Obama Ordered Cyberweapons Implanted Into Russia's Infrastructure

Authored by Jason Ditz via AntiWar.com,

A new report from the Washington Post today quoted a series of Obama Administration officials reiterating their official narrative on Russia’s accused hacking of the 2016 election. While most of the article is simply rehashes and calls for sanctions, they also revealed a secret order by President Obama in the course of “retaliation” for the alleged hacking.

This previously secret order involved having US intelligence design and implant a series of cyberweapons into Russia’s infrastructure systems, with officials saying they are meant to be activated remotely to hit the most important networks in Russia and are designed to “cause them pain and discomfort.”

The implants, developed by the NSA, are designed to hit Russian networks deemed “important to the adversary and that would cause them pain and discomfort if they were disrupted,” a former U.S. official told the Post.


They could be activated in the event that Russia attacked a U.S. power grid or interfered in a future U.S. presidential race.

The US has, of course, repeatedly threatened “retaliatory” cyberattacks against Russia, and promised to knock out broad parts of their economy in doing so. These appear to be the first specific plans to have actually infiltrate Russian networks and plant such weapons to do so.

Despite the long-standing nature of the threats, by the end of Obama’s last term in office this was all still in the “planning” phases. It’s not totally clear where this effort has gone from there, but officials say that the intelligence community, once given Obama’s permission, did not need further approval from Trump to continue on with it, and he’d have actually had to issue a countermanding order, something they say he hasn’t.

"U.S. intelligence agencies do not need further approval from (President) Trump, and officials said that he would have to issue a countermanding order to stop it," the Post reported.


"The officials said that they have seen no indication that Trump has done so."

The details are actually pretty scant on how far along the effort is, but the goal is said to be for the US to have the ability to retaliate at a moment’s notice the next time they have a cyberattack they intend to blame on Russia.

Unspoken in this lengthy report, which quotes unnamed former Obama Administration officials substantially, advocating the effort, is that in having reported that such a program exists, they’ve tipped off Russia about the threat.

This is, however, reflective of the priority of the former administration, which is to continuing hyping allegations that Russia got President Trump elected, a priority that’s high enough to sacrifice what was supposed to be a highly secretive cyberattack operation.


Bernard_2011 Jun 25, 2017 11:10 PM Permalink

Not only does this leak tip off Russia to try to disable the cyber-threat, more importantly it gives them every incentive in the world to implant the same hidden cyber-threats in America (if they haven't already done so).   If you were in Russia's shoes, you would want to have the cyber-threats implanted in the US as a DETERRENT to the US ever activating theirs in Russia.   The US would then be prevented from activating a cyber-attack against Russia---out of fear of the consequences from a Russian cyber-attack retaliation.   So the Obama admin leakers really harmed US national security with this disclosure.

newworldorder Jun 25, 2017 8:27 PM Permalink

The whole damned country has gone insane with leaked information. Whether true or false, this type of infomration should NOT be published in any media.The Leakers deserve to live the rest of their lives in a cell in Leavenwoth Kansas.

Herdee Jun 25, 2017 4:13 PM Permalink

Maybe that's why everyone else in the world always has the latest American technology? Lack of security? It's just like cars, it's not a big secret anymore on how you build one. Too bad that it also applies to nuclear weapons.

