Turkey "Turns Away" From NATO, Buys Russian Advanced Missile System For $2.5 Billion

In a move that Bloomberg has defined as "signalling a turn away from the NATO military alliance that has anchored Turkey to the West for more than six decades" Turkey agreed to pay $2.5 billion to acquire Russia’s most advanced missile defense system, a senior Turkish official told Bloomberg on Thursday. The proposed deal which was first reported here back in November 2016, has been finalized and the preliminary agreement sees Turkey receiving two S-400 missile batteries from Russia within the next year, then producing another two inside Turkey.

For Ankara, which has had a dramatic falling out with its NATO partners over the past year, the missile deal with Russia “is a clear sign that Turkey is disappointed in the U.S. and Europe,” said Konstantin Makienko, an analyst at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, a Moscow think-tank. “But until the advance is paid and the assembly begins, we can’t be sure of anything.” Furthermore, the Russian system would not be compatible with other NATO defense systems, but just as importantly wouldn’t be subject to constraints imposed by the alliance, which prevent Turkey from deploying such systems on the Armenian border, Aegean coast or Greek border. The Russian deal would allow Turkey to deploy the missile defense systems anywhere in the country, a move which will prompt a cry of outrage from Turkey's neighbors, especially Greece.

So what does Turkey get in exchange for $2.5 billion? First and foremost, Russia's most advanced technology or know-how, a Turkish official quoted by Bloomberg said. Turkey wants to be able to produce its own advanced defense systems, and the Russian agreement to allow two of the S-400 batteries to be produced in Turkey would serve that aim. For Russia there is little to lose from the deal as the US most likely already has the full details of the system, however they are obviously kept secret from US NATO allies, especially someone as volatile as Turkey.

“There are a lot of different levels of technology transfer,” and any offer to Turkey would probably be limited in terms of sophistication, said Makienko, the Moscow-based analyst. For Russia, the potential risk from the transaction contained: “For Turkey to be able to copy the S-400 system, it would have to spend billions to create a whole new industry.”

According to Bloomberg, the S-400 is designed to detect, track and then destroy aircraft, drones or missiles. It’s Russia’s most advanced integrated air defense system, and can hit targets as far as 250 miles away. Russia has also agreed to sell them to China and India, both nations who are masters at reverse engineering.

As further reported, Turkey and Russia are currently sorting out technical details and it could take about one year to finalize the project, although one battery may be available earlier if Russia decides to divert it from another country. The missiles are not ready to sell off-the-shelf and Russia will have to produce the batteries before delivering them.

Most concerning for NATO, however is that the systems delivered to Turkey would not have a friend-or-foe identification system, which means they could be deployed against any threat without restriction.

Meanwhile, news of the deal are likely to strain relations between Turkey and NATO to the point of breaking, if not beyond. Disagreements between Turkey, which has the second-largest army by personnel numbers in NATO, and the U.S., the bloc’s biggest military, have also impacted business. No U.S. companies bid for a Turkish attack helicopter contract in 2006 after Turkey insisted on full access to specific software codes, which the U.S. refused to share, considering it a security risk. Turkey partnered with Italy instead in a $3 billion project to co-produce 50 attack helicopters for its army.

And now, very symbolically, it has picked the sworn enemy of NATO: Russia.

There is still a chance, however slim, that the deal will fall apart:

Turkey has reached the point of an agreement on a missile defense system before, only to scupper the deal later amid protests and condemnation from NATO. Under pressure from the U.S., Turkey gave up an earlier plan to buy a similar missile-defense system from a state-run Chinese company, which had been sanctioned by the U.S. for alleged missile sales to Iran.

That said, such an outcome is unlikely as it will be seen as caving to Erdogan's hard-knuckled negotiating style, something a "resurgent" Europe under the new ownership of Merkel and Macron will not allow.


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Its an alliance that historically makes no sense from a national standpoint, but from a religious one it does.Russia is on Turkey's border, and as a orthdox Christian country is an implacable foe of Islam, yet has Islamic regions inside it to contend with.  I see this as Erdogan moving in on the middle east by removing his restraints via NATO and US.As for reverse engineering, well good luck on that.  Unless this is 1970's technology then they'll be presented with a heap of circuit boards, a pile of chips and some pre-compiled software.  Its the chips I know most about, if they put enough metal layers on them at a small enough geometry then it'll be a total nightmare to try and reverse engineer.  Even very old by today's standards 0.25um chips have 1 million gates per mm^2, and the smallest die is 25mm^2 - guess here at average 10x10 so 100mm^2.  If they have a modern process closer to todays 0.014um them things really ramp up 10x-100x worse to deconstruct on a electron microscope!It would be faster to design your own system from scratch several times than reverse engineer this one.  So while they'll get a leg up on rocketry and the mechanical aspects the software and microcircuitry will be a complete unknown.One thing is sure, if Erdogan continues on this course then Greece will get a bailout from the gods when either the US, Europe or Russia or all of them start courting them as a real buttress to a new Ottoman empire.

