Is This The Generation That Is Going To Financially Destroy America?

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

Did you know that the federal government is going to spend more than 4 trillion dollars this year?  To put that into perspective, U.S. GDP for the entire year of 2017 is going to be somewhere between 18 and 19 trillion dollars.  So when you are talking about 4 trillion dollars you are talking about a huge chunk of our economy.  But of course the federal government doesn’t bring in 4 trillion dollars a year.  At the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term, we were 10.6 trillion dollars in debt, and now we are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt.  That means that we have been adding more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt.  When you break that down, that means that we have essentially been stealing more than a hundred million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of every single day to pay for our debt-fueled lifestyle.  Even Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is warning that this is not sustainable, and yet we just keep on doing it.

Nobody can pretend that what we have today is the kind of limited federal government that our founders intended.  When federal spending accounts for more than 20 percent of GDP, it is hard to argue that we haven’t moved very far down the road toward socialism.  As I mentioned above, total federal spending will surpass 4 trillion dollars for the first time ever in 2017…

Both the Congressional Budget Office and the White House Office of Management and Budget project that federal spending will top $4 trillion for the first time in fiscal 2017, which began on Oct. 1, 2016 and will end on Sept. 30.


In its “Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2017 to 2027” published last week, CBO projected that total federal spending in fiscal 2017 will hit $4,008,000,000,000.

I was recently asked how we are going to pay for a 4 trillion dollar government if we abolish the income tax like I am proposing.

Well, the truth is that we would have to dramatically reduce the size and scope of the federal government Our founders always intended for the individual state governments to be much stronger than they are right now, and it is time for us to restore that constitutional balance.

Something desperately needs to be done, because we have a federal government that is completely and totally out of control.  Even the Congressional Budget Office agrees that we are headed toward absolute disaster if our leaders in Washington don’t start displaying some fiscal responsibility…

A large and continuously growing federal debt would increase the chance of a fiscal crisis in the United States. Specifically, investors might become less willing to finance federal borrowing unless they were compensated with high returns. If so, interest rates on federal debt would rise abruptly, dramatically increasing the cost of government borrowing. That increase would reduce the market value of outstanding government securities, and investors could lose money. The resulting losses for mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and other holders of government debt might be large enough to cause some financial institutions to fail, creating a fiscal crisis. An additional result would be a higher cost for private-sector borrowing because uncertainty about the government’s responses could reduce confidence in the viability of private-sector enterprises.


It is impossible for anyone to accurately predict whether or when such a fiscal crisis might occur in the United States. In particular, the debt-to-GDP ratio has no identifiable tipping point to indicate that a crisis is likely or imminent. All else being equal, however, the larger a government’s debt, the greater the risk of a fiscal crisis.


The likelihood of such a crisis also depends on conditions in the economy. If investors expect continued growth, they are generally less concerned about the government’s debt burden. Conversely, substantial debt can reinforce more generalized concern about an economy. Thus, fiscal crises around the world often have begun during recessions and, in turn, have exacerbated them.

I get so frustrated with Republicans in Congress, because they are supposed to be watching out for us.

During the 2010 elections, one of the biggest mid-term landslides of all time gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives and they have had it ever since.  One of the pillars of the “Tea Party revolution” was fiscal responsibility, but the national debt has just continued to explode.

When the Republicans took control of the House in early 2011, we were about 14 trillion dollars in debt, and now we are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt.

We have been betrayed, and those that have done this to us need to be held accountable.

Of course the big reason why our politicians never want to control spending is because they know what it will do to our economy.

During the Obama years, we spent more than 9 trillion dollars that we didn’t have.  If we could somehow go back and take 9 trillion dollars out of the economy over those 8 years, we would be in the worst depression in U.S. history right now.

Nobody in Washington wants to be responsible for plunging us into an economic depression, and so they just keep stealing from the future in order to prop things up in the short-term.

And a similar thing could be said about central bank intervention.  If the Federal Reserve and other global central banks had not pumped trillions upon trillions of dollars into the financial system over the past 8 years, we would be in the midst of a horrific economic nightmare right now.

But now all of that “hot money” has created epic financial bubbles all over the planet, and when they finally burst the ensuing crisis will be far, far worse than if they had never intervened in the first place.

Global central banks now have more than 20 trillion dollars in assets on their balance sheets and the world is more than 217 trillion dollars in debt.  The desperate measures that national governments and central banks have been taking have delayed the coming crisis, but they have also guaranteed that it will be far worse than it could have otherwise been.

The stage is set for the worst financial crisis in world history, and the only way that it can continue to be delayed is for our leaders to continue to inflate the bubbles larger and larger and larger.

But of course no bubble can last forever, and the bigger they become the harder they burst.


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What other choice is there if capitalism DEMANDS year over year, and month over month growth, in an environment that has NO growth? You either artificially create growth through WAR or massive DISEASE. Either way, we would be fucked. This is not the beginning of the 20th century where people actually had compassion for their fellow, and tried to work with each other - job and food lines of the 30's show men in suits, and hat, and everyone standing inline peacefully. Today, not so much, it has devolved into a me-ISM culture...

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Amen, Sonny.  The day of doom bomb was lit 104 years ago by a (((tiny cabal))) of international usurers who saw in America the ripest sucker plums in all of their sordid history of nation wrecking.  Our ignorance, trust and selfishness has perpetuated what many learned people knew long ago to be the most dishonest and unConstitutional scam ever perpetrated upon this country.  This generation will merely be the one that suffers most when it all comes crumbling down.  Our job is to inform them exactly who and what is to blame.  Honest debt-free money must be the brick and mortar of any ensuing rebirth.