Alex Droog Jun 25, 2017 2:46 PM Permalink

Excellent article!What the Deep State doesn't realize is that concerned citizens like PC Roberts and some of us who visit this website are actually noticing what is going on. The turning point for me came when Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on that tarmac last year. He and Shilarie knew their political careers were over but that they could still rule over the Deep State - who needs to bother with winning elections when you can rule from the shadows? You can't rule a Deep State from prison, however (unless you are in with the Cartels - more about that later) so Bill made a deal with Lynch to allow Shilarie to go free so they could rule the US through the DS. Now, about those cartels. The Mexican drug cartels basically own AG Jeff Sessions and Trump. The wall and other anti-Mex rhetoric is just that - rhetoric used as a false flag to allow a system of tunnels to be constructed under the US-Mex border during wall contruction. When the wall is built (and it will be), expect lots of security/secrecy concerning it's construction. Tunnels will be excavated while the work is described as "laying footings" or "foundations". With much of the wall in remote areas, tunnel excavation will go undetected. Trump has a connection with the Sinaloa cartel (more about the origins of that later). Trump is planning yet another escape for Joaquin "El Chappo" Guzman from the NYC facility where he is being held.  Why? Because Guzman funnels billions of dollars to Trump for access to the US drug market (the largest in the world). Trump has sent his minnions to the NYC facility where Guzman is being held to plan the wall. The next step: enslavement of the poor and middle class to a life of drug addiction. This is a high priority to AG Jeff Sessions. AG Sessions and Trump want not only the riches from Sinaloa kickbacks for access to the lucrative US drug market but they also want the power gained from suppressing any resistance poor and middle class folks can muster to overthrow them.  Here's where it gets suprising: Trump, Sessions and Janet Yellen are all tools of the Deep State that is working with Putin to bring Trump down. Putin and Obama rigged the 2016 election to get Trump elected in an alliance that will eventually rule the world after Trump is overthrown by the Deep State consisting of Democrats, the Republican congress, Hollywood, the Vatican and the news media. Once this happens, expect Obama, Bill and Hilarie Clinton, Guzman (who will betray Sessions and Trump) and Hollywood types like Sean Penn, Barry Diller, Kathy Griffin, Oprah and Johnny Depp to assume control of the US government. We will have a country of drug-addled poor and middle-class zombies enslaved to a quasi-shadow government of celebrities and Clinton/Obama sycophants. They will use the military to seize property and imprison Trump, Sessions, Sheriff Clark, Vice-President Nugent (more about that later) and all others who resist. Drug addiction, crime and sodomy will be accepted as a way of life/survival while democracy, gun ownership, religion and human decency will be just a memory. But this awful scenario can be stopped dead in its tracks. The key players in this are Pope Francis, Guzman, Putin, the Obamas and the Clintons. What do they all have in common? Donald Trump. With the exception of Obama, Trump or his affiliates have been friendly with all these current and future (Guzman) Deep State players. Shilarie and Bill were front row at DJT's wedding. Trump met the Pope earlier this year. Putin and Trump met in the Ukraine in the 1990's at a party thrown by Jeffery Epstein. Jared Kusher and Ivanka met Guzman in Mexico before his meeting with Sean Penn and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo. These meetings are pivotal harbingers because they established the DJT/Putin alliance that got Trump elected but also the money generator in the form of the Guzman's Sinaloa cartel. These alliances, however, are anything but alliances. Years after the Ukraine meeting, Trump visited Moscow in hopes of making a real estate deal. During that time, he met Putin again who suppiled him with two underage hookers and a bottle of Viagra. The rest is history. Trump had the hookers pee on actors portraying the Obamas in the same bed they used in the Ritz Carlton hotel's presidential suite during a state visit. This gave Trump a false sense of security. He had the friendship of the world's third most powerful man (after Obama and Yellen). What he was unaware of was that Putin had the orgy video-taped and imprisoned the hookers for later use as blackmail after he had Trump elected through rigging social media and voter machine software companies owned by, you guessed it, Trump associates.  As of January 20 of this year, Trump thought he had the world by the balls. He had the friendship of the 3rd most powerful man (Putin) and a potential seemingly endless supply of drug money (Guzman was extradited the US on Jan 19 - more about that later) to retain power. What he didn't know was Putin and Obama had the tape, Guzman is planning on turning on Trump after his upcoming escape and return to Mexico that has been engineered by AG Sessions.To recap:Trump gained power using nefraious means from Putin to enrich his family using Sinaloa cartel and US taxpayer monies. Putin turned on Trump after Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch that fateful June day on the tarmac in Phoenix because he realized his plans for restoring Russia to its glory days were more solid in an alliance with the Obama Clinton camp than with Trump who was sloppy in his conceilment of the election rigging.Guzman, too, will betray Trump as Putin did after his escape that is being engineered by the AG.What happens next:Following the political crucifixition and public humiliation of Trump and VP Pence, House Speaker Paul Ryan will assume the reigns of power. He, however, is an unknowing shill of the DS. Speaker Ryan is alleged to have an illigitimate daughter in Wisconsin.  If this info is made widely public, it could cause controversy because the mother is on Social Assistance - a system that Ryan has railed against for years and has made his opposition to social welfare programs a central part of his political career. If I am aware of this, you can bet DS operatives do as well and are using/will use it to their advantage. Ryan does not want the Presidency because of the potential of this info becoming public. Another backroom deal will be made to upset the order of succession at the highest levels of our government. Look for VP Pence to resign before Trump is impeached this fall and Trump to appoint Ted Nugent as Vice President. After impeachment of Trump, Nugent will pardon Trump just as Gerald Ford who was appointed by Nixon after Spiro Agnew's resignation, pardoned Nixon. This brings us to the overthrow of Nugent by the DS. Obama and the Clintons, with financial backing from George Soros, Guzman and Carlos Slim will undermine Nugent's ability to govern through a smear campaign involving animal rights activists. When Nugent's time in office is over, these liberal forces will join with the Vatican to seize power. Watch for these short and long term events to set a timetable to begin preparations for the occupation by the deep state:August 2017 - Special Counsel Mueller brings evidence forward against the Trump administration in the form of the black-mailable pee tape and loans from Russian banks on failing Trump real estate ventures that will prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to win the 2016 election.October 2017 - Impeachment proceedings against President Trump commenceNovember 2017 - VP Pence resigns, Ted Nugent appointed by President Trump as his replacementFall 2017 - Joaquin "El Chappo" Guzman escapes from prison courtesy of AG SessionsFall 2017 - Construction starts on the Mexican-US border wall consisting of a maze of tunnels, opioid and marijuana addiction rates skyrocket (the real-life Zombification of America)January 2018 - Criminal charges of treason and obstruction of justice brought against Trump by SC Mueller and othersJanuary 2018 - President Trump resignsJanuary 2018 - President Nugent pardons Donald TrumpJanuary 2018 - President Nugent loses power (assasination or coup by Mitch McConnell and otheres)January 2018 - Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama form ticket to run for president in a special election called by members of congressNovember 2018 - Hillary Clinton becomes the 47th President of the US, Barrack Obama becomes Vice President of the US, House and Senate flip to Dem/DS controlNovember 2018 - Supreme Court abolishedDecember 2018 - Federal Reserve is enstated as new 3rd branch of government in USNovember 2018 - Firearms that are not property of US gov't are seizedSpring 2018 - Pope Francis does not complete his papal term, new pope unifies all Christian religions and is seen as new Messiah by ChristiansSummer 2018 - Confiscation of American citizen's real property by US militarySummer 2018 - Rampant drug addiction and homosexuality subjugate US poor and middle classes to poverty and depravity as liberals and elitists flourishFall 2018 - Alliance formed between EU, Russia, all oil-producing Muslim nations, Sinaloa cartel and the Clinton/Obama regimeWinter 2018 - US dollar abolished. US put on gold-based system by Federal Reserve Chairman Janet YellenWinter 2018 - Republican Party abolishedWinter 2018 - DS goon squads round-up and imprison registered RepublicansWinter 2018 - US Constitution abolishedSpring 2018 - World Brotherhood Alliance (WBA) established as ruling government for the mideast, the New Soviet Union, and the American Territories (the US, Mexico, Cuba and Canada)Please begin preparing now!  I'll have more about what can be done and how we can prepare for and prevent this as well as my vision for 2018 and beyond (it is actually suprisingly hopeful as the pendulum will shift yet again) in Part 2.  Thanks for reading. I welcome all comments.Resist the Resistance!Alex

