Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Why Has Washington Been At War For 16 Years?"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

For sixteen years the US has been at war in the Middle East and North Africa, running up trillions of dollars in expenses, committing untold war crimes, and sending millions of war refugees to burden Europe, while simultaneously claiming that Washington cannot afford its Social Security and Medicare obligations or to fund a national health service like every civilized country has.

Considering the enormous social needs that cannot be met because of the massive cost of these orchestrated wars, one would think that the American people would be asking questions about the purpose of these wars. What is being achieved at such enormous costs? Domestic needs are neglected so that the military/security complex can grow fat on war profits.

The lack of curiousity on the part of the American people, the media, and Congress about the purpose of these wars, which have been proven to be based entirely on lies, is extraordinary. What explains this conspiracy of silence, this amazing disinterest in the squandering of money and lives?

Most Americans seem to vaguely accept these orchestrated wars as the government’s response to 9/11. This adds to the mystery as it is a fact that Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iran (Iran not yet attacked except with threats and sanctions) had nothing to do with 9/11. But these countries have Muslim populations, and the Bush regime and presstitute media succeeded in associating 9/11 with Muslims in general.

Perhaps if Americans and their “representatives” in Congress understood what the wars are about, they would rouse themselves to make objections. So, I will tell you what Washington’s war on Syria and Washington’s intended war on Iran are about. Ready?

There are three reasons for Washington’s war, not America’s war as Washington is not America, on Syria.

The first reason has to do with the profits of the military/security complex. The military/security complex is a combination of powerful private and governmental interests that need a threat to justify an annual budget that exceeds the GDP of many countries. War gives this combination of private and governmental interests a justification for its massive budget, a budget whose burden falls on American taxpayers whose real median family income has not risen for a couple of decades while their debt burden to support their living standard has risen.


The second reason has to do with the Neoconservative ideology of American world hegemony. According to the Neoconservatives, who most certainly are not conservative of any description, the collapse of communism and socialism means that History has chosen “Democratic Capitalism,” which is neither democratic nor capitalist, as the World’s Socio-Economic-Political system and it is Washington’s responsibility to impose Americanism on the entire world. Countries such as Russia, China, Syria, and Iran, who reject American hegemony must be destabilized and desroyed as they stand in the way of American unilateralism.


The Third reason has to do with Israel’s need for the water resources of Southern Lebanon. Twice Israel has sent the vaunted Israeli Army to occupy Southern Lebanon, and twice the vaunted Israeli Army was driven out by Hezbollah, a militia supported by Syria and Iran. To be frank, Israel is using America to eliminate the Syrian and Iranian governments that provide military and economic support to Hezbollah. If Hezbollah’s suppliers can be eliminated by the Americans, Israel’s army can steal Southern Lebanon, just as it has stolen Palestine and parts of Syria.

Here are the facts: For 16 years the insouciant American population has permitted a corrupt government in Washington to squander trillions of dollars needed domestically but instead allocated to the profits of the military/security complex, to the service of the Neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony, and to the service of Israel.

Clearly, Amerian democracy is a fraud. It serves everyone but Americans.

What is the likely consequence of the US government serving non-American interests?

The best positive outcome is poverty for the 99 percent. The worst outcome is nuclear armageddon.

Washington’s service to the military/security complex, to the Neoconservative ideology, and to Israel completely neglects over-powering facts.

Israel’s interest to overthrow Syria and Iran is totally inconsistant with Russia’s interest to prevent the import of jihadism into the Russian Federation and Central Asia. Therefore, Israel has put the US into direct military conflict with Russia.

The US military/security complex’s financial interests to surround Russia with missile sites is inconsistent with Russian sovereignty as is the Neoconservatives’ emphasis on US world hegemony.

President Trump does not control Washington. Washington is controlled by the military/security complex (watch on youtube President Eisenhower’s description of the military/security complex as a threat to American democracy), by the Israel Lobby, and by the Neoconservatives. These three organized interest groups have pre-empted the Amercan people, who are powerless and are uninvolved in the decisions about their future.

Every US Representative and US Senator who stood up to Israel was defeated by Israel in their re-election campaign. This is the reason that when Israel wants something it passes both houses of Congress unanimously. As Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chariman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said publicly, “No American President can stand up to Israel.” Israel gets what it wants no matter what the consequences are for America.

