CNN's Ratings Collapse As Primetime Shows Draw Less Viewers Than Re-Runs Of "Yogi Bear"

A series of fake news articles (see here, here and here), black mail of anonymous Reddit users who had the audacity to poke fun at them and a couple of undercover videos from Project Veritas revealing CNN producers admitting their own news is "mostly bullshit," seems to be taking a toll on CNN's ratings.

As The Federalist notes in the table below, for the week of June 26th - July 2nd, CNN's primetime shows (Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon) managed to draw about 6% fewer viewers than multi-decade old re-runs of "Yogi Bear," "Full House," and "Friends" which air in the same time slots on Nick-At-Nite.



Sometimes it's difficult to know for sure, but we think this is a bad trend...




nmewn VinceFostersGhost Thu, 07/06/2017 - 20:49 Permalink

Now, we already know how this "investigation" is going to end.Its just a matter of time before it happens...tick tock...tick tock...the only "collusion" really going on was Podesta/Hillary making money off Russians...Hillary/Wassername conspiring against Burnie Marx...and the Alinsky press corps conspiring with the above players (sans Russia) to obstruct justice from finding out about it.Tick tock.Any real "federal investigator" worth a shit would have already deposed (as in under oath) Debbie Wassername, Podesta, Hillary, Brazille, Clapper, Comey, Brennan and that little Pajamas Boi look-a-like named Robby Mook to find out what they know & "when they knew it".I mean, this is "national security" type shit we're talkin bout here! ;-)

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Son of Loki oDumbo Thu, 07/06/2017 - 22:45 Permalink

NPR did not mention one bit about the most talked about story of the decade---Fake News CNN, the Russian collusion Hoax, and CNN calling Americans stupid.NPR busied itself with anything and everything, but not one peep about the BIGGEST story since Lehman!I laughed all day listening to their bull shit since I had to drive various places to deliver stuff for my Father Loki.CFNN is by far the worst, and MSNBC a close second, but nothing on radio beats the garbage on NPR these days.

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Fish Gone Bad Son of Loki Thu, 07/06/2017 - 23:56 Permalink

CNN got rabidly mad because the artist labeled all the top people in CNN as Jews.  The company has NO DIVERSITY to speak of.  That is what set them off.  If anyone thinks CNN is going to "go away", please re-think that.  Even if everyone quit buying their sponsors products, CNN would not go away.  It is mouthpiece for whomever truly controls it.  Eventually everyone who is butt hurt will forget their anger and things will go back to what they were.

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Nostradumbass Fish Gone Bad Fri, 07/07/2017 - 01:00 Permalink

When you realize (((who))) has all or most of the money, controls banking, media, foreign policy, courts, education etc. you can then realize that no matter how failing an institution is financially, it will be supported to keep the propaganda going. If every American quit paying taxes, ZOG would still be doing fine financially. Once fully awakened, We The People may be able to destroy them - if we are determined.

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goober Two Theives an… Fri, 07/07/2017 - 15:31 Permalink

Yes the inflection of an Orwellain robotron ! They are paid to sound that way becaue they think it makes them sound intellgent or something like that ? Progs always think they are the smartest of the smart, when the simple truth is they are spoon fed every utterance only to repeat those false paradigms until they become accepted. Truth and facts matter not, just the repitition and false paradigms being promoted as truth and fact !

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Vendetta Boondocker Fri, 07/07/2017 - 06:58 Permalink

Ugh .. totally understand ... I used to listen to NPR till I heard years ago (about 8 years ago) a 'debate' whether 'insider trading'  was good for the economy and from the sound of it the person against insider trading was losing the fake debate ... I stopped listening from that day forward and have never gone back ... news media in the US sucks wind and I cannot listen to it or watch it any longer... I don't care if its 'liberal leaning' or 'conservative leaning" I just don't care and want to hear none of it...

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MsCreant Billy the Poet Fri, 07/07/2017 - 00:25 Permalink

This is awesome. We are debating cartoons and talk show personalities.CNN. IS. DEAD.Say it with me.All the comments I am reading are a mad effort to get the burial under way.CNN. IS. DEAD.I mean it, say it. This is not a threat. This is a done deed, an assesment of reality.CNN. IS. DEAD.The internet is chimping out, burial pires are being erected. DONE.TOAST.COOKED.CNN. IS. DEAD.CNN. IS. DEAD.(Even if this ends up wrong, you know it's fun, do it).Meme WarCNN. IS. DEAD.Or like:Ding Dong the wicked KitchThe wicked KitchThe wicked KitchDing Dong the wicked Kitch is deeead.  

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Nobody For President MsCreant Sat, 07/08/2017 - 11:15 Permalink

MS, you have outdone yourself, and that takes some doing.Thoses first two lines - I absolutly howled at that, and it is barely 8 oclock in the the morning. (Aside: Fucking posts get time-stamped Eastern - fuck the East coast.)Thank God the truck in the radio has been broken for years, and I don't watch TV, except for some snippets posted on ZH from time to time, some of them really old ("Andddd it's gone." - "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.")All  the news I can stand, and some I can't, is right here on dear old ZH, especially WB and George Washington. And the comments.Some of it is probably funnier than even CNN, which I have never watched, except for some special snips posted right here on ZH.Real News: Yogi Bear bests CNN.(OK - Confession - last year my new partner and I bought a house in town she lives in - I'm still and always on the homestead - and I watch the Warrior games - best damn basketball (my favorite sport in high school) ever been played. Ever.)CNN. IS. DEAD.(That was fun! Try it!)

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garcam123 Billy the Poet Fri, 07/07/2017 - 09:59 Permalink

Stern's shows made me almost wreck my truck from laughing, that good weed probably had something to do with it too.I ran large technical construction projects and pretty much stayed stoned every day for 30 years!  Never lost a nickle had a GREAT TIME, worked for a LOT of assholes.....fuck them........Yea you you non-waterproofing piece of shit in Missouri.Stupid fuck intalled hundreds of feet of waterproofing sealants into the Buccineers Stadium in Tampa, almost half of the structure.......I had to go behind the worthless fuck and cut the shitty wrong size material out, photograph every action, regrind the receiving edges and re-install the right material. The whole fucking stadium is pre-cast concrete and it rains a LOT in Florida!   Bunch of alcoholics and druggies in the Historical Restoration and Waterproofing industry.......The fucking owners, not so much the craftspeoploem a little weed going to work and a few hits up on the deck hanging on the side of a building 15 stories up! It was a HOOT! 

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