America 2017 = France 1789

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

We are looking more and more like France on the eve of its revolution in 1789. Our classes are distributed differently, but the inequity is just as sharp. America’s “aristocracy,” once based strictly on bank accounts, acts increasingly hereditary as the vapid offspring and relations of “stars” (in politics, showbiz, business, and the arts) assert their prerogatives to fame, power, and riches - think the voters didn’t grok the sinister import of Hillary’s “it’s my turn” message?

What’s especially striking in similarity to the court of the Bourbons is the utter cluelessness of America’s entitled power elite to the agony of the moiling masses below them and mainly away from the coastal cities. Just about everything meaningful has been taken away from them, even though many of the material trappings of existence remain: a roof, stuff that resembles food, cars, and screens of various sizes.

But the places they are supposed to call home are either wrecked — the original small towns and cities of America — or replaced by new “developments” so devoid of artistry, history, thought, care, and charm that they don’t add up to communities, and are so obviously unworthy of affection, that the very idea of “home” becomes a cruel joke.

These places were bad enough in the 1960s and 70s, when the people who lived in them at least were able to report to paying jobs assembling products and managing their distribution. Now those people don’t have that to give a little meaning to their existence, or cover the costs of it. Public space was never designed into the automobile suburbs, and the sad remnants of it were replaced by ersatz substitutes, like the now-dying malls. Everything else of a public and human associational nature has been shoved into some kind of computerized box with a screen on it.

The floundering non-elite masses have not learned the harsh lesson of our time that the virtual is not an adequate substitute for the authentic, while the elites who create all this vicious crap spend millions to consort face-to-face in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard telling each other how wonderful they are for providing all the artificial social programming and glitzy hardware for their paying customers.

The effect of this dynamic relationship so far has been powerfully soporific. You can deprive people of a true home for a while, and give them virtual friends on TV to project their emotions onto, and arrange to give them cars via some financing scam or other to keep them moving mindlessly around an utterly desecrated landscape under the false impression that they’re going somewhere — but we’re now at the point where ordinary people can’t even carry the costs of keeping themselves hostage to these degrading conditions.

The next big entertainment for them will be the financial implosion of the elites themselves as the governing forces of physics finally overcome all the ruses and stratagems of the elites who have been playing games with money. Professional observers never tires of saying that the government can’t run out of money (because they can always print more of it) but they can certainly destroy the value of that money and shred the consensual confidence that allows it to operate as money.

That’s exactly what is about to commence at the end of the summer when the government runs out of cash-on-hand and congress finds itself utterly paralyzed by party animus to patch the debt ceiling problem that disables new borrowing. The elites may be home from the Hamptons and the Vineyard by then, but summers may never be the same for them again.

The Deep State may win its war against the pathetic President Trump, but it won’t win any war against the imperatives of the universe and the way that expresses itself in the true valuation of things. And when the moment of clarification arrives — the instant of cosmic price discovery — the clueless elites will have to really and truly worry about the value of their heads.


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Alot of WRONG answers ^^^above^^^.Sorry.Re-read the inital conjecture of the teacher - Kunstler(deutsche); " “...aristocracy,” once based strictly on bank accounts, acts increasingly hereditary as the vapid offspring and relations of “stars” (in politics, showbiz, business, and the arts) assert their prerogatives to fame, power, and riches - think ..."Nope.The Red-shields were behind the French Revolution of 1789, si vous plâit.Guess who is pulling the strings this year, as every year since the BOE-Bank of England was founded?Read Up On Your History Folks!X-

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The French Revolution and Russian Revolution have common denominators. Both were planned by an elite class who wanted greater control and wished to steal assets and resources. The Jacobins evolved into the Bolsheviks.Trotsky studied the French Revolution and used it as a means to conquer the Czar in Russia.Bottom line it all goes bank to shyster money changers.

