US Lawmakers Support Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Boycott Goods and Services from Israel

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The Israel Anti-Boycott Act, sponsored by Sen. Cardin, supported by 45 Senators and 237 congressmen, will criminalize the boycott of goods and services from the state of Israel. Source: If American citizens happen to defy this law, if approved, they will be fined a minimum of $250,000, and a maximum of $1 million plus 20 years in prison, designated for persons "engaged in interstate or foreign commerce." The bill is said to be purposed to countermand a potential UN resolution that will prevent trade with East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. The idea behind the bill would be to prevent any American from joining the fray. The ACLU takes exception to the bill, saying it's a direct violation of the First Amendment.

“In short, the bill would punish businesses and individuals solely based on their point of view,” it wrote. “Such a penalty is in direct violation of the First Amendment.”

  The bill, rumored to have been written by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has garnered widespread bipartisan support. Finally, Congress has found something they could agree on. Here you can see an AIPAC infographic highlighting this bill as part of their top lobbying priorities for 2017. Thus far, 45 US Senators and 237 congressmen (63 dems, 174 republitards) support the measure. The ACLU is actively lobbying opposition to this bill. Thus far, zero lawmakers have sided with them. Amusingly, the sponsor of this bill, Senator Cardin, doesn't seem to know anything about the bill, when approached by a reporter at The Intercept. The Intercept weighs in on the potential penalties that will be imposed on American citizens if passed.  

That’s because, as Josh Ruebner expertly detailed when the bill was first unveiled, “the bill seeks to amend two laws — the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945,” and “the potential penalties for violating this bill are steep: a minimum $250,000 civil penalty and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years imprisonment, as stipulated in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.”   Indeed, to see how serious the penalties are, and how clear it is that those penalties are imposed by this bill, one can just compare the bill’s text in Section 8(a), which provides that violators will be “fined in accordance with Section 206 of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1705),” to the penalty provisions of that law, which state:


That the bill refers to the fine, but not the prison sentence, is not enough to prevent a judge from applying the statute’s prison term, because the bill brings the statute into play, said Faiz Shakir, the ACLU’s political director, who authored the letter to the Senate. “The referral to the statute keeps criminal penalties in play, regardless of what their preference for punishment might be,” said Shakir.   The bill also extends the current prohibition on participating in boycotts sponsored by foreign governments to cover boycotts from international organizations such as the U.N. and the European Union. It also explicitly extends the boycott ban from Israel generally to any parts of Israel, including the settlements. For that reason, Ruebner explains, the bill — by design — would outlaw “campaigns by the Palestine solidarity movement to pressure corporations to cut ties to Israel or even with Israeli settlements.”

  Back in March, the State of Israel banned any persons from entering the country who supported the boycott of goods and services from Israel. However, unlike the American version of the bill, the bill does not apply to citizen of Israel or those with permanent residency.  

Late Monday the Israeli parliament passed the bill 46 to 28 opposed. The ban will target individuals who publicly call for a boycott of Israel or Israeli goods, including goods made in West Bank or East Jerusalem settlements, which the majority of the international community considers to be illegal under international law. The law will allow exceptions and will not apply to Israeli citizens or those with permanent residency.   “In recent years calls to boycott Israel have been growing,” a statement on the Israeli parliament website said after the bill’s approval. “It seems this is a new front in the war against Israel, which until now the country had not prepared for properly.”

