Turkey Warns It's Ready For Military Intervention In Syria, Accuses US Of Creating A "Terrorist Army"

Speaking in an interview with France 24, in which Turkish president Recep Erdogan lashed out at Germany for not allowing him to address the Turkish community there and preventing him from bringing his bodyguards to the upcoming G20 meeting in Hamburg, Erdogan warned that Turkey is ready to intervene militarily in north Syria to repel Syrian Kurdish forces there, forces which recall are armed and supported by the US but are seen as a terrorist organisation by Turkey.

He also said that to avoid military intervention, a de-escalation zone could soon be established by Turkish and Russian troops in the region.

Separately, Turkey's deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus told Reuters on Wednesday that Turkish military preparations in northwest Syria are "legitimate measures against a threat from Kurdish forces in the Afrin region, and Turkey will retaliate against any hostile move." He added in an interview that "This is not a declaration of war. We are making preparations against potential threats" adding that "It's ... a legitimate measure so that we can protect our independence. We cannot remain silent against those sending missiles from Afrin."

Kurtulmus was responding to the head of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, who told Reuters that Turkish military deployments near Kurdish-held areas of northwestern Syria were a declaration of war which could trigger clashes within days.

"Their (YPG) primary goal is a threat to Turkey, and if Turkey sees a YPG movement in northern Syria that is a threat to it, it will retaliate in kind," Kurtulmus said.  "This isn't a fantasy for us...it is an indispensible approach to protect Turkey's border security."

The problem stems from Ankara's consideration of the US-allied YPG as an extension of the outlawed Kurdish PKK group which has waged an insurgency in southeast Turkey since the 1980s. Turkey was angered by a U.S. decision to arm the YPG as it marched with it allies on Raqqa.

Some more details on the latest tactical positioning:

The YPG forms a major part of the U.S.-backed campaign to capture Islamic State's stronghold of Raqqa. It also controls a pocket of territory in Afrin, about 200 km (125 miles) west of Raqqa. Tensions between Turkish forces and the YPG have been mounting in the Afrin region in recent weeks.


Turkey's military, which launched an incursion last August into part of northern Syria which lies between Afrin and a larger Kurdish-controlled area further east, has said that it has returned fire against members of YPG militia near Afrin several times in the last few weeks.

Adding to the absurdity of the situation, last month the Turkish defence ministry said that the Pentagon had sought to give assurances that Washington would retrieve weapons provided to the YPG after Islamic State fighters were defeated. Clearly this was a ludicrous assertion and Turkey slammed it as such:

"There has never been an incident where a group in the Middle East has been armed, and they returned the weapons," Kurtulmus said. The United States "have formed more than a terrorist organisation there, they formed a small-scale army." 

It will hardly be the first time the US has formed


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The Israelis have been arming and training the Kurds for sometime in hopes of establishing an outpost on the NW border of Iran, and angling to take a piece of the oil. The Turks and Iranians will not let this happen, and will go to war over this, just like they'll go to war over the Persian Gulf where potentially hundreds of billions of dollars of annual energy sales loom.Their red line means something, and the US better wisen up before it gets pulled into a real shitstorm. Syria is nothing.  

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That he should have not helped Isis. Blowback is a bitch. The Turks are invasive species in that region and the rightful inhabitants have not forgotten that fact. They have also not forgotten their treatment in the days past.Then again, most Turks aren't even really Turks but descendants of those whom were conquered. Would be interesting to see the DNA data.

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Yeah, the Zionists didn't tell him about Plan B when they lured him in to support the FSA. He saw it as a way to get rid of Assad. Plan B (courtesy of Israeli Kurds living in Israel) always has been to use the Kurds to set up Kurdistan. The Kurds just love to be used, just as they were used and discarded by the US in the 1990s when Saddam Hussein was still around.

Currently they are ethnically cleansing Syrian Arab towns they acquire from ISIS, and arrest SAA soldiers that fall into their hands.

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All the USA needs is to fight Turkey in the Middle East. What fuck else do you expect from the Agent Orange Zionist-puppet imbecile Trump? Yes, with such US Presidential advisers like Kushner and Ivanka, America is not far away from a disintegration and a civil war. As for Trump, he more and more reminds me JFK.America doesn't have either a functional President or the Congress. Don't be surprise if America one day will be nuked following one of Trump's Tweets. 