Adm. Moorer was right. The US gives Israel every year enough money to purchase our government. And Israel does purchase our government. The US government is far more accountable to Israel than to the American people. The votes of the House and Senate prove this.

Unable to stand up to tiny Israel, Washington thinks it can buffalo Russia and China. For Washington to continue to provoke Russia and China is a sign of insantity. In the place of intelligence we see hubris and arrogance, the hallmarks of fools.

What Planet Earth, and the creatures thereon, need more than anything is leaders in the West who are intelligent, who have a moral conscience, who respect truth, and who are are capable of understanding the limits to their power.

But the Western World has no such people.


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 Why? Bankers… Defense Contractors… Lobbyists… Contributions… Revolving doors

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You left out "Islam".  Oh.  And "land wars in Asia".      And a guy named Obama, well aware of Afghanistan being a death bed of empires, tripling down the commitment of U.S. Forces there, while quadrupling the number of JAG officers overlooking and second guessing and prosecuting them.   It's like he hates the USA, its military, and the West generally speaking.    

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This needs a fourth question:Who decides for what Washington and you get credit in order to make a living?And for what not? JINSA 9/13:"Interdict the supply lines to terrorist organizations, including but not limited to those between Damascus and Beirut that permit Iran to use Lebanon as a terrorist base."… 

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Congratulations, Paul... you're starting to grow a pair.  Thank you for openly naming Israel's AIPAC lobby.  But, you still have to build up the courage to admit that "neo-conservative" is just another synonym for "jew".Also, you must realize that 9/11 was a complete and total Mossad/CIA inside and outside job orchestrated for the benefit of the unholy trinity (AIPAC/neo-cons/Israel).  If the American people ever finally wake up to THIS fact, the end will be near for satan's tribe on earth.

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Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Why Has Washington Been At War For 16 Years?"My response: The answer si pretty simple. MAN is a fallen, sinful creature with a wicked heart. QED!======Jeremiah 17:9 The (HUMAN) HEART is DECEITFUL above all else and desparately wicked, who can know it?Romans 3:10-12 (NIV)10 As it is written:“There is no one righteous, not even one;11     there is no one who understands;    there is no one who seeks God.12 All have turned away,    they have together become worthless;there is no one who does good,    not even one.”[a]

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That is precisely why Israel will be the first target of kinetic exchanges that vaporizes nearby matter and turns sand into glass. Its tribal members will not be safe from global retribution either, if these imperialist sociopaths - who suffer from a fantasy and schizoid relationship to some dusty sky being - are not stopped and contained once and for all.

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Thank you, h, for your war powers reference. I'm so self absorbed I nearly forgot Mr. Girod ... what a link you have provided.probably haven't noticed; aumf is my pet peeve. I think it is the key. As in, my lil' groly hail.Less so now, as the Donald's vision, and duty, wanes. That was the target date if there ever was one. Lil' 'cause I'm just one jerk in a sea of bigger jerks. Went so far as to blow off a theme - linking verse.…

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I love Carlin,.....but he is wrong on several counts during these rants....We have had an elected form of government since before the revolution; first loyal to King George - then ...rogue..but they were elected (land  owners...yes...but a technical point - he says "un-elected" - that was the UK to us.Secondly, I'm a boomer  -and far from the lazy fat ass "gimme gimme" that he rips....and I know plenty of my fellow boomers that are hard working people.But he is right on many points.Many.George would be having a FIELD DAY if he were still walking the planet.

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Reading a PCR article like this one reminds me that there are good people who get it, and that we're only doomed if voices like his are completely silenced.   I saw from a Drudge link the other day (touting Drudge's #2 position) that ZH is in the top 100 websites.  So millions of people are reading the articles here, including this one.I tend to think the bankers already won, but at least when the last lifeboat is full most of us here will know enough not to be playing music for the assholes that filled them up.

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When we come together instead of fighting each other is when the tide will turn.The more divided they keep us, the more they more likely this will persist until that day happens.  Hopefully people realize you must play an active part and no longer rely on the broken system to fix your problems.Win or lose is determined by the people.  We have the power, not the gov'ts.

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Agreed, a common sense idea to help people come together would be to reduce/eliminate the role of the representative in government by giving everyone a direct vote on the issue at hand. If government was left with the basic role of protecting individuals rights and people were free too interact they would do so, becoming more tolerant as they figured out how to work trades with their neighbors. Creating value along the way.

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