EXPOSED: CIA drug connection shows how they support USD and manipulate foreign markets

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) – 6/26/2017 — Drugs have been a part of human society forever – however far back you go, humans have used drugs in one form or another; medicine, recreation, spirituality (Shamans of simple tribes often ate psychedelics).  In the world today there is an interesting schism between the puritan “America” and “Europe” about this issue – in Europe they consider drug addiction a health issue, and in places like Switzerland you can literally get strong narcotics like heroin from the Government.  In America it’s the opposite, there is an  exploding prison population for small non-violent offenses.  But as with many things in America there are lots of ironies and hypocrisies, America also has the highest per capita rate of users of legal pharmaceuticals ‘drugs’ – and is one of the only countries in the world where drug companies are allowed to advertise on TV (In Europe you won’t see commercials for Prozac, Viagra, or other questionably useful drugs).

As the CIA represents the main head of the octopus that controls America’s society on behalf of their Illuminati owners, it is only fitting that the CIA has its hand in the international drug trade.  It is also an interesting side note that since its early days the CIA has been interested in drugs for the use of interrogation, mind control, crowd control, and other purposes.  In fact there have been suggestions based on circumstantial evidence that the entire ‘hippie’ movement came straight out of a CIA drug lab vis a vis Tim Leary and other affiliated icons.

The inspiration of this article is the book and legend of Gary Webb, the book is Dark Alliance – a must read for any trader or investor.  Here’s a real blueprint how groups like the CIA manipulate markets.  While the story of Dark Alliance which was originally published in a small California regional newspaper the San Jose Mercury News, this story has been re-published in nearly every major news source there is ranging from the NYTimes, Washington Post, LA Times, hundreds of foreign newspapers, etc..  The book is a great example of how to properly research a topic where its difficult to find information (in this case, because most of the CIA involvement was ‘secret’ and thus information was classified or destroyed, mostly).  In trading, information is also difficult to find – analysts can learn a great deal from reading this book and understanding how one investigative journalist broke open the biggest secret the CIA had in its closet of deep secrets:  The CIA was managing the international drug trade.  The book concludes with the impeccable logic of the agency and how they could be involved in such dastardly deeds.  When the topic was officially investigated it was discovered that the CIA had a secret legal agreement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) stating that through the CIAs business of spying, it was not their obligation to report illegal activities they witnessed to the DOJ (such as drug trafficking) as it may compromise their intelligence gathering.  And lo and behold, most of the CIAs international assets happened to be major drug kingpins like Manuel Noriega.  So based on this understanding, no employee of the CIA ever directly brought drugs into the USA, and likely never touched the operation directly.  It was CIAs job to provide logistic support, planes, pilots, operational instructions, airfields, needed gear, and most importantly – protection from prosecution in USA due to ‘national security.’  And there were side benefits to this operation.  They got to redirect funds from Central and South American cocaine to the fledgling contra revolution in Nicaragua which the US Congress didn’t want to continue funding.  They got to destroy the black community in South Central Los Angeles with the crack explosion (not only by health, but by using it as a tool to pass draconian laws).  They also could easily use the information on the drug trade to go after their enemies in Central America.  It seemed to be a win-win-win for USA.  And according to this secret agreement with DOJ it was all legal!

Before continuing, let’s un-muddy the waters about key points on this issue.  An investigation found that no CIA employee was found bringing illicit narcotics into USA.  That’s probably true.  In “Dark Alliance” there is no suggestion that the CIA itself was bringing drugs into the country.  The drug kingpins such as Norwin Meneses, Danilo Blandon, and others – were simply protected as ‘assets’ – the CIA not only looked the other way, they stopped other US Government investigators from uncovering anything substantial.  Several instances where the drug operations were discovered by DEA, FBI, and others – turned into a situation where they were instructed to cease the investigation and if they did not, the individual was targeted.

