Wholesale Sales Tumble For 3rd Straight Month, Inventories Build

Well they "built it", but in May, "no one came." Wholesale Inventories rose a better-than-expected 0.4% MoM but sales tumbled worse-than-expected 0.5% (the 3rd monthly decline in a row).

Inventories reversed April's decline...

But sales keep falling... and accelerating...

Automotive inventories rose 0.7% MoM (against April's 1.4% drop) but Automotive sales dropped 0.5% in April.

Wholesale Inventories are still marginally lower for Q2 so far (-0.13%) providing a modest drag on GDP, but sales are down 0.77% in Q2 wit hthe biggest 3-month decline since March 2016 (amid fears of global recession)


This divergence between inventories building and sales slumping pushed the inventories-to-sales ratio up for the first time since November...


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Itstippy, confusion reigns in the minds of the masses because this serves the interests of society's rulers. Let me explain, one by one...

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Israel: 18 families control 60% corporate equity (2:00m in)

Israeli economy is ready to COLLAPSE, MASS PANIC IN ISRAEL

Israelis rally for better economic conditions

Israel mass protests over rising living costs | Aug 2011 | BBC News

So, yes, the Debt-Money Monopolists rule the roost through authoritarian control over the money system (currently incarnated as a debt-money system) and they finance the "Marxist" narrative in all its flavors. Notably, they also finance the destruction of REAL POWER TO THE PEOPLE groups because they have ZERO INTENTION to actually empower ordinary people. Research Operation Gladio, if you haven't already.

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Iran doesn't have a BIS debt-money central bank... who knows what the Banksters will orchestrate to set one up there.

North Korea doesn't have a BIS debt-money central bank.

You get the idea.

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Name a BIS central bank country that ever attacked a BIS central bank country. Just one.

Name some non-BIS central bank countries that attacked BIS central bank countries. There are few.

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Seattle WTO Riots: Problem, Reaction, Solution ( Excerpt Compilation)

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All roads lead to the Debt-Money Monopolist criminal cabal waging Sun Tzu Art of War on ordinary humanity.

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Hiring to produce for the sake of producing....

Companies have excess inventories of goods and excess people on their payroll who are paid to produce them...

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Bath house barry just endorsed hilary today heres waht i see hilary 2020 president barry sotero vice president

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note that the May producer price index for finished goods was down 0.5%, so real invenories are that much higher, and hence will add to Q2 GDP...