Exposed! Bussed-In Baltimore Protesters Promote Violent Revolution In America

Co-authored by Taylor LarsonStockBoardAsset , Derp McDergal, and Carlisle du Rozel via,

Over the weekend, Squawker Media attended a “Unity March,” which was organized in support of the immigrant community in Baltimore, Maryland. In a Facebook group titled “Patterson Park Neighbors,” City Councilman Zeke Berzoff-Cohen of District 1 said in a post, “The march was organized by local Baltimore young people as part of the Free Minds Free People Conference. This will be a family march and I invite everyone to come out and show love and support.”

What we’re about to show you is the true nature of the groups actively working to ensure that America remains divided. The above Facebook post by Councilman Berzoff-Cohen deceptively telling the citizens of Baltimore that the march was organized by Baltimore’s youth demonstrates a harrowing reality: operatives are trying to undermine the system. Such operatives receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from organizations dedicated to undermining the social cohesion of the United States and have infiltrated even local city politics. From this report, and the exclusive video captured on-site at the protest, you will see firsthand just how deeply George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is entrenched in our political system, even at the municipal and local levels.

The video below shows throngs of anti-Trump, pro-immigration protestors bused into a protest on Eastern Avenue. Footage depicts protestors stepping off of unmarked buses and entering the site of the protest.

In the next video, after all the protestors are brought in, a female keynote speaker rails against President Trump, calling him “a monster.” While much of what she said about disappearing jobs and crumbling infrastructure as the result of globalization rings true, she fails to place the blame where it rightfully belongs: at the feet of the globalist svengalis. When she gave a resounding call to arms at the end of her speech, a chilling reminder of “America divided” rang through her radical insistence for protesters to grab pitchforks, shovels, and bats.

“If we don’t stand together, and you and I unite like we’ve never been before, if we don’t pool our resources together, and our spirits together, and our souls together, and everything we can think of together… revolutions were fought with pitchforks and shovels, and bats, and cans, and anything and everything we can get our hands on.”

In the second half of the video, Casa De Maryland Inc., an entity funded directly by George Soros, then leads a march down the streets of Baltimore, actively disrespecting traffic ordinances and shutting down streets. For the record, there were no traffic marshals in this march, as evidenced by the content provided above.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation has its tentacles in the funding of urban protests, disruption, and chaos. Soros has been directly linked to the Ukrainian Revolution and the ouster of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The Open Society Foundation has also been linked to other groups in various European countries that promote revolutionary calls to action.

Soros is notorious for funding revolutionary ideologies and has openly contributed $81.7M toward “Human Rights Movements & Institutions” in 2017, a portion of which is clearly seen in the recently disruptive Baltimore protest. Additionally, Soros’s Open Society Foundation has contributed $82.8M to matters of “Equality & Anti-Discrimination,” which is essentially euphemistic for the advocation of culturally regressive social reforms.

Despite the massive amounts of funding to Baltimore from the pocket of Soros, Baltimore’s homicide, opioid abuse, and overall crime rates are only skyrocketing.


Son of Captain Nemo shovelhead Jul 10, 2017 10:53 AM Permalink

"Because most Americans don't confuse these self congratulating exercises as being meaningful in any way."

You're absolutely right! The American people prefer to be habitually lied to by their figure-head in a flight suit avec cod peace with a "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him when nothing could be further from the TRUTH!

Nothing quite like indulging in your own delusional Hasbara "meltdown"!... Only made better with an oversized slice of "beautiful chocolate cake"!!!

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Son of Captain Nemo Jul 10, 2017 8:31 AM Permalink

Can you visualize it?...

Baltimore -or what's left of it, as an economically rotting "shit hole" "Georgy" will have his press box ticket seat at the top of the "Bromo-Seltzer" tower along with his progeny looking down at the "ants" as they finish the job on his behalf!...

Makes one ponder how it's conceivable after all the damage that this 300 year old fuck has done that he still hasn't been taken out "yet" by the same mercenaries that he can't afford to buy anymore that are being pulled into the orbit(s) of Russia and China ( where sound money "dwells"...

Given his age and poor business decisions if we are lucky and he lives long enough for us to see his public execution (along with every child he ever spawned)... IT WILL BE A DAY TO TRULY CELEBRATE!

blindfaith Jul 10, 2017 7:51 AM Permalink

  The bused in 'demonstrators' are DRUG ATTICS.  They have no job, can't hold one, don't want one.  They work cheap or for a fix, that is how Mr. S get them.  He knows they are kids with no future, arrest records, and easy to manipulate since their education grade was may be 9th before they dropped out.  It is sad. Feel sorry for these protestors, this is the only job they can hold. 

