Will Horrendous CNN Ratings, Advertiser Boycotts, And 4Chan's Memetic War Destroy Billions In Time Warner Value?

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  • AT&T announced plans in October to purchase CNN parent company Time Warner for $85.4 billion, or $107.50 / share (currently $101.50 near 15 year highs).
  • According to Reuters, CNN is valued at roughly $10 billion - around 12% of the deal.
  • Since the deal was announced, however, CNN's brand - and therefore it's value to AT&T, has been significantly damaged.
  • In addition to recently firing three employees for publishing Fake News, ratings have been tanking, an undercover sting exposed CNN's extreme bias, and the network blackmailed a Reddit user for which they're now under intense memetic warfare.
  • Outraged citizens have begun to boycott CNN advertisers.
  • White House sources tell the Daily Caller that the AT&T / Time Warner deal, which requires White House approval, may be in jeopardy if CNN doesn't fire CEO Jeff Zucker.

CNN is in the middle of a 'Full Spectrum Dominance Attack' after three weeks of utter devastation to their brand - which has not been reflected in the share price of parent company Time Warner ($TWX). A week after firing three employees for peddling demonstrably false anti-Trump propaganda, CNN was exposed as a network of hate-filled shills in an undercover sting by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas. Then, the "Very Fake News" network went on a witch hunt to track down the identity of Reddit user 'HanAssholeSolo' who they claimed was responsible for creating a video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo for a head, which the President tweeted on Saturday.

The result has been the collapse of CNN's reputation while AT&T's acquisition of parent company Time Warner hangs in the balance.

Ed Dowd, Former manager of BlackRock’s $15 billion Capital Appreciation Strategies points out the dollars and sense of CNN's impact on the deal:

And after the last two weeks, it's hard to imagine that AT&T hasn't already begun to renegotiate with Time Warner - considering the fact that one of the flagship assets included in the deal is currently self-immolating.

A January Reuters article which described CNN's pivotal role in the AT&T / Time Warner deal, placing the network's value at around $10 billion - or just under 12% of the deal. This was written at a time when CNN was enjoying record ratings fresh off the election - despite Trump famously calling the network 'Fake News' the day before.

Since then, it's been all downhill for the 'Very Fake News' network while CNN's parent company, Time Warner, has risen to record highs.

TWX is clearly not reflecting the damage done to CNN - especially if the network violated the law when they threatened to reveal the identity of the Reddit user who posted the WWF Trump video.

CNN's YouTube stats are cliff diving

While CNN.com traffic appears to be steady - which can be bought - their YouTube channel has suffered a significant hit to both views and subscribers, down 15.8% and 28.9% respectively according to socialblade.com. While the network is certainly taking a financial hit from this, the real significance lies in the obvious damage to the brand. People have stopped taking CNN seriously.

Memetic Warfare

In response to CNN's threat to expose a Reddit user's identity, online researchers from 4chan who refer to themselves 'weaponized autists' have declared war on the network. In a post made on the 4th of July, an 'anon' (anonymous user) called fellow anons to arms" to create their best memes.

"Tonight, the enemy launched a surprise attack. Freedom of speech is under attack by the most powerful media outlet in the world. They're threatening to dox and thus ruin the life of (and possibly get him harmed by leftists) a completely random person, purely because of the memes he posted. Unacceptable.

The war is back on. GamerGate was the tutorial, our war against the media reignites now. Do not allow this assault on our forces - even if he cucked out and said sorry - to go without a response."

4chan is an unstoppable force, by the way 

The 'autists' at 4chan - perhaps the most formidable crowd-sourced research, entertainment, and redpill dispensary on the planet should not be underestimated, and new visitors to the site are advised not to post unless they've lurked for a significant period of time - or ever.

4chan users' Rain Man abilities to quickly connect dots, form theories, discard dead ends, and spread their findings like wildfire through social media giants Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook have led to such happenings as the time they called in an airstrike on ISIS, the 'breaking' of beta-cuck Shia LaBeouf, and even got a bunch of Justin Beiber fans to shave their heads.

Not to be forgotten - while Reddit's the_donald is the most popular pro-Trump forum in the world, 4chan was undoubtedly the dominant force doing deep digs to analyze the Wikileaked emails during the election - uncovering "Pay for Play" by Clinton Foundation donors who funded ISIS, DNC cheating against Bernie Sanders, MSM collusion, Hillary's dreams of open borders, "unaware and compliant" citizens, and other significant finds.

InfoWars is holding a $20,000 contest for the best CNN Meme...


Adding to Time Warner's woes is a 'grassroots' boycott of CNN's sponsors following the network's threat to dox an individual. Lists of sponsors are now flooding both Reddit and 4chan - such as this one posted by Reddit user 'jammich.'

Let's let CNN's advertisers know how we feel. I've found a list of their advertisers and updated it to include links to contact them. I've done my best to find as direct a link as possible to save you from rooting around their site. -jammich

(list below)


In a nutshell: There's no way CNN's recent unlubricated buggering hasn't negatively impacted parent company Time Warner's valuation. Ownership of Time Warner stock is 80.99% institutional - meaning it's largely held in mutual funds, pensions and 401(k) plans, with Vanguard and Blackrock being the top two holders of $TWX.

If I were AT&T, the only thing on my mind would be a renegotiation for Time Warner without CNN - or at minimum a battle plan to completely gut the Very Fake News network - from Jeff Zucker to Wolf Blitzer to Anderson Cooper. Don Lemon can stick around for comic relief.

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