"I'm Gonna Unchain The Dogs" Bannon Warned Ailes During Trump-Fox Spat

Amid the 2016 Presidential campaign, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon reportedly told late Fox News head Roger Ailes to "go fuck yourself" during the Trump campaign’s battle with the news network.

New York Magazine reported that Ailes, who died in May, sent his personal lawyer, Peter Johnson Jr., to Breitbart headquarters in D.C. to tell Bannon to stop running stories against then-Fox News host Megan Kelly, who questioned to President Trump during a primary debate about his behavior and language about women.

As The Hill reports, Bannon reportedly refused to call off the coverage, calling Kelly “pure evil” and saying that she would turn on Ailes one day.

“We’re going full-bore. We’re not going to stop. I’m gonna unchain the dogs,” Bannon said, according to the magazine, before telling Johnson to “go back to New York and quote me to Roger. ‘Go f--- yourself.’”


Ailes initially called Bannon after the debate over the negative coverage, saying that it wasn’t “fair and it’s killing us. You have to stop it,” the magazine reported.


“F--- that, that was outrageous what she did!” Bannon reportedly said. “She pulled every trick out of the leftist playbook.”


Ailes and Bannon didn’t speak for a year after the exchange, according to New York Magazine.

Bannon later took a leave of absence from Breitbart to join the Trump campaign and then the president's administration.

Given these comments to a generally 'friendly' media outlet, we can only imagine the behind the scenes words used in discussions with Zucker and CNN...


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Frankly at this point in time I would merely be content that they are unchained at all, and hopefully famished. At this juncture, I don't care much who get's chewed up,or that is to say in what order. There are so many worthy of being chewed, although I will say kiddy diddlers would be a good start ..As far as DNC and all, let us not leave out the McStains and Grahms , so, so many of them need chewing .. 

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 ... hashing out old gossip from a NY rag about a dead guy, (who won't be able to defend himself), won't serve ZH readers well ... come on Tylers, there are "better" articles out there ...... here's one ... a well written article (IMO) by a science journalist (I believe, judging by the name, a Japanese),  ... and, if you follow world events, you might also find the author is only honestly trying to point out the anomalous intricacies plaguing the Trump administration without bias ... this article  is for both pro- and anti-Trump, but, might not sit well with die-hard Trump-lovers ...... "Trump Scores ‘D-Minus’ For Nuclear Policy Failures In Korea, The US & UN" ...... in part, it began with this paragraph ...... "... Midway through Donald Trump's first year in office, the world has watched in queasy disbelief at the transformation of an anti-interventionist American president in ways similar to how Palpatine, the idealistic leader of a long-ago Republic and opponent of arms dealers, turned toward the dark side to morph into Darth Sidious. Today, Donald Trump is indistinguishable from the warmonger Hillary Clinton or the glib “lead from behind” Barack Obama, and has proven to be just as shifty, two-tongued, and self-righteous as his former political foes.His fall from grace is a personal embarrassment for his electoral supporters, many of whom still await his hour of redemption, which could or more probably won't happen before next year’s mid-term elections. To restate that Trump was a better choice than Hillary means nothing at this late date, especially since even a door knob is arguably better than the mad Mrs. Clinton. Trump’s abysmal failure--refusal--to halt military interventions abroad, his orders for missile deployments and Tomahawk strikes, and now his open support for atomic energy and nuclear weapons represent something worse than a disappointment.... " ...... it continued by hammering three points re: "Nuclear Bewitchment" ...... "... As if bewitched, Trump has promoted a triple disaster on nuclear issues: - First, with war threats and fumbling over off-and-on diplomatic talks with Pyongyang, which are needed to craft an eventual deal to limit its build-up of warheads in exchange for American assurances of non-intervention; - Second, uncritical endorsement of the nuclear industry as being safe and cheap despite the blatant releases at Hanford Nuclear Site, the WIPP storage center in New Mexico, leakage into the Hudson River from the Indian Point N-plant, and worst of all radioactivity contamination of the West Coast from Fukushima; and- Third, his administration’s boycott of the UN treaty talks toward a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons, which put Trump at the helm of a 35-nation rump minority versus 129 member-states that signed the historic anti-nuclear weapons treaty on July 7.   In less than a year in office, Trump has positioned the United States as a nuclear outlaw far more dangerous and untrustworthy than North Korea, Pakistan, Iran or Israel. The White House refusal to at least partially endorse the nuclear ban or comment on its moral worth puts America on a slippery slope of hypocrisy when it comes to criticizing Pyongyang or Tehran. As head of an pro-nuclear rogue alliance, consisting mainly of East European countries dependent of US financial aid, the USA has completely lost the high ground on counter-proliferation and denuclearization, and can no longer be taken seriously as a legal or ethical authority on the world stage.   Aircraft carriers and big rockets don’t make for a nation’s greatness, otherwise the Soviet Union would still be a superpower. When respect is gone, nobody’s going to believe in a single word spoken by any American diplomat or policy expert. In just a half year, Trump’s militarist buddies have added to the damage done by the Obama administration, reducing the once sole superpower into a sick joke. ... " ...... the article continued with these pronouncements dripping with blistering rebuke of the Trump team ......"... The North Korean nuclear issue has been used by the Trump team to deflect public scrutiny away from Washington’s blatant insincerity on the proposed nuclear arms ban. While castigating and threatening North Korea for its puny nuke program and missile tests, the Trump team at the UN led by deranged ambassador Nikki Haley has since early March boycotted the first-ever conference for a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons. In line with her predecessor Susan Rice’s support for nuclear blackmail, Haley arm-twisted and intimidated 34 other UN member-nations, mostly in Eastern Europe, to join her ill-conceived walkout from the opening of the treaty discussions in March.   The Trump-Haley boycott has proven to be a fool’s errand now that an overwhelming majority of 129 member-nations signed the world’s first-ever nuclear-ban treaty on Friday, July 7. Instead of their fanatic posturing and Dr. Stangelove walkout of the talks, the American delegation could have abstained from the final vote while voicing support for anti-proliferation and at least in principle moral opposition to nuclear war. The US delegation came off as if they actually support nuclear war, an idiotic stance that couold also be used to justify a terrorist dirty bomb exploded in Manhattan or on the steps of the Capitol building. Morality isn’t useless idealism, it is a necessary guide for conduct.   At this greatest international treaty signing during his term of office, Trump was a no-show and instead hid in a closet of denial. The United States of America is disgraced by such gutless stage fright. The majority turnout for treaty approval shows that the world does not want, need or cling to any offer of a nuclear umbrella from nuclear superpowers United States or Russia. This planet would be a safer place without such “protection” rackets. In any case, nuclear powers like the US and Russia are killing their own societies and environments with radioactive contamination. Save your pity for the deserving. ... "... click below for the full article ... (fair warning, if you genuflect in front of Trump's altar, this might not be for you ;)... >>> http://www.rense.com/general96/trumpscores.html ... ...

