Times Change Out From Under Us - Paul Craig Roberts Opens "The Floodgates Of 'His' Memory"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

He had lugged the 50 lb. bag of Milorganite into the garden in order to discover, as on many prior occasions, that he had nothing with which to open it. He blamed this on the war on terror and the TSA. As a youth he, as did every boy, had a pocket knife. Always. It was expected. There was no school rule against pocket knives. Once for a period they even all had switchblades. You could get them for 99 cents, a large amount in those days, enough to buy a case of 24 Coca-Colas. The switchblades met with school and parental disapproval as they smacked of New York gangs. But before teachers and parents came up with a policy, the boys had abandoned the switchblades. The knives had weak springs. Fascinated with the speed with which the knives opened with a satisfying click and locked the blade into place, the boys quickly wore out the springs on their switchblades. Unlike their trusty pocket knives, the switchblades quickly became useless.

He no longer carried a pocket knife. He had learned long ago that things that go into pockets become habitual. He would forget to take the knife out when he rushed to catch his flight, just as he always forgot to put the knife in his pocket when he went to work in the garden. There would be a scene at the airport, confiscation of the knife, which had been his grandfather’s, and TSA questioning. They might want him to be strip searched. He could miss his flight. Such a large expensive organization as TSA needs justification, and so whereas the TSA officers might be reasonable, he could not count on it. Under the law he could be accused and prosecuted. One never knew.

He could remember the air shuttle between Washington and New York. The planes flew on the hour. You could show up 10 minutes before takeoff and be seated. If one airplane wasn’t enough, they would provide a second. There was no security, no delays.

He didn’t like being drawn back into memories of the past. It made him acutely aware how difficult just simple things had become over the course of his life, like carrying a pocket knife.

A couple of weeks ago he had been on vacation at a gated mountain resort. He enjoyed hiking along the streams and visiting the waterfalls. He had managed to rent at the airport a sports sedan and was looking forward to a morning workout at the exercise center and then a semi-spirited drive along mountain roads outside the resort. As he was changing into his workout clothes, the telephone rang. As he rushed to stay on schedule his billfold with driving license did not make the clothes change.

He discovered this at the exercise center. It was 10 minutes back to his cabin and then 10 minutes back in the direction of the exit gate. Why had he agreed to a telephone interview? If he went back for his license, his drive would be rushed and not enjoyable. He could go without his license, but suppose something happened, such as a collision with a deer. Would the police accept a reasonable story and the car rental papers for ID, or would he be hauled to jail, a long flight away from his lawyer? The days of reasonable police, he thought, were bygone days. The morning was shot. The only thing to do was to vent his frustration in exercise and return to his cabin for the telephone interview.

Even the innocence of words had been lost. There were many words that could no longer be used. They had been banished down the memory hole. A professor friend had told him that he was subjected to a dressing down by a dean because he had used the word “girl” in class. “Girl” is now considered offensive to womyn.

In restaurants in the South, waitresses called the men “honey.” “What will it be, honey?” The men called the waitresses “darling.” He wondered about that today. Perhaps in small towns. Since the advent of interstate highways, small towns had passed out of his experience. He wondered if they still had restaurants or just fast food franchises.

It got worse. The floodgates of memory had opened. He was given his first firearm at age 10. It was a single barrel .410 shotgun. When he was 12 he was given a .22 pistol. Many of his friends had guns. The countryside was nearby and many urban families had farm relatives. He remembered, too, that all the kids were subjected to corporal punishment. Today a parent who spanked a kid or provided one with a firearm would be arrested, likely prosecuted, and the kid put into foster care where there was risk of being leased out to a pedophile group.

He could remember riding his horse into the town three miles from his grandparents’ farm with a real pistol strapped to his side and a rifle in the scabbard when he was 12 or 13. No one said a thing. Today a SWAT team would be on the scene. He would be lucky not to be shot dead and never know the fate of his grandparents, who would be guilty of all sorts of offenses, including failure to supervise a minor.

