CNN Proclaims Trump's War On Media "Is Physically Endangering Reporters"

It's been a tough week for CNN, so they needed a distraction, and what better way to try and gain back some credibility - from a worldwide audience now likely questioning every word out of the 'news' network's mouth - than to proclaim "we are going to see a reporter face physical harm because" of President Trump's "declaration of war on the media."

As RealClear Politics reports, CNN's Clarissa Ward, a foreign correspondent serving as guest co-host on Wednesday's broadcast of CNN's News Day, fretted "people" in war zones have been "emboldened" by President Trump's "declaration of war on the media." Ward, expressing concern for members of the media in dangerous areas of the world, said to guest Chris Cillizza, "I can only imagine what a person like you is dealing with. At what point does this become reckless or irresponsible?"

Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem - who is now infamous for his whiney exchange with White House deputy spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders at Tuesday's press briefing - replied that Ward is "absolutely right" and talked about the trial and tribulations of reporters who have been jailed and even killed.

"Our newspapers after Donald Trump's election, we've gotten threats from both the far left and the far right," Karem said. "They are emboldened, it is dangerous, and the fact of the matter is, it is insulting to the memory of the people who have given their lives for the cause for providing information to the public to then be told you are fake media, you do not matter, and what you're doing is false."


Karem went as far to predict "we are going to see a reporter face physical harm because" of Trump.


"And quite frankly, every one of us should stand up against that because it is undermining the First Amendment. It is dangerous, making it dangerous for reporters. You're absolutely right, there is going to come a time, and it's not going to be too far off I surmise when we're going to see a reporter is going to face physical harm because of this," he said.

We suggest readers put down all sharp objects before embarking on the following four minutes of utter farce as each personality seems to want to one-up the last in their grandstanding of just how threatened they are by Trump's words...

We leave with our favorite lines...

"We can debate collusion. They're right, there's no evidence of that...


...the fact of the matter is... we are not fake news."