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earleflorida The Wizard Mon, 07/24/2017 - 14:20 Permalink "Were the Jews Political Refugees or Economic Migrants...[?]" The British Empire before WWI was under tremendous strain from jewish immigrants and America was also their 'port-of-call' in the late 19th-20th century. Note2: The jewish `emigre' sailed from russia and eastern europe to Germany, France and and England temporarory and thus set sail to America where only their country of entry was in the consensus.  Note3: European jews stayed whwere they were even though their freedom was restricted,... they had open movement in economics and trade--- just the fact they were prohibited from public service and state bureaucracy adm'.s!   Note4:  The (WZO) World Zionist Organization was able to convince lord Balfour, to just sign their terms in the Balfour Declaration (scripted/written by Zionist movement needing Balfour's signature -- Balfour's '68 words' were never read by him?) in response to the anti-semitic undertones in England (and with an Irish Civil-War a brewing) they has their hands full,... thus the outflow of Jews left for Palestine relieving the overcrowding/job shortages whereas the economy at that tyme in the UK was struggling!

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trotsky and stalin in 1905- 1915 were mainly in the mensheviks camp and SR' [L&R].neither could except lenin/marx ideology of a russia that was for three centuries totally backwards with a agraian society made up of towns and villages still living in the middle ages scattered throughout all of russia. illiteracy 99% and 90% were serfs whom owed their livelihoods to the wealthy`bourgeois feudal land-owners,... with religion all but myths (think present day afghanistan in 1970's)Petrograd and Moscow were the only cultural/industrial centers in this god`foresaken land run by the cruel crushing iron-fist of a tsarist autocracy whom thought of themselves as dieties (as in Japanese Emporor's?)

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Money wants to bet on the winners. Show them a plan to win and resources will pop up and those that don't adapt will be the "Powers that were"

Stop being pussies. Ask the bankers for finance to purchase weapons, because if you show them you are willing and able to kill all comers with them, your credit will not be refused.

If you want to fight all the bankers, that is noble, but watch the movie "Spartacus" to see how it will turn out, most likely. They might have won if instead of just wanting to be free and defend themselves they had gone directly on a super bloodthirsty attack directly at Rome earlier on.

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I knew a useless old bitch here in Wisconsin who was inordinately proud of being a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  She was the widowed wife of a wholesale fertilizer salesman.  She had lots of money.  She raised two dysfunctional kids and drove her husband to work and drink himself to death.  She was stupid, vindictive, and an insufferable bully.  BUT - she was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  So there!One Halloweeen night some juvenile delinquents took a manure spreader the full length of her rural driveway.  Somehow the sheriff didn't have the manpower available to solve the horrible crime, even though the manure spreader left a half-mile trail of wayward shit down the road to my buddy's family farm.

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Mr. Kunstler has an information disconnect ans is following the MSM memes that Trump cheerleaders, Libertarians, and other independent thinkers that know that HRC would have been a race toward an unholy globalism are somehow the same violent short-sighted vigilantes that started the French Revolution. The reality is that the real analog are the new alt-Left Antifa's. These nihilist puppets of the globalist NGOs get ZERO airplay on the MSM, this needs to change. If for no other reason other than so people like Mr. Kustler can get caught up...

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Check out what the normal and usual method of carrying out the death sentence for traitors when the constitution was written. Wasn't hanging for the lessor offenders? Wasn't it some combination of hanging, drawing and quartering and burning of entrails for the worst offenders?

I am thinking of the part about cruel and unusual punishment. I am no lawyer. Does anyone know the answer? I think, that for people we know are going to hell, a gradual introduction to the tortures of hell in their last moments on earth can only be seen as kind and the opposite of cruel.

Looking forward to the return to Freedom and Justice for all part of America.

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There are plans for gallows and specifications for the conduct of firing squads from ww II army manuals available on the web. Download copies (and print out) in case the Internet and or power is down.

In the bible after David knocked Goliath down with an accurate head shot with his sling, he then used Goliath's sword to cut Goliath's head off, thus ensuring and demonstrating without question before the enemy and his own people, Golieth's defeat. I thought Sunday school was a drag at the time. It is making sense to me now in so many ways.

