The Government's Plan To Survive Nuclear War Doesn't Include You

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Once again this week, the United States teetered a little closer towards war with the Russians. On Sunday, the US military shot down a Syrian jet that was allegedly targeting US backed forces. The Russians have since claimed that the aircraft was engaging ISIS, and have revealed that their air defense systems will now track any of our aircraft that happen to fly over Western Syria. They also suspended a hotline between the US and Russia that was in place to prevent mid-air collisions over the crowded skies of Syria.

Amid incidents like this, you have to wonder what our government is thinking. For most Americans, Syria must seem inconsequential. Why is our military involved in a country, where we are brushing shoulders with a nuclear armed nation? If it’s to fight ISIS, then we could easily sit back and let Russian and Syrian forces wipe them out. If it’s to affect regime change, then clearly our government hasn’t learned anything from Iraq or Afghanistan. Why are we risking a war with the Russians just to influence the outcome of a regional civil war that has little bearing on the daily lives of most Americans?

The answer to that question could probably fill a novel, but there is one reason that the elites in Washington will never admit to. They can afford to make careless decisions because they are insulated from the results. If there is a war with Russia, which could easily turn into a nuclear war, they’ll have plenty of spacious bunkers to hide out in while the rest of America burns. And that’s been our government’s plan in regards to nuclear war since the beginning of the Cold War.

That’s the main takeaway from a new book called Raven Rock: The Story of the US Government’s Plan to Save Itself. Our government has spent decades building sprawling bunkers, like Raven Rock, that high ranking officials can flee to in the event of a nuclear war.

The idea for Raven Rock was to have a military base that would function as an alternative to the Pentagon and would be dug out of a mountain and deep enough to survive any Russian attack.


A site was chosen six miles from Camp David, the Presidential retreat in Maryland, and work began in 1951 on the $17 million project


Some 300 men worked round the clock in three shifts to carve a 3,100ft tunnel out of the granite; engineers invented technology as they went along including blast doors and blast valves.


Inside the facility there was 100,000sq/ft of office space in five parallel caverns big enough to hold a three story building in each.


The entire facility could fit 1,400 people and was placed on giant springs to reduce the impact of a blast.

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Meanwhile, as they were building these bunkers and trying to convince Americans that nuclear war could be easily survivable, behind the scenes they knew it would be a bloodbath for civilians.

At the end of the 1950s, the FCDA created ‘Battleground USA’, a grim 120-page report on how cities should manage civil defense operations in the event of an attack.


It said that the area should be divided into ‘mortuary zones’ with ‘collection teams’ in charge of identifying bodies.

Post Office mail trucks would ferry the wounded to one of 900 improvised hospitals set up near attack sites in places like federal prisons.


In Kansas officials planned to confiscate household vitamins for use by the general population.


Planners estimated they could assemble two million pounds of food after an attack from their own reserves and from stores.

They could also could find 11 million ‘man-days’ of food in the forests and plains in rabbit meat, 10 million ‘man-days of wild birds and five million ‘man-days’ of fish.


Most chillingly they budgeted nearly 20 million ‘man-days’ of meat in residential pets.


It was disturbing reading and a view of the world that summed up by Eisenhower in one meeting: ‘The destruction might be such that we might ultimately have to go back to bows and arrows’


During another meeting Eisenhower admitted that nation didn’t have ‘enough bulldozers to scrape the bodies off the street’ in the event of a nuclear strike’.

And as we all know, our government didn’t take many measures to protect civilians from the potential carnage that would be inflicted by a nuclear war. They didn’t build many bunkers for the rest of us.

At first glance that may sound like an impossible task, but it’s not. Take Switzerland for instance. Despite not having any nuclear weapons, they’ve built enough fallout shelters to house every Swiss citizen. You might say that we could never afford that many shelters, but it’s not a question of cost. Switzerland’s GDP per capita is similar to America’s.

The truth of the matter, is that our leaders don’t give a damn about what happens to American civilians. As long as they have their bunkers, they feel safe while antagonizing nuclear armed nations like Russia. They know that if there’s a war, they’ll survive while the rest of us burn and starve.