That reminded him of what he had recently read in a newspaper. On a cul-de-sac devoid of car traffic a mother sat in a chair outside the house while her child played in the front lawn. A busybody neighbor, trained to report parental malfeasance, whose view of the mother was blocked by shrubbery, saw an unsupervised child at play and called the police. When the police arrived, they arrested the mother on the basis of the unverified report from the neighbor. The mother was taken to jail. The newspaper did not say what had happened to the child, whether the kid was taken to foster care and whether the husband had to rush home from his job and ply lawyers with money to help put his family back together. These kinds of horrors inflicted on families by public authorities often have worse consequences than the predations of criminals. He wondered if parents and children would be safer if the police were disbanded and outlawed.

Yet, society had accepted these abuses as justified. What, he thought, would have been the public reaction when he was a kid? The policemen would have been fired, the chief disciplined, and the mayor would have lost the next election. It would not have been possible for them to become heroes by destroying a family. The busybody neighbor would have become a pariah in the community.

Just the other day he had seen a grandmother at the supermarket with tattoos and face piercings. A grandmother? How had this come about? At the mountain resort pool and exercise center it wasn’t just the men. He had seen young women who were covered in tattoos. A friend told him that some women not only had face and tongue piercings, but also navel, labia, and clitoris piercings. Piercings were what he remembered from boyhood days of looking through stacks of National Geographic magazines from the 1940s and 1950s. Articles explained with words and photographs facial piercing practices by tribes in “darkest Africa.” Now they were the practices of upper class womyn who played in resorts.

He recalled his father’s first rule of business: “Never hire anyone with a tattoo.” Tattoos were what sailors did who got drunk in Asian ports. They demonstrated poor judgment and a lack of self-restraint. If anyone sober got a tattoo, it indicated a lack of self-respect. If an employee did not respect himself, he would not respect the job. His father would have a hard time assembling a work force today.

A couple of years ago a college classmate told him that their noble old fraternity had been suspended by the college president. A black female student claimed that racial slurs had been shouted at her from an open window. The fraternity was able to show that all the windows had been painted shut for years, probably dating back to when the house was air conditioned. But the college president wasn’t going to dispute a black female’s word on the basis of evidence. It could mean protests, charges of racism, broken windows, newspaper and trustee inquiries. Bad PR for the college. It was safer to hand the fraternity a bit of injustice.

Recently, he had arrived at the supermarket in a cloudburst. There were a dozen parking spaces by the entrance, but they were marked “Handicapped Parking $500 Fine.” He remembered when the handicapped said that they wanted to be treated like everyone else. Now they had privileges. He wondered about those signs. Did they give offense? “Handicapped” was one of those discarded words. They hadn’t got around to replacing the signs.

He remembered, too, when males did not use four-letter words in front of parents or females. Now the young womyn could out-cuss his male generation.

More memories. If you scraped a car while street parking, you were expected to leave a note with name and telephone number and expect to pay for the repair. He had once told some young people this and they laughed at the joke.

Something had happened. He had been brought up to be a citizen in a world that no longer existed.

At least there still were gardens. He put away his thoughts and went to get his knife.


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Go fight your battles. Don't worry about modern shit because if you do, you will not be able to defend the country. Identify your heroes and use them. This BS is exactly that ... BS.

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Unfortunately, America has become a very rude place in which to live. It's not uncommon for folks, who live in small towns, to suffer public humiliation and destroyed reputations when being rat-packed on facebook. We live in times when even what you don't say, or didn't do, can and will be used against you. Why would anyone, who values what's left of his/her privacy, have a facebook account?

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Personally brought a gun to grade school for show and tell.  High school parking lot had visible shotguns and rifles in racks in the rear window of pickup trucks.Personally had a state cop pull me over while on my motorcycle (nearly 40 years ago) to tell me I was riding incautiously (he used another phrase) and when I protested he replied "I'm not the one who's gonna get hurt, young man."  He then sent me on my way without a citation.In restaurants in deeper rural areas in VA and NC, for example, waitresses still call men "honey".  But nowhere else.  I've had young black waitresses give me stink eye in urban (chain) restaurants.The "leaving a note" thing is real, I have done it, without fear of having to buy some opportunistic asshole a new car after having your car door grabbed by a gust of wind and leaving a mark on someone's door in a parking lot.It doesn't have to be the way it is now; it didn't used to be the way it is now, and it was better before this.  When there is a culture, you feel at home in it and supportive of it.  Multiculturalism is death of culture.  The purpose of mass immigration is to destroy western culture, and they are winning.  Thus, proponents of mass immigration are mortal enemies, as they mean to destroy me, my family, my future. 