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"... as a orthdox Christian country (Russia) is an implacable foe of Islam, yet has Islamic regions inside it to contend with "two sentences, divided by a comma, whereas I'd say that the second proves that the first has to be taken with a huge pinch of saltactually, strike thatCatherine the Great, Empress of All Russias, granted the right to build mosques to the Tatars in the 18th Centurysince her, the policies of Russia were never even in the neighbourhood of being "an implacable foe of Islam". and the madness of Communism was against all religions, for the time of the Soviet Unionyes, there is a thrust towards the declaration of Islam being the same as fundamentalist Islam, as radical Islam, as jihadist Islam, as virulent hating Islam, as warmongering Islamand it's a coalition that dubs itself Judeo-Christian, and tends to attract... fundamentalists, radicals, crusaders, virulent haters and warmongersoh, and End-Of-Times Doomersnope, neither Russia nor the Vatican are jumping on this bandvagon of hate, war, more hate and more war and please Armageddon Now

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Turkey is the new sheriff  on the new silk road / obor.  Most of the hot spots from W. China to Afghanistan  and beyond  have ethnic Turks involved in some way. The US had other plans for these groups, but now it looks like Erdowan will marshall them for the greater good,  aka. Keeping the peace. China, Russia, Iran,  Qatar,  Turkey.  Germany on deck.

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"Will NATO aid Turkey if attacked near Qatar... "from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Atlantic_Treaty#Article_5"The key section of the treaty is Article 5. Its commitment clause defines the casus foederis. It commits each member state to consider an armed attack against one member state, in Europe or North America, to be an armed attack against them all. "as a reminder, Art. 5 has been invoked once, and only once. On Oct. 4th, 2001, that invocation by President George W. Bush was confirmed as valid by the alliescounterexample: Falklands_Warin 1982, Argentine troops invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands. the UK went to war without invoking Art. 5faintly related: if you were to search for "Mr. Trump", "NATO" and "Art.5", you could be excused to believe that Mr. Trump did not confirm the US government's allegiance to the principles of the NATO Charternevertheless, Mr. Trump did that, in a few speeches, among them one in Poland, recently. (another case of a divergence between factual reality and perceptions, particularly those crafted for the US public)so, the proper answer to your question is a huge whopping "depends"on the type of attack, on where, on by whom, and so ongenerally speaking, a vicious, forceful, unexpected attack on critical "assets", particularly on the core territory of an ally is a 100% clear casenote that Mr. Erdogan did make some noises about the possibility of Turkey invoking Art. 5, but that was at the beginnings of the war in Syria

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yeah, so I cringe when all this talk of Ukraine joining NATO is in the news.  First bone to pick is fighting a war that someone else ramped up.  Letting a country into NATO that is so freaking corrupt (with the oligarchs steal the technology, the equipment, the supplies and the information to sell for a buck or two).

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First bone to pick is fighting a war that someone else ramped up. The US was heavily involved in the Ukraine coup. The US at present is arming them to the teeth and training the poor bastard conscripts. The FBI is there teaching them how to pacify the civilian population.The corruption of the Ukraine was always there but the US , EU and Canada have magnified it 10 times in magnitude. Ukraine is now lost as an independent nation. They lost the Crimea and are fixing to lose most of the Donbass.Another nation destroyed by the western song.

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>after Turkey insisted on full access to specific software codesThose same software codes that disable the weapons system if the US decides you have suddenly become an enemy of the U.S.? 

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I wonder if they'll be paying for the new rockets with US dollars ?add:and obviously when they start seriously stomping the kurds, who are bff with the Americans, they'll need an independent deterrent to help their "friends" see common sense

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Tubes are unaffected by EMP. At that time it was their best defense. I actually had the opportunity to disassemble some of their equipment. Some of the tubes were smaller than some transistors of the time.And yes,,, tubes do have better reproduction capabilities, but quality doesn't fly in today's digital garbage. You'll only see them in big bands.... Most are Russian or Czech made.

