The New World Order Takeover Is Very Real... And Will Begin With Germany And China

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In numerous articles over the years I have outlined in acute detail the agenda for a future one-world economic and governmental system led primarily by banking elites and globalists; an agenda they sometimes refer to as the "New World Order." The term has gained such public exposure and notoriety recently that the globalists have fallen back to using different terminology. Some of them, like the International Monetary Fund's Christine Lagarde, refer to it as the "global economic reset." Others call it the "new multilateralism." Still others refer to it as the "end of the unipolar order," referring to the slow death of the U.S. economy as the central pillar of the global economy.

Whatever label they decide to use, all of them signal a full spectrum destabilization of the "old world" financial and geopolitical system and the ascendance of a tightly controlled one world edifice dominated openly by globalist hubs like the IMF and the BIS.

Too many people, even in the liberty movement, tend to examine only the veneer of this agenda. Some have deluded themselves into thinking the U.S. and the dollar are actually the core of the NWO and are therefore indispensable to the globalists. As I have shown time and time again, the Federal Reserve is now on a fast track to complete its sabotage of the U.S. economy; they would not be instigating instability and crisis to deflate the massive fiscal bubbles they have created unless America was at least partially expendable.

Some believe the NWO is a purely "western" construct and that eastern nations are defending themselves against an encroaching globalist empire. I have also shown that this is nonsense, and that eastern nations work closely with the same exact globalists they are supposedly at war with. This includes Russia's Vladimir Putin, a figure often ignorantly praised by select liberty activists.

What we see in the mainstream is conflict, yes; but it is theatrical conflict. At the end of the day, Eastern leaders pander to globalist high priests at the IMF and BIS and have lunch with NWO icons like Henry Kissinger, just as heads of the Republican Party and even Donald Trump's family go out to parties with Democrat strategists and George Soros.

It's all a kabuki play. All the world is a stage...

So, the question then remains, since the NWO and a one world economic system is in fact a real threat proven to exist through considerable evidence including the very words of prominent globalists, how does such a thing begin? If the U.S. is merely a limb that the globalists are willing to sacrifice in trade to gain even greater centralization, where will the NWO actually take root? As noted, both Eastern and Western nations are at the disposal of the international financiers, so it should come as no surprise that the NWO is seemingly taking shape around the relationship between two nations; one from either side.

As Bloomberg announces with apparent glee in an article titled "China, Germany Step Up As U.S. Retires From World Leadership," Donald Trump risks "uniting cold war allies and foes alike against him." In other words, the future is extreme socialism, the populists are a dangerous and dying breed and globalization marches on without them. The narrative is clearly being established.

The relationship between China and Germany might seem strange, but the two countries are far more alike than many people comprehend. Germany is the industrial and economic centerpiece of the European Union.  China is the economic and industrial pillar of Asia.  China sells itself as a communist society with capitalist hobbies. Germany sells itself as a capitalist society integrating socialist (communist) programs and social justice mantras. In reality, both nations are collectivist hell-holes, but this is exactly the kind of model the globalists want for the entire world.

Germany has set the stage for the self-flagellating model of "multiculturalism." Angela Merkel is obsessive in her pursuit of the ideal, and this makes sense from a globalist perspective. Multiculturalism requires absolutely uninhibited movement of ideologies and populations across borders, making borders essentially obsolete. Idiot leftists duped by pie-in-the-sky fantasies like "it takes a village to raise a child" have been exploited by the globalists as a tool to push the end of national sovereignty. Merkel's Germany has been at the forefront of this movement in Europe and is now apparently being groomed as an antithesis to Trump.

Germany has also for many years stood as a kind of socialist paradise, with over 25% of their GDP going into entitlement programs so pervasive it is possible for German citizens (women in particular) to live most of their lives without ever having to work. It was this constant flow of tax dollars into welfare programs that attracted a vast number of so-called "refugees" from Islamic countries into the EU, virtually overwhelming the entitlement system and forcing Germany to put restrictions on new citizens.

China has served the NWO model as more of an oppressive economic testing ground. Welfare and universal health insurance is indeed at the forefront of the Chinese government's latest "five year" program. Of course, with hundreds of millions of Chinese living on less than one U.S. dollar per day, the population has no choice but to rely on the generosity of the state. This has molded an economy that is barely tolerable for many, but tolerable enough to keep them from revolting. It is a dynamic the elites would like to apply in every nation.

The Chinese government oversees every aspect of the corporate networks that make up its economy. A Chinese business is in most cases a Chinese government business. There is no such thing as free enterprise in China. China's relationship with globalist institutions is well known. They are one of the first nations to openly call for a new global currency system headed by the IMF and based on the SDR basket. China has also recently been inducted into membership in the SDR basket by the IMF, showing that the back scratching is mutual.