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Speaking of infrastructure...  As we enter deep solar minimum our magnetic field has weakened and cosmic rays are increasing.  This just in, the cosmic rays are hitting unevenly, most likely do to uneven shielding in our magnettic field (presumably this may screw people on that traveling spot near South America/ the Atlantic at some point if cosmics go through the roof).Here is the chart of the uneven increase in cosmic rays."The Earth to Sky team has flown balloons over Maine and New Hampshire four times since 2015, most recently on June 15, 2017. Although the data are relatively sparse compared to the better-sampled west coast, the results are clear. Radiation in the stratosphere over the northeastern corner of the USA is not only stronger than California, but also intensifying much faster--a 19% increase in New England vs. 13% in California.What's happening? Generally speaking, cosmic rays are increasing throughout the entire solar system. This is because of the sunspot cycle. The sun is currently plunging toward a deep Solar Minimum. As it descends, the sun's weakening magnetic field and flagging solar wind provides less and less shielding against high-energy particles from deep space. Every planet in the Solar System is getting an extra dose.The difference we see between California and New England is telling us something local about Earth. After the sun's magnetosphere deflects many cosmic rays, Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere provide another line of defense. Our data show that central California is better defended by geomagnetism than New England."On a side nuttery note.  If you ever were to have some type of localized cosmic ray issue, head for the spots that have a history of being "paranormal flap areas".  Why, because that's where your strong magnetic anomalies are.  That's why southern California and Parts of AZ are better protected.  It's about magnetic fields.  How funny.  I know where all those spots are.  Stay out of N Dakota during solar minimum.  There might be some serious "winter is coming" shit going on there, I mean that in both ways too.  I was there when sunspots reached zero for nearly an entire year.  Don't go near it.  lol

Ms No Harry Lightning Jun 25, 2017 2:55 PM Permalink

I am not sure.  I went beyond tinfoil a long time ago.  I am at faraday cage readiness level.  The tinfoil theory originated from a science fiction short story by Julian Huxley and has no bearing on reality.  Everybody knows that ESP cannot be blocked as evidenced by lab faraday cage experiments and Ingo Swann effecting a quark detector incased in an aluminum container, copper canister, a super conducting shield buried beneath five feet of concrete at SRI, repeatedly.  The seat of consciousness can bilocate with no effective interference space, time or matter.... duh.  Freakin amateurs.   

