In Victory For Merkel, G20 Reach Compromise On Trade But Trump Holds Out On Climate

World leaders meeting at the G-20 summit in Germany have agreed on almost every aspect of the joint communique, where in a victory for Merkel they vowed to fight protectionism and secure fair trade seeking to defuse President Donald Trump’s threats of unilateral measures the WSJ reported; they have so far failed, however, on a compromise position in the section on climate where the United States is pushing for a reference to fossil fuels, European Union officials said according to Reuters.

In the end it was "all against Trump": as the WSJ puts it, "securing Mr. Trump’s support for the G-20 communiqué, to be released later Saturday, as the president threatens to undermine the international order with his “America First” policies, is emerging as a rallying cry as the two-day gathering in Germany draws to a close."

For the head of the global diplomatic "resistance" against Trump and the so-called new "leader of the free world" Angela Merkel, the summit was an opportunity to show off her diplomatic skills ahead of a federal election in September, when she is seeking a fourth term in office. She treated the leaders to a concert at Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie on Friday night, where they listened to Beethoven while their aides began their all night slog to work out a consensus on trade that had eluded the leaders.

The communique comes after weeks of fears that Merkel, this year’s G20 president, might fail to achieve an agreement in the face of the disputes generated by Donald Trump by his criticisms of free trade and international cooperation and, especially, his decision to pull out of the Paris climate change accord, which the other 19 G-20 states support.

The consensus statement was drafted after "marathon meetings" resulted in compromises on deploying defensive measures for balanced trade and a recognition of the U.S.’s split from the other G-20 members on climate change. The officials said aides had worked until 2 a.m. to finalize the G-20 communique, overcoming differences on trade after U.S. officials agreed to language on fighting protectionism.

The G-20 agreement also follows days of continuous effort trying to reconcile disputes between the US and other nations while also taking account of the German Chancellor’s pledge to make clear important differences. According to the FT, the result will allow Merkel to claim a success even though the meeting has been overshadowed by violent anti-G20 demonstrations in Hamburg, and where the spotlight was on the first meeting between Trump and Putin.

Another official from a European delegation said the talks had shown that a new international consensus on economic issues could be slowly rebuilt despite the challenges thrown by Mr. Trump’s election.

“All things considered, my impression is that we’re getting back in small steps in many areas to a greater degree of business as usual,” the official said. The U.S. wasn’t alone in having different views on trade, the official added, pointing at the consensus on securing a level playing field as a common stance forged at the summit.

According to the FT, Berlin is also highlighting the opportunities given for bilateral meetings among world leaders, including the first face-to-face encounter between Mr Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, which the two men described as “constructive”.

In addition to agreements over trade and migration, the communique includes commitments to address global overcapacity in steel, which could help defuse growing tension in the sector: the US has been considering sanctions against rival producers and the EU is preparing to retaliate, raising risks of a trade war.

With the final statement almost nailed down, the summit marked a diplomatic success for Merkel as she finessed differences with U.S. President Donald Trump, who arrived at the two-day summit isolated on a host of issues, and who was far more focused on his meeting with Putin. Even so he made a point of congratulating Merkel for her hosting: "You have been amazing and you have done a fantastic job. Thank you very much chancellor," Trump said. 

Meanwhile, Trump on Friday said he found chemistry in his first face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two presidents discussed alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election but agreed to focus on future ties rather than dwell on the past, a result that was sharply criticized by leading Democrats in Congress.

* * *

Trump's bromance with Putin aside, on Saturday, the G-20 was delighted that Trump did not destroy any chance for a compromise.

"We have a G20 communique, not a G19 communique," an EU official said quoted by Reuters. "The outcome is good. We have a communique. There is one issue left, which is on climate, but I am hopeful we can find a compromise," he added, speaking on condition of anonymity. "We have all the fundamentals."

Well almost: climate change policy proved a sticking point, with the United States pressing for inclusion of wording about which other countries had reservations. That passage read: "... the United States of America will endeavor to work closely with other partners to help their access to and use of fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently ..."

The climate section took note of Trump's decision last month to withdraw the United States from the landmark Paris climate accord aimed at combating climate change, and reaffirmed the commitment of the other 19 members to the agreement.

According to Bloomberg, all G-20 members except for the U.S. said Paris accord on climate change is “irreversible,” as per the expected final statement,

“The United States of America announced it will immediately cease the implementation of its current nationally-determined contribution and affirms its strong commitment to an approach that lowers emissions while supporting economic growth and improving energy security needs”


“The United States of America states it will endeavor to work closely with other countries to help them access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently and help deploy renewable and other clean energy sources, given the importance of energy access and security in their nationally-determined contributions.”