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SW, I moved to the country and can say this with actual experince, 3 years now, that it is like going back 20 plus years. my neighbors wave, and would help in a heartbeat if somethng bad happened. still some nosey fuks, but ignorance of them is the what they deserve...in my house guns are everywhere and loaded and get shot almost daily. when guests are on the way, i put them up and away as any responsible adult should do. but mostly just pest control, lol-pests come in many forms -ya know...

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PCR, thank you for a great article.As a guy going into his late 60's, I can relate to all of what PCR is saying here. So much of what was good - the freedom, the neighborliness, respect for each other - had already washed away when I left the States almost twenty years ago. I doubt that those precious things can ever be recovered back there. To borrow a saying, "Sad". ~ 

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Thanks to narcissists in bollywood AND politicians who ran in popularity instead of efficiency contests , we now have a greedy me ME attitude about life! We have all learned that if we don't grab OUR share, then SOMONE ELSE is going to grab it from us? I have 2 sisters who decided THEY wanted all our fathers inheritance.  MY father was always partial to the girls, while US 4 boys fought for attention.  MY two sisters thought NOTHING of getting the rest of us written out of the will, MANIPULATING our father who was in a state of dementia into doing it.  Since then I've talked to many people who have experienced the exact same thing. No ONE even gives a SHIT about their own flesh and blood anymore. It's FUCK whoever you can to get whatever you want? A pretty sad epitaph for the youth MANY of US GREW up with!

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When I was in 3rd grade, we had a rifle team at the school.  We had an armory where the rifles were stored.  We would take our rifles, get on a bus, and go to the local Air Force base to shoot at their indoor range.  A bus full of 8 year-olds with rifles ... and it was no big deal.When I was in high school, there wasn't a hunting season that went by without all the trucks in the lot showing up with their gun racks fully populated ... I don't think I've seen a gun rack in a truck in 20 years.  I still remember a kid showing the Vice Principal his new Remington 700 - there they were, standing in the middle of a crowded hall of bustling kids, admiring a brand new rifle ... and it was no big deal.I remember when things like honesty, honor, courtesy, sportsmanship, and integrity were ideals that most people held in high regard ... when a man's word was his bond ... now those are all considered "weaknesses" and outdated concepts from a dying age.Much of "The New Order of the Barbarians" has come true ....

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My dad tells me the story of driving from Kingston, Ontario to Charlotte, North Carolina in the late 1950's, they stopped in DC for the night and wanted to see the White House the next morning before hitting the road. But they had some guns in the trunk that they didnt want to risk being stolen, so they carried them as they walked around the outside of the White House. Today, they would have been killed. 

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At 12 years old my cousin and I would hunt the farms surrounding my uncles property with a single shot .22 and an armful of rabbit traps. The locals would see us and tell us which paddock they had seen rabbits and which held the bull.I believe three police cars and a long legal battle would be the result in todays gentrified world. 

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In the 7th Grade in the 70s, all the boys had a 2-week gun safety course just before deer season started. We supplied our own guns, mostly .22 rifles, as I recall, which we brought from home. I smile imagining the reaction if a snowflake and its parents were waiting behind the school buses some morning as they discharged the kids in front of the school--including a few dozen 13-year-old boys carrying rifles.

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The world is not sustainable. People cannot live for long in the manner in which they are living. Saw a photo of two young parents today... boy child of six between them dressed as a girl... parents very proud of themselves for recognizing the transgendered status of their child. Between the sociological and cultural breakdown and the encroachment of technology we are becoming akin to a yeast population, killing the very substrate on which we live.

