Co-Founder Of Trump-Russia Dossier Firm Cancels Testimony While Lynch Claims Ignorance

The ongoing efforts to bring down Donald Trump are unraveling at an accelerating pace...

Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS Co-Founder

After it was revealed that Rob Goldstone - the man who arranged the now infamous Trump Jr. "setup" with a shady Russian attorney, is associated with Fusion GPS - the firm behind the largely discredited 35 page Trump-Russia dossier, the co-founder of Fusion GPS abruptly canceled his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week to testify in the ongoing probe into Russian influence in the 2016 election, according to Politico.

The committee announced Wednesday that Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS was scheduled to voluntarily appear on July 19.

During the 2016 US election, Simpson's firm hired former British spy Christopher Steele to produce the 35 page dossier, accusing then-candidate Donald Trump of all sorts of salacious dealings with Russians. When Steele couldn't verify it's claims, the FBI refused to pay him $50,000 for the report - which didn't stop John McCain from hand-delivering it to former FBI director James Comey, or the Obama Administration from using it to start spying on Trump associate Carter Page.

That's two attempts to take down President Trump involving Fusion GPS.

 As the Independent reported on Monday:

A spokesman for the President’s legal team told The Independent they now believed Ms Veselnitskaya and her colleagues had misrepresented who they were and who they worked for.


“Specifically, we have learned that the person who sought the meeting is associated with Fusion GPS, a firm which according to public reports, was retained by Democratic operatives to develop opposition research on the President and which commissioned the phony Steele dossier.” -Mark Corallo

Perhaps sensing he's totally screwed and now a huge liability to the deep state, Simpson canceled his testimony next week.

Loretta Lynch Knows Nothing

After it was revealed that Loretta Lynch's DOJ allowed shady Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya into the U.S. under "extraordinary circumstances," President Trump quoted a report from The Hill at a press conference during his visit to France, stating "She [Veselnitskaya] was here because of Lynch, following up with “Nothing happened from the meeting... Zero happened from the meeting, and honestly I think the press made a big deal over something that many people would do.” 

 Lynch distanced herself in a Thursday statement, with a spokesperson claiming that the former Attorney General "does not have any personal knowledge of Ms. Veselnitskaya's travel."

The spokesperson did not go into detail about Veselnitskaya's case, but followed up by saying “The State Department issues visas, and the Department of Homeland Security oversees entry to the United States at airports.”

After Lynch's DOJ allowed Veselnitskaya into the country to participate in a lawsuit and nothing more, she had the now infamous meeting at Trump tower, met with current and former lawmakers from both parties, and was spotted in primo front-row seating at a House Foreign Affairs committee hearing on Russia.

What an interesting trip for Ms. Veselnitskaya...


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One of the techniques criminals can use is to loudly accuse other actors of doing what you're actually doing, in the hopes that by positioning yourself as an opponent, nobody will suspect you. It seems the Democrats have more connections to Russia than Trump ever did.

Jubal Early (not verified) ConanTheContrarian1 Fri, 07/14/2017 - 08:57 Permalink

Its called projection, and jews have been doing it for millenia.  All these devious dirty tricks are proof of the degree of ownership of the Democrat party.  This entire desperate attempt to nail Trump is revealing their tactics.  Like getting caught filming 9/11.  Or murdering 30m white Russians while torturing their preists and destroying their churches, then turning around and framing the Germans for katyn, lying about the once more regurgated "6m", then torturing and murdering all the Nationial Socialist leadership at Nuremburg, and finally genociding millions of Germans through the hellstorm and the Rhine meadows death camps for German POWs who had been stripped of their geneva convention rights by (((Eisenhower))).PNAC was always really PNJC.

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Loretta Lynch knows nothing about the Russian attorney's travel?
That answers nothing. Ask the dwarf why the Attorney General of the United States involved herself in the dealings with a Russian tool.

Notice how Simpson (Fusion GPS) was asked to testify voluntarily. However, Don, Jr. will be subpoenaed if he refuses to go voluntarily.

If the deep state cannot win by public opinion (media) and politics (Congressmen) then their activist judges (Hawaii) expand the meaning of Executive Orders or they use the courts as a weapon to halt the investigation into voting corruption.

If we could figure out the winning argument which would make the public (and subsequently the Congressmen) clamor for the investigation into fraudulent voting I believe all the other obstructions would cease.