“The Leaders of the other G-20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible”

* * *

As the leaders met on Saturday, police helicopters hovered overhead. Overnight, police clashed with anti-capitalist protesters seeking to disrupt the summit. In the early morning on Saturday, heavily armed police commandos moved in after activists had spent much of Friday attempting to wrest control of the streets from more than 15,000 police, setting fires, looting and building barricades. Police said 200 officers had been injured, 134 protesters temporarily detained and another 100 taken into custody.


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The car manufacturers have already hit the wall on adequate supplies of batteries for their cars. With the scarcity of batteries, prices are already exploding, increasing hybrid/electric car prices in the middle of a global economic slowdown. On top of which, those cars need new batteries on a regular basis. Imagine spending $40,000 on an electric car, and a few years in you can't get a battery for it, so you drive it until it doesn't move. They are all going to 'brick' themselves. Look it up.Volvo is going combustion engine-free in two years? Good luck with that. Good luck with Sweden, period...Tesla is never going anywhere, so why is their market cap so high? Dead man walking.Millions are moving into poverty right now, regardless of renewable energy. And they are going to stay there. Think about it. Third world countries are already 'mostly in poverty'. So, who are the 'millions' moving into poverty? First world countries. OK, the refugees aren't going to move out of poverty, so who's left? A shrinking group of existing natives, who provide the bulk of their country's tax base.So, the math says...

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The U.S. is only considered "cooperative" when we are getting bent over a tree stump, and giving away everything to everybody. The middle class in the U.S. is especially prone to being bent over that stump by the globalists. So, Herr Merkel is now the "Leader of the not-so-free world", apparently. What a wretched conglomeration Europe has become. The Left has completely lost its hate-filled polluted mind. The place where global warming has taken the firmest hold is between the ears of these leftist priests (Merkel) and priestesses (Macron) of destruction.

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These fools believe they are free - she can have it, let her lead the so-called free world into war and outright slavery.We have our own problems to fix right here in the USSA.If I have hades breaking loose in my back yrd - I am not paying attention to - nor "helping" with my neighbor's yard. My problems must be resolved first. Then I MIGHT help my neighbor IF my neighbor ASKS me.Again, we have our own problems!! Lets clean up our own yard first!!

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Why, sure things are "irreversible!"In the 1970s, Global Cooling was irreversible!In the 1980s, the hole in the Ozone Layer was irreversible and it was going to cause us all to have to wear SPF 1,000,000 sunscreen every day.In the 1990s, Manbearpig, er, Global Warming, was irreversible.In the 2000s, Manbearpig was still out to "get you." They even said so in that Hollywood movie that one time.In the 2010s, now it's Anthropogenic Climate Change, which has more syllables. And it's irreversible!

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Here is supporting evidence, seven studies based on peer-reviewed literature  interestingly, the consensus is highest among those who know the most about climate change.… observation - everyone can form a perfectly valid opinion about who is the prettiest girl in the room, or whether their pet is a "good doggie". However, in the realm of science, unless your opinion is based on knowledge and evidence, it is pretty much ... worthless. Sorry.

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This is the weakest argument that the global warmists use to try to defend their various humankind-is-destroying-the-Earth positions.Argumentum ad populum. It's unbelievable that otherwise sensible people could think that, because 100, or 1000, or 30000 "scientists" signed their names to something, that makes it MORE true.The fact that these quacks even use the word "consensus" demonstrates their lack of knowledge of scientific methodology. In the real world, "science" doesn't care how many people agree or disagree with a given hypothesis. It either tests true, or you default to the null.All this talk about "consensus" is, to borrow your phrase: pretty much... worthless.

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Regardless of the country you are in, look at projected cancer rates. They are all going vertical. In a few years, regardless of where anyone is, their chances of having a lethal cancer are 100%.The radiation from Fukushima is killing off all the phytoplankton in the Pacific Ocean, and spreading. Phytoplankton is responsible for over 60% of the Earth's oxygen. Not to mention all that radiation - which is increasing - is now in the global rain cycles everywhere. More NPP's will fail, especially those older shitty designs that are 30-40 years past their expiration date, and all those NPP's with the defective parts from Le Creuset that aren't getting fixed.Now, add in the global failing bee populations from all the Round-Up, which is in everything we eat and drink, killing the bacteria in our stomachs that provide us with the nutrition we need to survive. All while we are in a grinding global economic slowdown crushing any semblance of adequate healthcare.Worrying about anything more than 100 years in the future is entirely pointless. None of this is reversible. The globalists are fighting over who gets to turn out the lights.Make peace with the ones you love, and give some thought to making some kind of peace with That Which Is Greater Than Us. 'Think no evil'

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