Does Mueller's Team's Democratic Bias Confirm Gingrich's "Time To Rethink" Warning?

Newt Gingrich is once again driving the narrative surrounding the multiple investigations into President Donald Trump and his campaign. After Gingrich asserted in a tweet Friday that it's "time to rethink" the assumption that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors will behave impartially, Axios has followed up with a report noting that nearly every member of Mueller’s team has contributed to Democratic candidates. The Axios report echoes a similar story by CNN, which previously reported on donations by three members of Mueller’s team.

The donations:


James Quarles: Donated almost $33,000 to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He has also donated about $2,750 to Republicans — the only lawyer on Mueller's team to have done so.


Jeannie Rhee: Donated more than $16,000 since 2008 to Democrats, including the maximum donation possible to Clinton in both 2015 and 2016. Rhee has also donated to Obama.

Andrew Weissmann: Donated more than $4,000 to Obama in 2008 and $2,000 to the DNC in 2006.


Elizabeth Prelogar: Donated $250 each to Clinton in 2016 and Obama in 2012.


There are no FEC filings for Aaron Zebley. It was not immediately clear whether Lisa Page had donated. The Michael Dreeben listed in the FEC database is not the same Dreeben Mueller hired, per CNN. Bob Mueller has not made donations.”

The assumption of impartiality has been made by both Republicans and Democrats. During testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the donations didn’t necessarily preclude Mueller’s team from being objective…but considering deluge of leaks out of Mueller’s office that were clearly meant to embarrass Trump, Rosenstein might want to rethink those claims.



Mueller hasn’t donated to candidates of either party, records show. Mueller's team is investigating both the allegations of collusion between Russian entities and the Trump campaign, as well as whether Trump’s treatment of former FBI Director James Comey amounted to obstruction of justice.

Gingrich’s comments in recent weeks have been eerily prescient. In a June 17 interview with Sean Hannity, Gingrich noted that some Senate Democrats were beginning to question whether Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s conduct during the campaign merited an investigation – and took a swipe at Republicans for letting Lynch off the hook. Less than a week later, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced it had launched a bipartisan-endorsed probe into Lynch.

Gingrich also told Hannity that the Mueller investigation will likely result in “somebody going to jail.” Though that somebody probably won’t be President Donald Trump.

Trump also weighed in during a Fox News interview on Friday, when he told Ainsley Earhardt that he is bothered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's close relationship with fired FBI Director James Comey. When asked whether Mueller should recuse himself, Trump replied "well he's very, very good friends with Comey which is very bothersome... We're going to have to see."

As radio host Mark Levin noted that the investigation is beginning to look like a premeditated “pretext for impeachment” given the close relationship between Mueller and key witness Comey.

As LibertyReport’s Mike Krieger pointed out earlier this week, retired FBI special agent Coleen Rowley punched holes in the consensus narrative that portrays Mueller and Comey as honest, diligent and impartial public servants. A closer look at their conduct during the Bush administration reveals that the two officials participated inn post-9/11 coverups and secret abuses of the Constitution.

“Mainstream commentators display amnesia when they describe former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey as stellar and credible law enforcement figures. Perhaps if they included J. Edgar Hoover, such fulsome praise could be put into proper perspective.


Although these Hoover successors, now occupying center stage in the investigation of President Trump, have been hailed for their impeccable character by much of Official Washington, the truth is, as top law enforcement officials of the George W. Bush Administration (Mueller as FBI Director and James Comey as Deputy Attorney General), both presided over post-9/11 cover-ups and secret abuses of the Constitution, enabled Bush-Cheney fabrications used to launch wrongful wars, and exhibited plain vanilla incompetence.”

How quickly Senate Democrats, many of whom lambasted the Bush Administration for deceiving the country with questionable intelligence to justify an invasion of Iraq, forget…


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I'm thinking that the whole "investigation" hinges upon whether the Mueller team can turn Flynn. Muller hired a serious pit bull in Andrew Weissman:

"Weissmann’s prosecution record includes overseeing the investigations into more than 30 people while running the Enron Task Force, including CEOs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. And while working in the U.S. attorney’s office in the eastern district of New York, he tried more than 25 cases involving members of the Genovese, Colombo and Gambino crime families."

Mueller, Weissmann and Quarles are probably already behind closed doors with General Flynn’s attorney, Robert Kelner, trying to engage him in a life or death game of let's make a deal.

