Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

Authored by Paul Roderick Gregory via,

According to an insider account, the Clinton team, put together the Russia Gate narrative within 24 hours of her defeat. The Clinton account explained that Russian hacking and election meddling caused her unexpected loss. Her opponent, Donald Trump, was a puppet of Putin. Trump, they said, “encourages espionage against our people.” The scurrilous Trump dossier, prepared by a London opposition research firm, Orbis, and paid for by unidentified Democrat donors, formed a key part of the Clinton narrative: Trump’s sexual and business escapades in Russia had made him a hostage of the Kremlin, ready to do its bidding. That was Hillary's way to say that Trump is really not President of the United States—a siren call adopted by the Democratic party and media.

Hillary and the Orbis Dossier

The most under-covered story of Russia Gate is the interconnection between the Clinton campaign, an unregistered foreign agent of Russia headquartered in DC (Fusion GPS), and the Christopher Steele Orbis dossier. This connection has raised the question of whether Kremlin prepared the dossier as part of a disinformation campaign to sow chaos in the US political system. If ordered and paid for by Hillary Clinton associates, Russia Gate is turned on its head as collusion between Clinton operatives (not Trump’s) and Russian intelligence. Russia Gate becomes Hillary Gate.

Neither the New York Times, Washington Post, nor CNN has covered this explosive story. Two op-eds have appeared in the Wall Street Journal  (Holman Jenkins and David Satter). The possible Russian-intelligence origins of the Steele dossier have been raised only in conservative publications, such as in The Federalist and National Review.

The Fusion story has been known since Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a heavily-footnoted letter to the Justice Department on March 31, 2017 demanding for his Judiciary Committee all relevant documents on Fusion GPS, the company that managed the Steele dossier against then-candidate Donald Trump. Grassley writes to justify his demand for documents that: “The issue is of particular concern to the Committee given that when Fusion GPS reportedly was acting as an unregistered agent of Russian interests, it appears to have been simultaneously overseeing the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier of allegations of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.” (Emphasis added.)

Former FBI director, James Comey, refused to answer questions about Fusion and the Steele dossier in his May 3 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey responded to Lindsey Graham’s questions about Fusion GPS’s involvement “in preparing a dossier against Donald Trump that would be interfering in our election by the Russians?” with “I don’t want to say.” Perhaps he will be called on to answer in a forum where he cannot refuse to answer.

The role of Fusion GPS and one of its key associates, a former Soviet intelligence officer, must raise the question as to whether the Steele dossier, which was orchestrated by a suspected unregistered agent of Russia, was a plant by Russian intelligence to harm Donald Trump?

David Satter, one of our top experts on Russia and himself expelled by the Kremlin, writes:

Perhaps most important, Russian intelligence also acted to sabotage Mr. Trump. The ‘Trump dossier, full of unverified sexual and political allegations, was published in January by BuzzFeed, despite having all the hallmarks of Russian spy agency ‘creativity.’ The dossier was prepared by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer. It employed standard Russian techniques of disinformation and manipulation.

Much of the credibility of the Orbis dossier hinges on Steele’s reputation as a former M15 intelligence agent. Satter writes, however, that “after the publication of the Trump dossier, Mr. Steele went into hiding, supposedly in fear for his life. On March 15, however, Michael Morell, the former acting CIA director, told NBC that Mr. Steele had paid the Russian intelligence sources who provided the information and never met with them directly. In other words, his sources were not only working for pay. Furthermore, Mr. Steele had no way to judge the veracity of their claims.”

If Steele disappeared for fear of his life, we must suspect that he feared murder by Russian agents. The only secret he might have had to warrant such a drastic Russian action would be knowledge that Russian intelligence prepared the dossier.

According to a Vanity Fair article, Fusion GPS was first funded by an anti-Trump Republican donor, but, after Trump’s nomination, Fusion and Steele were paid by Democratic donors whose identity remains secret. Writes Satter: “Perhaps the time has come to expand the investigation into Russia’s meddling to include Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as well.”