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Pay attention to the bigger picture. Erdogan is stirring shit up. I have Turkish neighbors. Good folks. Friendly and integrated. They made a choice. They wanted the best for their kids. Wanted to live among us white kuffar. Well... Gee! He needs a good job to afford that! And he has. His daughter was accepted in an university. Good for him. They are not really muslims. They don't do ramadan. No head scarfs. I talked to his wife the other day...Guess what! She loathes Erdogan. She feels like upset. Affraid that "we" in the street will hold it against her. Because of her roots. That we will judge her as Turk. That our government will abandon her.Let that sink in. He's using the kollektiv shit. That's why we (Europeans) deny him to speak. He wants to be sultan. Force his way in Europe that all Turks need to bow down.Meanwhile the integrated Turks worry a lot. The non integrated love Erdogan... It's not nerve. It's undermining and assembling his 5th colum. 

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Turkey missed their opportunity, failed to forward think. Whoever convinced them to shoot down Putin's jet was very cleaver. That made it unlikely Turkey would overrun the Kurds until/unless Turkey realigned with Russia. Iran is not in any position to move on the Kurds. They cannot supply their troops and cannot get there without going through Iraq or from western Syria. (Unless Erdogan decides to welcome Iranian military into Turkey.)

Why? The US now has forces on the ground in eastern and NE Syria. Russia will not fly mission where the US troops are roaming about. It has not been confirmed but there have been reports the US special forces have been working within and adjacent to the Kurds. If so, the US will directly attack the Turks if required, although at they would prefer not to, yet.

And it's not about the Kurdish people or their "freedom". It's about a few Kurdish warlord who with their fighters impose their control onto the Kurds.

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If the US attacks Turkey directly, all will break lose.First, every US serviceman in Turkey is dead and the equipment is taken (yes those F16).If the US launches attacks from bases in Europe (Germany, Italy and Britain) there are tons of Turks in Europe to raise hell and tons of other Muslims to join in and lend a hand.US would likely not have a place to stage their forces to attack Turkey. They can try in Bulgaria or Saudi Arabia but I seriously doubt that Turkey would sit and wait for their enemy to gain full strength.  

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You really think that Israel would let the US stage their forces there for a war with Turkey??That would be gambling of the highest order. If they do and lose, they lose their biblical homeland.Even if they did, again, I doubt that Turkey sits and waits until US is ready.That was Sadam Hussain's big mistake. He would have likely still lost but maybe if he attacked full strength when US only had a division and still in the middle of gathering its equipment, he would have been able to score a dominant  and bloody victory.I bet if during the first encounter an entire division gets completely wiped out,  it changes the equation back home.All those Senators like Clinton,  Lieberman, Feinstein and Kerry would be changing their mind instantly.Same goes for tons of people.  

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Letting the Americans genocide Libyans, Aghans, Iraqis, Syrians ... the list is very long ... is ok then?US needs to get down from it's imaginary high horse.It's all geo-politics and 'saving people' is just so obvious smoke screen that not even 12-year olds believe it.Turkey knows that Pentagon's plan is to divide Turkey up to several sovereign states (divide and conquer), so it's willing to go to war against US-backed ISIL troops AND kick Kurds butt using this smoke-screen.Again, it's all geo-politics and there is no white knight in shining armor in this.All the players are corrupt and the more power they have, the more corrupte they are (here's looking at you, USA). 

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Not the Turks, what's happening isn't a national problem it's a "global mafia" leadership cartel playing all their nation's herds against each other for fun and profit.

We are thunderdome.

Mass murder for profit.


The nation of __________ is compromised and controlled by its enemies (all of them)

1MDB is Global Treason.

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Then they won't be srprised this time.Neither Turkey,Iran or Syria are going to allow the creation of a Kurdistan.Iraq doesn't want one  either, but uder US occupation,for the moment,has little choice.This will turn into a bar fight, and the Kurds will get shafted again, and Uncle Scam willdouble cross them,again.They are betting on the wrong horse.

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Remember folks oil was down over 3% today, they cant let it fall below $40 a barrel. So now here comes the warmongering in both Syria and North Korea to make oil great again. 

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Just the next potential leader stepping up as the new Caliphate. With Iran and Saudi still waiting.  Erdogen does and should consider the Syrian Kurd's as an enemy.  They are also just as good of ally as Osama Bin Ladin was.  The Syrian Kurd's are not the Iraqi Kurd's.  The Syrian Kurd's are just another Marxist totalitarian anti-Christian organization as ISIS.

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The US government, not to be confused with the USA, needs to get out of Syria and let the Syrian army, Russians and Hezbollah do the job of removing ISIS.  Arming the Kurds and promising them a chunk of Syria is destabilizing and will turn the Kurds into monsters as has been done with other Syrian rebels.  It may also get a lot of Kurds killed for nothing.Tillerson has said that Assad's fate is up to Russia. What he means is that the US is not going to get in a war with Russia over Syria no matter how many false flag CW attacks the USG allies (e.g., alQuaida, ISIS, Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia, White Helmets terrorists) conduct in Syria.