors fell from the Rainbow Bridge and hit the water hard and began to drown.

Hutash, the Spirit Of The Mother Earth called out to Kakunutmawa, the Mystery Behind The Sun, The Creator,

Ishkin-un! Save your people!

And Kakunutmawa saved the drowning ones by changing them into dolphins.

This prayer song goes out to anyone who is drowning under the weight of their own suffering and despair.

We call upon the dolphins to lift us up to the surface where we can breathe the fresh air once again.

Iklic lempi Algoi
Iklic lempic ho-whi
Algoi! Algoi! Algoi! Algoi
Iklic lempi Algoi
Iklic lempic ho-whi


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There is a problem with your story, the odd finish part. I can tell you where this leads. So you pulled a mulligan and now you want to poison yourself. Maybe you were Sarcasm?

if not. I would quit drinking, smoking, sugar, wheat, and iodized salt if any one of these symptoms is manifesting.
double vision, short breath, chest pain, headache, indigestion, nausea, sleep problems this isn't an extensive list.

The problem is you think hospitals are to fix you after you poison yourself, and you haven't been educated as to what to put on the fork to avoid poisoning yourself (full spectrum water, meals, nutrients) It's ironic that to really be the one teaching this after your the one who had the heart attack. Wanting to live kind of makes you a quick study.

So I tell you this as someone who could been dead in 2014. Today I am better than I was before I drank / smoked, my life isn't perfect I won't lie. But I last week I just moved my friends house for him cause he weighs too much get's out of breath, hurt his back, etc. I moved his whole house in 106 degrees and I am supposed to be the "heart patient" I think my assisting and helping people is part of my Healing. I hope you can understand the seriousness of what I mean, forget parents, authority or doctors or anything watching over you, you need to watch over yourself. They should have taught concept and nutrition (especially how carbs effect weight) this in elementary school, but things are like all backwards and not truthful. You seek the truth when your life depends on it I get that. Now, I'm telling you right now your life depends on it, most people don't change their ways, they go on lipitor, or blood thinners or dapt after an event.

(with no price tag)

Also it will probably matter if Insurance knows your A1C numbers eh before an event. But what's better than not needing the hospital or the bill or worry about A1C numbers.

A zero budget guy is going to go nutrition. Nutrition then consumes all spare time. Gardening, planting, Harvesting, learning how to cook/eat instead of a six pack of flour tacos off fast food lane. You only think you can eat that stuff, it will catch up with you, you might not get lucky like me if the hospitals are all having legal/financial problems. (the topic of the thread)

I talk to a guy on the radio, he had a heart attack also, he already got another STENT "twice" , since I had my heart attack. Why? I stopped eating poison/ he didn't, I worry he's gonna be a silent key soon. What when hospitals crash does my radio acquaintance do? He hasn't thought it out, I've told him, but people don't listen, he tells me the Doctor wants to cut his feet off and he's good with it, I say steam some broccli, or zuchini and he says I can't pay attention to the stove long enough to cook safely.

look I don't wish the horrible stuff when chunks of gunk break off in your arteries that can happen on anyone, you got try to un-do it asap, if it's there. IF you had plans in life, they'll be over if you have a heart attack. Lots of people while arguably deceptively raised with bad habits, apparently don't care to remedy things with common sense anymore. Might be hard to say no, but just remember they'll want to stick a tube up your penis if you live long enough. Trust me you don't want to DIE looking like this!!

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It's funny you mention benzos and anxiety disorders, given my comment about learning which medicinal herbs actually do something vs those that are just snake oil.  A lot of the ones that actually do something are often anti anxiety/anti depression.  Of course, that doesn't stop people from claiming that they cure fits, warts, freckles, coughs, colds, runny noses, are guaranteed not to rip, run or snag and they make conception a wonder and childbirth a pleasure.  No mention of possible side effects. But, when you're sick, anything that calms you down can be good.  When heroin was first isolated, for example, it was often given as a cure for pneumonia back in the days before antibiotics.  And you know what?  Recovery rates for people on it went up.  I mean, really, who wants to be up doing things when you could be in bed shooting H into your veins?  Bedrest.  Of course, you get the side effect of that pesky opiate addiction.  