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While there are corolaries to prior times, this is truly a unique moment in history... maybe our last. Never have so many existential forces impinged on one point at one time... from a world ending war, to global financial ruin, to pandemic disease, to a complete destruction of culture and ethics... meanwhile the barbarians are truly knocking at the gate. Hell... what gate? Pick your poison... each is about as ugly as the next.

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America 2017 = France 1789OR America 2017 = Nazi Germany 1937What I am listing below has absolutely NOTHING to do with President TRUMP. In fact, i believe President TRUMP is America's Nineveh moment to spare America from a Hitler-type leader (OBAMA comes to mind).Below are the parallels ...1. ABORTION (55+ Million Babies)2. EUTHANASIA (Several states now make if legal for assisted suicide with the state gaining more control over healthcare)3. APOSTATE HERETICAL CHURCH4. YOUTH ARE NOW ECUCATED BY THE STATE (CAESAR)5. ANTI SEMITIC LEANINGSWith regards to #4, below is a quote from Hitler about children.“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”? Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

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My reference was more based on the hyperinflation of 1923 Germany = the massive printing of currency by the FED in recent years soon leading to out of control hyperinflation Nothing to do with Trump -- anyone not totally brainwashed knows he had nothing to do with the present state of the economy even though he now tries to take credit for the gains in the stock market when before being elected he called it a big fat bubble

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I want to reiterate something that I have said on here in the past and seems to be a major misconception.QE is not printing money, at least not in a way that is similar to 1923 Germany or Venezuela now or any number of hyperinflation events in the past.Printing money, when it comes to hyperinflation, requires a mechanism to quickly get that money into the hands of the general populace.  The money needs to flow out to a large percentage of the populace who then needs to turn and spend it pretty quickly.  It is that quick turn that leads to the increased supply of money chasing an unchanged amount of goods, leading to a price increase.   The general term for how quickly money turns is velocity  - how quickly do you go out and move your currency to the next person in exchange for a good.   In a hyperinflationary event, a velocity should be increasing, as people realize their money is losing value and rush to get it out of their hands in exchange for a good.  To be clear, it also requires participation of a significant part of the population.  If the access to the new dollars is limited to a very small part of the population, they will chase up the value of some goods, but they are unlikely to change the market dynamics of daily goods used by all people (how much more soap or chicken will you buy with your new money?).   Almost all hyperinflation in the past involved a scrip mechanism to put money into hands of a significant amount of the population, then as inflation kicked off, various political imperatives required more scrip, and then you are off to the races.QE is none of those things.  The transmission mechanism is limited.  Velocity has been falling. There is no handout of cash  (strictly speaking at least, one could argue that QE allows for increasing government debt which if spent as welfare payments and similar payments are handouts, but even with the increase in government spending, these have not grown at a fast enough rate to ignite inflation).   There is no scrip.  No one wakes up with an additional $1000 in their account.  If you are looking for a mechanism for hyperinflation, you need something like Universal Basic Income - a mechanism to move money directly into the hands of the general populace and one that can be increased when politicians catch the bug.  But even then, funding a UBI would require creating more debt.  Unless the Fed agreed to buy all the debt that would be created to fund UBI, the bond market would be unlikely to allow that to go on for long without raising debt costs enough to offset any inflation from UBI.Anyway, that's why I don't think hyperinflation is coming.  But I also don't have a good sense of the alternative outcome.  We have never had a moment like this in history - the QE architecture is itself unique but more than that we have never had this much global debt or global CBs working together.    Anyone who tells you they know how this is going to play out is a fool.If I had to bet, I would consider the most likely outcome to be hyperdeflation  ->  the inability to service debt of a few players, leading to raised debt service costs for others, leading to more failures, and so on, with each failure leading to asset sales of all kinds leading to falling prices.   By tha thinking, we have come too far in the creation of unprecedented amounts of debt, and while inflation has been sometimes an effective mechanism for countries to devalue that debt, unless the modes of money transmisson change massively and very soon, there isn't a way to create that inflation, so the only other way to remove unserviceable debt, default, becomes the required mechanism.Any yes, to all those saying war can also resolve the debt problem, you are unfortunately correct.