As someone who has read every word of the Steele Trump dossier and has studied the Soviet Union/Russia for almost a half century, I can say that the Steele dossier consists of raw intelligence from informants identified by capital letters, who claim (improbably) to have access to the highest levels of the Kremlin. The dossier was not, as the press reports, written by Steele. No matter how experienced (or gullible) Steele might be, there is no way for him to know whether his sources are clandestine Russian intelligence agents.

In Stalin's day, some of the most valued KGB (NKVD) agents were called "novelists," for their ability to conjure up fictional plots and improbable tales to use against their enemies. Some of Steele's sources claim detailed knowledge of the deepest Kremlin secrets, such as Putin's personal control of Clinton emails or negotiations with Putin's head of the national oil company. If they truly had such knowledge, why would they "sell" it to Steele? The most likely explanation is that the Steele dossier is the work of Russian intelligence "novelists" charged by the Kremlin with defaming Trump and adding chaos to the American political system.

Mueller’s Difficult Task

While leaks from within the investigation focus on possible obstruction of justice, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s writ – to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election – requires him to consider “matters” that Dems would prefer be left alone.

Special Counsel Mueller has been given a broad charge and no deadline -- a formula for trouble. He is supposed to “investigate Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election.” Given the many accounts of Russian contacts of Trump campaign officials and hangers-on, Mueller must follow these leads, which apparently have lead nowhere over a nine month investigation as reported even by Trump unfriendly sources like CNN. Mueller, therefore, should not require much time to rule out coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia state actors. Mueller must be careful to avoid detours into loosely related issue by scalp-hunting investigators. Mueller also must shut down leaks from within his office, if he wishes his reports to be credible to the American people.

Mueller must also conduct an investigation which is perceived as fair to both sides. On the Clinton/Democratic side, there are a number of unanswered questions related to Russian electoral intervention. Among them is the question of whether the “wiped clean” Clinton e-mails are in Russian hands (as asserted by the Steele dossier), whether  the tarmac meeting of Bill Clinton and the Attorney General quashed the investigation of Hillary’s e-mails, and whether the  Clintons and Russian uranium interests engaged in quid pro quo and “pay to play” operations. 

The most important unanswered question is whether the Clinton campaign funded the Orbis Trump smear campaign and did they understand the campaign could be conducted by Russian intelligence?

Mueller must question Steele himself on his sources and some of the sources themselves, investigate whether they could be Russian intelligence agents, and determine the role of Clinton donors and campaign officials in the funding of the anti-Trump dossier.

The Fusion-Steele matter is explosive because it suggests that Russia’s most damaging intervention in the 2016 campaign may have been its creation of the Steele Dossier, remarkably paid for by the Clinton campaign! If so, the Clinton campaign (not Trump) was the prime sponsor of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election.


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We've gone from "no one ever met with the Russians" to"My son tried to get opposition research and dirt from Russians" what a pathetic crock of cognitive dissonant retards around hereeither way trumpy loves him some MIC, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Wall Street#maga my ass

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There is a screen capture posted on thirdestatenewsgroup from hacker calling self "FreshCamel" claiming it comes from FBI computer, where 5 Intel agents were discussing on dark web: They had blackmailed Rosenstein to appoint Mueller.
The FreshCamel screen capture pre-dates the public announcement of Mueller as Special Counsel.

As to Mueller - he was in charge of the official 911 WTC story and the Benghazi story. If you believe those stories you'll believe Mueller.

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Can Mueller figure this out or hide it?

Scenario appears to be regarding Don Jr meeting with Russian-Ashkenazi Atty Natalia - June 2016:

1. Goldstone solicits mtg w/ Don Jr by email repeatedly using FISA trigger words "Russia/n".

2. Goldstone email references Emin who is son in law of Sec of State Kerry's Russian associate Agalarov. Pic of them together.

3. DOJ Lynch & US Atty NY Preet Bharara reputedly just in time for June 2016 mtg, grant special B1 Visa to unlawful alien Russian Atty Natalia after DNS denied Visa twice, and who court denied twice an extension her expired in Jan 7, 2016 Visa bypassing "parole" from Lynch. Atty Natalia letter to court requesting extension of expired parole is online.

