A Complete History Of John McCain Calling For War Around The World

Authored by Jim Carey via GeopoliticsAlert.com,

Earlier this week notorious war hawk US Senator John McCain (R-Az) was diagnosed with brain cancer. While the liberal and conservative establishments are sending their regards, Geopolitics Alert instead compiled a list of reasons why we don’t care about McCain.

The list is of course a history of all the instances McCain has called for US-led intervention around the world. There’s obviously a long history here, so Geopolitics Alert has compiled the largest examples from Europe to Asia. We’ll start with the obvious wars first.

Afghanistan and Iraq

Obviously every US senator (besides California’s Barbara Lee) voted to give president George W. Bush the power to invade Afghanistan following the events of September 11th. However, McCain wasn’t happy with just moving to invade Afghanistan. No, he had other targets on his mind as early as the day after the towers fell.

Despite McCain’s claim in 2014 that “the Iraq war probably wouldn’t have happened” if he had won the 2000 Republican primary and then general election, this assertion seems ridiculous. On September 12th 2001, McCain appeared on MSNBC presenting a long list of countries he felt were providing a “safe harbor” to groups like al Qaeda. This list of course included Iraq and several other countries that appear later on this list.


Another country on that 2001 list (of course) was Syria. Now, the Bush regime may have never gotten a chance to continue toppling Mideast countries (thanks to the failure in Iraq and the exposure of that war being sold on lies). But McCain seemingly never lost sight of his hatred for Bashar Al-Assad.

Shortly after the Arab Spring “broke out” in Syria, McCain – and his constant partner in war crimes Sen. Lindsey Graham – quickly found communication channels with the “Syrian opposition.” Just a few short months after the US endorsed protests in Syria (even having their ambassador attend), McCain and Graham began calling for arms to start flowing to the Free Syrian Army and other “rebel” groups.


McCain’s plans for Syria never quite worked the way he wanted but he probably should’ve know they would never yield a positive result. If McCain didn’t want to look at Iraq to prove that point, he had another more recent example he could’ve used: the NATO intervention in Libya.

It was less than a year before McCain wanted to arm Syrian takfiris that he had supported with the bombing and no fly zones in Libya. McCain even wanted tougher actions against the country. Which has now become an anarchic Wild West that’s home to all sorts of horrors from the Islamic State to a new slave trade.

West and Central Africa

McCain is also a champion of the “war on terror” in other parts of Africa. While McCain hasn’t directly supported terrorists in some countries in Africa, he still has called for more US intervention across the continent.

This list includes countries dealing with Islamic insurgencies, such as Mali. McCain has also called for plans like “deploying Special Forces” to rescue girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria and intervention in Sudan, where McCain and his wife have invested money for some time. 


Another country on the list of hated nations originally put forth by Bush undersecretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz, and also another long time target of McCain, is of course Iran.

Although McCain has always said “he prays” there will never be at war with Iran, the man constantly calls for it and even jokes about bombing the country when he feels the mood is right. The truth of the matter is, McCain’s positions towards Iran are so hostile that even flagship neoconservative institutions like the Cato Institute think he is too hawkish.

Bosnia and Kosovo

But McCain isn’t satisfied with just backing salafi jihadists in the traditional Middle East and North African theaters. He’s also backed violent radicals across the fringes of Europe. This trend really started in the mid 1990’s when McCain was a vocal supporter of then president Bill Clinton’s war in Bosnia.

Many of the Muslims traveling to Bosnia joining the mujahideen there have joined groups like IS in recent years. And IS flags can occasionally be seen in the Sunni areas of Bosnia now. McCain was still backing potential takfiri movements, recently accusing Russia of interfering in local affairs, and calling for more US intervention in the country.

McCain made similar decisions when he advocated US intervention in Kosovo in the late 90’s. In the Kosovo conflict, McCain backed the Kosovo Liberation Army: a genocidal jihadist organization with ties to Al Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that McCain only supports jihadists in Eastern Europe though! He also backs the overt Nazis acting as death squads for Kiev in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

This of course started in 2014, but McCain has continued to pledge support for Kiev’s crimes in the Donbass region to this day. This is all par for the course in McCain’s larger theme of challenging Russia– the country he believes controls the separatists in eastern Ukraine.