  It's worth mentioning, Sen. Cardin is one of dozens of US lawmakers who hold dual Israeli-American citizenships. Perhaps since we're all so concerned about foreign meddling into our affairs, we should shed a light on all foreign meddling, not just Russian. Here are the Senators who support the bill. Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]* 03/23/2017 Sen. Nelson, Bill [D-FL] 03/27/2017 Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL] 03/27/2017 Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ] 03/27/2017 Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME] 03/27/2017 Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT] 03/27/2017 Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC] 03/28/2017 Sen. Young, Todd C. [R-IN] 03/28/2017 Sen. Boozman, John [R-AR] 03/28/2017 Sen. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA] 03/28/2017 Sen. Peters, Gary C. [D-MI] 03/28/2017 Sen. Hatch, Orrin G. [R-UT] 03/30/2017 Sen. Perdue, David [R-GA] 03/30/2017 Sen. Roberts, Pat [R-KS] 03/30/2017 Sen. Wicker, Roger F. [R-MS] 03/30/2017 Sen. Hoeven, John [R-ND] 04/04/2017 Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX] 04/04/2017 Sen. Fischer, Deb [R-NE] 04/04/2017 Sen. Heller, Dean [R-NV] 04/24/2017 Sen. Moran, Jerry [R-KS] 04/24/2017 Sen. Crapo, Mike [R-ID] 04/24/2017 Sen. Cantwell, Maria [D-WA] 04/24/2017 Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA] 04/25/2017 Sen. Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV] 04/26/2017 Sen. Schumer, Charles E. [D-NY] 05/01/2017 Sen. Ernst, Joni [R-IA] 05/01/2017 Sen. Hassan, Margaret Wood [D-NH] 05/08/2017 Sen. Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [D-NY] 05/09/2017 Sen. Lankford, James [R-OK] 05/16/2017 Sen. Burr, Richard [R-NC] 05/17/2017 Sen. Donnelly, Joe [D-IN] 05/23/2017 Sen. Scott, Tim [R-SC] 05/25/2017 Sen. Cruz, Ted [R-TX] 06/05/2017 Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [D-WV] 06/05/2017 Sen. Strange, Luther [R-AL] 06/05/2017 Sen. McCaskill, Claire [D-MO] 06/06/2017 Sen. Thune, John [R-SD] 06/12/2017 Sen. Wyden, Ron [D-OR] 06/12/2017 Sen. Sasse, Ben [R-NE] 06/15/2017 Sen. Coons, Christopher A. [D-DE] 06/26/2017 Sen. Bennet, Michael F. [D-CO] 07/12/2017 Sen. Sullivan, Dan [R-AK] 07/12/2017 Sen. Cassidy, Bill [R-LA] 07/18/2017 Sen. Tillis, Thom [R-NC] 07/19/2017 Sen. Cotton, Tom [R-AR] 07/19/2017


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Boycott, hell!!!  Let's dump the shit over the side of the ship when it gets to port.  Except, let's keep all of the good weapons and ammo.  I'm not prejudiced as to who made my weapon, especially if it was free.

Lucretius The_Real_Fly Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:18 Permalink

Thank you Dr. Fly, once again, for highlighting the absurdity that is our reality! I've read comments of many that take slight at your use of sophomoric language and non PC phrases, personally, I find it funny and refreshing.How long has the Zionist state of Isrihell been the largest recipient of US foreign aid??? And more importantly, why? They are one of the wealthier nations in that armpit/azzhole of the world.I'll happily share your article with everyone I know, again, thank you!

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rwe2late Sat, 07/22/2017 - 11:01 Permalink

No boycott of British (Israeli?) tea allowed!!Only government mandated and enforced "boycotts" are permitted...(e.g. against Russia, Cuba, Iran, etc.)

Nolde Huruska Sat, 07/22/2017 - 11:11 Permalink

Did anyone here actually read the bill? No? I didn't think so. It has to do only with some bullshit UN trade crap. Fake news here. I'll trust the ACLU when they learn to count from 1 to 10 without skipping 2.

The Wizard Nolde Huruska Sat, 07/22/2017 - 17:48 Permalink

Hardly anyone reads the legislation before commenting. The devil is in the details. Try explaining the law to most people and they look at you like a deer with headlights on them.Stop with stupid legislation and start reducing the size of govt. Just the fact something like this is even considered as important makes my head spin.Here's one for you: The bill prohibits U.S. persons engaged in interstate or foreign commerce from: Do people what U.S. persons are under the "law"? How about repealing Barrycare.This is further support of the premise: Goldmanites rule.

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"White Privilege" says the 95% jew run media!!!! Saying "Jew Privilege" is "anti-semitic".....even though it's true!

Conax Sat, 07/22/2017 - 11:52 Permalink

More Holohoax Museums, maybe a new WWII movie or three, didn't the jews save the world in 'Independence Day'? You had Goldblum (the smartest fellow in the world) and his dad Judd Hirsch as the wizened old Hebe giving the president tips about area 51.. In 'Man of Steel' it took a fuzzy old jew to put Superman's codekey into the spaceship right so they could save us from General Zod..What do the goy want? We give you life! We teach you smarts! Worship at our feet as we sit like Effendi and eat.

