British Lawsuit Raises New Questions Over John McCain's Involvement With The "Trump Dossier"

In the aftermath of BuzzFeed's release of the now-infamous "Trump Dossier," much time has been spent speculating exactly who paid for dirt on the Trump administration and who had the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the findings before the report was passed off to the FBI.  Media reports have suggested that the "opposition research" was ordered by one of Trump's presidential primary competitors though that detail has never been officially confirmed.

That said, a name that continues to pop up every time the dossier is mentioned is that of Senator John McCain (R-AZ), a rather outspoken and unapologetic critic of President Trump.

As a recap, for those who have manged to avoid the head trauma of this particular narrative, the dossier in question was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and his London firm, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd.  The intelligence produced amounted to a collection of uncorroborated reports gathered by Steele primarily from intelligence contacts he developed while working undercover in Moscow.  Provocative details relating to Trump, hookers and 'golden showers' in Russian hotel rooms proved explosive when they were published by BuzzFeed on January 10th, but were quickly debunked as nothing more than 'fake news.'

But now, courtesy of a lawsuit filed by Aleksej Gubarev in the U.K., additional details are emerging which raise new questions about McCain's links to the dossier.  As McClatchy notes today, according to a new court document filed in the British lawsuit, the counsel for Chris Steele repeatedly points to Senator McCain and a former State Department official as two of just a handful of people known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was ultimately published by BuzzFeed.


It's unclear exactly when McCain got his first look at the dossier and his staff has refused to provide additional comment beyond a statement released back in January.  As a result, all we know for sure is that Steele finished his opposition research in October and Comey testified that he didn't get a copy of the dossier until January 6th.  Precisely who saw what and when during that interim period still remains a mystery.

A McCain spokesperson declined to comment Monday on the new court document, pointing instead to a Jan. 11 statement from the veteran senator about the dossier. “Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the director of the FBI,” McCain had said then. “That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”


In recent congressional testimony, ex-FBI Director James Comey, fired by Trump amid a widening probe, acknowledged receiving the dossier from McCain on Jan. 6. Kramer, a former State Department official who until recently served as a senior director at Arizona State University’s McCain Institute for International Leadership, declined comment.

Two defamation lawsuits — one in the United States and a second in the U.K. — have been brought by lawyers for Aleksej Gubarev, a Cyprus-based Internet entrepreneur whom Steele’s Russian sources accused of cyber spying against the Democratic Party leadership.

The dossier, without substantiation, said Gubarev’s U.S.-based global web-hosting companies, XBT and Webzilla, planted digital bugs, transmitted viruses and conducted altering operations against the Democratic Party leadership.


While one key name in the dossier was blackened out by BuzzFeed, Gubarev’s was not. He alleges that he was never contacted for comment, suffering reputational harm in the process.


In the court document, Steele’s barrister, Nicola Cain, argued that the portion of the dossier dealing with Gubarev, which came in weeks after Trump’s election and after Steele was no longer paid by his client for research, amounted to raw intelligence and was advertised as such. She did not return a call or email requests for comment.

Of course, with discovery still ongoing in both lawsuits, we suspect additional details on this narrative will continue to leak out slowly over time despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to conceal the fact that opposition research was being gathered, not just on the Clinton campaign, but on Trump as well.


The full filing can be viewed here:


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All things aside,  Grandpa is just a life-long fuck up-  it's truly amazing how guilded McCain's life has been, considering how little he's actually delivered.Ultimately he'll play the Senile card and exit stage left, untouched, and sadly history will forget how the McCain lineage stained this country.

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McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Graham and a few others need to be water boarded just for drill and then prosecuted for the criminals that they are ! Hillary, Podesta, BHO, Holder , Lynch, and Comey as well for starters !Perhaps then we can actually get somethig done. Americans are fat, dumb and lazy so it all continues !

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British Lawsuit Raises New Questions Over John McCain's Involvement With The "Trump Dossier"My response: Washington DC is a place of absolute and utter "IN YOUR FACE" tyrannical lawlessness.Many of these Senators are SO DIRTY that everywhere they walk, their is a DUST CLOUD that surrounds them. Remember that both OBAMA and HRC were once US Senators and that should explain everything. Between the BAAL worship in both NYC and Washington DC along with the widespread corruption in the legislative bodies of the US government in general, America is really not in a good place and in deparate needs a cleansing revival.May that cleansing revival come soon. I believe we have been referring to this as DRAINING THE SWAMP.

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I'll believe it when I see it.  It's been 6 months (and counting) and we haven't seen any indictments on Hllary, Comey, Lynch, Rice, McCain, Podesta, etc....DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

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The neocons of the establishment Republicans want Trump out even more than the Democrats do. They can't forget Trump's humiliation of his primary opponents, from 'Little Marco' to 'Low Energy Jeb'.

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How many sailors on the USS Liberty were murdered thanks to Aadmiral McCain selling out the Liberty's crew?How many sailors did Johnny McCain kill onthe USS Foresstal?The McCains have killed more American sailors than the Russians ever did.F neo con Soros stooge McCain.

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Squid, not all zonies are "faux news watching, military worshiping, mental midgets". I, for one, attended the annual state GOP meeting as a PC and SC and voted TWICE (on successive years) to censure that POS! The motion carried both times ( almost unanimously, something like 800+ out of 1K members in attendance ) BTW, but is is/was a symbolic measure, that carries no consequence but is intended to "shame" the Senator ( I doubt that is possible! )My point being, the man is nearly universally despised by his own party in his home State! There is a small but powerful cabal of McStain supporters, and they are fed by the McStain $$$. It is bewildering to me as well, how that kind of evil can continue to get reelected. I can only believe vote rigging or mass stupidity   . Either of which are a realistic possibility.

