Al-Shabaab Propaganda Video Bashes "Brainless Billionaire" Trump As "Stupidest President A Country Could Have"

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has stepped up US military strikes against al-Shabaab, the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group based primarily in Somalia, despite promises to avoid more foreign entanglements. In May, a Navy SEAL died during a mission targeting a compound of al-Shabaab militants, becoming the first US soldier to die in Somalia since 1993, when 18 US service members were killed in what became known as the battle of Mogadishu, later memorialized in the film “Black Hawk Down.” In June, the US killed 8 militants during a drone strike against what US officials described as one of the group’s primary training camps and bases.

While al-Shabaab lacks the resources to launch an effective counterattack against the US, the group instead opted to mock Trump in a new propaganda video. In it, the group responds to Trump’s violent escalation by calling him a “brainless billionaire” and criticizing US voters for electing “arguably the most stupid president a country could ever have" - echoing sentiments commonly expressed by left-leaning voters in metropolitan hubs like New York City.

Trump, the militants claim, is "making the United States the greatest joke on Earth and is now propelling it further to its eventual defeat and destruction," according to Russia Today, which cited the Associated Press and the SITE Intelligence Group.

In addition to authorizing more drone strikes against Somalian while also categorizing parts of the country’s south as an area where active hostilities are taking place, Somalia was included as one of six countries in the Trump administration’s travel ban.  

The group also criticized its neighbor Kenya, which has declared a new offensive against the extremists, sending in troops to take part in a multinational African Union force. Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for a number of terror attacks inside Kenya, including the 2015 shooting at a mall in Nairobi.

“Your military’s invasion of Somalia will continue to destabilize your country,” the video states.


“When we do strike, your government will not be able to protect you.”

The group has also vowed to carry out more attacks against Somalia's recently elected government.

According to RT, this isn’t the first time the group has referenced Trump in its propaganda. In a recruitment video released early last year, the group included inflammatory sound bites from then-candidate Trump, including his notorious call for a “complete and total shutdown” of Muslims entering the US. Since being pushed out of the capital Mogadishu in 2011, al-Shabaab has lost control of most of Somalia's cities and towns. But it still retains a strong presence in swathes of the south and center and still carries out major gun and bomb attacks. The group killed more than 4,200 people in 2016, according to the Pentagon-supported Africa Center for Strategic Studies.


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If al-Sha-be-bop-a-be-bop-shabab hates you, you must be doing something right.  Ya'd think these sandniggers could come up with a better name than some 1950's music lyrics.

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Could we just just pay them $150.00 (maybe $120 with a Trump negotiation) a month to not fight? I mean a niggers got to eat right?For the mere price of 30 cruise missles and a few shoddily built housing projects there would be no Kabaab...

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Lmao, these muslims understand American politics and the Goldman Brotherhood better than Americucks.Just look at the comments from all the Reddit Drumpfbots: "HEZ WUZ DRAINZ SWAMPZ DOZ!'If you still support Drumpfstein there's only one reason: You are the swamp.

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Think about this.....Trump wouldn't be a billionaire if he was stupid.  These animals don't know anything better than to terrorize their own people to get their means.

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I read the title and knew Rita Cats and Site intelligence 'discovered' this video on the dark Web.CIA sock puppetsCurious if Trump takes their bait 

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Shit, it's way too late to stop Somaliis from entering the US. Just look at Columbus, Ohio. Or Minnieapolis-St. Paul and they are freezing thier asses off to be here. Not a big deal. Its the ones left behind who lived. And these motherfuckers will do anything. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that when everyone pulled up stakes in 89 and 90 that the Somalia would be wrecked and decentralized in a minute. Occasionally one or two will pop off in the states and that is normal. I mean, it beats Albuquerque. But that is what is waiting for y'all. Buch of stupid ass people killing everyone.And if you don't want to take any shit from some left behind Somali in Somalia you go in there and beat the shit out of the motherfucker. Take some fucking volunteer kick ass gi janes and get it done. Then go home. Does this sound familiar? Did Russia not do this in Syria? Fuck, dude. I'd go in there and drop the beats on these Somalis, cut off their bankroll to Tel Aviv, and say sorry we didn't do it earlier. Somalia is advantageous: The Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. It's right there.For every fucking Somali Soldier there's someone making bank here in the States or In Brussels or wherever, couch surfing Israel. Too bad that America really doesn't have a foreign policy where it counts because if some table cloth facemask mother fucker with an AK said shit to me, I'd punk his ass. And who knows. Maybe they're right. Maybe Trump doesn't want to piss off his handlers. But that's the difference between us. I don't give a fuck. I don't dance on stage and I sure as fuck don't mess around with my country wasting time.If some mother fucker said that shit to me, I'd have some bag men straight up rolled up at home for starters. The Putin way. Then I'd go to work.You cannot fade this shit. It's here. It's here. It's here. It's in your face. It's in your face, bitchez. All day every day. It's here.

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Speaking of Minneapolis / St. Paul, there has not been enough said about the SOMALI immigrant police officer who REACHED ACROSS HIS PARTNER in the patrol car and shot an unarmed Austrailian woman who came out in her pajamas who had unfortunately called the police to report someone being assulated nearby.…  

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Trump should get all USA forces back into his country and close all foreign bases.Escpecially all CIA conflict creators and regime "changers" should be - forced - back.After that, the rest of the world has a chance to have some peace, for once... 

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Lol ... is that Barrack Obama under the mask? I believe that just as with fake ISIS gay dance troupe, the masked taunter is just another CIA, Mossad or MI 5/6 shill trying to goad Trump into acts of violence against innocent people.

My advice to Trump. Find out who is really behind it (it being everything), count them not as a friend or enemy of yours but an enemy of the human race and then plot a nonviolent plan to rid the world of them and their co-conspirators. There are a lot of people who would like to help with that, but don't know how.

A loser takes the bait. A winner changes the game.

Is that really Trump pictured there or just another "fake-Trump"?