The End Of The Cycle: "Government Will Gladly Enter War To Cleanse The Balance Sheet And Cull The Herd"

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne)) via,

In the days following the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the country is in an even more precarious position than it was in 1776. 

We face a situation of a fiat currency about to collapse as the consumer-based economy follows.  Whether orchestrated by our imperialistic government or following actions of a hostile foreign nation (prompted or unprompted) the government will gladly enter a war to “cleanse” the balance sheet and cull the herd.  Concurrently, the country is deeply divided domestically along lines of racial unrest.

The country also faces a threat to its existence in the face of Muslim extremists who are fostered by the traitorous socialist-Marxists in our government who enabled their entry under Obama as protected “refugees.”  U.S. policy in every arena is a chariot drawn by horses with no driver, jerking toward the “Blues” of the socialist Democrats or the “Reds” of the socialist, pseudo-Republicans in the domestic quagmire, the Circus Maximus partially in ruin after years of Barack Hussein Obama II’s reign.

The superficial and superfluous, in the meantime, becomes the public focus and hence the distraction: “Simulacra and simulation,” so to speak.  The majority have gone forward in their consumer-driven Habitrail according to the sacred Hallmark Calendar…the one that has a “THX-1138 Consumer Day” at least one day every month.  The one with a fixed venue: everyone left the house to shop, to eat, to plan on the big barbecue in the afternoon.  Finally, in the evening, everyone then piled into the cars to watch the fireworks.  Then they all went home, to mount the treadmill again in the morning.

The fireworks: thousands of tons of them, made in the People’s Republic of China.  It was a perfect, patriotic display, complete with “Ooh’s” and “Aah’s” as the Communist-Chinese fireworks simulated the rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in air.  Make no mistake: it is nighttime, and although our flag is still there, the country that it symbolizes is not whole anymore.  We have become an entitlement nation, where those who did not work and contribute to the system believe they are entitled to the fruits of those whose labors enable the country to keep chugging along.

The government believes it is entitled to what those who pay taxes earn.  And those who support the system?  We believe that we are entitled to reset everything based on the merits of hard work and conservative values: an automatic, bloodless reset.  All these “entitlement” mindsets, forgetting that everything is cyclical.  We are at the end of the cycle for the United States.  We peaked long ago, and now we are deep in the decline-phase.  The Founding Fathers summed up in words what we are truly entitled to…a loss of our freedoms following the moral and societal degradation that we have allowed as a nation.  Some fostered it (the Marxists) and we the conservatives allowed them to do it.

We didn’t put a stop to the degradation that occurred through the decades, and this is the result.  A law-abiding people is most easily controlled by the law.  There is no news today!  There is no coverage over what is happening in the rest of the world!  Where was the coverage…live…when the Egyptians were fed up with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and enlisted the aid of the army…and aided it, rioting in the streets to oust those extremists that Obama allowed to take power?  Where was the true coverage of the coup d’états we fostered, supported, and enabled in Ukraine and in Libya?  No, the “coverage” is limited to the lives of tabloid celebrities and distortions of any objectivity.  Why?

To keep the citizens dumbed down, uninformed, working, taxed, consuming, mesmerized by sports and sex, and stultified to prevent them from taking any action against a government that is becoming more tyrannical, more repressive by the day.

The media obfuscates: they aid, and in turn are aided by, the government.  Benghazi, Libya.  An embassy of the United States destroyed, and the ambassador and four members of his consulate killed, and nothing…nothing…has happened to the perpetrators.  The Secretary of Defense just released a report that the armed forces of the United States are in severe disarray and lacking both manpower and materials.  Most of us (the conservatives) are recognizing all of this.

Thomas Jefferson wrote about the Tree of Liberty.

The situation was arrived upon because the populace overall does not take any personal responsibility.  That reason covers the entire spectrum of the basis for the entitlement mentality.  Conservatives have lied to themselves, saying “It’ll all balance out eventually,” or “We’ll just vote the bums out of office and it’ll be made right,” or “Somebody will take care of it.”  The “somebody” needed to be us.  The problem is that Americans don’t sack the Curia or burn down the Bastille.  Americans fear the lack of law-abiding action, fear the potential for anarchy.

But anarchy can also take form when the law-abiding do not put a stop to the lawmakers and their machinery turning a Republic into a tyranny: the controlled, purposed anarchy that follows is an anarchy of lawless laws, that only serve to empower the powerful and subjugate the subjects.

The payment of taxes serves to feed the jailers and build the ever-growing cage of surveillance and control that is inexorably tightening upon society and every citizen.  The 8-year destructive actions of Obama left the country on the verge of collapse and war, with only agonal breathing on its deathbed: the country visits its own wake.  Now we have an administration that supplies the formerly anaerobic society with about 4 liters of oxygen per minute when a full 16 is called for: a “watered-down” Republicanism with fifth columnists preserving Obamacare and that hand of government control is still tightening on the throat of the people.  The hand is a mail gauntlet with the thin veneer of a velvet overlay.

In just 3 ½ years, that velvet will fade, and the gauntlet will fully and openly reemerge once more.  If we make it for that length of time.  In truth, we face a larger problem that we have never encountered since the country’s founding.  We face the dual threat of war (orchestrated or otherwise) and a concurrent collapse of the economy, complete with civil war/social upheaval domestically.  The funeral dirge has been playing awhile, now.

Bottom Line: All of this is the planned and deliberate globalists’ agenda: to destroy the United States from without and from within, by any means necessary.