4. Married Atty Natalia was reputedly having torrid affair with NYT contract reporter Sexton to whom it appears she conveniently gives story. Sexton twittered distress when Don Jr posted the emailstream which pre-posted before Sexton could get credit for his NYT article.

5. Trump tower meeting based on false pretense takes place June 9, 2016.

6. About same time, fake server "go-daddy" registered by CIA Evan McMullin sis is falsely named as "Trump OrGAINization" knowing FISA judge won't note misspell, is set up to web-robot call Russian bank. Bank web-robot calls back creating spam graph for Obama team to show to FISA Judge to spy on Trump team.

7. April Lorenzen reputedly aka "Tea Leaves" aka trump hater "Lea Vestea" contract computer sleuth with DNS, is reputedly tapped by Obama-Hillary team to write report about false Trump OrGAINization server talking nonsense to Russian bank. Tea Leaves story is found to be fake by computer experts at See their story April 9, 2017.

8. Hillary team then it seems gives "Tea Leaves" report to web mag "Slate" to write story Oct 31, 2016 to smear rival Trump in time for pre-election blitz.

9. Hillary then echos the Slate mag story in her Twitter the same day to magnify the smear against her rival. Search her twitter for date 10/31/2016.

10. Obama team reputedly takes to FISA Judge to get spy warrant on Hillary election rival: a) Tea Leaves fake report about fake Trump OrGAINization server, b) graph of fake web-robot talk between server and Russian bank and, c) emails sent by Goldstone with "Russia/n" trigger words. FISA judge apparently did not know how to spell "orGANization".

11. Based on plot line designed by Genl Robt Otto (Intel ofcr Obama admin) and his collusion partner Russian Professor Valery Solovei in Moscow - NYT sits on report of June 2016 Trump Tower mtg until after G20 mtg of Trump and Putin. See hacker "Johnny Walker" access to Genl Otto emails.

12. G20 mtg occurs which signals timing for NYT to release story of Don Jr mtg and apparently on cue Schiff, McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, Kaine can spin the story as if it had not been plotted for over a year. Believe it was Nov 2016 when McCain began promoting the Fusion GPS false Russian Dossier to smear DJT. Atty Natalia Veselniskaya was reputedly work partners for several years with Fusion GPS founder Simpson. Few days after Trump Tower mtg Atty Natalia is seemingly rewarded by Obama admin by front row seating in Congress hearing of ambassador McFaul. See McFaul twitter 7/11/2017 with pic where respondents note Atty Natalia seems to be synching McFauls open computer through her phone device.

13. Seemingly on cue Sherman posts "Impeachment" resolution based in part on false pretense meeting with AG Lynch "paroled" Russian Atty Natalia.