JD59 Jul 10, 2017 7:34 AM Permalink

Coservative Americans are always peacefully watching the COMMIE KKK HATE FILLED JIHADI DEMOCRATS spewing their hatred, and just waiting for the day to protect  themselves from the deadly violent acts of the left.The left has no ideal what Christian peaceful Americans can do. The left has been blinded by their satanic hatred 

Last of the Mi… Jul 10, 2017 6:46 AM Permalink

Liberal calls to arms will be met with the same from conservatives. . . eventually. It's a really, really bad idea for them to decide to go that route for so more reasons than I care to list. But the reality is, it's a dead end for them either way.

herodocious Jul 10, 2017 5:29 AM Permalink

Soros' profit motive is quite simple.  The more internal struggle, the more pressure to create new government programs to spend money.  When governments print currencies, Soros can do his global macro and FX trades and make a killing.  Let's say governments don't print and lose social cohesion with domestic strife.  Then are forced to sell assets.  Soros can swoop in on those at a great discount like Warren Buffet does frequently.  He wins as he constantly forces governments to find new states of equilibrium.  

Megaton Jim Jul 10, 2017 5:30 AM Permalink

City Councilman (((Zeke Berzoff-Cohen))), (((Soros))), and the (((Tribe))) controlled media. We know who the (((REAL enemies))) of the USA are, now don't we?!?

Peon14 Megaton Jim Jul 10, 2017 8:46 AM Permalink

Yes we know who the real enemies are the Rothschild's International Banksters the Professional Politicals both D's and R's they have in their pocket and the Yes men Generals and the Muscle and Revenoors of so called Law Enforcement.  I keep wondering how are they going to explain the missing Gold at Fort Knox when the engineered Federal Reserve Note crash happens.

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Felix da Kat Jul 10, 2017 4:39 AM Permalink

I counted roughly 300 protesters. That's in a city of (metro) three million people. That is a 1:10000 ratio. At that rate, that is 32000 protesters nationwide. Let them protest all they want. They will change nothing.  

LA_Goldbug Jul 10, 2017 3:55 AM Permalink

We are being played but They Are Not Breaking the Law in putting on this theater show. It should be the MSM that outs this but MSM is part of the problem.

In the first video around 1:40 you can hear "Is that the last bus ?" The best is that police just let them do as they like without them being present. Amazing coordination.

DarkestbeforeDawn Jul 10, 2017 3:24 AM Permalink

How fitting that a screeching black female is leading the way.  One day, and one day soon, a march like this will be halted by a vehicle pulling in front of the march, stopping and a couple of fed up folks are gonna mow down the first couple rows of these useful idiots with an AK.  

numapepi SwaziRed Jul 10, 2017 8:43 AM Permalink

So, your argument seems to be:

Providing buses for citizens to see a popular foreign dignitary speak... is the same as paying people and transporting them to a city to engage in violent demonstrations to destabilize the nation?

Interesting use of moral relativism.

You are saying, providing transportation is equally as bad or good, no matter if the people being transported are employees or applying to charity. Moreover, you equate the ends as morally equal, one being to create suffering, the other, to allow the people to see and judge for themselves who this foreigner is and what he says. Good then is no different than bad and applying to charity is the same as applying to self interest. Newspeak at it's best.

What do you suppose would happen in ten years if we all accepted this type of logic?

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Troy Ounce SwaziRed Jul 10, 2017 3:58 AM Permalink

 SwaziRed: these msm articles you quoted only have one goal: to hurt Trump in the mind of the people in order to oust him and create chaos so to pursue the goal of the globalists which is a world government.Soros has exactly the same goal: destabilise societies via identity politics and subsidise relentless criticism on everything that is Western thinking which very much includes Trump and his nationalism.The pot of gold for Soros is a world government of which he and his lackeys will form part. He is part of the same globalist cabal.Perhaps it is better for you to read a bit more on what is going on: destabilising forces are everywhere: in newspapers, magazines, TV and internet.The globalists will not give up: the Pentagon has the force, msm has been bought, politicians are being promised luxury for life, children are poisoned with a barrage of criticism from teachers towards their parent as well as identity politics nonsense and cultures are being mixed according to plan.Diabolical.And we? We can only watch.

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Geez, another black threat, or dykes, or black dykes, or white guys who color the hair of black dykes, while getting picked on for cultural appropriation.None of these things ever seal the deal, all foam no beer.  No one ever hangs, they look like Santa Monica Blvd, wearing hypercolor on earth day.  There is no basement at the Alamo pee weeLet's skip to the good part, get guns, learn to shoot, watch enter the dragon 1000 times and get shot at, work in 115 degree heat for 100s of days and not die. Then you'll still look fruity, but at least..well you saw some Bruce Lee before you hand me all your ammo.Fuck you very much, truly yours

We Are The Priests Jul 10, 2017 1:34 AM Permalink

That's a pretty small group.  My community is a whole lot smaller than Baltimore and with two hours lead time I can muster a group about the same size who are well armed, well trained and more than willing to defend their community against anything this sorry ass looking bunch could profer.