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Neat! I am also an herbalist but it's just kinda the way I grew up (native american influences). So I don't preach on it much, I just practice.I attest that in our whole pharmacology, our calmatives are the most effective thing we have. We have so many of them and they act on a very broad range of physiology. And I've seen it all work. The herbs, the oils, the decolations and concotions. Aromatherapy, homeopathy, sometimes I suspect people are getting a placebo effect, who cares as long as we alleviate the suffering?But it seems our medicine is fragile. If you are on alopathics, almost any kind of pharmaceutical, it seems to overpower or negate anything we do with plants. So if you are on...i dunno, prozac or something you can keep the rest of your money in your wallet because no amount of rose or lavandar oil, no about of valerian root tea will help.I tried prozac once just out of curiosity. A friend had a prescription and he popped me one. HFS. OMFG. It was like smoking 5 joints in a row and it lasted for 3 days. I couldn't freaking believe it. Effective? It puts this wall of fog between you and reality. Whatever was troubling you is so distant and muted now that you almost don't know it's there. The trouble is it's TOO EFFECTIVE. You really don't care about anything. All the sudden, NOTHING is a big deal. Waking up on time? No big deal. Screw up on the job? No big deal. The bills are piling up on the kitchen table? Know what? They look great just the way they are. No big deal.We don't have anything like that in herbology. We kinda have this gap between marijuana and hard core organic hallucinogens. We do have opium and cocaine but we're all aware of those addictive factors so....use sparingly and with care.So here we are back to valerian root tea. And here's the biggest joke and greatest irony. When you boil valerian root it makes your whole house smell like dog shit. If you have tried this you are laughing right now because for real, it will make your whole house smell like dog shit. Which from a calmative point of view is so contradictory as to be hilarious in it's own right. What about a house that smells like dog shit is supposed to calm you down?

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Of course some of them work though.  Ancient man was smarter than we give him credit for, and they would have noticed that skullcap calms a person or licorice root can give somebody the shits.  They really would have noticed that eating the dried latex from opium poppies kills pain.  A lot of those traditions would have been passed down.  OTOH, some traditional medicine is based on a method of reasoning that is inherently flawed, i.e. presupposing the conclusion.  Bloodletting (I know, not herbal) is a prime example of such a treatment.  

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I don't know if any of these will work for you or not, but wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus,) klip dagga (Leonotis nepetifolia,) skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora,) and California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica) may help.  Disclaimer:  I've never taken any of those myself, I do not know if the first two can lead to physical dependence, I do not know what, if any, drug interactions are possible, and I do not know if the last one would make you fail a piss test.  I'm just relaying information based on what I have read.  The Commiefornia Poppy's effect is supposed to be similar to, but much more mild than actual opium poppies because it contains different alkaloids.  

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Thanks EV, saved to a text file. I talked with a doctor who is supposed to be one of the best concerning lightning injuries and she says the inability to sleep is sometimes permanent. Everybody has a scope of their nervous system's startle response and apparently lightning electrocution really zooms it right up. The trick with not sleeping for long periods is not getting mad about it, that does not help at all, just roll.

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No problem.  Like I say, I've never used those, but given the direction the country is going, I figure it is best to be prepared for a breakdown that doesn't depend on huge supply chains.  FYI, Red Mills poppy seeds (yes, they're from opium poppies,) germinate, if SHTF.  I also have some seeds from one of the cultivars that they might be growing in Afghanistan.  Also, FYI, growing them is a legal grey area.  If you start scoring the pods, it becomes very black and white.  But, it was the pain killer used throughout antiquity.  Even Alexander the Great took it with him on his conquests.  They would take it orally, rather than smoking it, so it would kill the pain, but they wouldn't get the rush that makes physical dependence more likely.   I'm not advocating that people go out and start growing papaver somniferum, and I would kind of discourage it for now, but I think that the info should be out there in case SHTF.  If it all goes pear shaped, people are going to need painkillers.

