Why Middle America Doesn't Care About The Trump Jr. Narrative: Reuters Explains

For almost a full year now the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN, among others, have teamed up to bring us one Russian collusion story after another.  Yet, after all of it, even including the New York Times' most recent Trump Jr. 'bombshell', they are still no closer to actually presenting any tangible evidence that anyone within the Trump administration actually colluded with the Russian government and/or otherwise committed any actual crimes of any type throughout the 2016 campaign.

And while we suspect that these media outlets somehow feel it is their duty to advance the cause of 'The Resistance' at all costs, even if it means destroying their own journalistic integrity from time to time with a few fake news reports, we get the feeling that this crusade could end up backfiring 'bigly' with the folks of middle America.

As Reuters points out today, absent any tangible evidence to the contrary, the media's breathless Russian coverage has done little to turn the pro-Trump sections of middle America against the President...if anything, it has only served to bolster their support of the President and further erode their confidence in the media.

Many of the 20 people interviewed in several Ohio towns were dismissive of the barrage of headlines about a June 2016 meeting between Trump's eldest son Donald Jr. and a woman he was told was a Russian government lawyer who might have damaging information about Democratic election rival Hillary Clinton.


In Little Hocking, Ohio, Lisa Walker, 54, runs a small thrift shop. Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the American flag, she says her husband has expressed fears that somebody is going to try and assassinate Trump.


She and her husband voted for Trump. She has followed the revelations about the younger Trump on the news. She sees the Russia investigation as proof that "people are out to get Trump. I would hope they have better things to do than play games and attack Trump."


Similarly, in Jackson and Piketon, Ohio, Donald Trump Jr.'s troubles appeared to strengthen support for his father and Trump family members who many in the area see as embattled victims.


In Hillsboro, the county seat of Highland County, the editor of the Hillsboro Times Gazette, Gary Abernathy, says many people in the county believe the media is trying to destroy Trump.


"I don't mind Donald Trump being treated critically or aggressively, but not in a way that is an effort to drag him down. Donald Trump Jr. had one 20 minute meeting with a lawyer from Russia and it's wall-to-wall coverage."

In reality, it's quite obvious that the media's mass hysteria is really only serving to bolster 'The Resistance' in the major metro areas of the country.  But, as Democrats should have learned by now, rallying the disaffected liberal voters of New York and California is not going to win any national elections.

Trump Jr.

Of course, this isn't a new phenomenon. 
Recent polls have suggested that voters grew weary of the media's constant Russia hysteria some time ago.  In fact, a recent Marist poll conducted before the latest Trump Jr. story was released suggested that only 25% of Americans thought that Trump had done "something illegal."  Meanwhile, even among Democrats, only 41% thought that something criminal happened in the 2016 election.

Moreover, only slightly more people, 33%, thought any of Trump's campaign associates had done anything illegal.

In short, for those folks at the NYT, CNN, etc, whose goal is the destruction of Trump - even if simply to validate their erroneous reporting in 2016 when everyone had written Trump off - then perhaps consider changing the strategy when it comes to impacting roughly half of America, as the current path appears self-destructive with those voters who will matter the most when 2020 comes along. 


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So it's time to get to the bottom of who hired Fusion GPS in the first place--was it a McCain/RNC operation to begin with, or a DNC/Clinton/Podesta operation? Did Rob, or Natalia, or both, get the commission?  And was Seth Rich in the communication chain?  Was Hillary?  Was Lynch? Obama?  The 'never Trump' people had a certain sanctimonious arrogance that can easily turn to sedition and treason. Crack THAT.

barndoor Arnold Thu, 07/13/2017 - 08:54 Permalink

If if is illegal to hack an email account, then it is illegal to encourage someone to hack an email account.  It's called abetting.  Trump did exactly that on live TV during the campaign.  We all saw it with our own eyes.If any of us little people did that, we would be charged criminally.

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Teja espirit Thu, 07/13/2017 - 10:31 Permalink

Which shows that the U.S. are on their way down south, ending up as just another of those Latin American countries where people don't care either about their corrupt elites, be they "conservative" or "progressive". Ref. Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil.Not caring means giving up, or worse - leaving politics to the radicals on both sides. If that was the plan, it is a stupid self-destructive plan (for whoever made that plan).

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Hmmm, perhaps it's because the article wasn't about Trump's approval rating it was about what Americans are feeling about this tiresome Russian narrative. We're sick and tired of it and I'm one of them. Not surprised? Who cares what someone like me thinks? You should. . .

I'm a fanatical middle of the road in politics. I started out the presidential election thinking I would vote for Hillary, then I watched the DNC convention. I'm middle class, I'm a woman, I've literally put my life on the line for minority rights, I voted for Obama and John McCain, I was a published editorial cartoonist by over 9 different newspapers and they were all liberal papers except for two, so my middle slant is well documented.

Now look at me. . .all you have to do is read my posts here to see the effect the media's "narrative" is having on me. That's why I want them to continue. Be prepared for Trump's second term. At this rate it's definitely going to happen.