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AIR NATO: A Look Inside the West’s Secret Weapons Racket That’s Destroying SyriaJULY 9, 2017 BY 21WIRE Patrick Henningsen21st Century WireIt’s no secret that the governments of the US, UK and France, along with other EU member states, have been involved in training and equipping what used to be known as ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria. We now know that the bulk of the arms that get into opposition areas in Syria have gone to terrorist groups, much of which has been paid for by their wealthy benefactors in the Gulf, namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar.What we didn’t know however, was the method of delivery, until now…Back in April, 21WIRE reported how Trud Newspaper, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, broke the story of  a ship called “Marianne Danica” arriving in the biggest port of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah under the flag of Denmark, after it left the port of Burgas on March 28th – loaded with tons of weapons heading for conflict zones. This was part of a trail that led Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva to East Aleppo in December 2016 where she discovered a massive Bulgarian arms cache that had made it into the hands of western and gulf-backed terrorists groups operating in Syria.This week, Trud released the latest chapter of their investigation which details exactly how Silk Way Airlines (an Azerbaijani state-run company) conducted at least 350 diplomatic charter flights transporting weapons destined for war conflict areas across the world over the last 3 years. The key to this story is that the Azeri firm appears to have exploited a loop-hole in the international aviation and transport regulations by requesting a diplomatic exemption for aircrafts and their cargo, in effect allowing the Azeri airline to carry on-board tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition under the color of diplomatic immunity – with much of the cargo heading for known terrorist enclaves in Syria, but also to other conflict zones including Central Asia and Africa.“Leaked files include correspondence between the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Bulgaria, with attached documents for weapons deals and diplomatic clearance for overflight and/or landing in Bulgaria and many other European countries, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, to name a few,” said Gaytandzhieva.“According to these documents, Silk Way Airlines offered diplomatic flights to private companies and arms manufacturers from the USBalkans, and Israel, as well as to the militaries of Saudi ArabiaUAE, and US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and the military forces of Germany and Denmark in Afghanistan, and of Sweden in Iraq. Diplomatic flights are exempt of checks, air bills, and taxes, meaning that Silk Way airplanes freely transported hundreds of tons of weapons to different locations around the world without regulation. They made technical landings with stays varying from a few hours to up to a day in intermediary locations without any logical reasons such as needing to refuel the planes.”Documents implicating Silk Way Airlines were sent to the journalist via an ‘Anonymous’ Twitter account – Anonymous Bulgaria.Payment and the shipment for weapons orders were made through a number of supposed front companies, and often co-signed by parties from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The international hub of this operation appears to be Azerbaijan. In some cases, because the volume and frequency of the flights has stretched Silk Way Airlines beyond their limits, the Azerbaijan Air Force was drafted in to help shoulder the load.“On 12th May 2015 an aircraft of Azerbaijan Air Forces carried 7,9 tons of PG-7V and 10 tons of PG-9V to the supposed destination via the route Burgas (Bulgaria)-Incirlik (Turkey)-Burgas-Nasosny (Azerbaijan). ”It should be noted that Incirlik Air Base in Turkey is a shared US-NATO facility.From the days of the Vietnam War, we also learned about a covert program known as Air America which became one of the most clandestine operations in CIA history involving gun-running and possible narcotics too.NOTE: In the past, 21WIRE has reported on how registered CIA chartered aircraft used in Rendition flights were also used to transport narcotics internationally. Certainly, one could also ask the question here – what cargo was on the flights returning from Afghanistan to Europe chartered by Silk Way?   Silk Way Airlines Ilyushin IL-76 (4K-AKZ100) similar to the accident aircraft, seen taxiing at Tallinn Estonia. (Photo by rotate270 via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)As it turns out, Silk Way Airlines has a history of work with NATO. On 6 July 2011, a Silk Way Airlines Ilyushin Il-76 cargo aircraft crashed into a hillside short of landing at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, killing all nine people on board. The aircraft was said to have been transporting 18 tonnes (18 long tons; 20 short tons) of “fuel” for the International Security Assistance Force at the NATO base.On May 18, 2016, a near repeat of the previous disaster happened again when another Silk Way cargo plane crashed while performing a “positioning flight” from Camp Dwyer (Afghanistan) to Mary (Turkmenistan), killing seven of its nine crew. The  plane had crashed after taking off from Dwyer airport in Afghanistan. The crew were from Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.READ ALSO: Open War Crimes: US and British-Backed Weapons Airlift From Croatia to Terrorists in SyriaAccording to this latest report, corporate subcontractors include US-based companies Purple Shovel LLC based in Sterling, Virginia, US Department of Defense subcontracting vehicle Culmen International LLC based in Alexandria, Virginia, weapons and defense procurement firm Chemring Military Products based in Perry, Florida.In total, the US portion of this particular part of the weapons operation over the last 3 years is estimated at $1 billion under a special US government program for “non-US standard weapon supplies.”The loop-hole in question deals with a strict regulatory clause in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, whereby air operators transporting “dangerous goods” are forbidden to transport items on civil aircrafts, and may apply to obtain an official exemption for the international transportation of dangerous goods by air. Here we see how partnering governments simply placed the flights under diplomatic cover to avoid any problems moving the cargo. Trud’s Gaytandzhieva explains the work-around being used in order to traffic weapons into conflict zones:“According to the documents, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry has sent instructions to its embassies in Bulgaria and many other European countries to request diplomatic clearance for Silk Way Airlines flights. The embassies sent diplomatic notes to the Foreign Ministry of the relevant country to request such exemption. The Foreign Ministry sent back a note signed by the local civil aviation authorities giving exemption for the transportation of dangerous goods.”“The requests for diplomatic clearance included information about the type and quantity of the dangerous goods – heavy weapons and ammunition. However, the responsible authorities of many countries (Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Germany, UK, Greece, etc.) have turned a blind eye and allowed diplomatic flights for the transport of tons of weapons, carried out by civil aircrafts for military needs. Under IATA regulations, the transport of military cargo by civil aircrafts is not allowed. To get around this legality, Silk Way Airlines applied for diplomatic exemption through local agencies.”FAST & FURIOUS: Baku, Azerbaijan acts as the hub of NATO’s unofficial international gun-running racket. The Israeli LegA number of seemingly unlikely partner countries have turned-up in this investigation. One of those is Israel – a nation who constantly claims to be fighting terrorism despite the fact that numerous reports have implicated Israel in their involvement in aiding and abetting “rebels” like Al Nusra terrorists in Syria. In 2015, the Wall Street Journal also revealed Israeli links to Al Nusra in Syria. This latest report by Trud shows an even more damning side of this dark alliance:“In 2017, there were 5 flights from Nish (Serbia) via Ovda (Israel) to Nasosny (Azerbaijan). Each flight carried 44 tons of cargo – SPG Howitzer, RM-70/85. The consignor is MSM Martin, Serbia, the consignee: Elbit Systems, Israel, and the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. All aircrafts landed in Israel and stayed for 2 hours en-route to Azerbaijan.The same Israeli company Elbit Systems on a flight from Barno (the Czech Republic) via Tel Aviv (Israel) to Bratislava (Slovakia) re-exported armored vehicles (TATRA T-815 VP31, TATRA T-815 VPR9). They were sent by Real Trade, Prague to Elbit Systems. The ultimate consignee, however, was the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. The aircraft landed in Tel Aviv and then in Bratislava, where the cargo was imported by another company – MSM Martin, Slovakia. It is not clear why the plane flew from Europe to Asia and then back to Europe with the same cargo on-board. Ultimately, it did not reach its final destination – Azerbaijan.”The other unlikely partner in this weapons trafficking chain is Serbia – a country who many count as a staunch ally of Russia. As Moscow is so heavily invested in the fight against radical Salafi terrorism in Syria and beyond, Serbia’s dubious own role in this daisy chain should raise some concerned eyebrows.Weapons for the KurdsThe report also details some 300 tons of RPG-s, machine guns and ammunition heading to US-backed Kurdish forces, via Erbil Iraq.“In March of 2017, over 300 tons of weapons were allegedly sent to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Northern Syria. Six diplomatic flights transported 43 tons of grenades on each flight from VMZ Military Plant, Bulgaria, to the Defense Ministry of Iraq. There are no contracts applied, however. On 28 March, 82 tons of cargo (AKM 7,62×39 mm and AG-7) were sent from Otopeni (Romania) to Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan). The consignor was Romtechnica S.A., the consignee – again the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad. No contracts are provided for this flight either.”Watch this recent report and interview with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva for the UK Column:.Be sure to read Trud’s full and extensive investigative report here.***Patrick Henningsen is an American-born writer and global affairs analyst and founder of independent news and analysis site 21st Century Wire and host of the SUNDAY WIRE weekly radio show broadcast globally over the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR).