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The Poppy Seed at your local grocer in the Herb Section..for Bagels...are Papaver Somniferum. Back in the day...I'd grow them as a kid, cut the pods, and soak Cigarettes in the Latex. Then I'd smoke those and enjoy a mild high. As for my parents...heh heh heh. I was just growing some flowers. They had no clue. A Poppy Seed Bagel will return a positive on a Drug Screen. You can always Trip on Acid by eating 10 Grams of Crushed Morning Glory seed...Heavenly Blues or Pearly Whites are the best varieties....or Woodrose Seed (Ipomea ssp.)

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Hey wait we aren't just supposed to start whinging out prescriptions. What happened to diagnostics?

Are you currently suffering from an identifiable illness?

Do you drink coffee? Do you drink alcohol? Do you drink tea or Monster Sports Beverages?

All of these will overwhelm our herbs.

What is your psychological condition? Are you hurting from trauma or stress in your daily life? What about your past?

Maybe your diet just really sucks. Maybe it's your lifestyle. Maybe it's that you got divorced and your kids hate you. Ok we have nothing for that in terms of herbs.

There's a lot of factors that we don't prescribe an herbal treatment. Sometimes we go for yoga or meditation/relaxation techniques.

Overall, the role of the herbalist is to use medicines as a last resort. And I guess this is where this term "holistic" comes from. We're not only supposed to take a look at your whole life, we are trying to get you to.

Ultimately nobody can tell us what is wrong with you better than you can and nobody can tell us how to make you right better than you can.

Man you guys gut me fired up on this topic. I'm on fire bros!

(edited to include: when we ask you about your habits it's so not about judgement. Just let that one go. It's not even on the table. If a healer ever personally judges you, fuck them, take the walk, find one of us.)

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You are maybe talking about physical injury. I guess I can relate. My lumbar spine is compressed, my shoulders are just a mess, my wrists both got carple tunnel. And one day on a construction site I took a fall that was so tall and hard that the guys shouted HE BOUNCED! DID YOU SEE THAT? HE HIT THE GROUND AND HE BOUNCED! and the only reason they weren't running over to help me is they judged I as dead.

Oh man did that ever fuck my left elbow. The fractured ribs I had dealt with before, it hurts, it takes a long time to heal but I'll never get the full use of my left arm back. Dammit. I liked that arm.

So almost all day I am doing these mobility exercises. And do the make me feel better?

Honsestly? It hurts like a mother fucking son of a bitch. The pain is sharp and nasty. But here's where the yoga/meditation/breathing thing comes in is i'm just blowing off the pain. Breathe it in, breathe it out. Keep cycling the pain out of your body with your breath. Don't keep the pain, let it go.

Hope that helps.

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Side story. Man I will never forget that fall. It wasn't the worst injury I taken on the sites but it was the most traumatic emotionally.

I was hangign gutters on a pitched roof with asphalt shinges. On a borrowed ladder. An aluminum ladder. Belive me I hate alumimum ladders now. This thing buckles. It twists under my weight and I got that split second to look at my helper (he's up on the roof, he's safe) but I saw total fear in his eyes.

My first instinct is to try to jump up and get on that fucking roof but the ladder was already gone, I as already falling and I desperately tired to literally claw into the asphalt roofing materials like a cat. There was literally claw marks on the roof and roofing material under my fingernails.

Then I try to hang onto the gutter. Oops I'm the guy intalling the gutter. It's not totally nailed down yet. So that comes off right in my hands and I'm thinking "great, now i'm gonna hit the ground and I got 30 feet of gutter and a ladder falling on top of me".

BUT I'M STILL FIGHTING! I'm at this point trying everythign I can to rotate in space to land on my feet. I got about 2 seconds to calculate this. It was a 40 foot fall. I had the luxury of 2 seconds to think about this. That was a very long, long long 2 seconds.

And brothers and sisters, the human brain really is a great calculational device. It only took my brain 1 second to realize i'm not gonna make it. I'm not rotating fast enough. So the final second was all about realizing that this is either gonna hurt a lot or not at all. And right then I was preferrign not at all.