It is this strategy of elevating the SDR basket and replacing the dollar's world reserve status as a precursor to a global currency that has been brought up time and time again by globalists. Recently by Mohamad El-Rian, former CEO of PIMCO in an article titled "Could The IMF's World Currency Help Encourage Global Unity?" Take special note that El-Erian suggests the shift into a global currency system as a way to fight back against the recent "rise of populism."

In order for such a plan to be launched, there has to be some stability somewhere on the world. While many nations face financial crisis on a scale not seen since the Great Depression, the globalists still need to have places to consolidate capital and establish a beachhead for the next assault on sovereignty. This beachhead may come in the form of an economic union between Germany and China, the two NWO favorites.

China is Germany's largest trading partner and Germany has been the top place for Chinese investment in Europe. Last month Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with the intention of "deepening ties" in the face of "protectionism" promoted by Donald Trump. Merkel stated:

"China has become a more important and strategic partner..."


"We are living in times of global uncertainty and see our responsibility to expand our partnership in all the different areas and to push for a world order based on law..."

Germany's ambassador to Beijing, in a recent briefing with reporters leading into G20 stated:

"The economic and political dynamic from a German perspective is moving toward the east."


"The U.S. has left somewhat of a vacuum in the region by abandoning the proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement..."

As I have argued since before the 2016 election, Donald Trump's job is to be the catalyst for multiple globalist programs which have actually been in the works for decades. Trump is now the excuse for everything. Trump and populism are the excuse for renewed "multilateralism," the excuse for German and Chinese cooperation, the excuse for a new global currency system and, most likely, the scapegoat for the inevitable final stage of our ongoing economic collapse.

Where Trump is supposed to represent the old world order and its "barbarism," Germany and China obviously are being staged as the symbol of something new; a New World Order in which cooperation and interdependency are the great virtues of our epoch. It is my suspicion that along with Russia and China, Germany will be one of the first nations to fully dump the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency when the time comes to shift into the SDR basket system. And, that time is approaching quickly. It is also my suspicion that the globalists are seeking an economic power base from which to project their NWO, and Germany and China fit the bill nicely.

I suggest alternative analysts watch the relationship between these two countries very closely. Their behaviors may signal many changes and dangers ahead.


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USD as a reserve exorbitant privilege should go. Almost anything is abetyer option than that. Having one insane nation high on military industrial fumes and using a print-happy central bank run the world reserve currency is a fucking stupid idea. Even SDR is a better idea, albeit bad at that. Only moronic and selfish Americans who want the rest of the world to pay for the shit that US does are against the change. If the above is NWO, then bring it ln already. 

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The New World Order Takeover Is Very Real... And Will Begin With Germany And ChinaMy response: Below is information that you might find of interest regarding the New World (DIS)Order. Both videos give a very interesting UN perspective that includes American History=====New World Disorder - Part IPublished on Apr 18, 2017Vaughn ShatzerWord of Prophecy Ministries World Disorder - Part IIPublished on Apr 18, 2017Vaughn ShatzerWord of Prophecy Ministries

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LOLOL "Germany and China are collectivist hellholes" LOLOLTry riding the spanking new high-speed train from the gleaming new airport to the gleaming new city while using high-speed broadband network, en route to your extremely low-cost health care and nearly-free top quality university, all while earning a living wage in a manufacturing job. Or for China maybe he should mention the *300 million* people who went from a mud hut to the 21st century in less than 30 years, if you're in Shanghai try dodging the Benzes and Bentleys and the huge middle class buying everything in sight at the gleaming shopping malls.What did Americans get? A bunch of smoking holes in the ground 5000 miles from home where their million-dollar drone missiles killed an impoverished guy on a camel in the desert.Take a bow 'Murkans, the biggest chumps the world has ever seen.

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LOLOLOL 'Murika just imprisons more people than anywhere and marches them straight to the death chambers, no need for a van. Free speech? 'Murika? LOLOLOLOLOL you must be referring to CNN or the New York Times. Or maybe the guy who was just arrested for a Facebook post. Question: have you ever BEEN to Germany? What about China? I highly recommend it. First it will make you very happy, then it will make you very very MAD, if Americans could see what other people in the world get there would be a revolution tomorrow. I'm not saying it's perfect but the RICHEST country in the world should not have INFANT MORTALITY below Bulgaria's, highway and train and airline systems that are THIRD WORLD, and a PAY MORE TO DIE SOONER health care system that is bankrupting everyone. 7 in 10 Americans can't put $1000 together but they're too STUPID to go out in the streets and DO SOMETHING about it.