So how is all this connected to the markets?  The CIA is a fairly large organization, 20,000 employees working in the US and in practically every country in the world.  Their operations are vast, just to name a few not commonly known but public CIA operations, they are active angel and seed investors in Silicon Valley and have even created a budding DC based VC community that develops technology with primarily intelligence and military applications (such as face recognition).  The most absurd example of a CIA project was when they hired psychologist BF Skinner to train pigeons to aid in missile guidance systems:

One of the most seemingly preposterous military programs of all time occurred during WWII, when famed behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner was enlisted by the government to try and train pigeons for use in a missile guidance system. At the time, Skinner was known as one of the major practitioners of operant conditioning, a system that used reward and punishment as a means of controlling behavior. With these ideas in mind, Skinner placed a series of specially trained pigeons inside missiles. A camera on the front of the missile recorded its flight path, which was then projected on a screen for the pigeon to see. The birds were trained to recognize the missile’s intended target, and they would peck at the screen if it was drifting off course. This information was fed to the weapon’s flight controls, which would then be changed to reflect the new coordinates. Skinner was originally given $25,000 to get the project up and running, and he actually managed to make some minor progress with it. But government officials were never quite able to get past the obvious absurdity of the program, and it was eventually shut down.   .. and another one “Acoustic Kitty”

Most people wouldn’t think of the common house cat as being a potential master of espionage, but the CIA sure did. In the 1960s, American intelligence is said to have spent over $20 million on “Acoustic Kitty,” a top-secret project that used cats as recording devices. The project took a group of specially trained cats and surgically implanted microphones, antennae and batteries into their tails, and then set them loose near the Russian embassy. The idea was that an unassuming cat would be able to stride right up to groups of communist officials and listen in on their conversation, which it could then beam back to agents with its sophisticated radio equipment. The plan was eventually put into action, but the first cat sent into the field was supposedly run over by a taxi before it could make a recording, and operation ‘Acoustic Kitty” was abandoned shortly thereafter.

Why did we use this ridiculous example?  Because it is a known project, that the CIA was using Pigeons to guide missiles – it’s not so hard to believe they provided drug traffickers with the logistic and legal support needed to bring Cocaine into USA (and many other activities).  For more absurd CIA programs see this article.

But the primary role of the CIA, is that of intelligence gathering and analysis which puts them right in the middle of the information war – and the battlefield is the financial markets.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies Understanding Forex – the only thing that backs the US Dollar are bombs.  Basically, the US Military, and in this case the CIA primarily, protects the US Dollar globally.  If you look at any foreign CIA operation it’s all about one thing: money.  Cuba became an enemy only after the communist government nationalized US owned businesses there (effectively, seized).  You can literally overlay a global map of CIA activity which is negatively correlated with Coca Cola and McDonald’s sales (which are all denominated in US Dollars).  And by the way, that is the connection to the CIA and FX – wherever there’s a foreign market, there is the CIA.  They fight for market domination of the US Dollar (and the US corporations and culture that comes with it) no different than a major US corporation competes for market share.  But their ‘client’ is one single entity: The US Government (and US Citizens, but rich ones).  They are protecting capitalism at the front lines – fighting communism while making a few dollars along the way – what could be more American than that?  They use the same playbook as they’ve developed internally for most of their operations – thus, by understanding the Contra-Cocaine operation one can understand any operation.  They aren’t really so different.

Here’s a document that shows how the CIA has been supporting the US Dollar, regarding Gold markets (bear in mind, this document is dated 1970, one year before Nixon created the free floating FX regime we use today, which means the US Dollar was pegged to Gold).  CIA support of US Dollar and USD interests is implied; that’s at the core of what they do – it is their doctrine.  Intelligence gathering, is the tactical level and Communism, and other threats to the USD global hegemony are strategies.  And relatively speaking, they do a good job.  The USD has never been used so widely around the world, the US stock market has enjoyed a bull run never seen before in history.  All the crap in the news and investigations into their drug operations are really an irrelevant side issue – what the CIA was created for, they succeed.