To truly celebrate the “birthday” of the United States, it will have to be “born again.”  The possibility exists that this means being born from the ashes of what remains after it hits rock bottom…through warfare, internal collapse, or a combination of both.  Society (and the stance of individual men) are both fragile things.  We also face the problem of needing to act, but it may be too late to act until everything is taken to the ground.  What will emerge from that is then up to those who survive the initial event.  Food for thought, after Independence Day, perhaps at the Twilight’s Last Gleaming.


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"Globalist" is too general a term.

The Big Bad doesn't want to be PRECISELY exposed.

Debt-Money Monopolist cabal.

There, I did it.

They rule over a Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire.

Hence, Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire is the empire that rules over all of us in the West (and bombing or preparing to bomb the few holdout countries).

For those with guppyish memories, feel free to use the simpler, less accurate word, Moneyarchy.

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UmbilicalMosqu… doctor10 Sun, 07/09/2017 - 08:26 Permalink

  The latest architecture of scientific mind-control has allowed the slave masters to hypnotize entire societies and nations. By the use of new and more efficient means of distraction, the enhanced smoke-and-mirrors tricks of the dark magicians allows them to efficiently bait the sheeple into a state of somnolence.   With their newly-refined tools of superfluous materialism, idiotic entetainment, unlimited greed and corruptiion, and the easy availability of addictive drugs, it is now easier than ever for them to destroy humanity's core-values and spirituality. The enablers now rob, rape and cull entire populations without them even being aware that they are in a well-designed slaughterhouse from which there is no escape. Turning the animals upon each other has become an ongoing, unopposed war of annhihalation. A dystopian universe now exists wherein those who rule have total impunity.

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Look at what Jeremiah Johnson said:' “Somebody will take care of it.”  The “somebody” needed to be us.  The problem is that Americans don’t sack the Curia or burn down the Bastille.'That's what an agent provocateur would say.Also, he keeps blaming Marxists and assorted leftists. He is perpetrating the false left-right paradigm. He barely hints at the existence of those at the top. That is misdirection.

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when politicians are incompetent to handle domestic economy issues, they will use any execuses to manipulate the public---other countries, immigrants, terrorist, .... you name itcentral banks and government are true evils!

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The Republic is long gone.

"There was a Second American Revolution in 1871. It was not won through force of arms, but through force of insight into how to create public opinion."
~John Taylor Gatto, NY State Teacher of the Year

The Republic needs a Lazarus moment, but I don't see that as a possibility as the corpse of liberty is drowning in an ocean of societal apathy.

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Great comments by you both. Gatto get's it right, his works are well worth reading .. there are also extensive video interviews .. Like all truth tellers in this empire of lies, he was of course marginalized for his heresy. Here is a partial ist of some of his quotes .."Slowly I began to realize that the bells and the confinement, the crazy sequences, the age-segregation, the lack of privacy, the constant surveillance, and all the rest of the national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think and act, to coax them into addiction and dependent behavior."John Taylor Gatto

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Yes, it increasses with each turn, in it's scope , amplitude and by each succession. It is out in the open, all out lawlesssness, which is plain to see. Like any form of mental conditioning, it is now expected as a part of the "norm." The protected classes have much, many crimes, to one day answer for ..Any attempts at stabiliization must address this massive corruption with serious penalty , not by complicit government "law givers" who facilitate these crime waves with such things as "non-prosecution" agreements and "no admissions of guilt." Obviously the fish rots from the head ..

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America is not dead.  America is Terri Shiavo and her husband Janet Yellen owns the hospital where she is "recovering," all funded by the taxpayer.  With modern banking science, they can keep this patient alive for decades.   New Land Rovers and Lambos for everyone keeping up the good fight!

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NO..... asshole... the horseman of war has been used too much the last thousand years.   Hell, it's been more than 500 since pestilance was used.   You are wrong in your graphic attempt to get ratings and not actually have a job. Do something that generates true wealth.  Have a global ecconomic crisis and at least 2 to 3 billion people not near resources like food or water die.   Look at the middle east?  nations going to like 80 billion in two generations...  you can't eat or drink oil.

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The Influenza pandemic, that attacked healthy individuals the hardest near the end of WW1, was not Pestilence?

Striking first in Austria and Germany, the Central Powers, decreasing the available population to man the trenches. Moving the war closer to a conclusion.

Then spreading to the Allied Powers then back to the Homelands.

Influenza as of late attacks the weaker population, not the stronger population.

The strain used the body's immune system as the attack vector.

WW1 saw wide use of chemical weapons.

Biological weapons possible?

Attacking the Immune system. What else does that?

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The term "Globalists" is too vague. Indeed there is one minority group of people whose long-standing goals include elimination of the nation state and the destruction of traditional gentile society and culture.

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Until we figure out a way to get balanced trade between corporations and labor, we're pretty much stuck with all our surplus getting hoovered up by the banks and wealthy.  We have three options:

  1. we can let them hoard that surplus as currency
  2. we can sell them treasuries in exchange for the surplus currency, so that the surplus currency is recycled by the Fed Gov into the economy (only to be hoovered up again).
  3. we can tax the currency out of them.

Good luck on 3, at least good luck getting all of it.  So the only option we have to get the rest of it is 1 or 2.  And you really don't want to do 1 because eventually the winners would end up with all the currency.Let them hoard fricken treasuries.  It makes them happy.  You know what they do with the yield on treasuries?  They buy more treasuries with it.  The interest just doesn't matter.