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And completely misses the plot in his strained effort to make a point. "in ways similar to how Palpatine, the idealistic leader of a long-ago Republic and opponent of arms dealers, turned toward the dark side to morph into Darth Sidious"From the get-go 'Palpatine' was manipulating the situation to bring about his desired ends, not 'morphed' into anything -except his inner persona finally coming to the fore, rather like Webb Hubbell's floozy Hillary.

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... "The author does Trump Bashing ... " ...

... and Hillary-bashing & Obama-bashing ... don't be too selective ... read the article, you might learn something ... and I wrote a "fair warning" too for people like you ... and no, the author didn't fool me ... I know ((( who ))) yanks Trump's strings ... the (((owner ))) of these banksters >>> http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-11/meet-secretive-group-runs-world ...


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Have you ever read them? Or are you a typical American who simply believes everything she's told? Maybe look into Bannon's background and see how many links he has to the (((Red Shield))). Georgetown, Harvard, Pentagon, Goldman, Hollywood, Breitbart. Control education, finiance and the media. Straight from the Elders' mouths.I can guarantee Bannon has read and understands the Protocols. Back to sleep now, goy.

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Let me explain this Decepticon psy-op.

The Debt-Money Monopolists, the current manifestation of the Money Power Supremacists, PUT DONALD TRUMP IN POWER BECAUSE HE IS THE PERFECT "FALL GUY" WHEN THE DEBT-MONEY BUBBLE DOES WHAT ALL DEBT MONEY DO - BUST.

What happens when the debt-money bubble busts?

Debtors are forced into bankruptcy and lose their hard assets to the Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate fronts.

In the end, the Money Power Supremacists rule the physical Earth. Isn't that always the end-game for the Big Bad?

The key with Trump, and he knows his position (he made a deal with the Debt-Money Monopolists), is that his DEMONIZATION AS THE MAN WHO BROUGHT ON THE GREATEST DEPRESSION is meant to minimize the damage to the current false political dichotomy between Democratic, Inc. and Republican, Inc., both wholly finance subsidiaries of the Debt-Money Monopolist cabal.

This is Fox trying to distance themselves from Trump ahead of him being DEMONIZED for the destruction of Main Street in America (and around the globe).

Bookmark this page... this is going to happen...

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"The Jews" are being economically oppressed, too, all by the Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire.

Israel: 18 families control 60% corporate equity (2:00m in)

Israeli economy is ready to COLLAPSE, MASS PANIC IN ISRAEL

Israelis rally for better economic conditions

Israel mass protests over rising living costs | Aug 2011 | BBC News

You think it is funny now, but when they call in $10s of trillions in debt, well, they may end up repoing Yellowstone Park, as well as assets of lesser value.

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Did you know that Bannon was ex-Naval Intelligence?  I think it likely explains a lot of the civil war going on in the intelligence community.  The question is, who does Bannon really work for and what is their agenda.  If we could uncover this we would likely learn much of the truth about what is going on in the Trump administration.

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someone PLEASE explain to me why bannon wasn't with trump at the G-20 rather than ivanka sitting at the pow-wow?i mean,... wft is going on with this families togetherness?are we grooming THIS! Pric[?]l]ess Tsaritsa`Ivanka the '########'' for america's feme`as in a 'New World Order"consolidated`presidium such`eth [as] a grandiose dutchess diety?

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