Italian Ports Bombarded With Migrants; Interior Minister Demands Other EU Nations "Step Up"

More than a year after the BREXIT referendum shocked the world, the various EU member nations are seemingly no closer to a consensus on how to deal with Europe's migrant influx.  The lack of a coordinated plan and disproportionate distribution of migrants across the continent has Italy threatening to close their ports to privately-funded aid boats until other nations "step up."   Per Yahoo News:

With arrivals in Italy up nearly 19 percent over the same period last year, Rome has threatened to close its ports to privately-funded aid boats or insist that funding be cut to EU countries which fail to help.


"There are NGO ships, Sophia and Frontex boats, Italian coast guard vessels" saving migrants i the Mediterranean, Minniti said, referring to the aid boats as well as vessels deployed under EU border security missions.


"They are sailing under the flags of various European countries. If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question," he said.


"I am a europhile and I would be proud if even one vessel, instead of arriving in Italy, went to another European port. It would not resolve Italy's problem, but it would be an extraordinary signal" of support, he said.


Of course, in the face of the ever-growing crisis, the interior ministers of France, Germany and Italy got together to do what politicians do best: talk.  And while we're sure that European citizens are very happy that "the talks went off very well," somehow we suspect the continued "all talk, no action" approach to the crisis is not entirely satisfactory for a continent that has been devastated by terrorist attacks of late.  

The French and German interior ministers met with their Italian counterpart Marco Minniti in Paris on Sunday to discuss a "coordinated response" to Italy's migrant crisis, hours after Minniti had called on other European countries to open their ports to rescue ships.


The working dinner at the French interior ministry -- also attended by EU Commissioner for Refugees Dimitris Avramopoulos -- was aimed at finding "a coordinated and concerted response to the migrant flux in the central Mediterranean (route) and see how to better help the Italians," a source close the talks said.


The four-way talks between Minniti, Thomas de Maiziere of Germany, Gerard Collomb of France and Avramopoulos will also prepare them for EU talks in Tallinn this week.


"The talks went off very well," a member of the Italian delegation told AFP after the Paris meeting, with the "Italian proposals being discussed". The source offered no other details.


"We are under enormous pressure," Minniti had said earlier Sunday in an interview with Il Messaggero.

Meanwhile, over 2,000 migrants have died this year alone in their attempts to cross the Mediterranean.

More than 83,000 people rescued while attempting the perilous crossing from Libya have been brought to Italy so far this year, according to the UN, while more than 2,160 have died trying, the International Organization for Migration says.


Italy's Red Cross has warned the situation in the country's overcrowded reception centres is becoming critical.


"What is happening in front of our eyes in Italy is an unfolding tragedy," UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said on Saturday.


Minniti said Rome would be pushing for a way to shift the asylum application process from Italy to crisis-hit Libya, and safely bring to Europe those who win the right to protection.


"We have to distinguish before they set off (across the Mediterranean) between those who have a right to humanitarian protection and those who don't," he said.

Perhaps, at some point, politicians will learn how to act rather than just talk...but we won't hold our breath.


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There's a shifting in the tetonic plates going on.

Revelation 16:18-19
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

18 There were flashes of lightning and rumblings of thunder. And a severe earthquake occurred like no other since man has been on the earth—so great was the quake. 19 The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. Babylon the Great was remembered in God’s presence; He gave her the cup filled with the wine of His fierce anger.

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Chumbawumba means that Libya was a funtional nation until Hellish and the DC Swamp gangstas pulverized it for nothing.All the chaos that ensued started the migrant flotillas toward Europe.Instead of being held accountable, Hellish & crew are in the midst of a coup against Trump.They are like rabid pit bulls running wild.She and her ilk should indeed be held accountable, and should be forced to house a few refugee families and pay their expenses.After all, if your kid sent a baseball through a neighbor's window he, you, or your insurance company would be held accountable.When depraved psychopaths like Hellish, Bush, etc., with official power take a fancy to mass murder and social chaos they laugh about it and are never held accountable.Their equally demented MSM waterboys -- and gals -- are more concerned about Trump's years old video joke than our newest warmonger who keeps running her ignorant mouth off at the UN, thus proving to the whole world that the US hierarchy is made up of poorly educated, ill read, uncultured fops.The real problem is that we have a truf war in the Swamp.   

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I think the international maritime law (UNCLOS1) is going to break down officially and very soon.Currently:“in so far as he can do so without serious danger to the ship, the crew or the passengers” the Master of a merchant vessel has a duty to “render assistance to any person found at sea in danger of being lostBut this has become untenable.Something's gotta give.  

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Migrants 'rescued' at sea? These aren't rescues, these are infiltration operations aimed at Europes soft underbelly, ala WWII invasion of Italy. So far this year 80k troops from Africa have landed, with goal of occupying weakest member of western EU.

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Socialize the losses and privatize the profit. Italy has a history with the horn of Africa so they might as well get used to Africans on the European continent or they could bomb the boats and feed the fish. I don't advocate the latter, but mark my word, this is just the beginning of the flow of refugees. Don't be surprised the day they start sending in people with bombs strapped to them just to keep the flow from getting jammed up.