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I follow your reasoning.  If inflation is not possible under the current system then I agree  that default becomes the most likely option.  If default sweeps through the system then everything freezes up.  If the welfare system is interrupted, then the cities burn.  What starts as a brush fire very quickly turns into a conflagration.

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Except what America truly needs is a population fully awakened and knowledgeable of the (((parasite))) that has overtaken their country - just like the common Germans knew in 1933. And a leader just like Hitler to rally them and all of the European Whites along with them. It will take a concerted effort to finally dislodge the parasite and it will be very messy - if we even have the will to do it.Trump is a puppet of the parasite.

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The worst thing for the anti-globalist movement are people who believe AH was an organic result of the (((international financiers))) misdeeds during the 20s and early 30s. There was a (((grand plan))) for the Old World starting from 1898 and unfolding over the next 50 years, apexing with the creation of the (((State))). AH and the NDSAP were merely Act 3 and 4 in the big show.

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Well said. Jewmerica is far,far away from awakening on a large scale. The population is so stupid and ignorant and lacking any moral and spiritual values ,that when the collapse will be triggered ,it will go all the 5  stages(financial,economical,political,cultural,social).When USSR collapsed,it stopped at stage 3. Here it will go til the bottom is reached.

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I actually think that at this point ALL five stages are needed. The culture is rotten as hell as it has turned into a debauched, wicked, immoral, anything goes cesspool of moral relativism. The social structure is completely broken. In fact, outside of social media I would dare ask "WHAT SOCIAL STRUCTURE?". Every negative indicator of a society's social health is now off the charts. Violence, murder, and other major crimes are way up, sexual deviency is at an all-time high as is promiscuity (I love sex as much as anyone but people, please show SOME self-control for God's sake. You're not an animal so don't act like a goddamn dog in heat day in and day out). We now have people self-identifying as a sex different than their own and demanding that people respect that. We have homosexualilty that is rampant and now moving in stages to bring in the next "demanded right", pedophillic sex, we have a nation of zero work ethic that uses "the system" to steal from their neighbor, we have a rentier class that enslave the other 99.9%, we are micro-regulated to death and people demand even more regulations to make other people behave the way they want them to, Jesus, I could go on and on. It's going to take a social calamity that takes out 20-30% or more of the population in order to invoke a reset. That's just a fact. The least wise and the least knowledgeable of how both the world and humanity really work will be most vunerable to being literally culled by this event, including people who think that they are wise but are not. It will take an era of unforgiving harshness to reset the culture and bring people to their senses. Scarcity will bring in a "work or starve" mentality that eventually (after the explosion of robberies, and other violent criminal acts to compensate for the loss of the government tit) will restore the work ethic. When the present system collapses, and which, due to its excess production, allows abberations like feminism to flourish, then these social deviancies will atrophy as excess production means dry up forcing those with "idle time on their hands" to produce a daily meal or starve. Women will start appreciating men again -if anything out of pure need - and men will start demanding that they act like ladies once more in order to be rewarded with both their labor and the security that they can provide. Manners and proper decorum will be restored in the harsh reality as small communities emerge for common protection and providing. Within these communities standards of conduct, and reprecussions for disagreeable conduct will emerge, with less tolerance for bad behavior than the previous, large and and anonymous "society" would allow. Gone will be the days of insulting someone without the expectation of getting your jaw shattered either on the spot or some time soon after. Theft in an era of scarcity will be punished very harshy and people will actually cease to be apathetic about it. Sexual crimes, which would be even more henious in the context of an era of existing severe harshness and cruelty would be dealt with in an almost medievil manner, as would the woman that falsely accuses and henceforth causes the death of a father, son, or brother who was otherwise badly needed to keep the family going. You see my point. We need the cultural and social collapse to clean out the nation. Don't fear it. Embrace it. Be prepared, both physically (in terms of overall security - food, personal, home, economic, ect..) and mentally for what is to come. Most importantly, be wise! Stop telling yourselves soothing and comforting stories about what is going on, either to stoke your own ego and sense of superiority, or for the cowardly escape that self-generated fairy tales provide. The delusional, the fool, will be the first to be culled. Count on it. However, for what comes out of a social and cultural reset could be far better than that which we endure today. BUT, and this is a big gamble, the opposite could also happen. True, overwhelming totalitarianism could evolve, but that doesn't worry me as much as I do not want to continue to endure this moral shithole we presently call American culture anymore than I would want to live through totalititarianism. So if the later happens at least I'll go out on my feet and not my knees.   