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"Hildabeastgate.Comparable to Gates of Hades." Except the gates of hades are cheaper to circumnavigate, smell better, and have some honour. That being said, I hope this is a rhetorical question. If one is honest with his/her/xi/ximself, any issues within the Trump camp look more like the result of sophmoric political naivite than anything else. Trump has worked to provide a service or value in return for wealth. Trump has worked to be able to swim in money like scrooge mcduck, so he has never needed to engage in play for pay. If one is honest with his/her/xi/ximself, the Clinton crime syndicate has done nothing outside of prosecuting a ( to this point successful ) multi decade program of professional grifting. From phony commodity futures trading to selling aids blood from prisoners to cheating people out of their property to peddling drugs on a behemoth scale, to repealing financial regulations that have been in place for generations to selling nuclear and other top secret material to china then accepting millions from them to providing nuclear tools to North Korea to working with radical islamist terrorist sympathizing gulf state companies in exchange for money and gifts, to weaponizing the entire state department for monetary gain, to pimping out an entire country, to running a supposedly charitable organization which fronts for the single largest criminal pay for play / money laundering operation in human history; the Clintons can't be considered anything other than satanic appendages. I said it before that the election of trump signals the end of the line for us. Given that Trump is an idealistic outsider who isn't compromised and the current system is corrupt from asshole to page 5 on multiple levels - we have a case of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Yes, russiagate is really hillarygate. Trump, given his lack of tenure in the swamp and the principled position his platform is based on, has nothing to hide - and has largely had no reason to sell out the US. He's against shitty international trade deals. He's against shitty domestic contracts. He's against unregulated illegal immigration designed to collapse the country. He has not been the gatekeeper for large corporations or foreign governments to get access or preferential treatment within the US market. While Trump has spent the last couple of decades building hotels and golf courses, running beauty contests and corny reality shows, working on his hair and grabbing mad pussy ( with consent ) - Hillary has ( while building nothing and adding no value ) built a well oiled machine which specializes in fraud and special favor to the highest bidder. Since she got canned from the whitewater case for lying then defended a child rapist who she knew was guilty, to her setting up a play for pay program via a fake charity - Hillary has put her love of ( ill gotten ) money first while loosely clinging to neo marxist policy. Meanwhile Trump has been the same guy as he was when I was first introduced to him when my dad brought home his copy of the art of the deal back in 87. The awake guys here ( most of us ) know that this is a rhetorical question. In the wake of this bullshit fake news shellgame, let's not forget that in the past week we've seen 2 anti clinton people end up dead by questionable suicide.… In addition to the supposed clinton bodycount list we've all read for years, 2 more  can be tallied in just his last week - linked from zerohedge. How can this be? As I discussed with my brother, using loose but not unreasonable numbers, between 70 and 80 percent of suicides in the west involve men, and between 70 and 80 percent of those take place due to treatment during a divorce. So somewhere between 50% and 65% of suicides are as a result of divorce. Suicide is exeptionally rare, and suicide outside of divorce is much rarer. Yet in this case we apparently have 2 men, both anti clinton, commiting suicide concurrently. The evidence for suicide in these cases is already flimsy, and outside of divorce, criminal guilt, addiction or economic hardship - which seems absent ( outside of a phony story about the health of one of the men ) the case for suicide seems tenuous in one case, nevermind 2. Once you're awake you can't go back to sleep. Trump's election has God's fingerprints all over it. Be it the exposure of pedestrian corruption, or the revalation of the generational efforts of some nebulous marxist suicide cult, to the exposure of a cabal of compromised pedophiles - business as usual in the US government has come to an end. So essentially things are as shitty as most of us here think they are. Trump is pretty much clean and without trying he'll end up sinking the ship because he's not part of the architecture of entrenched corruption. That's fine. Turn the lights off for a few days and thenwe can MAGA and Canada as well. 

