Lauren Southern Banned From Patreon For Conservatism While Horse-Stabbing Antifa Just Fine

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Crowdfunding site Patreon banned conservative Canadian journalist, author, and YouTube sensation Lauren Southern without notice late last week - denying her thousands of dollars of monthly income following her involvement with an activist group in the Mediterranean.

In a letter to Southern, the San Francisco tech startup with ties to the Kushner family wrote "It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life. We have therefore decided to remove your page from Patreon."

"They claimed I'm raising money that will get people killed," Southern told the Daily Caller - adding that Patreon refuses to consider an appeal..


With over 300,000 subscribers to her youtube channel and just as many Twitter followers, Southern has amassed quite a fan base - and it's easy to see why. The entertaining Canadian gained notoriety throughout the 2016 U.S. election and beyond as a vocal Trump supporter - appearing at rallies, protests, and even the White House press room.

Covering a wide variety of topics with deadpan humor and a sharp wit, Southern has opined on Fake News, the problem of degenerate women, the war on fathers, and even had her his gender legally changed so SJWs would STFU. When YouTube began demonetizing Lauren's videos over subject matter deemed too controversial, she made a hilarious advertiser-friendly makeup tutorial.

And while overseas protesting and documenting hoards of migrants flowing into Europe, Southern shot footage at a French train station overflowing with new arrivals.

Migration racket...

In May, 2017 Southern teamed up with activist group "Generation Identity" (Génération Identitaire) - part of the Identitarian "Defend Europe" movement, which "advocates the preservation of national identity and a return to 'traditional western values." Founded in 2012, DE has been actively resisting the Islamization of Europe with protests and attempts to physically block migrant entry - while raising money and awareness to help native citizens in need.

Génération Identitaire also organizes, every winter, solidarity tours with Europeans homeless, giving food, clothes and humanity to those whom are abandoned by the State for the benefit of migrants. -GI

Southern was briefly detained by the Italian Coast Guard in May when she joined up with Generation Identity and attempted to block German migrant ferry Aquarius.


“If the politicians won’t stop the boats, then we’ll stop the boats!” -Lauren Southern

More recently, Defend Europe raised €100,000 through crowdfunding  and chartered a 130 foot ship called the C-Star to intercept, disrupt, and send back to Africa the systematic influx of refugees from North Africa into Italy on a massive scale - a phenomenon reported on by ZeroHedge last year.

Southern's activism in the Mediterranean with a crowdfunded group is thought to be a major factor in Patreon's decision to ban her from the platform.

Meanwhile, Patreon has no problem letting actually violent Antifa continue to raise money on their platform...

In a case closely monitored by investigative organization Far Left Watch, an Antifa anarchist group known as "It's Going Down" has been actively raising thousands of dollars through Patreon - despite numerous reports of TOS violations for advocating and taking credit for all sorts of criminal behavior - including snipping fiber optic lines, slashing tires, cutting fuel lines, and pouring concrete on train tracks. In other words, "activities that are likely to cause loss of life."

Per Far Left Watch:

"Groups like Antifa and other self described “anarchists” have recently made the news for destroying millions of dollars worth of propertyviolently assaulting people with a deadly weapon, and even stabbing a police horse.

Knife sold on Antifa website

It’s Going Down is a self described “digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.

So a radical Antifa group can raise money on Patreon, right now, and Lauren Southern can't because she's a conservative whose activities "are likely to cause loss of life."

Someone Call Kushner! 

Joshua Kushner

Founded in 2013, Patreon has raised $47.1 million of investment capital - $30 million of which was led by venture firm Thrive Capital, co-owned and managed by Joshua Kushner - brother of President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner. Of note, Joshua and Jared co-founded real estate firm Cadre - which got of the ground with a $250 million line of credit from George Soros).

Perhaps Josh Kushner can make a call to his buddies at Patreon and ask why they've beheaded Lauren Southern's income while allowing Antifa anarchist groups to raise thousands of dollars per month from their fellow comrades for their jihad against conservatism.

Liberally polarized... 

To say San Francisco based Patreon leans left is an understatement. From a rainbow of hair colors, to hipster everything, to an employee who simply goes by the name 'Bacon,' it's safe to say that Patreon probably doesn't have a lot of Trump supporters in the office.