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remember this?!?  america was not involved in WWI nor WWII???if not for america's late entry into WWI in mar/1917 the allied powers would have lost! it took quite awhile for the usa to get up to speed starting in early 1918.coincidence?: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk mar/1918 between germany and russia... (basically lenin was stalling for tyme) saying and suing for a peace?treaty (half-ass having nothing to offer to the german's?) that russia was officially out!!!  the german's laughed. the german's saw right through the ruse and invaded ukraine, and were 100+ miles from storming moscow. what comes next was the Tsar Nicholas II abdication and the beginning of the Russian Revolution on nov.4,1917 which the russian's tried to keep unknown to all the allies and central powers but the cat got out of the bag. what is of coincidence is that two-days prior on nov. 2, 1917 the 'balfour declaration was signed by britain. just two days apart balfour declaration and the bolshevik revolution civil war between kerinsky's whie army and lenin's red [peasant]army!WWII was again atypical of a usa (???) neutral power entering the war at an opporrtune tyme. japan bombs pearl harbor dec.8, 1941 and other various pacific ocean allies and germany out of no-where decides to declare war with america three days later on dec.11,1941. (hitler most likely thought with japan now in the axis the central powers would too have to fight a dreaded two-front war!russia won the war against germany at stalingrad  (germany was finnished!),... the ussa just mopped-up!if not for stain's 10+/+ year plan to industrialize and educate russia from ~1925 to 1935-37  the ussr would have been speaking once again, alot of history written by the winners is just that--- total BS!!! 

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That's more like it.  Most things in Rome, not to mention the enormous Roman Empire, worked pretty well in 38 AD.  The dysfunction, which was indeed extreme, was confined to the wealthiest and most-powerful 1000 or so people in the city of Rome.  Plenty of things didn't work that well, and life at the bottom of the ladder was pretty grim, but no more so then than it had ever been before, nor any worse than it got in Rome for quite a long time to come.In 1789 the life of the average person in France was horrific.  As much as we like to complain today, and I think with good reason, I've never seen a person dead on the street from starvation.  I've never seen truly and totally unaccountable Elites openly looting, raping and killing.  Stealing abstract money, sure.  Throwing people out of their homes, yes.  But life in today's America is many degrees of magnitude better today than it was then.  It should and could be better, and there are many things we should not tolerate but do, but we are far from the conditions that lead to armed insurrection.  Far from.

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"Elites openly looting, raping, and killing."Paid antifags in St Louis and Baltimore (Soros) - who benefits?Muslim invaders in Europe (Soros) - who benefits?ISIS/AQ mercenaries in Syria (Israel) - who benefits?I see elites pretty openly looting, raping, and killing all around the globe.  You just have to improve your focus on who is actually in the real elite.  

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Yes, more likely high inflation scenario. No comparison to French Revolution AT ALL.  The French peasants were willing to physically rise up and have a revolution.  People in America are way to passive to have any more than a few street disturbances.  Most people prefer to bitch on facebook about what the government is not doing for them.  If the US government fails, it will be because the FRN has lost all value and the government cannot pay off the miliatry and other assorted 'actors'.  The government will not fail because the pitch forks came out.  Americans are a far cry from 18th century French peasantry.

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