Probably, let’s hope this is not the case, probably – there wasn’t a CIA plot to bring Cocaine into America and turn it into crack and flood the black community.  These were all convenient circumstances to achieve what they wanted operationally – fund a covert war and at the same time make a little money and use the issue to ruin their local enemies.  Central America has few natural resources to speak of without sophisticated mining and/or manufacturing operations to tap them; in other words, there isn’t any ‘oil’ to exploit, as in the middle east.  The one thing that is easy to grow and is more valuable than any other naturally growing substance, is Coca (when refined into Cocaine).  And as explained in the book, before it was realized that it could be turned into crack – Cocaine was the habit of the Elite themselves, due to price and the fact that you could literally continue working while you were high on the powder (such as Wall St. traders during the trading session).  So while it seems extreme, and the crack epidemic of Los Angeles is clearly a huge social problem – it isn’t really surprising that the CIA was involved in such profitable business.  Similar circumstantial evidence suggests that a similar operation was run in Afghanistan, a land where the Poppy plant grows wild.  George H.W. Bush’s CIA nickname was George “Poppy” Bush.  Like “Grandpappy” right?  In the book Gary Webb claims that Pablo Escobar had a photo of “Poppy” standing in front of a huge pile of cash and cocaine, but the photograph never surfaced and he was killed shortly after making this statement about the photograph (it may be another funny coincidence).

In conclusion – this book is a must read for any trader or investor: Dark Alliance.  Also it’s a must read for any lawyer – as this is a unique situation where you have a hidden hand protecting defendants in Federal cases with ‘national security’ – silencing witnesses (with gag orders) and other mechanisms not common in district courts.

To get a full picture of how the financial world REALLY works, check out Splitting Pennies.


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Yeah, it's all been out for quite some time... thanks to Webb and others... and behind the intel agencies like CIA/Mossad/MI6 are their bankster buddies as that former Dutch banker spoke of: or that documentary on the whole banking situation, "All the Plenary's Men": and he was on Max Keiser the other day in the second half:, without these bankers and the whole central bank setup, the CIA and their illict industries wouldn't exist in anywhere near the size it is... but it always comes down to state sponsored terrorism... false flag ops, the Economic Hitmen step in first, only followed by intel or regular army or mercs/terrorists later as needed to keep local oligarchs 'on message'... with the program.So, the whole Jewish thing is obvious in their status as the 'chosen ones'... .of Satan.., same with all the other 'special' or secret groups who get sucked into this sytem of 'ism.. capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, corporatism etc etc.... which like the other monotheistic traps to sate the masses, is always up to the same elite minority that controls the majority... which is going more and more towards military as the belief systems corrude and collapse... the first victim is always your own family, tribe, etc... as you have to keep them 'with the program' before you can manipulate all the rest.. 'divide and conquer' .. same script as always.

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The flow of dollars out of the US was also a prime function of the CIA drug trade, in addition to creating social changes and funding the black budget via the US Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund. It's all magic baby, ruled by the Triple Crown of Rome, London, and Washington D.C. Fuck them all.CIA, LSD, & USA VS. THE CIA: THE GRAND CONSPIRACY BOILING POINT - #SethRich #PedoGate

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The CIA was formed in London formerly called the OSS which was a subsidiary of the British SIS (British Secret Intelligence Service) set up by the Bank of England during its formation.

There wasn't a single American involved in the formation of the OSS.
"The OSS was actually set up by four members of the British Chief of Staff: Lord Louis Mountbatten (formerly Battenberg), a cousin of the King, and related to the Frankfort banking families. Rothschild and Cassel; Charles Hambro, director of Special Operations Executive, and director of Hambros Bank; Col.Stewart Menzies, head of Secret Intelligence Service; and William Stephenson, in charge of SIS American operations."

~ page 140, World Order (Our Secret Rulers) written by American historian, author, and speaker Eustace Mullins.?

"The American secret service was never anything but a British operation.directed at all levels by representatives of the British Crown. OSS agents received advanced training for the European theater at Bletchley Park, British espionage headquarters. This site was chosen because it was only ten miles from Woburn Abbey, where Lord Beaverbrook' s agent, Sefton Delmer, operated the British "dirty tricks" center and other propaganda activities. Woburn Abbey was the ancestral home of the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock. The British Bureau of Psychological, Warfare operated as the Tavistock Institute. "

- page 141, World Order (Our Secret Rulers) written by American historian, author, and speaker Eustace Mullins.