And big surprise - a Patreon engineer loves Antifa...

As GotNews published earlier this month, Patreon software engineer Aaron Riggenberg gave his stamp of approval to the "It's Going Down" Antifa group in a now deleted tweet.

I wonder how many of Aaron's co-workers, up to and including management, share his views?

Cutting off conservative sources of funding

Over the last year, several conservative pundits and news outlets have experienced sharp dropoffs in ad revenues - such as YouTube personality Mark Dice, who has been getting messed with off and on. Is his Patreon account next?

And in February, liberal ad agency AdRoll canceled their contract with conservative news outlet Infowars - one day after host and founder Alex Jones was featured in a New York Times article, costing Infowars an estimated $5 million in advertising revenue. Two months later, Google instructed it's employees to rank Infowars as 'untrustworthy.'

In examining how the staffers working as website "raters" should evaluate a "rather poor site," the contractor pointed to InfoWars, advising raters to consider the quality of the information and its reputation. -Business Insider

And finally, Infowars host and YouTube star Paul Joseph Watson noted a sharp dropoff in ad revenue right around the same time - along with other conservative content creators.

As liberal gatekeepers from ad serving companies and crowdfunding platforms deny revenue to conservative content creators, one wonders when conservative competitors to companies like Patreon will crop up to fill the vacuum created by the moralizing left.

Journalist Tim Pool has a great take on the situation: 



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acrabbe Jul 25, 2017 4:17 AM Permalink

Hate to break it to you guys, but your precious Lauren Southern is a tranny. This is zh so the truth must be revealed. They have embedded the transgender transhumanist agenda within your zone of perception over the past few decades. Most of the popular celebrities are transgender. You have been deceived. This is why when the people awaken they literally slaughter the overlord puppets who have been "seen" to be ruling them. The deception goes deep into your soul. Face the sun!

truthalwayswinsout Jul 24, 2017 10:51 AM Permalink

Just form a conservative venture capital company and have everyone contribute what they can for shares and then have it fund competitors for google, twitter, youtube, amazon, and crowdfunding.All of these sites are very mature technology which means you can create the clone for under a $million.  All that you really need is the crowd to send everyone there and if that happens guess who goes bankrupt.... LOL.... google, amazon, youtube, twitter, and every other scum anti first amendment site.

el buitre Jul 24, 2017 9:49 AM Permalink

It is unfortunate that so many libertarian sites begged their supporters to contribute via Patreon when the Beast demonetized them.  I had been contributing a small amount monthly to the Corbett Report, not a Soros favorite, for several years via PayPal without an issue.  I certainly am not a big fan of PayPal either.  My point is that with this Southern fiasco, it makes PayPal look good by comparison.  The Libertarian sites should have researched the insidious nature of Patreon more deeply before promoting them so strongly.  I am going to give it a few days for the dust to settle, but I see myself cancelling my Patreon account and swithing my monthly contributions to PayPal until an honest competitors arises.  Maybe a crypto.

Nostradumbass el buitre Jul 24, 2017 10:52 AM Permalink

I used to be regular supporter of James Corbett also - until I dug deeper. I haven't heard him for a few years now so don't know just where he stands on the JQ/JP today if he even addresses it. The JQ/JP is the yuge, underlying question/problem all others are resting upon and keeping out of the light IMO. Until we dig down to expose this, the most important topic of all, we haven't gotten as far as we need to and we are still trimming leaves, not chopping roots on the Tree of Evil..