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It’s time for “The Night of the Long Knives” 2.0. Trump should just fire them all and tell the press to go F themselves.

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" He did the hatchet job on 911"

Speaking of 911, do you remember this Trump campaign promise?

February 17, 2016

Trump says if he is elected: "you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center."

"It wasn't the Iraqis," he explained. "You may find it's the Saudis."

"They have papers in there that are very secret," he also said, referencing the 28 still-classified pages of the 9/11 commission report. "But you will find out."

I don't know about you, but Trump's been in office for over six month, and he still hasn't told us who he believes was responsible for 911, hasn't even started buying the land to build "the wall", has decided not to "lock her up", because "the Clintons are really good people", and has promised to sell the Saudis over $100 million in weapons.

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I hate to think we are going to dredge up the very painful memories of 9/11 again. Let's give the families of the victims and the country as a whole a chance to heal. This should not be used as a political weapon by anyone, no matter what the stakes.  God bless all victims, families of the victims, survivors, first responders and the countless other Americans who came together on that horrific day.

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After months of anti Russian propaganda trying to whip up sentiment for a waragainst them, the groundwork has been set for another 9-11 false f flag.The neocons are driving this train and they really believe that they will survivea nuclear war.Us peons of course have no chance.The momentum seems impossible to stop now.

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So why would Comey need to meet with Mueller to compare facts prior to Comey's Senate testimony? Looks like collusion between buddies to me. It also looks to me like our point of the LE spear for the last 16 years has been a corrupted globalist hack, aka 1st Mueller, then Comey.

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WTF is Gingrich talking about.   The republicans don't want Mueller to be impartial.   They didn't want Trump elected and they want him impeached now.So this looks like a deep state fake narrative where we're supposed to believe republicans are behind Trump.   It's just that they're stupid.   Well we're not stupid.   There shouldn't be an investigation in the first place.   We should be jailing Clinton, Podesta, Schultz, McCain, etc.   

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I agree 100%. If Newt persuades President Trump to fire Mueller it would be fatal to his presidency. Nixon's polls were at around 35%, just slightly lower than Trump's current aggregate number of 38% approval at the time of the Saturday night massacre. Trying this same approach again 44 years later will most likely end in the same result. The same is true of engineering a government shutdown. This did not work for Gingrich in 1995 and 1996 and would definately not work today. I just hope President Trump does not listen to his friend whose motives, to me at least, are dubious.President Trump made his biggest mistake (one that might crash his presidency) when he chose healthcare reform as the first issue to tackle by his administration. US history has shown that every incumbent party that has tried to tinker with health care has taken a drubbing at the midterm elections. A better strategy would have been to bring on board the finest conservative economists to develop a tax reform strategy. Tax reform seems to resonate well with almost everyone. When was the last time you heard someone exclaim that they were afraid of coming tax reform? Health care reform usually evokes just the opposite reaction. This poor choice could be made worse by timing. If congress goes home for July 4th with or without passing this, they are bound to get an earful from their constituents. If they don't get it passed before the recess, however, the town meetings may give them pause to vote for Trumpcare upon their return. Basically, this needs to pass before the recess or, IMHO, it will never pass.  This is significant because the budget and tax reform packages will probably be adversely affected due to the absence of savings that were counted on coming from health care reform reducing their probability of passing.In any event, we in the US still live in one of the greatest countries on earth that is envied by most of the world. The sun will come up (God willing) each day whether or not Trumpcare, tax reform or the budget passes on time.Have a great week!Alex!  

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Gingrich is just another shill of the Deep State and has been since he was caught fucking Calista in the House cloak room. Now, he is trying to nail Trump by drawing attention to the charges of collusion, coverup, secret wars, drug money, and as of today, pedophilia that seem to cling to our President's administration like a booger to an index finger. Disgusting.

Alex Droog Got The Wrong No Mon, 06/26/2017 - 00:17 Permalink… hope it's not true. When I lived in Manhattan, this was a popular topic of conversation/speculation in the social circles there.  Newt drew attention to it again the other day on TV when he used it as an example of another witch hunt against President Trump. President Trump should tell him to stay off TV. 

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Hard to believe there isn't a legal way to challenge this entire charade.   Mueller and closed sessions and 13 lawyers spell one big waste of time and taxpayer money.