Drug Incorporated, Federal Reserve and the London Connection.?

Reference is made to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The British bank HSBC is in the news trading with the enemy and laundering drug money, presumably agency money. It received the largest fine in history but the biggest question is... if it paid that fine to the Federal Reserve which it presumably did... who are they? What if they are the same people, is that a problem?

Can anyone see the importance of auditing the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? Auditing the books isn't why they don't want to be audited, everyone knows they don't have any reserves and they are as private as Federal Express but auditing, revealing who they are, those that claim such power over the lives of the United States and the world is what they don't want anyone to know.

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank of New York?

E. Mullins,
"Well the City of London set this whole thing up. JP Morgan was simply an agent for the Bank of England when he organized this meeting down in a... Jekyll Island Georgia and a, the Federal Reserve bank of New York... the stock is principally owned by five merchant banks in London chartered by the Bank of England. So you see every decision of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York a... comes out of London."
~ Quote Eustace Mullins.
Quote at 19 minutes.?

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My dad's on the honour roll at Bletchley. He was one of those geese that never squawked until the secret was out in the open.He was invited down for the official 'switch on' of the re-created Colossus in 2008Finally got a medal for his work in 2005The ever creative Brits, at the end of WW2 collected as many Enigma machines as they could get hold of then gave them to all the Commonwealth countries, among others, advertising them as secure while keeping the cracking of the code sectret, so they could listen in at their leisure!I've done a lot of research on the subject and talked to a few who worked there.An amazing story. Shame that it was taken over to be used against humanity.Sneaky, evil fucks will be sneaky, evil fucks I guess. 

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The Agency is Cancer. Why are we even waiting for them to kill another one of our people to act? There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.

Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

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The $US (dollar) is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, not the American public (as is often stated).  Certain US banks (and only them) own the Federal Reserve, and these banks profit to the tune of about $700 BILLION for granting use of this money (debt) to US citizens. Amazingly expensive, when the US government could produce $US itself for nothing (and did).  And Trump's wall will cost $25 Billion? So, if the CIA is protecting the $US, it is really protecting privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank notes.  And the CIA budget is paid by the taxpayer?

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Intelidumb supposedly explains how we "managed the drug trade", but in reality, the Contras we supported against Communist forces were also drug dealers.  While being allied with drug dealers certainly isn't an ideal solution, the link and the claim that we "managed" drug trade is a horrible distortion of what is in those links the author provides.Furthermore and strangely enough, the Washington ComPost, no friend of the intelligence and defense establishment, published an opinion piece that pokes at the narrative along the same lines as my own conclusions about the nature of the CIA's relationship with the drug running elements of the Contras.

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Well when you have force  you get a lost of trust and Sheep are waking up.  Drugs legal, Illegal, enforcement, nothing more that British empire opium war 3.0  or smallpox on blankets in South America.  Banking WMD we are better than this. DC Leaks CFTC Announces Participants for Its Roundtable on CPO and Commodity Pool Industry Participants will include: Annando T. Belly General Counsel Soros Fund Management LLC J. Robert Collins. Jr. Managing Partner MotherRock LP Adam Cooper Senior Managing Director & General Counsel Citadel Investment George Crapple Co-Chairman and Co-CEO Millburn Ridgefield Corporation John Fenton Division of Market Oversight, CFTC Charles Fishkin Director Risk Assessment Office CFTC Cynthia M. Fomelli Securities Regulation and Conflicts Management Executive Bank of America John G. Game President Managed Funds Association Ron S. Geffner Partner & Head of Financial Services Group Sadis & Goldberg Written Materials Charles Gradante Managing Principal Hennessee Group LLC Michael S. Haigh Senior Financial Economist Commodity Futures Trading Commission George E. Hall Co-Founder and President Clinton Group Inc Robert Levin Senior Vice President New York Mercantile Exchange David F. McCarthy Martello Investment Management, L.P. Patrick McCarty General Counsel Commodity Futures Trading Commission Leon M. Metzger Paloma Partners Management Company David K. A. Mordecai REL Capital management James P. O'Hara. CPA Director of Operational Due Diligence Lighthouse Partners Robert E. Plaze Associate Director Securities Exchange Commission Stuart Porter Sowood Capital Management LP Joel Press Hedge Fund Senior Advisory Partner Assurance & Advisory Business Services Kenneth M. Raisler Head of Sullivan & Cromwell's Commodities Futures and Derivatives Group Daniel J. Roth President & Chief Executive Officer National Futures Association Myron Scholes Oak Hill Platinum Partners/CME Board of Directors Mark Silber Vice President Renaissance Technologies Corporation Marianne K. Smythe Director of Division of Investment Management Securities Exchange Commission John R. Torell IV Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director Tudor Investment Corp. Danforth Townley Partner Davis Polk & Wardwell