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Back to your Africa shithole.Make Algeria Great Again, not Make America (or Europe) like your 3rd world shithole.Most all of these economic refugees end up making a bid for liberal US visa once they have papers from the EU.  Thank God for Trump!  That door is now closed.

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If the first boat that came over years ago was shot at killing 40 out of 45 people... those five that lived would tell everybody back in the homeland that the europeans will kill us just as fast as the Saudis if we try to go there and boom... not one migrating(INVADING more like it)into european countries. Instead you literally have thousands dead from trying to cross over and infrastructures collapsing trying to contain all the fucking rats. Its called a cost benefit analysis, the catholic chuch, and the EU governments should actually start using some modern day rationals... It actually ends up saving lives. 

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Over 2,000 dead bodies floating in the Med so far this year?I swim in the Med! Ewwww!More concerning is the shark population: start training them to learn that people=food, and swimming here will suddenly be like swimming in Australia - a sport for REAL men.Now, this might be a bit selfish, but I think it better NOT to drown 2 to 4 thousand people a year, in order that NGOs can profit from people smuggling (I mean people rescuing, sorry)

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Lybia under Ghadaffi was a natural barrier for uncontrolled migration. Under assorted Islamic radicals, it's a wholesale business to ship tens of thousands on barely seaworthy boats into Europe. If they sink and wash onto European shore, then plus several points on compassionate pleas to save them no matter the cost, if they reach, they are a problem for Europe. So, why this business wouldn't be lucrative? It is. Very much so.

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I am so happy that we voted Brexit (Get out of the EC).The EC is currently held ransome by Turkey to letting the muslims into the EC and once the immigrants are in the EC, they can travel freely with in the EC.Once the UK has left the EC, the EC will be financially screwwed because the UK was the second largest contributor of monies into the EC fund.There will be other countries in the EC that will then be leaving in the future.I actually think that many Eastern European countries will regret having left the Soviet Union within 10 years.Russia at least has resources (oil, gas, aluminium, gold, steel, copper) whilst the EC has nothing except government dependent fast breeding immigrants.I have already plans to move to Asia (Thailand) to live as I see no future in the EC.  

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What the F. is wrong with you Italians? Why anybody has to take any negro or muslim immigrants? Why? You took them to begin with, their are all yours. The African negroid is the dumbest person on earth after the pygmies and the aborigines. The african negro has an IQ of 70-75 due to the smaller brain size and bad quality of his brain. Any country that takes negros is bound to pay a very heavy price. If you take immigrants, take the best not the dumbest. You let liberals, gays and faminists rule and they will destroy everything you have been building for centuries. East E. countries should get out of the EU before they get swamped by negros and muslims. 

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20 years ago, driving from Rome to Naples, we noticed many, many young ladies the roadside, ostensibly waiting for a bus.Obviously, they were ladies of "negotiable affection", so much so that the family euphemism for prostitution is now "she's waiting for a bus".My point is that the vast majority of these young ladies were sub-Saharan Africans. I wonder what it looks like 20 years on?

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The same thing is happening here is the good ole USA, those taxpayer supported Somali are coming in by the droves.

Today we reached 49,255 refugees, 745 away from Trump 50,000 cap…

Now that the Supreme Court has added a new wrinkle by doing away with the whole concept of a Presidentially-designated CEILING that is a cornerstone of the Refugee Act of 1980, we can imagine that disagreements are surfacing between the White House immigration hardliners and the DOS which is largely being run by career bureaucrats who loved Obama and Hillary…

State Department brags: enough refugees admitted to US to make 10 Pittsburghs

Refugee industry lauds Supreme Court, says we will get many more refugees in coming months

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Soros is just a front man for the Rothschilds and various other banking scum just like Rockefeller was before him.  What is amazing is how far even their front men get before the catch the slightest bit of heat. Rothschild should be sent Soros' balls, and that is not the contents you want to see in a package.  All that ever happened to Rockefeller was having his monopolies broken up, at least on the surface, and being given all his stolen loot in cash back after criminally monopolizing entire industries and pilfering resources.  They are probably still laughing about that.  What does Soros have to fear when that was his predecessor?  

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WT actual fuck???How many times has it been reported here on ZHthat Soros & Co are funding NGO's to ship them into Italy.BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BSFuck all double talking politicians in this f-ed up world!Would believe CNN B4 any of u cunts!Rant/off

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Shit, I was in Italy a year ago and it was full of North Africans IN LAKE COMO! I shudder to think what the rest of the fucking place looks like now!The Italians better wake the fuck up right fast before it's too late.Oh wait, too fucking late!NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs. Using data from, we have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness to a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.…

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Italy can thank, Hillary Clinton for getting rid of Qaddafi and arming ISIS in the process while collecting big donations for Clinton Foundation. Interesting how politicians just spend time talking in circles and avoiding any fault or blame on anything of their actions.By the way Qaddafi's billion + fund magically disappeared to GS hands, the same hands that paid millions for Killary speeches.

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The law of the sea specifies that these migrants should be taken to the nearest port which is in Tunisia but they don't don't call for this. Why? Because flooding Europe with low IQ migrants is official policy. Why, to eradicate local culture. Also, by dumbing down the population, they will be easier to control and less able to organize against the ruling elite. That is the real purpose of the EU. It's pure evil, but then so is the elite.

Robespierre did nothing wrong.