Merkel Migrant Blowback Begins: "Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin"

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Threats of violence against "errant" women are viewed as "acts of patriotism."
  • "They have come to Germany because they wanted to live in Germany, but they keep trying to turn it into Chechnya with its medieval ways." — Social worker interviewed by Meduza.
  • "Everyone's attention is fixed on the Syrians, but the Chechens are the most dangerous group. We are not paying sufficient attention to this." — Police in Frankfurt (Oder).

A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of violent assaults in the German capital.

The self-appointed morality police involve Salafists from Chechnya, a predominantly Sunni Muslim region in Russia. The vigilantes are using threats of violence to discourage Chechen migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany. German authorities appear unable to stop them.

The Sharia patrol came to public light in May 2017, when Chechen Salafists released a video warning other Chechens in Germany that those who fail to comply with Islamic law and adat, a traditional Chechen code of behavior, will be killed. The video's existence was reported by Meduza, a Russian-language independent media organization based in Latvia. The video, which circulated through WhatsApp, an online messaging service, showed a hooded man aiming a pistol at the camera. Speaking in Chechen, he declared:

"Muslim brothers and sisters. Here, in Europe, certain Chechen women and men who look like women do unspeakable things. You know it; I know it; everybody knows it. This is why we hereby declare: For now, there are about 80 of us. More people are willing to join. Those who have lost their national identity, who flirt with men of other ethnic groups and marry them, Chechen women who have chosen the wrong path and those creatures who call themselves Chechen men — given half a chance, we will set all of them straight. Having sworn on the Koran, we go out onto the streets. This is our declaration of intent; do not say that you were not warned; do not say that you did not know. May Allah grant us peace and set our feet on the path towards justice."

According to Meduza, the declaration was read by a representative of a Berlin-based gang of about one hundred members, headed by former henchmen of Dzhokhar Dudayev, the late Chechen separatist leader. All Berliners of Chechen origin who were interviewed by Meduza said they were aware of the gang's existence.

The video surfaced after nude images of a 20-year-old Chechen woman who lives in Berlin were sent en masse from her stolen cellphone to every person on her contact list. Within an hour, the woman's uncle demanded to speak with her parents. According to Meduza, they agreed to "resolve the issue" within the family by sending the woman back to Chechnya, where she would be killed to restore the family's honor. German police intervened just hours before the woman was to board a plane bound for Russia.

After the woman was placed in protective police custody, her circumstance went from being a family issue to a communal one. According to Meduza, it is now the duty of any Chechen man, regardless of his ties to her or her family, to find and punish her. "It is none of their business, but it is an unwritten code of conduct," said the woman, who has since cut her hair and now wears colored contact lenses in an effort to hide her identity. She said that she intends to change her name and undergo plastic surgery. "If you don't change your name and your face, they will hunt you down and kill you," she said. Although the woman graduated from a German high school, she hardly ever leaves her apartment because it is too dangerous. "I don't want to be Chechen anymore," she said.

According to Meduza, at least half of the population of single Chechen girls in Germany have enough compromising information on their cellphones to be considered guilty of violating adat:

"Associating with men of other nationalities, smoking, drinking alcohol, visiting hookah lounges, discotheques or even public swimming pools can cause communal wrath. A single photograph in a public WhatsApp chat can outcast an entire family and the rest of the community would be obliged to cease all communication with them. With everyone under suspicion and everyone responsible for one another, Chechen girls say they are sometimes approached by strangers in the street who chastise them for their appearance, including for wearing bright lipstick. The theft of a cellphone and the subsequent posting of compromising material is a hard blow; the dishonored person has no one to turn to and the one who posted the victim's photos does not risk anything."

Chechens interviewed by Meduza said that expectations for behavior are more rigid and strict in among Chechen emigrants in Germany than in Chechnya itself. This situation has been described as "a competition in righteousness" between Chechens living abroad and those in Chechnya who are loyal to Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov: each party is seeking to prove that they are the better Chechens, and threats of violence against "errant" women are viewed as "acts of patriotism."

Chechens have said in interviews that expectations for behavior are more rigid and strict in among Chechen emigrants in Germany than in Chechnya itself -- "a competition in righteousness." Threats of violence against "errant" women are viewed as "acts of patriotism." Pictured above: A volunteer tutor (left) instructs an asylum-applicant from Chechnya in a German-language class, on November 10, 2015, in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

In one instance, a young Chechen woman was recorded on video while walking down a street in Berlin and conversing with a non-Chechen man. That same evening, a few dozen unknown Chechen men drove to her house in northern Berlin. The man she had been seen with was brutally beaten; almost all of his teeth were knocked out. The young woman managed to hide.

On July 4, the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel reported that several other women and men have been assaulted by the Sharia gang in recent weeks, and that the Berlin Criminal Police Office has now launched an investigation. A police spokesperson said that the investigation is being hampered by the fact that so far no victim has publicly dared to bring formal accusations against the gang. The victims are all, apparently, afraid of retribution.