In reply to by el buitre

HamFistedIdiot Nostradumbass Jul 24, 2017 11:13 AM Permalink

Corbett is collaborating with, doing excellent work there. I think he is being positioned to carry the torch for the aging Prof Michel Chossudovsky, as the two collaborate on the TV segments produced by the website. Corbett is a 9-11 truther, is against GMOs and tainted vaccines, and is for nation state sovereignty. Although I don't know what Corbett's stance on Judaism is, he couldn't be any more pro-Zionist than Trump, Alex Jones, Cernovic, Pelosi, McCain, or the neocons. My point is that we have to work with the best possible candidate that we can actually elect. I don't like Trump's position on Israel, but he is good in other areas. Here is a front page piece at GlobalResearch:, in the US and some European States, the Israeli and Zionist versions of history are widespread. Israel’s narrative relies on a collection of myths aimed at bringing the moral right and the ethical behavior of the Palestinians into twilight and making their claim to their country appear as illegitimate. Israel’s negation of Palestinian existence in the Land of Palestine is, however, a falsification of history.“Ten Myths About Israel” came out in Germany in 2016 under the title “What’s wrong with Israel? The Ten Main Myths of Zionism”. The mainstream media ignored it, which could also be the case in the US. It’s sad but that how media power works in favor of Israel.Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, who lives in exile in Britain, deals in this book with the myths of Zionism and exposes them as legends consisting of half-truths and fabrications of history. The Zionist narrative has only little to do with historical reality and truth.The “Running Gag” of the Zionist historical narrative is the story of the “empty land” of Palestine, into which people without a land had finally returned after 2000 years of exile. The slogan of a country without a people, for people without a country, is the most prominent expression of the Zionist mythology. For Pappe, it’s less important whether the Jews existed as a people, rather than that the Zionists deny the existence of a Palestinian population but simultaneously claim that the State of Israel represents all the Jews of the world and does everything for their benefit and acts for them. Such a claim is just as daring as the identification of Zionism with Judaism because it takes Jews hostage for Israel’s despising policy.The Zionists presented the colonization of Palestine with biblical rhetoric; this served only as a means to an end. The highest prophet of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, even considered Uganda and other places instead of the Zionist Promised Land. Finally, they found their roots in Palestine. “From then on, the Bible became both the justification and the guideline of the Zionist colonization of Palestine,” writes Pappe. He describes Zionism as a “colonial settler movement” and Israel as a “Settler Colonial State.”The author points out that the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1947/48 was “ethnic cleansing.” Likewise, the 1967 June war, which is also called the Sixth Day War, was not an act of self-defense of the “little David” against an overpowering “Goliath,” but an Israeli attack on which the Israeli security establishment has minutely prepared for years.The claim of being the “only democracy in the Middle East” is put in the right perspective. Israel resembles rather an “ethnocracy” than a democracy in the classical sense of the meaning. The “peace process,” which was highly praised by the Western political establishment ended in the acceleration of the colonization of Palestine and in the establishment of Palestinian regime that has to do the dirty work for Israeli occupier.In his book, Ilan Pappe gives his backing for the historical truth that the Israeli political establishment must face if it is interested in peace. Israel’s security establishment abuses Judaism because it equates its Zionist expansionist and oppressive policy with Judaism. Enlightenment is, therefore, more than a necessity, which the book does excellently by deconstructing the mythological web that surrounds the history of the State of Israel.This book is an absolute must for an interested public, the political and the media class to understand what Israel is all about. 

In reply to by Nostradumbass

shutterbug Jul 24, 2017 8:17 AM Permalink

These corporations should be prosecuted for their political discrimination against people.Maybe a few multimillion $$$ fines would be the signal that political abuse of their positions is NOT acceptable.

Centerist Jul 24, 2017 5:23 AM Permalink

Patreon was a way for Conservative sites to continue being funded after YouTube demonitized their videos, and now Patreon is colluding with YouTube to take themselves away as a workaround to that.  At some point, an alternative to YouTube will become necessary.  Quite frankly, even using Patreon and other crowd funding sources is just not a viable economic model for any channel.  People can or will donate only to so many channels, if any at all.

HenryKissinger… (not verified) Centerist Jul 24, 2017 8:57 AM Permalink

  At some point, an alternative to YouTube will become necessary.  Quite frankly, even using Patreon and other crowd funding sources is just not a viable economic model for any channel.  People can or will donate only to so many channels, if any at youtube and patreon will be at the end for PC cats, PC cooking and PC makeup videos... GOT IT.

In reply to by Centerist

iconic (not verified) Jul 24, 2017 1:43 AM Permalink

Out of the jew pan and into the jew fire:  patreon to paypal.  Unless you know who your enemy is and what motivates them you can't win the war. Good luck with that paypal account.