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Try this interview... how the new 'fusion centers' are just an updated version of the Agency's Phoenix Program in 'Nam... later brought to our colonies in the other warzones... where economic hitmen and jackals go to 'play', of course the same practice of killing off those that complain in any locale... most people would call it state sponsored terrorism...…

...the CIA financed this war through the opium trade, the same opium monopoly that the French had, doing it the same way that the French did. And they did this in partnership with generals in Thailand and generals in South Vietnam and throughout the entire war this system was in place. Not only did Laotian generals and Vang Pao profit off of this and the CIA finance its war, a lot of the opium went to various generals in South Vietnam, each of whom had a franchise. Generally the manager was the general's wife so that he was never connected to it and then they had franchises in each of the war zones that they operated. It sort of came to a head in 1970 when Nixon found out what was going on. There was a tremendous problem at the time with American soldiers becoming addicted. There were so many American soldiers addicted in South Vietnam that they were starting to kill their officers. They were starting to smuggle the heroin back to the United States and all these drugs which could only track back to the CIA protecting this whole drug network, that started reaching the United States in huge amounts and created a heroin epidemic at home. Of course the drugs went to the black community and they went to hippies so it sort of became part of this overall coordinated method of suppressing dissent in America by getting dissenters hooked. Allowing the drugs to go to them and actually becomes incorporated within this new Phoenix system as yet another tool of waging an anti-insurgency. It's just so expansive - and I track this in the book as well - how the CIA actually commandeered the DEA, took over its executive management, its foreign operations, its intelligence services and special operations services, in order that it could protect its drug dealers around the world and just through targeting these Phoenix centres, just go after the drug dealers that couldn't be assimilated. Nowadays all the drug dealers in Afghanistan which provides 90% of the heroin to the United States are protected by the CIA. It's the warlords and their militias that form the main force going against the Taliban. It's the warlords that provide the soldiers that become part of the secret services, the secret police and fight against average, everyday Afghan civilians. Same thing everywhere around the world, in every country that the CIA operates in. They work through the criminal milieu in that country and give the criminal milieu in that country access to power because they know the criminal milieu will sell out their people because the criminal milieu has been feeding off the public anyway and they have no loyalty to their own countries. The CIA elevates criminals in every country where it operates because they become the best and most important assets. In talking about this, you have to realize that capitalism is criminal! If you sell mortgages to poor people you know who can't pay them and you take their house away from them, that's criminal too. And in every country they work with the bankers and they work with the elite whose sole purpose in life is to steal as much as they can from poor people. And that's exactly what's also happening. The CIA is not a social services organization. It's there to preserve the power and the powerful people it's supporting are gangster capitalists. They're not people who are interested in helping you maintain your social security. They're not people that want universal healthcare. They're your enemy if you're a working class person. The CIA is your enemy because it's supporting the one percent of the one percent that are making fortunes off all of the criminal enterprises designed to steal your money and make your life miserable.
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This article is largely old news. Tell us about the CIAs involvement and cover up in F&F and the drug cartels out of Mexico and how payolla takes place all along the way from Mexico and further south to Chicago and New York ? This link has far more pertinent information that is relevant, accurate and useful. When it is all said and done it is all about the illusions created by any means necessary.… this as well yes it is all organized crime at the highest levels ! That is what our government is, a giant crime organization and control mechanism run by sociopaths and psychopaths and that is also nothing new at all ! 

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