5 Private City Projects That You Should Know About

Via The Daily Bell

1. A Private City in Norway Has Broken Ground! Liberstad is being built.

So many of these projects never get off the ground. This one is happening. There is a long way to go, but the initial hurdle has been passed. The land was purchased in June and is currently in development creating a private “anarchist” community. It is being funded by presale of cabins and building sites.

2. By 2020 There Will Be a Floating City Off the Coast of French Polynesia.

The Seasteading Institute is working with the government of French Polynesia for a mutually beneficial Floating City Project. The city will have a large amount of political and economic autonomy in exchange for helping French Polynesia address concerns such as rising sea levels.

3. Fort Galt: A Startup Village for Entrepreneurs.

No, not Galt’s Gulch, the failed Chilean project, though this private community is also in Chile. It is geared towards those who work remotely, and want to live amongst like-minded, limited government types of the Randian variety. The village which is currently under construction has already pre-sold many suites and lots.

4. How Contracted Government Has Improved a Town in Georgia.

It’s not quite a private city, but almost all of its services are provided on a contract basis. Sandy Spring Georgia hasn’t solved all the ills associated with a typical governing structure, but at least the companies who handle services can now be fired if they do not perform properly.

5. Dykes Are So Middle Ages, The Dutch Want a Floating City Too!

Floating cities are the hot new thing. Rising sea tides are the main reason for this pursuit, but the project is in much earlier stages compared to the French Polynesian project by the Seasteading Institute.

Bonus: Could Private Cities Solve the Refugee Crisis?

When refugees cannot go home to a war torn nation, but aren’t allowed or wanted anywhere, they are left in limbo. Why not give them a place of their own?


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When refugees cannot go home to a war torn nation, but aren’t allowed or wanted anywhere, they are left in limbo. Why not give them a place of their own?Because as history shows they are easily manipulated and always will be by the scumbags who hate us, and  given the opportunity will turn them on us.http://biblehub.com/matthew/7-6.htm

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Glorified gated communities.  I'm sure that the people who actually work in these cities - and by "work", I don't mean telecommuting - can't afford to live there.

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Fill up the glass with water representing the sea. Put some ice in another glass representing an ice shelf on top of land. Let the ice melt in the glass and then pour it into the other glass. You will have water spilling over the sides.Point being that sea ice melting will not raise water levels but masses of ice on land that melt do increase water levels.I am not a proponent of global warming, just need to point out that the methodology of the original poster does not address the actual concern of land based ice melting, which is the rux of the worries from the global warming folks.

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