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Really, especially when considering this nice little tidbit:…

Why is this not in the mainstream news these days? The NYT surprisingly posted this, but there was no follow-up and no other MSM outlet touched it.

This is the smoking gun that should put that BITCH in jail, fuck all this other nothingburger bullshit.

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"Still, the company’s story was hardly front-page news in the United States — until early 2008, in the midst of Mrs. Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, when The Times published an article revealing the 2005 trip’s link to Mr. Giustra’s Kazakhstan mining deal. It also reported that several months later, Mr. Giustra had donated $31.3 million to Mr. Clinton’s foundation." - snip from Implied Violins link above…

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Fuck Hillary.  How many people have to die because of her and her pervert husband? I hope she contracts anal cancer and suffers in agonizing pain for years.  No one deserves it more.

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Boy! They sure know how to work a slug!  Here I was all set to just fuckin die because of this insane shit going on in the world........and now you go and give me a fuckin reason to LIVE again!I'm thinking now that there just fickinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn might be a chance that Cuntlery and her ugly bitch herd has a chance of gettin what they have coming along with thier pervert hangers I want to live to see this!  It would be a YUGE BONUS if McSlime drew it's last breath and went to function as 72 of the virgins those camel fuckers are promised!GEEEEZEEE FUCKING GEEEZZZE I'd love to see some justice before I see them all in Hell.....!

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Note the selectivity.  Note the source.  Where are references to things like the Ux deal?  I'm told that this kind of thing is called a 'limited hangout.' Real Russians were calling BS early on, saying the phraseology was doctored to LOOK 'Russian.' The time is coming soon for a full Bill 'n Hillary expose, and it will be massive, not limited to these sort of tidbits. 

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How many people have to die? Apparently at least one more.... this Steele guy is hiding from the Russians? The Russians are a walk in the park compared to the DNC and the Clinton Foundation!. If he isn't swimming with Osama or buried deep somewhere he'll commit suicide with two shots in the back of his head or have a nailgun accident shortly.  it's just how Hillary rolls....

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I sure wish that the Dept. Of Injustice would get off their butts and do the right thing: Grand Jury into the Clintons.p.s. Donald, We The People don't give a flying f**k if you think they're "good people" or "have endured enough". They are career criminals, murderers and traitors. A lamp post and rope is too good for them.Keep your GD Election Promises, and "LOCK HER UP!"

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Sessions may just wind up to be very effective, although I have been very critical of him, the move against the wholesale selling of opoids under the banner of "treatment" may be an opening salvo in the right direction.  There's room in the prisons for thousands of cheating drug dealing "doctors" and pharmacy whores. If we can just get him away from pot smokers.......The whole fucking WORLD smokes weed FUCKERS so guess what?FUCK OFF...........DOUBLE!

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Its called "projection" -and it something the left ALWAYS does-that is accuses their opponents of the very malfeasance they themselves are committing.

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 Hillary and her approval of Uranium One's sale that benefitted Russia as well as the Clinton Foundation is a major Democrat connection to Russian involvement.Putin had her number - she would do things for cash and that would have made his life a whole lot easier.  I am sure the Russians were watching this election as we watch theirs but Putin had a sure thing in Hillary and I suspect he was as surprised as anyone about the Trump win. 

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This article is still getting the most important thing wrong. Russia did not interfere in either campaign and didn't hack anybody. The Russian collusion narrative was fabricated by the Hillary campaign on election night, but this was simply to delegitimize the Trump victory. There is no substance to it.

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Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?Yes. conjunction with the pedo homo satanic ruling false-elite's Organized Crime "Deep State" Vatican banker/FedScam Hitler-financing, Holohoaxing, JFK- and MLK-assassinating, Ruby Ridge-, Waco-, OKC-, and 9/11-committing, illegal and Muslim immigration-promoting Fifth Column Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon of "the real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind" we came to America, the biblically prophesied New Israel, "Zion," God's actual "Promised Land," in express covenant with God, our named Sovereign, to escape. Note: Vatican banker-catspaw Rothschilds' tribal racist "State of Israel" is atheist by its founding and meets not one of the signs for "Israel" given by the Hebrew prophets. America alone fulfills them all.Self identified "whigs," Black and White, received America in mortal combat, in covenant with God."Whig" means "anti-Roman Catholic." See: Hallam and Macaulay.Rome opposes our president, and friendly relations with Russia in the Spirit of God.Mr. Trump, Harbinger of the Apocalypse now unfolding, Elect of the sovereign People, is anointed of God.Only satanically possessed pedo homos object.