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Ms No LA_Goldbug Jun 25, 2017 3:14 PM Permalink

Thanks.  I would really like to find decent map of strong magentic anomalies in the US that are recent.  Fault lines are a given but there are also ones in the Ohio river valley, Prescott valley, etc.  If you know where to find them or come across any.  We know where many of them are in China and Europe because for some reason our ancestors marked many of them.  They called them dragon lines in China.  We don't know how they detected them. 

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I am sure the mining and oil companies have this data.

Did you see this,


Use "Shaded Anomaly" for better visualization



Just not sure if this is recent data.

Some interesting stuff out there
Beyond that there appears to be little to gain from the magnetic data other than that it appears that the broad magnetic low envelope in the vicinity of the known mineralization may represent an area of magnetic destruction.


Then try this

with this site


Look at IMAGES.


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 For those that have not guessed yet. TPTB put kill switches on and into everything possible. Cars,cell phones,all the different governments,most businesses,everything with a smart tag,opperating systems you name it they aim to control it.  If they could they would go full Harkonen and put ripcords around everyones hearts. 

navy62802 Jun 25, 2017 1:36 PM Permalink

There is a very good speech by a talented hacker which eviscerates the Democratic narrative of Russia, Russia, Russia. I will see if I can dig it up and post the link soon.

Quinvarius Jun 25, 2017 1:30 PM Permalink

This leak, in timing, substance, and information, benefits almost no one except Obama himself.  It is a defense of Obama's failure, completely political, coming after an accusation against Obama, containing information very few would have had access to except Obama, and being top secret in nature would have required absolute arrogance and hubris to release.  Maybe Joe Biden, because he basicly already made this claim about a ago.  There is not much motive for anyone else to release top secret information like this.    

smacker Jun 25, 2017 1:29 PM Permalink

I get it. Obola and his corrupt gang of henchmen in the Deep State manufacture a false allegation that Russia hacked US elections and then use that false claim to justify writing malware to implant into Russia's networks.Well, I claim that Obola has hacked into my smartphone and I want malware implanted into what's left of his brain. That ought to improve things a tad ;-)

Yes We Can. Bu… Jun 25, 2017 1:31 PM Permalink

Remember when Obama met with Trump at the WH a few days after Trump won the election?  Trump said that Obama felt compelled to identify to Trump an ongoing 'big problem for the country'.  Neither clarified what the problem might be.  The MSM seemed incurious, the WH had no comment.  The BBC subsequently ran a piece seeking responses from various individuals as to what their guesses were as to the identity of the 'big problem'.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38176047The nature of the 'big problem for the country' identified by Obama strangely remains a mystery to this day.I think it has now come to the surface.  It has become evident that Obama was aware last year that Russia was attempting to meddle/interfere in the presidential election.  I think THAT was what Obama was talking about, THAT was what was on his mind in the wake of the crushing upset, THAT is what looked like a huge problem in his mind.  The narcissist Obama thought it was a huge deal - it meant the destruction of any legacy for him.  He may have then thought, at the time of his meeting with Trump a few days after the surprise election result, that Russia had managed to throw the election to Trump.  I don't think there is any evidence for that. However, there is solid evidence of Obama's own criminal efforts to mis-use US intel to throw the election to his girl Hillary.  That is the REAL scandal.

DuneCreature Jun 25, 2017 1:13 PM Permalink

Is this called Kill Switch Diplomacy?

I thought those (((other spooks))) from over in the Muddle East (tm) had that program sewed up.

Did we give them Kill Switches AND the F-35 and then have to buy the Kill Switches back to use them on the Russians?


I hope the Kill Switches don't have back doors or been reprogrammed to come back and kill the hacker county's infrastructure instead of the target country............ That would be pretty funny if that happened. ..

Putin would get a major kick out of it anyway.