The story of McCain’s hatred of Russia spans back to the Cold War. We won’t get into McCain’s fear of communism that’s evolved into just general Russophobia. But we will say he didn’t have many excuses to focus on making threats towards Moscow for a good 15-20 year stretch.

This changed in 2008, with the war in South Ossetia between Georgia and Russia. During this conflict McCain was the loudest voice saying the US “should immediately call a meeting of the North Atlantic Council to assess Georgia’s security and review measures NATO can take to contribute to stabilizing this very dangerous situation.”

This same situation repeated in Ukraine in 2014 but McCain’s worst comments came this year. As soon as the US Intelligence Community’s accused Russia of interference in the 2016 US elections– and without any evidence– McCain was first to say the event was an “act of war.”

North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRPK/North Korea) was also an early target of McCain’s making his September 12th wish list. More recently though, the restyled “Trump opponent” McCain was all-in on the new regime’s saber rattling. Calling on Trump to strike the nuclear armed country.

Bonus: China

China is kind of in its own class with McCain, who’s made strange vague threats towards the country in the past. Such as “the Arab spring is coming to China,” whatever that means. China may be a target on the periphery for McCain but he does still encourage antagonizing the country to this day. Calling for things like more “freedom of navigation drills” and other naval exercises in the South China Sea.

*  *  *

So, in summation, next time someone asks why you don’t care about John McCain’s clock running out, show them this article. McCain has encouraged the spread of death worldwide. The day he leaves congress will be a victory for the human race.


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How will his Syrian Takfiri serial killer friends manage without him.Was there ever anyone in DC who was so supportive of Syrian serial killers?And did Johnny boy ever give a thought to all the young Syrian girls who got shot in the head by his friends because they wore their headscarves wrong, or the young Syrian boys who talked back to one of McCain's friends and got the same?Or all the Yazidi women who were subjected to all manner of depravity by the McCain boys?Or the isolated Christian populations singled out for murder?When Johnny boy was posing like a big sap with his al Nusra/ISIS/Daesh  friends did it occur to him that they would torment and kill women, girls, boys, and prisoners?  Of course not.Johnny boy was a permanent spoiled brat on crack who never had to answer for any of his odious antics.  

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McCain is absolutely not stupid. Read what he writes or says.Sadly, he may have arguably misused those abilities in some ways.However, his passing would not wipe the board clean. There are many who are trying to take his role, he is retirement age, after all. Don't be fooled. They may not be GOP either.They may be young, well-dressed and white and pretend to be in favor of "human rights" and "democracy" but most likely simply want the nations of their personal obsessions bombed and humiliated by the US.

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An eulogy to the soon to be deceased: "If there was anything good to say about the deceased, he developed war mongering into perfection" ,2.0 version of Papa Doc´s eulogy by TE. Just swap a single word corruption to war mongering.

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Had a buddy die from the exact same thing a few years ago.  Doctors at Duke said at the time, 8 months w/o surgery, about 14 months with (the latter being the same prognosis as McStain's acc to the media).  What the doc didn't predict was the quality of my friend's life after the surgery.  He was alive, existing more like it, but that was about it.  The person who he was, was no longer there.  So in McCain's case, it'll be interesting if we see how his personality changes (if at all).  Dont worry though, Johnnie, the boys of the Forrestal are waiting for ya, on the other side.  They'll be there to "help" you face judgement and they'll be seeing you in about a year's time. 