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I heard but couldn't get links that the Russians have shown some US and allied smart bombstrikes from a couple years back  Afghanistan on their TV portrayed as the accuracy of their strikes in Syria on ISIS.  Many of the bomb releases they show on Russian TV are of dumb bombs dropped from above the clouds. Then they cut to bombs ripping across buildings.  Unpossible.

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Qatar will be next - Russia has allowed them to buy 19.5 % of Rosneft as a 'sweetener' !!!

Brilliant strategist is Vlad !!! Russia will disable NATO ' piece by piece' - FUCK the Zio/US !!

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Germany will be next. Germans won't buy any US military tech but they will buy straight from the Russians. And Trump will look like an idiot forcing the Germams to "increase military spending".

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both are so called "air superiority" warplanes, aren't they?for defense, for the purpose of making sure that nobody even comes to the idea of doing a full-scale great war...... air superiority drones are way cheaperand... it's easy to do them. they have just to start off, and keep the airspace free from whatever fliesyes, imagine this: robots being the best for defense, while still needing humans for attackthe same applies to let's say robots on tracks meant to search and destroy tanksjust a thought, mind, but it is one that is being actively pursuited

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Can you stop being delusional and think you represent Europe? You are NOBODY! And you sure as hell act like an NON elected MOTHERFUCKER! You disgust me. BLA BLA BLA BLAH! All you have to contribute! DIE ALREADY OLD FAG! DIE... Try me! Dare me. Pussy! Talking, no yapping, about prices? FUCK! These things are cheaper than your beloved gimmegrants! FUCKING TRAITOR! Damn LIAR. Just admit you want your fucking EU goons to kill people like me! Because I don't like your EU (EU DOES NOT EQUAL EUROPE, double speak nonsense) shit. Damn pussy! You're a disgrace. Keep the smoke and mirrors going. Go full victim. Fuckin asshat. From European to European... I'll make sure you hang from a lamp post. Next to your traitor buddies. 

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Turkey shoots down Russian Mig coming out of Syria after strafing some of Erdogan's muzzie friends, who are trying to overthrow al-Assad. Lolipop boy Macron promises to pay for Turkry to please buy into their taxpayer funded Co2 banker credit trading casino. Turkey says thanks, then walks across the street and pays Russia for some missiles capable of downing NATO jets and drones. I need a PowerPoint flowchart, a comfortable chair and a drink. 

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While the drink may prove a useful adjunct, and the flow chart a necessary tool, more than anything some insight into the wiles of sionist foreign affairs will serve you well.

The resolution of Ankara's Russian shoot down problem came about via the intermediation of tel aviv - which conducted a blitz of diplomatic meetings in both capitals during the winter of 2016, designed to a)strong arm the Turks into capitulating to the sionist demand for de facto control over their foreign policy; b)steer Moscow towards accepting a turkish apology in return for the rewards of what that remote controlled Turkish foreign policy would bring about.

A year later, it's now clear what those rewards alluded to were all about. The joint policy objectives of the two tactical allies Moscow and tel aviv have been admirably served by sending their joint puppet dictator on a rampage of diplomatic terror against the Europeans ... and only slightly more circumspectly, the Americans. The NATO "allies" of Turkey in other words.

In the same time frame, Srael has achieved de facto membership in that same alliance, via Ankara's voiding of its' veto over the tiny terror state's accession. while Russia has watched approvingly as tel avivs' new D.C. puppet princeling goes about his assigned task of deepsixing relations with Germany and the rest of the Euro crew. A knock out diplomatic offensive achieved without a whimper of protest from the affected parties, nor the least notice from the ONEMEDIA now wholly complicit in the machinations directed by the sionist financial and communications mafiya monopolies.

It's been a big year for sionist intriques, this twelve months as of today since their (second biggest)production ever - the phony coup of July 15. No Sraelis were photographed dancing in the streets of Istanbul that day however. They've learned a bit since that moment of unbridled exaltation watching the towers go down.

Quiet, more private celebrations are being held in the quarters of those whose goals of seeing NATO implode and Europe slide safely east have been marked by a steady slate of victories in that time. Bringing America down into a terminal civil war is next up, for the Hollow-wood producers of our new fake reality and their minions in the Exceptionalist media.

Now back to our false internet media story line.

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Bobby, up voted you as I never thought along those lines.Question:What does Sreal gain from taking the USA to civil war? They are making heaps off the USA at the moment. The only reasoning I can come up with is that the Sions think the USA is going to blow up on its own at this stage. My thoughts, curious for yours. Squid

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