Make no mistake, if there’s ever a war with Russia, you’ll be on your own. Whether or not you survive depends entirely on your willingness and ability to prepare now.


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The Government's Plan To Survive Nuclear War Doesn't Include YouMy response: I personnally am not as concerned about a NUCLEAR WAR as I am about an EMP attack whether it be man made or whether it comes from a SUN CME. Can you imagine what would happen to America if there was no electricity or water for 6 months or longer?It would put America back nto the Dark Ages.

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IridiumRebelDid you see where the Chinese are developing an EMP weapon? I think this is where things are headed. One wants to disrupt command and control infrastructure without wiping it out and polluting surrounding area for decades.Remember the movie Ocean's 11 starring George Clooney? Below is how they used an EMP device to rob a casino. "Basher activates a stolen EMP device to temporarily disrupt the casino's electrical power, allowing Linus and Danny to drop down the elevator shaft undetected."

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"One wants to disrupt command and control infrastructure without wiping it out and polluting surrounding area for decades."An EMP over the US would send all 100+ North American nuclear power plants into Fukushima-explosion meltdowns, while all the hundreds of thousands of tons of enriched uranium and plutonium fuel rods in the Spent Fuel Pools would catch fire and burn.Within a few months every living thing in the US would be dead, while the jetstream would take it all around the world in a matter of weeks. Of course, all the NPP's are by water sources, so the resultant melted cores would drain lethal radioactivity into the waterways and drain into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the Gulf of Mexico, where it would flow around the world and kill everything that lives in saltwater - before it all gets into the rain cycles. Which is where all the Fukushima radiation is now anyway, not to mention the out of control massive nuclear landfill fire in St. Louis.Speaking of, the incubation period for internal radioactive contamination exposure is roughly 15 years. We are 6 years into the Fukushima disaster. In 9 years, the cancer rates across North America are going to explode. It would be safe to say in 10 years every single living thing across North American will have cancer of some form, most of it lethal because of the source being enriched uranium and plutonium - aerosolized nuclear fuel rod and radioactive rain.It's just nuclear math - math which is well known to the governments - and there's no stopping it.If there is nuclear war, the 'chosen' will go down into those bunkers, and never, ever come out. They and their families will die down there, if not from any nuclear exchange then the exposure they already have.Remember, it kills the kids first, because they have the weakest immune systems. If you have kids, hug them every day. If you don't have kids now, you'll bury any you have in the future.The people behind 'civilian' nuclear power knew these days would come, and they built them anyway - starting with GE.This is what will be 'Hell On Earth'.May God have mercy on our souls.

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"An EMP over the US would send all 100+ North American nuclear power plants into Fukushima-explosion meltdowns, while all the hundreds of thousands of tons of enriched uranium and plutonium fuel rods in the Spent Fuel Pools would catch fire and burn."This is patently false. I worked at a nuke plant as the site radiochemist. They will not expolde, the spent fuel will not catch fire. What will happen is after 2 weeks the back up diesel generators run out of fuel and the cooling pumps all stop. Then the fuel will over heat and release fission products to ... the containment building.The SFP (spent fuel pool) is the issue, not the fuel in the reactor vessel. The SFP are outside of containment and will slowly release fission products as they heat up.It will be a slow release of contamination, there will be no explosions. Fire is unlikely too. Unless its related to stored fossil fuels.

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EMP is not going to stop the military. All the nuke systems are hardened against it. I was in the AF SAC when they did the B52s. An EMP will start a nuclear exchange regardless of who hits who because no one is going to let their country be the only one without electronics. They all know that everything will go to hell and enemies will take advantage of the chaos.

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Not too important, The cancer is loose in the World now, we have consciously spread radiation everywhere, radiation is something which must be "Contained" except it can't be contained, eventually the whole World will be contaminated, poor humans, just enough intelligence to kill themselves, fortunately not enough to kill the whole world, I would imagine that if you could come back here in a few hundred million years, the world will once again teem with life, perhaps a form of life which thrives in a radioactive enviornment?