According to Tagesspiegel, some members of the gang, which has grown to around a hundred members, are armed and many have combat experience from the Chechen wars with Russia. The gang members, who also come from Dagestan and Ingushetia, have attacked Muslims as well as non-Muslims, including Christian asylum seekers at migrant shelters in Berlin.

The gang is linked to several Salafist mosques in the German capital, including Fussilet 33, which once served as the headquarters of the so-called Berlin Caliphate. The mosque was shuttered by German authorities in February 2017, after they learned that Anis Amri, the Tunisian jihadist who carried out the suicide attack on a Berlin Christmas market, had sheltered there.

Around 60,000 Chechens live in Germany, according to official statistics, although the actual number is believed to be much higher. Nearly 40,000 Chechens have applied for asylum in Germany during just the past five years; many have crossed the border illegally from Poland.

An internal paper produced by the Federal Audit Office (Bundesrechnungshofes) revealed that "the majority of the unauthorized persons in Germany are Russian citizens of Chechen ethnicity, some of whom have been linked to the Islamic terrorist environment."

The Chechen community in Germany is primarily based in Brandenburg and Berlin, where they are firmly entrenched in a parallel society. A social worker interviewed by Meduza said that the main obstacle to Chechen integration is their ultra-conservative moral code, the adat:

"They have come to Germany because they wanted to live in Germany, but they keep trying to turn it into Chechnya with its medieval ways. This inability and reluctance to integrate is extremely frustrating and typical of all migrants, not just Chechens. The only difference is that most other migrants come from the 20th century, not the times of feudalism."

In an interview with Radio Berlin-Brandenburg, Maciej Falkowski, a Polish political scientist specializing in the Caucuses, said that many younger members of the Chechen diaspora are embracing radical Islam:

"The Chechen people are a very self-contained, homogenous nation. They resolve all problems among themselves. You will hardly find a Chechen, for example, who will seek remedy from a German court. Religion, of course, also plays an important role in the younger generation. Moreover, the Chechens have not had their own country for hundreds of years and therefore are not acquainted with the legal state (Rechtsstaat) in our sense of the concept.


"We are increasingly seeing a generational conflict among the Chechens. The elderly are rather skeptical of Salafism and radical Islam, while the younger ones are embracing it. They believe Salafism offers answers with regard to their identity. Here they find community and charismatic leaders. Salafism is now their dominant current."

Heiko Homburg, an official at Ministry of the Interior of Brandenburg, the German federal state that encircles Berlin, said that most of the known Islamic extremists there are from Chechnya:

"Our problem in Brandenburg is that the Caucasian Emirate [a militant jihadist organization active in southwestern Russia], to which many Chechens feel committed, has submitted to the Islamic State. So, whether we want it or not, we have de facto Islamic State structures here in Brandenburg."

German security officials estimate that 1,500 to 2,000 Chechens are currently fighting in Iraq and Syria. As the Islamic State nears its end, it is feared that many of those fighters will travel to Europe, through Ukraine and Poland with the help of pan-European, Chechen clan relations.

In Frankfurt (Oder), a German city on the border with Poland, police are warning that Chechen migration is a ticking time bomb:

"We have a serious and ever-growing problem with radical Chechens who are constantly traveling back and forth across the German-Polish border. Their families are building Europe-wide structures which they are using to finance the Islamic State with the proceeds of organized crime. Everyone's attention is fixed on the Syrians, but the Chechens are the most dangerous group. We are not paying sufficient attention to this."


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Two islamaphobe gatestone articles in one day - we are lucky ducks.… wouldn't say that these are good sources, but t is always useful to see the other side of the coin. The fact that the Gateston Institute is Jewish/ NeoCon to the bone is also of note.This article says that a bunch of redkneck third-world refugees are behaving in a redkneck, third world way, which is what they always do. Pakistanis throw acid at girls who don't do what they are supposed to do, Bangladeshis cut up their wives  with machetes because they may have looked at another man. They will do these things in their own country, and they will try to continue to do this in their new country.We all know this, but we have to put the blame on Islam, so we can start a religious war, because some Jewish neoconservatives would like some Christians and some Muslims to kill each other. I fully agree that there are problems, but do we focus on the effects, or on the people creating the problem? Third world  goatherders will be third world goatherders, neoconservatives will be neoconservatives. Would it but racist to suggest that Jews will be Jews? I'm not sure of the etiquette.

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Those Chechens are tough bastards dyed in the wool. Fathers killed, mothers raped and all that to a race that just loves to be triggered !Hopeless pacifist Germans have zero defense against those worst of invaders. But be careful why the focus is shined on them by the media : If 100 well grouped Chechens can take public order and law down for good, what about of the rest of them millions just behaving?Assads young men will do no harm, but the other 66 % hangers on on the refugee trail of scary ugliness and skin color ??? 

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Islam literally means peace! You are truly ignorant. When mohammedans say "peace" -dar al salam, that means a world where ALL people are mohammedans and have submitted to other mohammedans under shariah law, not some cute little can't-we-all-just-get-along-and-live-together type of peace. Hell no! They want it all. And ignorant people like you are helping them achieve their goals.  By the way, the flip side of their "peace", is dar al harb, the land of war, where non-mohammedans still exist. THAT is what mohammedans mean by "peace" and "war". 