So the last thing I can do is draw a breath and grit my teeth and make sure I don't bite my tongue off. How is that supposed to help at this point?

It's really not.

I hit the ground in this bone splitting, teeth shattering pile of gravity. And I hit the ground and bounced. Everybody saw it, I bounced.

Now I have to say I was pretty tough in my day. I used to belong to a dojo and I actually used to pay guys to hit me.

This was like getting round house kicked by a degreed blackbelt over 100% of your body. Pain? OMFG I could not move. And here I am with broken bones and shattered teeth and the first thing my boss says is "I hope you know you were fired before you hit the ground"

And this is right when the rest of the guys were shouting HE BOUNCED! DID YOU SEE THAT HE BOUNCED".

And despite the pain, despite the broken ribs (and if you ever had broken ribs, laughing and sneezing is like the ultimate torture) but I start laughing. It hurt like Johnny Jesus Creepers but I can't help myself. I mean that was one of the suckiest moments in my life ever but it was still fucking funny so I start laughing. I swear it hurt like 7 hells but hey, a joke is a joke right?

The first words out of my mouth were "so i got fired twice in the same day?" And the guys roar with laughter. And check this, I'm still on the ground with my arms and legs all tangled every which way. I can't even get up and these guys are laughing. And I'm laughing with them.

I'm laughing because it hurts and it hurts so much I want to die. But it's still fucking funny. Don't even ask me how that works.

Now you tell me. Does that make it better or worse? The fact that nobody came running over to help me or the fact that I just barely won a pitched battle with gravity?

I'll tell you what. It's just desert tough. If you are laughing you ain't dead and if you ain't alive you ain't laughing. This is Arizona tough: we drink whiskey with our demons and we laugh in the face of the devil himself.

And that is nothing more or nothing less than the way it fucking is. Welcome to Arizona.

Not a bad story though eh?

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   Not a bad story at all. Do you live in Phoenix, Tucson, Lake Havasu, or live in Yuma? There is a good Swap Meet down on Van Buren and 27th Ave in Phoenix if my recollection ain't too fogged...It has been years and I am not writing about the one over at Greyhound Park. They used to have smuggled herbs and pharmaceuticals available at that one... Just saying... But that was like 25 years ago. Check it out if you are in the area.

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My very experienced carpenter did something similar, except he accidentally perfectly fell and hit between two saw horses with a couple of sheets of roofing plywood on top.  He bounced off the plywood like spring and landed on his feet with no damage.  Unreal.   He looked around and yelled at the crew to get their lazy asses back to work.  lol 

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The fact that you reacted so strongly to one Prozac capsule indicates that you have a very detoxified system.  The average toxic waste dump American has to take them for over a month to have any effect at all.  I am 70 years old and have never used Medicare.  I did have one case where I considered it.  I needed lens replacement for cataracts.  I had gotten through 40 years of my life without glasses and I wanted to get the multifocal lenses so I could dump them again.  It turned out the premium to upgrade with Medicare from fix focal to multifocal cost more than the whole fucking operation in the city in Mexico where I live most of the time.  Had it done in Mexico and the results were great.  My cure for high blood pressure is to eat right.  Dropped my BP into the 120's without using that toxic overpriced crap.  I don't take any prescriptions and use antibiotics only when all else fails, which is rare.  Fuck allopathic medicine.  I you research it, it first developed as a scam in the first decade of the 20th century, financed by Rockefeller and Carnegie.  Research the Flexner report, but not on the CIA Factbook.... I mean Wikipedia.  The only thing it's good for is trauma and prosthetics.

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horse shit.  the reason those things take a month to work is because there was no clinical problem to begin with.If you've had subtle brain damage from fevers, the right SSRI will have almost immediate effects.  like within 48 hours.and that would be the only reason to prescribe them. for a short time.while i'm at it, i may as well point out that if someone gets benefits from them, the best approach is to build up the dose to annoyingly intolerable and then suddenly withdraw.  may take 3 or 4 cycles to reset the brain, but it's far more effective than continuous dosing which just fries everything.     

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