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This just one of these infamous zero calorie Nothing Burgers. Bring in treasonous Don Don Drumpf Jr. with his Hamburger helper and lets make this a meal.

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What authority or competence does Senator McCain have in judging an 'intelligence' document like this, and why would the authors release it to him?  Obviously because they knew it was a commissioned hit piece from the very beginning, and they were trying to build a narrative. 

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First, the fucker lost to the Magic Negro. For that, I'll never forgive him.

Then, there's bringing Sarah Palen to the nation stage...

The third strike is his ongoing love affair with Lindsey Graham...

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Palins instincts were, are, sound. " Straight talk" ( Yeah, right ) McCain, very pseudo populist---------?lead to Palin--------? lead to Trumph.Palin, had that voice, county twang, femal and not rich, so she had little chance, so in political Darwinism the void was filled by someone who not oly could fit in the Bull Crap media/Politainment ( politics & entertainment) but who thrives in it, Trump, who has better media skills than anyone since Reagan,  billions personally  ( FU Bloomberg you loser midget pecksniff  ), but now has the presidency.   If he wants Trump 2020 in a layup. 

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McCain is Anti-Christ: Roman Catholic raised on Capitol Hill, his Navy grandfather was relieved of his command toward the end of WW2, blamed for the gratuitous death of a ship or two full of our sailors and officers, then promptly died in disgrace. But non-locals don't know of the weave then in the fabric of that service - of the predominance of anti-American Roman Catholic corruption and racism.McCain's ancestors fought for the papacy against the ancestors of those of us God sent to America to receive this true "Israel" in express covenant. Once our success was established by grace, his family took their ill-gotten gains, followed us over, and bought a slave plantation in Mississippi to be of the five percent slave "owners," largely made up of the same false-Jews and Caesaropapists who ran "the Wall Street of slavery" at Rome for over 2,000 years, unable to do honest labor with their own hands - members of the satanic monied false-elite of its day - though admittedly serving God's plan that this prophesied "Zion" be comprised of "all nations of the world flowing into it," (Viz. Isaiah 2:2) as opposed to the tribal racist False Zion, Vatican banker/FedScammer Rothschilds' atheist "State of Israel."Some slavers, like Nathan Bedford Forrest found Honor and Humanity in the company of our brethren of African extraction, not McCain's family: for their service is as members of Rome's Fifth Column in America, to oppose God, our Sovereign, and to subvert the utopian "whig" ideals of our founding so obviously present in our current president - of, by, and for, the sovereign People, ruled only by Truth and Justice under God alone.They, like victims of their partner Christ-killing false-Jews' anti-God, anti-Judaism, anti-Gentile, anti-American "Rabbinical Talmudism" satanic cult psychosis, believe their fate is "to own the world and all on it" as multiple papal bulls satanically proclaim.As a military and mechanical incompentant, having thrown away five perfectly good taxpayer-purchased planes, the last over Hanoi, McCain distinguished himself as beneath contempt, protected by his admiral father's patronage. Performing an illegal "wet start" because he just couldn't wait for the deck team to help start his craft, he murdered 134 sailors and officers on the deck of the Forrestal in 1967.After ejecting improperly from his cockpit and consequently injuring himself, stupidly having been hit by a SAM he knew he could have avoided to save his plane, he refused to trust in grace and his fellow prisoners to be healed of his self-inflicted injuries and instead became "Songbird" to get the offered medical help in hospital from his captors. His giving up tactical intelligence led to God only knows how many deaths of American naval aviators.Upon return he committed adultery with an Arizona Mob-front's trollop daughter, betraying the faithful wife and mother of his child who waited. He is maintained politically in Arizona because of that state's Organized Crime control. Remember Don Bolles. Rome's Fifth Column false-Jew/papist Mafia has usurped America as the foretold Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon. McCain rides atop it, Satan's own.Raised Presbyterian, Mr. Trump is anointed of God, Harbinger of the Apocalypse. The Spirit of God, our Sovereign, now pours out over the White House, and soon the People, that the FedScamming, Hitler-financing, Holohoaxing, JFK- and MLK-assassinating, 9/11-committing Vatican banker Rothschild (Soros)/Rockefeller (Bush-Clinton) Beast Fifth Column of the Anti-Christ we came here in express covenant with God to escape be finally cast down as foretold.McCain can't help himself: he is Satan's slave.Death for Treason 

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He's John McStain to me.  A stain of a person for he is not a man but a coward, a traitor and a war profiteer.  McStain can shove an umbrella up his arse and open it for all I care.

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There is nothing left of McCain's brain but seething rage and it's causing him to make really poor decisions, some that could even harm the US. He needs to be called in for questioning about his own mental capacity.

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Like many TRUST FUNDERS McCain is LAZY, COCKY and NOT-TOO-BRIGHT.He's never had to work, never had a job. A rich creamy filling of daddy and grandpa's influence plus billionaire heiress wives with a teflon shell of 'Hanoi Hilton'.His political base is a core of octagenerian voters in and around the 'Valley of the Sun' (Phoenix) who DO. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK. about any facts or details about this creature, and having met him in person I can attest he is one very weird dude....