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...and the end goal of every one of them is to conquer the world or their "prophet" can't come back. They must achieve this through death, lies and deceit as their book states.After 9/11 I had a few "friends" that were muslims and they were in a group off to one side shuffling around and mumbling to each other. I asked them what they though about what had just happened and they told me they weren't speaking to me because they may be at war with my country now (and these assholes were born here). They actually looked crazed and told me to go away because they didn't know what actions they had to take next.That was enough to wake me up and make me research into Islam. btw mudhammed's real name was Abadula Ramatoolyah Upayungbum and he was gay.

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Merkel Migrant Blowback Begins: "Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin"My response: The GERMAN PEOPLE are in for a time period of real testing that will make NAZI GERMANY look like a SUNNY DAY IN THE PARK. The GERMAN PEOPLE need a new leader.====In a society where all lies, all deceptions, all corruptions are accepted, that society will lose control of everything. Chaos will begin to take over, and the only way that chaos will be slowed down will be when dictatorial control, or maybe even a police state is formed, where thought and behavior is fixed, and anybody out of bounds is punished. Eventually, the chaos has to be controlled. We’re not headed toward socialism; we could very well be headed toward a dictatorship in our world. Is this hard to grasp?Remember the Germany that was, some of you? This is not a Christian nation; there’s no such thing. It never has been a Christian nation. Even the founding fathers of Germany were not true Christians but they did understand that Christianity was a fixed necessity because it established divine law; and when people knew that this was law from God, it controlled their behavior. Biblical ethics, biblical patterns of morality were honored, respected, and expected. Marriage, family, virtue, work, relationships, success were all connected to noble ideals that are found in Scripture. That’s long gone and unlikely to ever appear in the lifetime of anybody reading this because evil men just get worse and worse.JC Ryle, an English theologian in the late 1800s, had some serious convictions about government and about the worship of God and about the law of God, and he said, “If England separates God from the state, England will be destroyed morally, religiously, ethically, and in every other way.” It is today an absolute wasteland, spiritually speaking. You drive a massive wedge between the state and the church, you’re going to end up with a perversion of modern Europe in Germany. Is that progress? Is there any sense in which the government welcoming millions of Muslims into their historically Christian traditional countries is not going to result in chaos? Because now you have the collision of a traditional Christian morality, a very different Muslim morality, and a fast-developing immorality. Everything is out of control. Removing the acknowledgment of the true God, the authority of the Bible, the voice of the true church, the moral education of youth, and the elevation of the Bible and the gospel – removing that is the path to destruction, and it’s a downhill run. 

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Where'd you copy and paste that from? The writing and grammar is clearly above the skill level of your bullshit propaganda trolling.

"they did understand that Christianity was a fixed necessity because it established divine law; and when people knew that this was law from God, it controlled their behavior."

Exactly the same as islam. Totalitarian fascism used to control the population for political purposes.Except for one thing - there's no "they" there.The founding father of Germany fought and DEFEATED the scumbag xian Romans. 

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What about violence against women and children? A person with few if any rights is a person against whom violence is being committed. Punishing a woman who is raped as if it were her fault, punishing a woman who drives a car, honour killing a woman for refusing to obey here father, are all examples of Islamic violence against people other than blasphemers and infidels.

It is coming down to an ethnic cleansing in Europe when the Muslim population grows to parity with the non-Muslim population, and it will be the Muslims doing the cleansing. I can only hope Angela lives long enough to be one of the victims of the Muslim takeover.

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I'm still a catholic, a christian european here in europe, Jubalyou... I'm not sure what or who you are. a foreigner in Germany, if I remember correctly? from the US, but not able to go back there?meanwhile, note this ZH passage from this article:"An internal paper produced by the Federal Audit Office (Bundesrechnungshofesrevealed that "the majority of the unauthorized persons in Germany are Russian citizens of Chechen ethnicity, some of whom have been linked to the Islamic terrorist environment." "note, in this, that Chechens are "Caucasians", i.e. "White". makes them more difficult to spot on the streets, if they don't "wear silly stuff"

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Correct, my Ukrainian ex described  to me in detail how Chechen illegal cobatants shot at her house in Donezk and occupied it right after the civil war in Eastern Ukraine started. She was forced to flee to Western Ukraine where she met a nice and brave octopus of noble ancestry. She told him that it is easy to spot a Chechen for her. She was as white as chalk (which beautifully blent with my ink coloured membranes), which is historically wrong called "Caucasian". It's an outdated erroneous label still in use, mostly in English speaking countries.

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"I'm still a catholic"

That is hilarious after the latest gay orgies at the vatican and the completely (((owned))) pope.  It does explain a lot, like why you hate Europeans so much that you would try to steal their identity and sovereignty.

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Being German is a mental illness, no longer can you report things like this, and say the truth. Some how they think, that's the way it should be. Merkel I can understand, she is a globalist, and was even the head of the communist youth organizations in east Germany. I will  never understand the people willing to vote for her.The whole Europe needs to wake up, the globalists do not have your county's interest. The only way forward is to end the EU

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