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gus, go back to the era of the true Evil Empire.  Charlie Draper and the 'tech gang got Darpanet up and running as a national survival mechanism.  Cost T their monopoly, but they got the FO network up and running two decades before their original business plan.Micro-emp isn't the same thing, but it communicates the idea.- Ned

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Putin needs to make sure he uses a nuke bunker busters to cook these bastards.Weak points are air intakes and exhaust for the facilities.Russia has some brilliant scientist. Destroy the bunkers where the government and command and control is  is housed and you essentially take the country down.Produce enough 100 MT monsters to direct-hit the bunkers and that would be it.The citizens are already toast. These leaders would really hesitate if they knew they would vaporize in a bunker. 

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Are you that stupid? China has been stockpiling and acquiring tangible assets while playing the fiat game of the Joo Bankers. They have national unity and heterogeneity. They have vast resources and vast capabilities of PRODUCTION.

China doesn't need us anymore, they are just milking us on the arbitrage now, using the same game our Joo Central Banks are too bleed the White Race and its middle class into extinction.

China has never been expansionist. North America and Australia are the only expansionist success story (before the Jew wrecked it with immigration and usury) in recorded history. Only because there were vast resources completely underutilized by sparsely populated primitives that were easy to exterminate. That scenario only plays out once in history, in any given geographical region. Written history began after most of the world had already gone through it.

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Read the book One Second After by John Matherson. He was a member of the U.S. EMP Commission btw, so he kind of knows what he's talkin about. In a nutshell, only 10% of the U.S. population will be alive after the first year. no electricity, no running water, no turlets, no fridge or freezer, no ac, no heaters, no deliveries of medicine and food to the store, nothing. Even if your car still runs, the gas cannot be pumped up from underground without electricity. People living on machines, like dialysis will cease to exist quickly. The wild life population will be decimated within three months. Then people will turn on eating other people in order to feed their "children".In the book, they state that an emp event would set the U.S. back in time 150 years. And the infrastructure 150 years ago could not support even a fraction of those living today.

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Risk is probability of occurrànce multiplied by consequences of occurance.
Nuclear war is possible but has much lower probability than a financial meltdown on US soil. Consequences about the same.

Illinois soon won't be paying public servants, millions of pensions will be stopped, The markets will undo like a zip exposing a smelly mess.
There will be millions more up the food chain go hungry.
The issue is Russians unlike Yankies know how to survive on nothing.

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A lot of this is covered in Eric L. Harry's debut novel "Arc Light" published in 1994 but was written between 1991-1992.Eric got a hold of a lot of declassified docs detailing things such as Raven Rock and what would be done with civilians after a Nuclear War.  He incorprated that info into his novel.  A lot of that came from "The Day After WW III by Edward Zuckerman who compiled those declassified docs.It's a really good read.  In fact...someone has taken the time to do a custome Google map of all the nuke detonations depicted in Arc Light and even did a spreadsheet showing impact sites, nuclear yield figures, etc.  Now...that's a fan !So...yeah...Raven Rock and the U.S. gov. not giving a damn about their citizens....knew that 25 years ago The Day After WW III -… Light - site on the novel - sits in Arc Light on Google Maps -… Tally of nuked sites in Arc Light -… article on WW III with possible scenarios and Operations that were proposed during the Cold War -  

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you are a fool if you think that the government could do anything right. they can dig holes and spend our money but  the whole shebang would be a massive clusterfuck and they would all end of dead one gets out of the shit storm that is coming when our fiat economy freezes. a thousand nuc plants with 60 years of stored old spent fuel burning for 100 years will irradiate everything on earth..............booya

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Worthless because it assumes the address you enter is the point of impact.

Check out Joel Skousen's "Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places." The idea is to be as far from potential targets as well as potential natural disasters as possible. The nearest potential nuclear target (a missile base) is 200 miles to the NE and downwind from me, and I'm shielded by mountains all around.…

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