Peter Schiff Warns: "They're Not Afraid Of Collapsing The Bubble On Trump's Watch"

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

Investors like Peter Schiff have been predicting the collapse of the American economy for a long time, and for good reason. If an economy is built on a foundation of borrowed money, then that economy is living on borrowed time. However, despite how fundamentally unsustainable our financial system is, it has somehow defied all expectations. It has gone on far longer than any of us could have imagined.

But that could easily change under Trump. Schiff explains in a recent interview with Alex Jones and Dr. Jerome Corsi, that President Trump is the perfect scapegoat for the coming economic collapse. The establishment loathes him, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that they’re trying to pop the financial bubble that they created, while he is still in office.

“It’s interesting that during the entire term where Obama was president, the Fed really only raised rates once. I mean, they raised them a second time, but that’s after the election. Since trump was elected they’ve already had three rate hikes and they’re planning on doing more.


But the low interest rates were part of the problem. The Fed needs to raise interest rates, but when they do that, the economy is going to collapse. The whole bubble, the recovery was phony, we don’t want to keep the phony recovery going. We want to let it implode so we can have a real recovery built on a solid foundation.”

However, Trump’s decision to credit himself for the latest gains in the stock market, as well as a lower unemployment rates, is playing right into the hands of the establishment.

“If Hillary had won, a lot of the optimism surrounding the prospect of lower taxes and deregulation would be there, and my guess is that the Fed that claims to be data dependent, would not have been raising interest rates in the face of this horrible data. So I do think that politics are playing a role here. The reason the fed is ignoring the weak data is that they’re not afraid of collapsing the bubble on Trump’s watch


…Once we go back into recession and they can maybe blame it on Trump, especially since Trump has made the mistake of pinning his presidency on the stock market, or this economy; when the economy tanks and the stock market tanks, and now the fed can try to save it, say “look at what Trump did, he wrecked this great economy and now we have to come bail him out. We have to do more QE, we have to cut interest rates,” and that may lay a foundation for the Democrats to run against Trump on how he wrecked the economy in the midterm elections, and then again in the president in 2020.”

When you realize how much debt and helicopter money is floating around our economy, it’s difficult to comprehend how it has stayed afloat for so long. The elites have truly pulled off a miracle by keeping our bubble economy inflated. Unfortunately, now that Trump is in office, they no longer need to keep this charade going.


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Republicans are [usually] more responsible then Democraps. Curtailing the out-of-control enetitlements and throwig some fiscal sense into the economy should slow it down a  bit but in the long run will be much better when rates revert to 7% or higher. Let the speculators go bankrupt who bet on zero rats forever. 7% wil give retirees some yield on their savings, pensions can star tot recover, and investments will be based again on fundamentals instead of lunacy.

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It would also be easy to blame the near treasonous behavior of the media, liberals and John McCain. They've gone far beyond obstruction and have openly promoted violence against the man in the street. When Tim Kaine's son was arrested for throwing incendiary devices at people in a state capitol building and attacking police Kaine said that his son's actions were peaceful. A few simulated assassinations later we get a bunch of congressmen shot up at charity baseball event. Then recordings emerged of Democrats saying that they wished the victims had died.Maybe the blame for the collapse of America will go to those who openly hate America.

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I think more people are starting to wake up to the chaos created by the deep state, but that doesn't mean it will make a difference. We are still the "Conspiracists" the "Crazies" the "Lunes" and the people giving us these labels can control all of the information giving platforms. If they want us to only see certain things on the internet, or simply wipe the internet out, then they have the ability to do so. This is a privilege, not a right, and if they want to be brazen enough, it will all go away.

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The Goldman Sachs Feral Reserve System always Succeeds!

• They caused the credit boom and crackup that led to the Great Depression (1929-1945).

• They caused the credit boom and crackup that led to the Greater Depression (2007-and counting).

• They caused the credit boom and are causing the crackup that will lead to the Greatest Depression (TBD-unknown).

The Goldman Sachs Feral Reserve System has a perfect record. They deliberately cause the credit booms and crackups. It's all part of their owners plan to impoverish the American People and America.

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Thats how they keep you down, keep you beaten until morale improves, These fucks know how to keep you down, down let them. Dont wish it would hurry up because they can keep this shit going along time while you are growing more depressed daily "waiting for it". How many fucking years has it been since we were supposed to crash and burn? In other words, be your own bank and live life as enjoyable as possible. There are no garauntees in this world.

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These FED FUCKERS BETTER START PRINTING MO PONZI MONEY and stop giving those MULTI MILLIONS PRINTED PONZI to those BANKER FUCKERS and give it to the 99 percent POOR FUCKERS WHO NOW HAVE TO PAY THE TRILLIONS OF DEBT Created which those FED FUCKERS AND BANKER SCUM BAGS TOOK in what they think was all legal! Where the fuck is the FBI ON THIS CASE?

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When the economy and financial system crashes the blame is always due to the Goldman Sachs Feral Reserve System. Why the Repussicans can't figure that out is because they are a bunch of girly girl, sniveling, whining MORONS.

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So, what I can gather is:  No war world 3  Just a slllloooowwww breakdown of financial, moral and ethical society and world entrapment of the basics -- food, shelter and clothing.  Leave us with rocks and teargas grenades to throw back at the skunkspraying armored carriers.

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Trump could sink TPTB by differentiating between dollars held by institutions and dollars held by individuals, up to a maxThe dollars held by individuals could be converted to new dollars, the rest, hasta la vista baby

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As a lifelong doom-n-gloomer, I respect Schiff's opinion. While some will call him a Chicken Little who claims that the sky is falling soon, I'm one to believe that eventually, on a long enough timeline, Chicken Little will be proven correct.Too bad about Schiff agreeing to do an interview with Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi (neocon). That might be the best that he can do after being blacklisted from CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business channel.

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Schiff's warnings and read of macro economics is right. Calling the date of the implosion is impossible. I don't think anyone thought that the Powers that Be would become as corrupt and brazen in their market rigging and economic lies as they have become. This has allowed the can to be kicked much longer than all of us thought possible.The fact Schiff seems to have been "blacklisted" from those channels tells me he is someone we SHOULD listen to.

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 The new party they want is the progressive socialist. Yall shoulda been able to guess that right after the Ds tanked it. Go look at FB and see for yourself.

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If it was Hillary's watch, they would be doing the same thing. It has been 9 1/2 years since the last recession began. A recession is coming, regardless who is President.