CNN Melts Down Over Trump Complimenting Female Reporter's Smile

Controversial and regular guest on CNN, Symone Sanders, melted down on a panel of guests today, who converged to discuss today's impeachable offense. During a call with the PM or Ireland, the vaginal grabbing President had the audacity, as well as the gall, to compliment one of the Irish reporters, telling her that she had a nice smile. Sanders exploded: "Let me tell you something. I would describe this as how Donald Trump always acts when there are women in the room. It was condescending. It was just creepy. Why is the President of the United States picking out reporters, who just happen to be aesthetically pleasing, calling them over and telling them they have a nice smile. It's just absolutely disgusting." Here is Trump telling a member of the opposite sex that she had a nice smile -- and CNN's reaction. Let's recap Trump's crimes again, especially for new readers. He worked with Russian hackers to access John Podesta's email box, revealing the DNC to be the corrupt organization we've all grown to adore. After becoming President, he took two scoops of iced cream, while everyone else took only one. He fired Comey and called Flynn 'a good guy.' Clearly, collusion -- execute all involved. He obstructed justice by claiming to have tapes. He had zero tapes. Impeach now. He didn't enjoy a Ramadan dinner -- something of a tradition in the White House. He might get a chance to nominate a second supreme court justice. He has yet to release his taxes. And now, he complimented an 'aesthetically pleasing' female about her smile. We cannot allow this chicanery to continue. When is the earliest Trump can sign the impeachment papers and get done with it?



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