Yellen’s Shocking Announcement:The $USD is TOAST

Fed Chair Janet Yellen just announced that the Fed will be kicking the $USD off a cliff.

She didn’t use those words, but the words she did use weren’t all that different.

But first a little context…

The fact is that the $USD has been falling steadily throughout 2017. At this time of this writing, it was down nearly 7% year to date.

And this was during a period in which the Fed was RAISING interest rates multiple times!

Enter Yellen’s testimony to Congress today.

Going into this meeting, the Yellen Fed was talking about aggressive tightening with multiple more rate hikes AND the Fed draining liquidity from the system via a shrinking of its balance sheet.

In this context, Yellen just made a complete 180 degree turn in front of Congress a few minutes ago.

She was dovish.

And not just a little… I mean DOVISH.

A few of her key comments:

  • The Fed doesn’t need to raise rates that much further to be at a neutral level.
  • Inflation is running below the Fed’s goal.
  • The Fed won’t use the shrinking of its balance sheet as a “monetary tool” (meaning it won’t be about draining liquidity from the system).

Put simply, the Yellen Fed is in fact just about done with tightening.

And the $USD is toast.

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XAU XAG Wed, 07/12/2017 - 09:47 Permalink

USD toast ROTFLMAO! It's just defrosting. When the WORLD needs some place safe to park it's assets it will be the USD. And it's comming soon

DarkPurpleHaze Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:00 Permalink

Toast? Lol!The same stale dollar doomer stuff has been going on since the Fed's inception over 100 years ago. Those people were entirely wrong back then and they'd still be waiting for it to happen.The USD is nowhere near toast and a USD collapse is not going to happen like some pathetic doomers are breathlessly anticipating and counting on as their ENTIRE gold/silver to the moon pumper spiel has entirely been based upon. Anybody breathlessly watching the USDJPY pairing as the be-all-end-all indicator for gold, silver etc. is spewing a desperate B.S. narrative and treading water at this point.    

DarkPurpleHaze Billy the Poet Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:50 Permalink

Yep, and those defaults or "collapses" resulted in what? Nothing.Yes, they technically defaulted but it matters little today as we talk about how strong it still is relative to most other currencies.That's really the only thing that matters at this point. The USD is  not shrinking away or collapsing anytime soon. I'm not  a dollar cheerleader but instead merely a realist who isn't trying to pitch anything to anybody.What othet currency is going to step into a bigger role? The yuan probably at some point but not anytime soon like some people are basing their doomer fantasies/predictions upon.Gold are silver are definitely wise to own but being a dollar doomer cheerleader isn't a prerequisute either.

In reply to by Billy the Poet

NidStyles DarkPurpleHaze Wed, 07/12/2017 - 12:15 Permalink

They resulted in the US government handing over governing authority to the Fed and then the UN.

Perhaps you should actually spend time perusing the US governments treaties with UN on disarmament of the public. They coincided with treaties on banking and had exclusionary timelines built in.

Then again that would mean you would have to actually do some research and break that indoctrination you learned in school about holding dissimilar events as being a part of a larger agenda of something greater than individual politicians.

You know, you'd actually have to consider that organizations like the CFR do actually operate an agenda in collusion like their mandates and mottos say they do.

In reply to by DarkPurpleHaze

RedBaron616 Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:19 Permalink

So ZH is now running ads disguised as stories? The content of ZH is going downhill at a rapid rate. Need new editors quickly or many of us will find somewhere else to get our daily dose.