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So why is China hording so much Gold if they can simply swap all those Treasuries and USD into SDR's if they are, as alleged, complicit in the NWO and great reset? I rather suspect that they have other things in mind with a longer-term perspective involving their own Global dominance. Westerners consistently underestimate the Chinese and never give them credit being very smart and very strategic in all aspects of business. This is just another article looking at China and judging it through Western perpectives.

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IMO it's coming from Russia, they are the only one that is in a good position, China/Germany are both economic basket cases when one takes a closer look.The Protocols says that all nations must be democratic, the people then elect the illiberal world government, that means the PRC needs to go.

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Germany will have little new technology to offer other than what has come out of the lab in the last 6 months. So many German high-tech companies have been bought out or have majoriy stakes owned by China.   China would buy one item of something, reverse engineering it and then offer it as there own at significantly cheaper price (from stealing the technology, using cheaper labor and using shortcuts that diminished the quality).  They would throw up tariffs to force the original item's price up to slow down sales.  When the original company's sales  hit the skids the Chinese would swoop in and buy the company.  Sure Merkel, get in bed with them.

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But the Chinese want "emerging nation" status so they don't have to comly with the Paris Climate Accords like America would have had not Trump taken us out of it.  China is funding and building lots of coal fired power plants in Africa and other places.  So much for global warming and doing somethign POSITIVE about it.  The Chinese will continue to kill off the black rhino for the "manly" hormones in it's tusk and slaughter sharks only for their small fins, dumping the rest of the shark back into the ocean.  So much for their responsible living on this planet. 

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more important question is what you can actually buy for that money. Here is San Francisco I have friends who are global directors of departments of some of the most famous companies in teh world and they can't afford to buy a one-bedroom apartment. I woudl rather make a dollar a day and be able to afford to live

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the cost of living in america is going to be the hill someone chooses or is forced to die on before this NWO thingy can truly get underway. too many filthy rich people have assets denominated in USD, and too many increasingly poor people are stuck living in the US. that the poor will lose bigly is a given. but to truly MAGA the price of labor will have to be slashed to that $1 a day bone. and while that will be a very fucking rude awakening to the average Mericun, the cost of living will have to drop. that will require deflation on a grand scale, and therefore the debt becomes exponentially more unpayable than it already paraphrase lord acton "the battle will eventually be between the people and the banks." i hope we are witnessing an interim phase, where the lackeys of the banks are fighting amongst themselves, and even more importantly, trying to grab that next rung on the ladder, while ignoring the, for lack of a better term, deplorables. because the people need to get their shit together before they even try to think about finally taking on the banks, as necessary as that may be. 

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You think they really let in some random guy with a "buy bitcoin" sign behind Yellen?  Don't worry about that metal on metal sound in the building we're leading you to.  Just keep walking.

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Who run bartertown?Who controls the USD mentioned in the article?Whomever controls the USD controls the USG. Who was in control when manufacturing was sent overseas?Who was in control when the illegals were let in to take jobs and welfare from Americans?Who controls the international banking system?Damned Haitians, that's who.  Those damned Haitians and their voodoo religion.   Burn them all!!!

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Who run bartertown?Da Joos. Who controls the USD mentioned in the article?Da Joos Whomever controls the USD controls the USG.Yah, still da fucking Joos... Who was in control when manufacturing was sent overseas?Mickey Mouse? Nah, it's da Joos again... Who was in control when the illegals were let in to take jobs and welfare from Americans?Who else??? Who controls the international banking system?Da Jooos...

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and are these 8 families moving to australia, canada and the USSA? just asking, because as a REALTOR i could offer them some attractive properties. at good prices, especially if, wink wink, they are stealthily heading for the lifeboats. 'cuz real estate never goes down, nor the value of the fiat currencies it is denominated people never, ever shit where they eat. they shit where other people eat. once that gets too close to where the rich people eat, they move. we are approaching the part of the game where the rich are taking shelter in the neighbor's bathroom to have their scones and tea...

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You can picture the son of a bitches sitting around decades ago agreeing to this as they looted America..They have most of what they need with the control of social media and search engines..Listen to Kikebook Zuc and he speaks this language..I think the fourth turning is going to shit in this soup though..

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what you say reminds me of what English people say about that guy who bought the old London Bridge: "Stupid Americans they woudl buy anything!"to which I reply: "the real problem is the English - they would sell everything"What does it tell you about American sheeple if they allwed that to happen?Jewish psychopathic 'culture'  and greed meets Anglo-Saxon slavish but selfish materialistic/deluded mentality - a mix from hell

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WTF!!!  Maybe China can buy some of those ECB financed Bunds at 50 points on the overvalued euro? Who ever wrote this tripe needs an education on Zeta / Delta returns.