I am glad I am growing old and won't be witness to this for too many more years. In the interim I will hang out here on my farm and do my best to ignore the insanity of the world around me. Irresponsible? I don't think so. The world is reveling in its death throws... it doesn't want to be saved...

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I feel your angst, Lordflin.  But, if you have children, you can't just escape to your hideaway and watch as the world your ancestors bequeathed to you disintegrates.  I know... there's not much one individual can do, but abdication of duty is not an option.  We must, at the very least, continue to point out that none of this decadent downturn happened by chance... it was all PLANNED and executed with the most sinister malice aforethought. Regardless of ostracism, fear, or any other force that will be hurled at us, we must not cease in calling out the jews who caused all of this.  I remember reading a quote from Joseph Goebbels regarding the woes Germany suffered during the aftermath of WWI and the hedonistic Weimar Republic.  He said, "The jews are to blame for everything".  For a long time I thought, "what an evil son of a bitch to make such a blanket statement".  But, after years of honest study, unearthing every hidden fact on every forbidden topic, I now agree with him 110%.  Everything from usury, feminism, homophilia, pornography, selfishness, and every other sacrilegious "ism" which has led to the dismantling of our once solid Christian ethos can be traced to the tribe.  They fund, organize and execute ALL radical and unnatural revolutions.  E. Michael Jones has done an excellent job compiling the evidence in his massive tome, "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit".So, we musn't relinquish our world nor the fate of our descendants to this diabolical race of fiends.  We must remain vigilant to the truth and trust that its indomitable essence will - in the end - avenge its transgressors.

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As a grandfather dealing with the naive parents of my grandchildren I am very pessimistic that anyone can turn it around before they reach adulthood.  Thing are totally FUBAR.The only hope is divine intervention or that some kind of racial karma bites (((them))) in the ass.  Like a fukushima, or one of their bio-warfare scams (ie: ebola) runs amoke, or even a massive earthquake under Jerusalem.  Otherwise on the current trajectory white european races will be extinct in 100 years.

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I have three children, a son and two daughters. My son was killed at the age of 18. He was on his way to school when he was hit by a logging truck that was exceeding the speed limit through blinding fog. I watched as this legal system, my lawyer included, surrounded the logging company and shielded them from all accountablility for the accident... logging is a major industry in Idaho, and .gov protects its own. James, my son, was one of the most honorable young men I have ever known. Of my two daughters one is working towards her PhD in ecology (ultimately she wants to research sustainable agriculture) the other starts medical school in August. To be honest I wish my girls would keep their distance from me as I am afraid of my effect on them... pessimism is contagious. For whatever reason they seem drawn to their old dad.I taught chemistry once upon a time... now I write classic fantasy. I will publish my first volume... a five hundred page behemoth... in January. I am told it is an outstanding novel... who knows... I write with the intent of letting my fellow man know they are not alone in the universe, that there is at least one more sentient entity somewhere... isolation is a sign of our times.So I haven't given up on my fellow humans... just society. The individual is still worth the effort. Oh, and as to how I went from chemistry to fantasy, my typical response is that if you have seen as many student's exams as I have you would realize there is an abundance of fantasy in chemistry...

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 I would encourage all to take the time to do their own homework. With an open mind. What you say is true, we all have to do our part to help everyone see the truth. Once you start reading, you will have an "Oh Shit, its TRUE" moment. It all starts too make sense, you will be amazed how EXACTLY what is happening now, has happened many times before.

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I don't mean or, necessarily want to come across preachy but, unless the common person discovers or, rediscovers the true personal ethos of Christianity I can't see much hope for our countries or, the world. (That's not to say people of other beliefs cannot be good people. Of course they can as well as some so called Christians can be absolute bastards of the worse kind)I'm not talking about religion now. I'm talking about personal government. People need to discover the true ethos of love, selflessness, discipline and eternity. This is what made Western Civilisation great.What I've seen happen in my time is the removal of God from our societies by people who thought the removal of certain beliefs and traits would set society free. But, all it has achieved is to put that society in a legalised set of chains. Society has had to create a plethora of new laws that impinge upon everyone because personal government has disappeared.What was once common sense and 'of the spirit' of the individual, has become one of 10,000 new laws commanding people to obey the most basic fundamental decencies that I knew when I was 7 or 8. (Last week I saw a Government Advertisement on TV telling everyone that ripping off Old people or abusing old people was wrong!!! I thought it was some type of joke but, the joke was on me) What was once the spirit of the law has become thousands of overbearing dumbed down laws backed by huge fines and angry Police. AND, many many people who are so jealous and sneaky now who will inform the Police if they happen to find you living a little freer than them. Unheard of 30 years ago in this country.