Seasmoke Jul 23, 2017 10:53 PM Permalink

Look at that. Another Berg Tribe member who doesn't like conservatives.  What is it with these fucks that they keep pushing and pushing ???

Collectivism Killz Jul 23, 2017 10:01 PM Permalink

Funny, I hate fascists in the truest sense of the word, you know, like Lincoln and Obama. That said, there is a dark part of me, that really wants to put one in the skull of these so called SJWs and Antifa fucktards.

Handful of Dust Jul 23, 2017 9:34 PM Permalink

Competitors need to enter these markets everywhere from more Yootoob types to crownfunding methods. I am all for free speech and when these trolls do stuff like this makes me realize how screwed up the left is.  Just look at that crew from patreon and their comments.Hard to believe anyone here would put any blame on this vlogger, Lauren Southern. Seems like they enjoy blaming the victim instead of the perp. They might agree with the NYT dindu who says white women are the problem:  " White Women Are The Problem " The Left Cannot Stop Playing The Race Card - SJW vs LOGIC

Nostradumbass Jul 23, 2017 8:38 PM Permalink

I'm not confident of Lauren Southern's motives but I have just ended my contributions through Patreon because of it's obvious bias. I have asked the creators I supported to provide alternate methods.

Thom Paine Jul 23, 2017 8:06 PM Permalink

Well the left are not moralizing.None of what they are saying or doing is moral.The Left is simply an excuse to Hate everything.If somebody from the 'left' was removed or disqualified for their beliefs, or a tweet comment - they would be screaming murder, descrimination....Anyway they are simply paid for Soros hate mongers.  Just remember the brown shirts in Germany propagating hate.I call the alt-Left, Soros Brownshirts

rphb Jul 23, 2017 6:44 PM Permalink

It is unfortunate but the world have become so polarised, and the left so toxic, that we can't even share common platforms anymore.So the simple solution is to simply make Libertarian alternatives to these platformInstead of Youtube, we can have RighttubeInstead of Twitter we can have Trender andInstead of Patrion we can have Patriarchon 

Handful of Dust GodSpeed_00 Jul 23, 2017 6:43 PM Permalink

The Beta FemaleThe beta female is the sweet, caring and demure woman you men may dream of. She is feminine and enjoys simple pleasures in life such as cooking, taking her dog for a walk, watering her flowers and decorating the house. She has an artistic eye and loves beauty above anything. Fashion, decoration and art interest her. She's the alpha's right hand and gives her intelligent, insightful evaluations concerning love, friendship and morals when Alpha is lost.She knows when to be silent and speaks her opinion only with the utmost diplomacy. Betas are often spiritual and emotional. They have a woman's intuition. She's communicative and attentive. She has no problem following someone else and taking orders does not intimidate her. She's down-to-earth and humble. She is comfortable with the traditional gender role of women taking care of the needs of their husbands. A Beta is never an Alpha-wannabe, she's comfortable with who she is. Secretly she hates feminists, and thinks feminists are against everything that is in fact feminine. Gee, what's not to like?  

In reply to by GodSpeed_00

CheapBastard Jul 23, 2017 6:02 PM Permalink

Look at the gals at Patreon. I can understand why these femi-nazis hate these conservative gals who are not only super smart and creative, but beautiful. Femi-nazis hate beautiful women. That's also why the left throws so much hate at Melania and Ivanka.

keep the basta… CheapBastard Jul 24, 2017 1:05 AM Permalink

I actually have experienced examples of this.. by  ugly australian women with ugly children.Plus they stated hatred of Trump because he is married to a beautiful woman. They called this sexist abusive intolerable and  he was an awful man they said... (because he was able to  chose Melania and not settle  for an ugly coarse voiced thing), but they called moochel 'classy'. weird.

In reply to by CheapBastard

847328_3527 keep the basta… Jul 24, 2017 8:17 AM Permalink

I understand what you are syaing. After the kenyan got elected and some of those fashion mags put the wookie on their covers in size plus 6x tent dresses claiming she is the most beautiful woman in the world I knew these left wing liberals were delusional. There are beautiful black women (Halle Berry, for ex) , however the wookie is far from it. They turned their magazine into a Fake Fashion mag and one big farce when they do things like that.

In reply to by keep the basta…