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Barmdoor,You are either stupid or a hopeless liberal sheep.What we saw was Trump encouraging someone to release the emails from a known illegally set up server which Hillary rotten to the core Clinton had to skirt freedom of information act requestd and required government preservation of records so she could do her corrupt, illegal, treasonous shit.  Trump openly encouraged this because your god Obama and his justice department were coverimg it up and,sweeping it under the rug.Fuck you barndoor.

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“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.  I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”(1) He didn't encourage "someone", he encouraged "Russia". Be a man and deal the actual facts as they occurred on the day.  Don't downplay the shit after the fact.(2) The phrase "I hope you are able to find" is in a future tense.  This statement encourages future events that have not yet occurred.   In order to "find" the emails in question, Russia would have needed to hack an email account somewhere.  (3) I thought that Hillary should have been charged under the Espionage Act for the private server, and I argued against anyone who tried to down play her crime.  You don't know a fucking thing about 

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So I'm a "left wing ideologue" who believes that Hillary Clinto should have been indicted under the Espionage Act.  Interesting....I guess anything less that blindly following the present administration makes you a commie.The "deep state" bugs here are going to love it when Putin is calling the shots.  I gaurantee his "state" is much "deeper" than what you are accustomed to.   

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Though I pick on Frozengoods a lot, I like their presence here. He/she/transgender/bi-gender/no gender/tri-gender (the list is endless) represent what the far left truly believes and it's wonderful to debate them here. Sometimes they even make some great points, mostly they show the flawed thinking of the left. But most importantly, they're pretty civil and intelligent though admittly I usually disagree with them.

People answering their statements teach me a thing or two that I didn't know. The whole Neocon thing was lost on me until I finally realized ohhhhhhhh those are those think tank guys that thought we should take over Iraq and Syria to make peace in the Middle East (How's that working for ya.) I just didn't know what Neo-con meant.

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"The phrase "I hope you are able to find" is in a future tense.  This statement encourages future events that have not yet occurred.   In order to "find" the emails in question, Russia would have needed to hack an email account somewhere."I've run across my share of morons in my day but a barn door, that's dumber than a rock!There would be no way to "hack them in the future", you utterly devoid of minimal intelligence buffoon, as Hillary's servers were no longer hooked up to the internet.  Obviously he was being facetious, and not buying into the argument (making the rounds at the time) that Russia had hacked them to help Trump.  His point was: where's the help?  A dumbass barn door doesn't understand most basic English. 

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barndoor NiggaPleeze Thu, 07/13/2017 - 15:33 Permalink

No way to hack them in the future?  There might have been copies of those emails in any number of places.  For instance, the accounts to which the sent emails were delivered, or the accounts from which the inbox emails originated.  That makes sense, doesn't it?Even the FBI thought there might be copies of the missing emails on Weiner's laptop, and that happened well after Trump's statement.  Maybe the Russian could have hacked Weiner's laptop to see if they were there.Even if the statement is stupid, it was Trump who made it, not me.  If Trump was wasting the Russian's time asking them to look for emails that no longer existed, that's on him, not me. 

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You may wish to try and trade your LLD for an LLB.  I think the "D" is causing it to malfunction.If you were going to take the time to comment that I'm wrong, wouldn't you also take the time to supply the correct definition?  With google, it only takes a minute:a·bet??bet/verbgerund or present participle: abetting

  1. encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense.

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 OMG This sounds so nicro-aggressionish… I feel wounded,,, I need to go to my safe space.   Please do not offend me anymoar.   ..maybe I need to identify with another gender.

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Why Middle America Doesn't Care About The Trump Jr. Narrative: Reuters ExplainsMy response: MIddle America doesn't care because the PEOPLE who are SCREAMING about it have behaved in a similar manner. In a word, the PEOPLE screaming (PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL LEFT) are all HYPOCRITES.In addition, what Donald Trump Jr. was doing was not illegal, it was valid POLITICAL OPPOSITION RESEARCH. Sound familiar HILLARY and OBAMA?????It is time to GO AFTER HRC, OBAMA and their associates in both parties. ARREST SOMEONE and DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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Unfortunately, per David Stockman today, Donald Trump in an appointment to one of the Fed vacancies has “ picked the absolute worst resume available. Namely, that of one Randall Quarles, who is a veritable creature of the Wall Street/Washington establishment and has spent a lifetime alternately feeding the [Fed’s] policy-induced mutations… and milking them for personal fame and profit. “His own self-promoting resume tells you all you need to know. It is a self-indictment and resounding proof that the Donald has now capitulated entirely to Wall Street and its monetary central planners at the Fed….”https://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/07/david-stockman/big-fat-ugly-bubble/

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veritable creature of the Wall Street/Washington establishment He'll be in good company with the other cronies DT has chosen from GS, after all they pull the levers from behind the curtain. USA Inc. is their company after all. Elections are to make it look like a democracy rather than corporatocracy. Capitalism is a society where billionaire capitalists own vast companies, banks, shares, and much of the land as well. Elected governments are bent to the will of the big corporations which the capitalists own. To achieve genuine socialism, this ownership of the world's wealth by the 1% must be ended. Capitalism means that a great deal of our society's resources, needed to produce the things we need, are privately owned.Capitalism is based on the private ownership of the productive forces (factories, offices, science and technique)The bosses of the big corporate enterprises always threaten that if wages and conditions are not worsened, they will take their business to another country where wages are lower.

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