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Really?  It sounds very good and all, and I appreciate the sense of nostalgia.  Coming to the nitty gritty I am compelled to ask whether it is true at all.  Let's assume it takes a moral and vigilant people to participate and keep the original constitutional Republic. Then the war of Southern succession clearly ended the original. There was nothing Christian about that war, except maybe that both sides had their own justification. The force of new England abolitionists, the evangelical patriots who wanted to " save" the union all drew on Christian ethos. With what result? No freedom whatsoever,  only a bigger chunk of the population enslaved.Morality is not a thing exclusively owned by Christianity, although I must say that in Christianity freedom is supposed to be held in high regard, as it says: where gods spirit is, there is freedom. How different reality is from that!But freedom comes down to the same thing for everybody. Choices and taking responsibility and the boundaries of what you may or may not do based on non aggression.  Humanism, Buddhism, agnosticism, atheism deism all can agree on this particular notion hands down. Yet, we see a different world. A dysfunctional world based on  global control. And as with any person suffering from being a control freak, the people around suffer too. There goes a story, I believe it was a king on create, who would devise laws and hang them up so high his subjects were unable to read them, yet they suffered dear consequences for not abiding by them.You are supposed to know the law, yet, giving it's expanse and vastness, it is impossible to know, even with a law degree. And you probably know how much study and money that. Particular item costs. And what the consequences are for not abiding by them. In effect the total destruction of everything you hold dear. So, that is the world we live in.. Happily brought to you by believers in big gov of every stripe at your doorstep. And this has been going on since even before the inception of the Constitution.

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Very nice post JSB. I relate so well to this article and have been preaching the decline of our society and culture since Clinton was elected. I am behind the times in coming to realize what the ultimate root of the problem stems from and you have have nailed it (as always). Those who have written history have largely lied to us and I am going through a lengthy period of uncovering the truth. The more I learn the more I'm starting to realize why the NAZIs adopted their policies of ridding Germany of the Jew. We defeated the wrong enemy and in the process contributed to the destruction of millions of lives. 

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I'm pretty much a social conservative, so it's often awkward for me to defend gays. No, I'm not happy with the "gay agenda" and feel that my gay friends who support are dupes.But the bottom line is that some small percentage of the population simply is gay. No one knows why. Gays themselves don't know why they're gay, and it's pretty clear it's not something was "chosen."It seems to me that it would be helpful to society as a whole to acknowledge this, and if there were a fairly well defined social role for gays. Many of their gifts are, IMHO, profoundly social--when they're not being misled for political purposes. They are, by and large, fine people.It may be this very lack of a socially defined role for gays that has given rise to these ideas about gender confusion, especially when it's related to children. While I've known some gay people who claimed they wanted to be women, most of them acknowledged that sex-change surgery did not make you a woman, but rather just made you a man with plastic surgery. I suspect that the desire to be transgendered has a lot to do with gays having no definite social role or place in society, and if a gay man wants to be transgendered, it's mostly for the purpose of gaining a socially defined role or "place" in society.The whole "transgender" mythology implies sex-role definitions that are absurdly restrictive, and seeks to define every boy who isn't a jock and every girl who is a tomboy, or everyone who ever kinda-sorta wished they were the opposite sex as potentially transgender. Most girls wish they were boys at one time or another, merely because there are obvious advantages to being a boy--a lot of places you can go and things you can do if you're a boy (but not if you're a girl).What's needed is some elasticity to sex roles, along with a clearly socially acceptable role for gays. 

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