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the vulnerabilities strike me as: why did the fbi and now mueller's special counsel never get to look at the dnc's servers that the dnc announced had had emails stolen from them last summer and from which guccifer 2.0 (pretty much proven to be the dnc itself) announced s/he had taken emails, just in time for the cloud strike (ex fbi and current george soros founded) initiated media pile on starting with vice magazine accusing gucci of being russian (as instructed by cloud strike).  this is very fertile ground and there is absolutely no telling what goodies may await a good forensic perusal of the dnc data up: why did the fbi (and now mueller's special counsel) never investigate the murder of seth rich?  here he was a dnc data analyst/manager murdered between the announcement of the theft and its full publication, in a good section of town, on a cell phone call, nothing taken, beaten badly, shot twice in the back yet not actually killed, taken to hospital where, possibly, many squirrelly things happened (let's break through that hipaa clusterfuck with a good search warrant), dead by morning, reward offered by julian assange of wikileaks, publisher of the complete emails (not snippets like gucci), something wikileaks has never done before or since.  seth rich could have been a russian or trump agent or both.  and the fbi, charged with solving the email thefts, does not even glance at his phone or computer?  that is too much for anyone to believe, unless their job or their life depends on their believing it.  or unless the fbi is accessory to first degree murder (wouldn't be the first time but this looks a little hinky even for them).and after both of these incidents have been fully explicated for the sheeple and the truthers both, maybe it's close to time to ask for a real investigative run through of the storied events earlier this century starting with this television interview: 

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StarGate ConanTheContrarian1 Fri, 07/14/2017 - 10:19 Permalink

Possible scenario: Democrats accuse Russia of meddling in Democrats ability to RIG election for Hillary.

Example #1: Reputedly Russia warned FBI that DNC transferred all democratic data to Hillary's Global Initiative about July 7, 2016 and that Seth Rich was being tracked by an assassin related to an Atlanta Georgia lawsuit against Bill Clinton. Reputedly Comey's FBI retaliates by banishing 3Ruskie diplomats. Seth is killed few days later. Seth believed to be DNC leaker as a Bernie supporter.

Example #2: Russia warns NYC police Weiner is engaged in pedo-perp again. Russia having been tracking Weiner electronically believing he is involved Ped ring stealing Russian children (see Atty Natalia's efforts to get flow of Ruskie kids going again and Loretta letting her in USA to plead her case).
Russia already knowing Hillary data on Weiner's computer, NYC police seize the computer, FBI then seize it from NYPD and Comey feels forced for appearance sake, to reopen Hillary investigation for a few days before his teammate Hillary is supposed to be placed in WH.