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We are still in the "Century of Satan", how little you really know.  Pot meet Kettle.Our ((friends)) helped finance Calvinism, and funded Bibles for their re-entry into England during the upper middle ages.  This was done with stock market capital via Sephhardic Jews.  If I cared more, I would look up the names of the actual culprits. Sorry that real history does not support your narrative. This long action against England ultimately culminated  in the first debt spreading bank, the bank of england in 1694.  The Century of Satan started much earlier, and actually has been with us for a long time.  The Verbal tradition of the Pharisees was written down in 73AD, and became fully codified by 800 AD.  The original Jewish patriarchs of Torah are no more.  Bank of England debt spreading means has spread worldwide like a virus.  This virus funds illumism.This emphais on old testament is on purpose, to make Jew more acceptable to their hosts.  Even the Scofield Bible had this in mind, as it was funded into existence by Zionism.  Scofield has footnotes that are "pro old testament."  Pathological sections of old testament like Deuteronomy have been put away with Supercession.  That means the new supercedes the old.  In other words, the usual Jewish means of subversion and deception extend to usurping Christian relgion, which then gives sanction and cover for seeing the "other" as somebody to kill.  The new testament has none of that... but then jewish "culture of critique" and deception have core tenenst of of supporting or pushing old testament christianity.  Supercession is overturned by subversion in what is a long running diabolical act.

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"Phillip II" by William Thomas Walsh covers the genesis of Protestantism and the infiltration of Europe in some detail.Even after Henry VIII, the vast majority of people in England remained Catholic.But the elite of England had become infected.Corruption in the church and war-like Monarchs dependent on usurers, contributed to the calamity.Does any of this sound familiar?

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Soon a priest will be summoned for McCain and he will be given the last the rites of the Roman Catholic church.He'll huddle with the priest and give his last confession.The priest will annoint him with oil and tell McCain his sins are forgiven.However, I suspect that the Lord will not accept McCain's offering and will see it as hypocrisy.John, be a real patriot and confess truthfully to the American people.Do the greatest thing you've ever done for this nation and face the Lord with a clean soul.

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He was the perfect tool of the Deep State:  corrupt from an early age, and therefore, corruptible ever since.  The Forrestall, Hanoi Hilton, the S&L scandal, support for terrorists, warmongering.  All are different episodes illustrating the same corrupt character.   Out of curiosity, I wonder sometimes where this cat went off the rails...or maybe there really is something to the notion of a bad seed, someone who's corrupt from birth.  

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A Complete History Of John McCain Calling For War Around The WorldMy response: JSBach ... WELL SAID MY FRIEND, WELL SAID!!!I love the phrase "diabolical cretin" because it is so fitting.On a side note, there is an area of THEOLOGY called DEMONOLOGY. Of course no Churches in America even cover this subject. It is also interesting to note that there are hierarchies of DEMONs like in humanity who have certain responsibilites and expertise. The DEMON for WAR is Nergal. Nergel is an evil prince who resides over HELL and is the principality of WAR.Based on actions over the last 4+ years, Nergal looks to be present and continuing to influence government policies in America under the TRUMP administration. How did all of this come about?During Obama's 2nd term, there was great darkness that swept across America as evidenced by the scores of corrupt policies and war-like behaviors. I believe that 2012 was a turning point and time of great darkness for America. More importantly, there is increasing evidence that the following DEMONS were released to wreck havoc on America during Obama's 2nd term.Nergalsharezer, Samgarnebo, Sarsechim, Rabsaris, RabmagThe most wicked DEMON is Nergal.Based on behavior of people like McCain, I believe many in our government are influenced by Nergal. Whether America can recover from this situation is yet to be seen, but there is hope with President Trump. I believe President Trump to be America's Nineveh moment. America needs to not squander the opportunity the GOD has given Her is this time of testing.

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allow me, then to bid audieu...........Bye MOTHERFUCKER!  I hope your asshole rots out before you fuckin die and you shit bubbles up through your fuckin nose!  Maybe we can get them to hang you by your little cheatin dick to make sure!  Fuck you for eternity you piece of shit!How's that for being gentle on the sorry motherfucker!?

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I actually went to the lengths to create a new email and register with ZH as Lindsey Graham so I could comment on that.  Sadly it now takes 4-7 days to get approval on a new account request.Kinda makes one wonder how all those spammers and shitniks get through so quickly."I can promise you.  He has been." was going to be my post, as Lindsey.

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