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"Well the City of London set this whole thing up. JP Morgan was simply an agent for the Bank of England when he organized this meeting down in a... Jekyll Island Georgia and a, the Federal Reserve bank of New York... the stock is principally owned by five merchant banks in London chartered by the Bank of England. So you see every decision of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York a... comes out of London."
~ Quote Eustace Mullins.

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The proportions that make up America's Service, Goods Producing, and Governmental employment have fundamentally changed since WWII.  The link below outlines that nearly all US job growth since 1939 has come from the service sector, with an assist from government jobs.  And as for the Goods producing sector, it currently employs the same number as it did in March of 1953 and nearly five million fewer than at it's peak in 1979.  The goods producing sector has been outnumbered by the government sector since 2009, another inglorious milestone for America.

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Hey! Here's an idea!Lets use wages stolen from society as it goes about producing things for society and then add those stolen monies back in the form of government expenditures into the GDP formula!Theoretically, we could confiscate all the wages of society through taxation and double GDP! ;-) 

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lol...they all do it.Remember when (I think it was France or Belgium) was batting around the idea of adding black market activity to their GDP? That would be "criminal activity" to the snowflakes playing along at naturally, it would have to be estimated.Its like a central planners wet dream..."I can make the GDP be anything I want!"Yes...but...when the "rampant crime numbers" don't add up you're kinda back to square one mathematically OR you can say your "law enforcement" sucks which is great for tourism...LMAO!Ahhh well, back to the ole drawing board, they stay busy with this kind of BS ;-)

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Republicans have no objection to deficit spending in and of itself or do they have any objection to the scale of it.  They only ever complain about what it gets spent on.

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The more efficiencies that are found the less leakage there is and the less leakage there is the fewer jobs they'll be. Try it at home. Cut back on everything that you can think of that you're wasting. The money you save is money not spent into the economy. Money not spent into the economy causes the economy to contract.

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Thats a misconception. The money I save will back investments in the future and insure that I pay my bills tomorrow should I run into a misfortune. Spending it all today is reckless and guarantees that my finances will eventually crash, I go bankrupt, and default on my obligations. Savings provides the backstop to growth. Spending it all up now creates the illusion of prosperity at the expense of tomorrow.

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If I'm wrong then where are the new jobs that we were told would replace the old jobs? We're continually told that automation won't kill jobs because someone will have to fix the robots. When can we expect those jobs to show up?I contend that your investments in the future aren't designed to ensure a prosperous future, but instead only buys you, and you alone, more time. Sooner or later it'll catch up to you too.

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Those jobs are all around you.  They just aren't called, 'robot fixers'.  They are called maintenance, Insrumentation and controls technicians, IT support, etc.  There are actually a lot of them.  You might say those jobs don't involve actual robots but that would mean that you are thinking of articficial intelligent robots.  There aren't any of those in existence as of yet.  It might be many years or even never before that happens.  Elon Musk will still be willing to sell you one today and you can possession someday.

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Nobody ever said automation wouldn't kill jobs.  The only reason for robots is to do the same amount of work with fewer jobs.  Just like every other human invention, ever: the bow and arrow, the wheel, the plow, the internal combustion engine, the assembly line....  Every invention, ever, was purposed to reduce work, which translates immediately into killing jobs.

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I don't care about the job. I just want the money. Let's call it a royalty for having stood in place of the robot for all those years. Heck, there wouldn't even be a need for a robot if I hadn't been there doing the job in the first place. No one cares about the job, we work because we get money. I don't understand why you all focus on the wrong thing. We just want the money.

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That's what I'm talking about, Sonny. The economy is like old man pampers. I wear mine until they have absorbed all the piss and shit they can and almost, well, you never know what will happen... spill out the sides. Depending on how much I'm drinking. Also good for road trips. Say I can get two, three days out of one. I also use a lot less toilet paper. I have also stopped eating breakfast and lunch and instead stare at the sun for photosynthesis. It does a body.It's time to stop wasting and stop using: put the brakes on the private sector. Kill job growth. Save the landfills for our future.When the economy contracts it will form a diamond of the old lump of coal from Santa and we will all become rich again.I keep a sun dial on my bicycle and a compass to save on watch batteries. Shit is pretty accurate. Good enough. I'm also working on a stillsuit prototype to correct the afformentioned inefficiencies of diapers. Goes pretty good with the foil reflector ovens I made out of shoeboxes to cook hot dogs with. Fuck, I'm saving some phat cash now. Prolly one hundred bucks a month. But it's a bonus when I'm homeless. No bills, no rent. Those are the salad days, my friend. 

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Economists confuse the economy with money. An economist would say that if you spent $1000 on a hooker, that expanded the economy, but if you stayed at home with your wife, that contracted the economy.Economists do not make that mistake innocently.  They work for people who extract commissions every time money changes hands.  (And a larger commission at the moment when those people "create" the money out of thin air in the first place.)

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You might try this, Sonny.  It's a version of the "broken window theory of economics".  Go to your local Police Station and throw rocks through the windows.  They will put you in jail.  While you are in jail you can make thousands of automobile license plates, and the State can sell them, and every sale helps the economy.

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snyder is running for office.he was on CTM the other nite.never addressed how he's going to dissolve the corporation or frb.too religion centric to address that big fat elephant in the room.

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Republicrats are Swamp Creatures just like the Demonrats; they just play the tune of `loyal opposition`.  They all need to be put on buses for a short ride to the quarry where they will all be summarily executed.

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it is a dirty trick by the criminal elite to blame our problems on the people and so called socialism. the source of our problems are the elite, the military complex, banks and corporations. this article = complete bullshit