The Clinton News Network is Imploding in Real Time, Even Gets Abe Lincoln Quote Wrong


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Much has been said about CNN's recent foray into the subject of morality -- holding opposition citizens accountable for the memes they create online. The idea that CNN would even think about investigating a person who jimmyrigged a CNN logo onto a WWF wrestling GIF is outrageous, indicative of an organization imploding from lack of leadership from within. Who really cares about the juvenile GIF? Was it important enough to spend money and resources to find the anonymous poster? Apparently so. So instead of attacking Trump, the social media midgets at CNN thought it was a good idea to menace some internet troll with outing his identity, unless of course he behaved nicely hereinafter. One of the reasons they decided to withhold the identity of the Redditor is for his own safety. Very well. Then why the hell did Andrew Cuomo tweet this today? Leave it up to mob justice, eh? Sounds very Roman of Mr. Cuomo to want the unwashed masses on Twitter to decide the fate of an apparent NAZI -- who had a website with anti-semitic stuff on it. So what in the hell was this internet troll posting on his 'racist' website? He posted a popular meme from the Hitler loving website, 4chan, which highlighted Jewish executives and anchors at the network. Now you can see why CNN is really pissed at this guy -- not because of the Trump meme -- but because of the one above. Tucker Carlson weighs in on the ordeal -- calling CNN's behavior 'disgusting.' As an aside, CNN posted this on Twitter this past July 4th, what they thought was an actual quote from Abe Lincoln. Unbelievably, they posted a fake quote. I suppose it goes along with the whole fake news brand they're so carefully crafting.