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"One of the techniques criminals can use is to loudly accuse other actors of doing what you're actually doing,.." It's called, pure satanic luciferianism. It is, what the Great Deceiver(satan/lucifer) does. They actually expect you to believe their outlandish radical lies. People have believed these lies since TV was invented. What a tool to mind-kontrol people. Lies pushed all ways imbecilic to further the evil agendas of murder, profits from constant never ending woars, and population ELIMINATION Everybody knows an evil contemptible criminal by the lies they tell. Zionist jews do it, muslims do it, mexican gang members do it, democrats do it, paid off or blackmailed politicians do it, hard core criminals do it, even religious leaders like the satanic jesuit pope does it. You know a satanic luciferian arsehole when these lies are so ridiculous, they do more to point right back at the liar as the real criminal or evil doer, than anything else can. Only the extremly stupid even battle with them, as has been the farkin normal for so long now. They tie up the justice seekers with the most evil vile lies and dis/mis-information possible to detract from those that are actually so darn guilty, they stink of the dead arseholes buried for centuries. Take the clintons, bushes, commie, pedodesta, and the rest of narly ilk from the pigs butthole of hades for your best shinning examples of how satanic/luciferians really are. Everybody knows these scumbags are guilty as hell, but all seem to be affraid of these evil things.ALL LIARS AND CONFOUNDING DECEIVERS SHOULD NOT BE ARGUED WITH, AND SINCE RATIONALITY IS NOT SOMETHING THEY WILL EMBRACE, THEY SHOULD ALL JUST BE SHOT...RIGHT FARKIN NOW!END THIS DISTRACTIONARY HORSEWASH AND BULLSHAT OF LIARS THAT COSTS SO MUCH ENERGY, AND GETS HONEST PEOPLE ARGUING WITH THEM TRYING TO FIND THE ELUSIVE TRUTH. THE TRUTH IS, THEY WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO TELL THE TRUTH, OR TO ACTUALLY BE RATIONAL. ALL THE EVIL SATANIC PHAGGOT LUCIFERIANS KNOW HOW TO DO IS TO CAUSE CHAOS FOR SATAN/LUCIFER. IT IS THEIR WAY. ANYONE THAT WASTES TIME ARGUING WITH A SATANIC/LUCIFERIC EVIL LYING DECEIVING NIGGER, IS JUST STUPID. THE PATIENTS OF A RATIONAL NATION IS COMING TO AN END. EXECUTIONS FOR SATANIC LUCIFERIN LIARS ARE COMING...SOON!ALL THE GALL DARN HORSESHAT AROUND RUSSIA IS THIS KIND OF BABBLE SQUAWK CHAOS RHETORIC AND DIS/MIS-INFORMATION TO TAKE THE ATTENTION OFF THE GUILTY. THAT GOD DAMMED JEFF FARKING SESSIONS BETTER GET OFF HIS ARSE AND TAKE THESE EVIL LIARS AND DEVILISH DECEIVERS DOWN, BEFORE THEY TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN. THESE EVIL LIARS AND WICKED NASTY SMELLY ARSE DECEIVING SCUMBAGS ARE THE SATANIC/LUCIFERIC DEEP STATE. SATANISIM/LUCIFERINISM IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR OF ALL THESE EVIL THINGS FROM HELL THAT HIDE BEHIND SO MANY MASKS AND DRESS WITH FUNNY LITTLE PURPLE HIPPIE TIES. THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF THE ENTIRE WORLD AND PEOPLE SHOULD NO LONGER FALL FOR THE EVIL SATANIC/LUCIFERIC DIVIDE AND CONQUER METHODOLOGY OF THESE ZIO FARKTARDS FROM SATAN/LUCIFER’S ARSEHOLE.WHEN YOUR HEART TELLS YOU THESE HORRID THINGS ARE LYING, LISTEN TO IT AND DESTROY THE EVIL THAT IS LYING TO YOU WITHOUT ANY MERCY. JUSTICE IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS KIND OF TRASH. THIS IS THE PROBLEM IN THE WHOLE WORLD NOW. TOO DAM MANY EVIL SHAT EATING SATANISTS/LUCIFERIANS.WAKE THE GALL DARN HELL UP PEOPLE AND STOP PLAYING SATAN/LUCIFERS RING AROUND THE ROSY GAMES THAT MAKES YOU ALL SUCKERS FOR THIS KIND OF TRIPE. THEY ARE KILLING YOU ALL! Why is this so farkin hard for the mass mind to understand? IT IS A WAR ON EVIL!!! Nothing moar, nothing less.  +

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Are Lowrenta’s legs really that big?

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If you believe in the Russian narrative, you are a complete moron and the mass majority of people know the truth of it.Yesterday I tried to watch the CBS special report on Trump and Macron. After listening to John Dickerson go on and on about Russia this and Russia that for 3 minutes, I had to shut it off because its a complete fabrication that has no value. I haven't watched MSM for over 6 months and its the same nonsense. Nothing but manipulation BS

BlueGreen Bricker Fri, 07/14/2017 - 12:19 Permalink

That is definitely sign number 12 you have been brainwashed by the NWO (or whatever name you care to put on the sociopaths killing us like metastatic cancer). Sign 3 you have been breainwashed by the NWO pushers: 3.  If you believe that our current political systems are the best we can do.

  1. Politicians will lose their access to unearned money if the political system is fixed.   Of course they say it is complicated and dangerous to change—my 2 year old uses the same arguments to avoid things he doesn’t want to do, such as saying he’s hungry when it’s bath time and he is not feeling a bath right now.


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How long can the fake news media keep the narrative going with all this evidence piling up? Also, how come the respective congressional committees mention the word "subpeona" every time they "invite" someone from the Trump side to testify but that word never makes it into the discussion when it's one of the people from the DNC side?The outrage I feel is directed towards the GOP members of those committees who are dead silent when these revelations hit the press. How fucking hard is it to demand the current investigations include all the people involved instead of just the Trump people? It's becoming increasingly clear that not only was this a set up but that the GOP members are actively resisting getting exculpatory evidence for Trump into the proceedings. It's becoming Trump vs the entire congress! What a bunch of assholes, the lot of them!

montag chubbar Fri, 07/14/2017 - 17:26 Permalink

At the root of all of this Pedogate, and the reason why they're putting up such irrational resistance is because they all have something to hide, either via brownstone op or offshore bank accounts topped off by the likes of Clinton, Soros or AIPAC or all three! Their silence has been paid for.  One peep and now they find themselves on the hit list.  In this situation, if one cracks the whole lot will start folding like the cheap suits they are.  BTW, what the hell happened to Devin Nunes?

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