Here's the Full Rundown of This Weekend's Political Nonsense

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Healthcare is dead, because John Mccain had some surgery. What the fuck? Here I thought I was fixing to get some good and cheap insurance -- to finance my future ailments. WRONG. I'll just die in the gutters, penniless, after spending all of my money on expensive treatments and surgeries. The Australian foreign minister joined Reebok and the litany of liberals, 'taken aback' by Trump's compliment to France's first lady. This is because liberals are genderless faggots, unable to conduct themselves as normal people within the human race. Nigel Farage said Trump Jr. made a mistake by taking a meeting with the Russian lawyer, but quite literally 'did nothing wrong.' Former Trump campaign advisor and army veteran tells media and liberals to dial it down -- someone is gonna get shot. Lastly, CNN continues to get destroyed, one meme at a time. This one is the infield triple edition, top shelf stuff.

Lastly, in recognition of tonight's Game of Thrones season premiere, I give you Donald Trump, the Game of Thrones edition.


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Let's look on the bright side of things... Every time one of these faggots goes on the MSM to deride and denigrate Trump, they have outed themselves as the opposition... Nothing like putting a target on your back when the game is so complex that you cannot tell who plays for what team, even if you do have a program... 

nmewn Keyser Mon, 07/17/2017 - 06:54 Permalink

So here's the deal, how long is it going to take for some Alinskyite journalist to ask ObaMao's Deep State cronies at Justice & State how many waivers's, immigration paroles and B1/B2 visa's were ordered to be issued to Natalia Veselnitskaya? I'm guessing that question will be asked the week after never ;-)

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Estocolmo, on netflix, a parady of human trafficing intertwined with deep state operatives pulling strings of the once ruling party,(the party expecting to rule) and doing their best to keep pedogate and the string of murders not investigated.along comes trump, the one that can expose DC corruption. fix this and the path to change can come. this is deep and wide and will engulf R's too.and trump knows everything we know and moar.then ask yourself why isn't trump going after the cunt? and her operatives? her foundation with russian ties? answer that and you have the answer as to why this country will or will not go down the path full blown civil war/civil unrest at some point in tyme...trump, are you out there? redirrect you efforts to saving merica, the wolves are at your door...and yes, trump i understand this is not what you signed up for...

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The left? You mean the “Democrat”-side of your corporate controlled political landscape? I guess even Djengis Khan had a “left-wing” in his cabinet of advisers (those arguing for the “quick and painless” death of captives), so purely semantically speaking the “Democrats” are left-wing (in relation to pure/honest fascism as pursued by Trump and many other Republicans). The Democrats are – I agree – more loathsome than the Republicans and Trump, but that is only because they pretend to be in opposition to money-power. If you read what Obama said in relation to what he did you’ll get the picture (of course Obama was obviously owned just as much as Hillary is/was, but he said the right thing). Trump said a lot of right things too – like draining the swamp. But look at his actions: he brought some of the most hideous swamp-dwellers with him.I am left-wing. I consider myself a left-wing libertarian: I believe in free markets of socially/commonly and/or publicly owned companies = I don’t believe in capitalism. I see USA as an example of capitalism at it worsts. The capitalists have taken power – over the medias, the political parties, everything productive, the MIC, banks. Well, everything is privately owned – including the monetary system itself. And only in US are people convinced that the private ownership of everything is equal left-wing. Damn, it takes a propaganda machine, but then again, that is what you’re living under so I don’t blame you…The crimes of US is the crimes  of capitalism (the right-wing) no matter which sycophantic party was at power when it was committed…

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Depends on the definitions used (in US the ‘-isms’ are never defined but used a lot). The definitions I use: Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production. Socialism is an economic system based on the social, common and/or public ownership of the means of production. It is important that “free markets” or “laissez-faire markets” are not a prerequisite for “true capitalism” ­– you can easily have free market socialism.    Then there’s all that follows = when the means of production is privately owned there’s a historical tendency to have that power leveraged into political power = the first revolutions where not “workers”-revolutions but bourgeois-revolutions (that is capital owners getting bored with the old feudal class’ privileges and taking over the state). Today that bourgeois-class/capitalist class have become the new feudal class (they own everything and live of pure rent of their capital). I think the best categorization of the current economic and political model of US is fascism = the government/the state is controlled by the corporations + a lot of nationalistic/militaristic/imperialistic propaganda (the fetishes of fascism).

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" social, common and/or public ownership of the means of production." by definition means SOMEONE HAS TO DECIDE HOW THOSE MEANS ARE USED.Someone who does not have any productive skin in the game.  That's left wing - where a handful of elite decide the fate of all.  You might was well also say you're in favor of dictatorships, monarchies and benevolent despot regimes.I'll make my own decisions with your smug oversight.

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Free market socialism? Seriously, dude. Wow. Just wow. Just can't handle free, can you? Gotta have the group-think of the collective bolstering your self esteem, and at the same time, telling you what to think so you think you know in that fake heart of yours what's right and true. You people, along with the MSM (who bolster your courage daily to hold on to the collective group-think), are the reason the rest of US can't have nice things.

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Globalism. Globalism vs. National Sovereignty. There's your real war. Congress is neck deep in it--both parties. You don't enter Congress dirt poor and leave filthy rich without selling out to somebody that doesn't have our American interests at heart. Globalism vs. National Sovereignty. I'd suggest we all get together and go investigate these traitors in Congress--personally--but we aren't mad enough yet. They better hope we don't get there.

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