Live Hard, If Barry Wasn't Allowed To Drive The Golf Cart Should He Have Been Trusted With Kill Switches And Pain And Discomfort Ware?, Die Free

~ DC v6.5

Urban Roman DuneCreature Jun 25, 2017 3:39 PM Permalink

By putting any piece of software on their machines, you are giving it to them. The machine didn't have it, and you (or the NSA) put it there, and now they have it. That Stuxnet worm is public domain now.(but the Russians'll never hack me, 'coz I have my little virus scanner running. it comes from Kaspersky Labs ... the very best. where are those labs, anyway?)

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dangerb407 Jun 25, 2017 1:08 PM Permalink

Shadow President Valerie Jarrett was behind this.  Bum-fuc* Barry was just happy when she gave him bath house passes when he tired of getting it from Michael!!

Ex-Oligarch Jun 25, 2017 1:07 PM Permalink

1.  Whoppo reporting is usually unsourced, shameless propaganda lies.2.  If there is any truth in this story, it would be a treasonous and felonious breach of the national security classification system by both the leakers and reporters.3.  If there is any truth to this story, the Obama administration embarked upon acts of war against Russia.4.  If there is no truth in this story, it would be a treasonous attempt to undermine a sitting president, derail our nation's foreign policy, and throw the US into war with Russia.

Pie Jun 25, 2017 1:05 PM Permalink

Whole Russia's leadership is controlled by the CIA (the olygarchs, the politicians and the government, the military and security etc.)This is a "Punch and Judy" puppet show, and since 2010 impersonator "Putin2" plays that classic evil clown "Mr.Punch". This show is not for free. The "Deep State" wants to collect the price from the unwilling audience: USA and W.Europe are to pay in money, rights and freedoms, Russia and E.Europe are to pay in resources and millions of lives. https://danielswift2017.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/putin-no-putin

Pie aardvarkk Jun 25, 2017 3:23 PM Permalink

I dont have a CIA official admission on this or a "smoking gun". But I do see a striking difference between Putin before 2010 and "Putin2" after 2010 - in speech, behaviour, intellect, interests, political decisions and implementation. In particular: 1) Personality. Putin: hard-working, humble, sober, intellectual, direct and democratic, wide horizon of vision, systemic approach, attention to detail. Putin2: doing-nothing lazy slacker, populist talk and Mr.obvious, drinker, narrow minded and shallow, general phrases. 2) USA. Putin: ally of the USA, open to criticise mistakes (Iraq 2003), ready to provide assistance (2007 Gabala offer to monitor Iran). “Putin2”: a fake image of an “alternative power”, participates in the USA organised war in Syria. 3) Oligarchs. Putin: all oligarchs should be “equally distanced” from the state (ravnoudaleni), justice to the crimes of Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky. Putin2: Khodorkovsky released, oligarchs are making all decisions to their benefit. 4) Ukraine and Tavrida. Putin: supported Ukraine democracy+integrity; 29 August 2008: “Crimea is not a contested territory... Russia recognised the present borders of Ukraine.” Putin2: Recognised CIA coupdetat in Kiev and referendum in Tavrida (Crimea+Sevastopol), yet rejected referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk. 5) Molotov-Ribbentrop. Putin condemnation of the treaty: at Russia-EU Summit on 10 May 2005; at WWII commemoration on 1 September 2009 in Gdansk. Putin2 rationalises the treaty in 2014 and 2015. 6) Deutsch. Putin: fluent in German: Bundestag in 2001, Nord Stream with Schroeder in 2005, press conference at G8 in 2007. “Putin2”: lacks German: 2011 communication at Nord Stream launch, Putin car with German journalist in 2012 in Moscow, Merkel in 2013 in Ekaterinburg. And yes, you can check this link https://danielswift2017.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/putin-no-putinIf you scroll down a littlle, there are few more details and pictures. 

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  He's right.  Russia was captured long ago.  Look into the list of Russian Oligarchs, where they are from and what their primary interests are.  Also look into thte ones that Putin has ousted.  See the pattern. Russia is an Oligarchy.  It's major players all have large financial 'stakes' in the game.  They all also have partners who are less publisized.  Follow the money, as usual. 

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personal109 Jun 25, 2017 1:01 PM Permalink

I work with so many Russian computer guys, they are smart and the best in the business. There is no way some dumbass, underpaid US Federal government employee from the NSA or CIA will be able to hack Russian infrastructure with the Russian not knowing about it. If we hack the Russians, just imagine what they can do to us? The Russians still produce Scientists and Engineers. We produce, lawyers, liberal arts majors and managers; and as for tech skills, we just H1-B them into the country to do all the work we are incapable of doing.