Conax Lucky Leprachaun Sat, 07/22/2017 - 14:19 Permalink

I used 'Independence Day' as an example because it was eaten up with hate whitey propaganda, who flew the UFO up to the mothership and blew it up?That's right, the black fighter pilot and the smartest jew in the world. The fighter pilot also out flew, knocked down and drug out and whupped an alien right on the big screen.  No YT could have done that. So the jews were the brains and the negro the brawn. So cliched it was sickening. Stinko movie, except where they blew up the libbos on the roof of the skyscraper and Washington DC. That was cool.

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"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." -- Mark Twain

Not surprisingly, if you own the press you can write history in your favor. Unfortunately for the modern scribes, some folks still exercise their ability to think critically. it wasn't so long ago the the "afflicted" party of the above article were the perpetrators of the same economic warfare:

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You can buy ceramic magnets at the $1 Store for a dollar.You can buy a Palestinian flag at WalMart for $5. True!!So for $6, you can find the Jewish kosher section of yourgrocery store, and unfurl a Palestinian flag over it, lol.Just think, under this Congressional Fatwah, you wouldbe liable for $250,000 in fines and 20 years in prison!! Israel has taken over the rich farmlands of Ukraine andare buying up farm lands in Argentina and Uruguay as well.They plan to take over a $20B medical marijuana business.The dopers won't care where their weed comes from, andthen Israel won't need your stinking $3.5B annual tribute.…

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Vuke Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:12 Permalink

Senator Cardin, I'm from AIPAC and here to present you with a bill we'd like passed.  No need to read it as it's long and benign.  Your donations for the next election will begin as soon as it's law.

Robert Trip Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:18 Permalink

The Fuhrer just decided he didn't want to deal with their endless demanding and usury bullshit.Germany went on to be a great Nation not having those assholes sucking it dry any longer.

redmudhooch Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:25 Permalink

I know I said this a few days ago but its worth repeating. Want a bill to pass? Throw in some freebies for Isrealand I will say again, if you can find me a pro-israel or israeli-welfare bill that didn't pass, I'll eat my own dick and pay $10,000 reward.AIPAC and the likes own DC and tons of local govts., Israelis have more of a say about what happens in this country than any American.Let that sink in, wonder why politicians seem so Anti-American?

Robert Trip Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:27 Permalink

What is the penalty for denying the holocaust and enforcing the Israeli trade embargo at the same time?Is there a punishment great enough to fit this insidious crime?I think not.The death penalty will just have to suffice.

redmudhooch Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:31 Permalink

Isn't America about the last country they haven't been violently run out of?They should tread lightly. People around where I live are sick of it, everyone is finally seeing who is behind all the misery.

11th_Harmonic Rabbi Chaim Cohen Sat, 07/22/2017 - 15:14 Permalink

"I support Israel's right to exist."

Sorry, but I disagree with this point. The state of Israel was created at the behest of transnational Zionist bidding; it was not formed out of allegiance to a patriarchal sky-god the Zionists wish the flyover-country peasants to worship in their evangelical indoctrination camps every Sunday morning. The state of Israel, and the Zionists that support it (whether from there or within the US military apparatus) are guilty of the same transgressions of which they accuse their enemies.

"However, I don't agree with the continued sending of US taxpayer money to Israel, and this law is beyond the pale."

I fully agree, and I would add that any funds usurped by the taxation apparatus (even though I don't agree with script extortion) be utilized for the common wealth of those among us here in the country that provided the subsidy. Yes, the fiscally-responsible use of extorted fiat is a pipe-dream, but if more people would understand that the MIC, and their proxy puppeteers, is pissing away fiat debt for foreign wars that are not designed for the security of "middle America", the others among us might just wake up and, at least, exact some resistance to the burglary.

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Anteater Rabbi Chaim Cohen Sat, 07/22/2017 - 16:42 Permalink

Israel is NOT a Jewish state. Their own people, ESPECIALLY THE RABBINICALS,are against the designation of yet another ayatollahic religion-based plutocracy.There are RIOTS in Israel against calling Israel a 'Jewish State', and a bare-thinmajority are Jewish as it is. Anti-Israel is neither anti-semitic nor anti-Jewish. Therefore any 'anti-semitic hate crime' claims from the American rabbinicals andevangelicals forcing the American people to dutifully buy these Israeli products isbased ON A LIE, and cannot be held as legal. And that's why there is no referenceto Jews or anti-semitism in this proposed law. THEY KNOW THAT IT'S A BIG LIE!

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meditate_vigorously (not verified) Sat, 07/22/2017 - 12:52 Permalink

And still so many call us crazy or nazis because we identify the Jew problem.