Kushner Releases 11-Page Statement: Denies Collusion, Confirms Four Meetings With Russians

Ahead of his closed-door meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee at 10am, Jared Kushner released an 11-page statement which confirmed four contacts with Russians during his father-in-law’s presidential campaign or after the election, but described the encounters as unmemorable and denied colluding with the Russian government to help Donald Trump win the election.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, including whether Trump’s campaign colluded with a Russian government effort to tip the election toward Trump.

The key statement: "I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government. I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. I have tried to be fully transparent with regard to the filing of my SF-86 [security clearance] form, above and beyond what is required."

In the most consequential meeting, Kushner said he agreed to meet with a Russian banker, Sergey Gorkov, on Dec. 13 at the request of the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak

Kushner’s interview with committee staff is voluntary, will take place out of the public eye and will not be under oath. It nevertheless may serve as a building block for the ongoing Russia investigations by Special Counsel Bob Mueller as well as House and Senate committees. The stakes for the congressional interviews are high for Kushner because Kushner is of acute interest to special counsel Bob Mueller, and prosecutors can be expected to pick apart today's statement.

Kushner amended his security clearance disclosures to account for previously unreported meetings with foreign contacts, and his brother-in-law, Donald Trump Jr., disclosed this month that in June 2016 Kushner sat in on a meeting with a Russian lawyer and a Russian lobbyist that Trump Jr. believed would deliver potentially damaging information about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to Bloomberg.

Suspicions about Kushner’s contacts with Russians have been intensifying since late May, when the Washington Post first reported that Kushner was a “person of interest” in the multiple investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to sway the election in its favor. Among other misdeeds, Kushner has been accused in the media of trying to set up a backchannel to Moscow during the campaign. However, he denies this allegation, saying that he merely asked Kislyak if lines of communication existed for Moscow's generals to brief former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn on events in Syria. He was told there were none.

“I did not suggest a ‘secret back channel’. I did not suggest an ongoing secret form of communication for then or for when the administration took office. I did not raise the possibility of using the embassy or any other Russian facility for any purpose other than this one possible conversation in the transition period,” he testified, according to the Financial Times.

Rebutting one of the more persistent allegations against him - namely that he left a handful of meetings with foreign officials off his security clearance application - Kushner said that, due to a clerical error, all of his meetings with foreign parties were ommitted, according to Reuters.

Kushner has said he didn’t read to the bottom of an email forwarded to him by his brother-in-law about the Russia meeting that described potentially receiving damaging information about Clinton. He has said he left the meeting after only a couple of minutes, even texting an assistant asking them to call him and give him an excuse to leave.

"[I]n looking for a polite way to leave and get back to my work," he says in the statement, "I actually emailed an assistant from the meeting after I had been there for ten or so minutes and wrote 'Can u pls call me on my cell? Need excuse to get out of meeting.' I had not met the attorney before the meeting nor spoken with her since. I thought nothing more of this short meeting until it came to my attention recently."

Another highlight: "With respect to my contacts with Russia or Russian representatives during the campaign, there were hardly any. ... [T]he day after the election, I could not even remember the name of the Russian Ambassador. ... I sent an email asking [Dmitri Simes of the Center for the National Interest, which hosted a Trump foreign policy speech], 'What is the name of the Russian ambassador?'"

Meanwhile, Kushner last week filed an amended financial disclosure that included 77 items worth at least $10 million that were described as “inadvertently omitted” from a March filing. The updated filing includes details about the Kushner family’s real estate holdings. The disclosure has been revised 39 times since its initial filing on March 9.

Other notable excerpts from today's statement, via Axios:

  • "When it became apparent that my father-in-law was going to be the Republican nominee for President, as normally happens, a number of officials from foreign countries attempted to reach out to the campaign. My father-in-law asked me to be a point of contact with these foreign countries. ... [O]ver the course of the campaign, I had incoming contacts with people from approximately 15 countries."
  • "I called on a variety of people with deep experience, such as Dr. Henry Kissinger, for advice on policy for the candidate, which countries/representatives with which the campaign should engage, and what messaging would resonate."
  • "The first [campaign contact] that I can recall was at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. in April 2016. ... [T]he host of the event, Dimitri Simes, ... introduced me to several guests, among them four ambassadors, including Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. With all the ambassadors, including Mr. Kislyak, we shook hands, exchanged brief pleasantries."
  • "Reuters news service has reported that I had two calls with Ambassador Kislyak at some time between April and November of 2016. While I participated in thousands of calls during this period, I do not recall any such calls with the Russian Ambassador. We have reviewed the phone records available to us and have not been able to identify any calls to any number we know to be associated with Ambassador Kislyak and I am highly skeptical these calls took place."
  • "I had no ongoing relationship with the Ambassador before the election, and had limited knowledge about him."
  • "The only other Russian contact during the campaign is one I did not recall at all until I was reviewing documents and emails in response to congressional requests for information."
  • That was the Trump Tower meeting, and he said the invitation from Donald Trump Jr. "was on top of a long [email] back and forth that I did not read at the time. ... Documents confirm my memory that this was calendared as 'Meeting: Don Jr.| Jared Kushner.' No one else was mentioned."
  • "There was one more possible contact that I will note. On October 30, 2016, I received a random email from the screenname 'Guccifer400.' This email, which I interpreted as a hoax, was an extortion attempt and threatened to reveal candidate Trump's tax returns and demanded that we send him 52 bitcoins in exchange for not publishing that information. I brought the email to the attention of a U.S. Secret Service agent on the plane we were all travelling on and asked what he thought. He advised me to ignore it and not to reply -- which is what I did. The sender never contacted me again."
  • "On November 16, 2016, my assistant received a request for a meeting from the Russian Ambassador. ... The [Dec. 1] meeting occurred in Trump Tower, where we had our transition office, and lasted twenty [to] thirty minutes. Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret.), who became the President's National Security Advisor, also attended.
  • "I believed developing a thoughtful approach on Syria was a very high priority given the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and I asked if they had an existing communications channel at his embassy we could use where they would be comfortable transmitting the information they wanted to relay to General Flynn. The Ambassador said that would not be possible and so we all agreed that we would receive this information after the Inauguration. Nothing else occurred. I did not suggest a 'secret back channel.'"
  • "My assistant reported that the Ambassador had requested that I meet with a person named Sergey Gorkov who he said was a banker and someone with a direct line to the Russian President who could give insight into how Putin was viewing the new administration and best ways to work together. I agreed to meet Mr. Gorkov because the Ambassador has been so insistent, said he had a direct relationship with the President, and because Mr. Gorkov was only in New York for a couple days."
  • "The [Dec. 13] meeting with Mr. Gorkov lasted twenty to twenty-five minutes. ... At no time was there any discussion about my companies, business transactions, real estate projects, loans, banking arrangements or any private business of any kind."
  • "There has been a good deal of misinformation reported about my SF-86 [security clearance] form. As my attorneys and I have previously explained, my SF-86 application was prematurely submitted due to a miscommunication and initially did not list any contacts (not just with Russians) with foreign government officials."
  • "[P]eople at my New York office were helping me find the information, organize it, review it and put it into the electronic form. They sent an email to my assistant in Washington, communicating that the changes to one particular section were complete; my assistant interpreted that message as meaning that the entire form was completed.
  • "At that point, the form was a rough draft and still had many omissions including not listing any foreign government contacts and even omitted the address of my father-in-law (which was obviously well known). Because of this miscommunication, my assistant submitted the draft on January 18, 2017."
  • "The very next day, January 19, 2017, we submitted supplemental information to the transition, which confirmed receipt and said they would immediately transmit it to the FBI."

His full prepared testimony is below (link):



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Another day ... another [4] russian meetings they forgot about ... if this aint the most naive family in Ameirca ... a foreign adversary meddled in our election and you wanna play cute 'oops forgot' sorry ... until they come completely clean, which I doubt can happen as they're certain their above the law, the narrative will continue ... and this presidency will remain an absolute complete joke

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https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/07/24/trum-j24.htmlFormer US intelligence chiefs urge Congress, executive to defy TrumpBy Patrick Martin24 July 2017In remarks that have no parallel since the emergence of the US national-security state after World War II, the two former leaders of the intelligence apparatus told a forum in Aspen, Colorado Friday that President Trump’s loyalty to the United States was in question. They suggested that executive branch officials should refuse to carry out his orders.The comments by former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper came at an annual forum sponsored by the Aspen Institute that brings together the national security establishment. Present at the event were high-level representatives of the Trump administration, Congress and the media.https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/06/09/clap-j09.htmlFormer US director of national intelligence campaigns against Trump in AustraliaBy James Cogan9 June 2017Another vocal critic of US President Donald Trump has been provided a high-profile stage in Australia to denounce Russia and campaign for the president’s removal. Last week, it was Senator John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This week, it was James Clapper, a former general, who was the national intelligence director from 2010 until Trump’s inauguration in January....Not one journalist asked Clapper the obvious question: why should any credibility be given to any claim he makes, on any subject? He has spent most of the past seven years presiding over agencies that carry out espionage and intrigue against governments and corporations internationally, including numerous illegal assassinations and regime-change operations.https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/06/01/pers-j01.htmlSenator McCain solicits support in Australia for Trump’s removal1 June 2017Among the most fundamental precepts of US foreign policy is the adage: “Politics stops at the water’s edge.”Coined in 1947 at the start of the Cold War by Republican Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg, the phrase expresses the conception that, whatever the internal divisions over foreign policy, they must be subordinated to the united front the US political establishment presents to the world. Under no circumstances should an American political leader traveling abroad denounce the head of state.This principle was explosively thrown overboard by Arizona Senator John McCain on Tuesday. Speaking in Australia before high-ranking state and military officials, including two former prime ministers, McCain delivered a damning indictment of Donald Trump and called upon the Australian government to defy his administration.

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Exactly, excuses, excuses and excuse;
The email was too long to read it, I didn't know what I'm doing because I never done it before, I left the meeting after 10min, the secretary missed to write down my foreign government meeting,.
So many excuses without even their government started, imagine how many will get for four years, we are getting them already, Hillary this, Obama that, Republican something else, Democrats always obstruction, we will get so many excuses and nothing will be their fault.
We are getting excuses from businessmen who have zero tolerance for excuses, you made mistake they'll fire you!

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The whole Russia thing is a joke.  They meddled in the election won by Kennedy.  They meddled when Regan won.  USSR was far bigger threat back then and no one gave a crap.  Now all of the sudden they're supposedly our biggest enemy.  Hillary lost because she sucked more than Trump, and that's saying something as Trump is one of, if not THE worst, Republican nominee in history.

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If the end-game of all of this is to pardon the boys for non-disclosure of this information in the vetting process, where they signed an affidavit assuring disclosure that they are now subsequently disclosing: one meeting, now four meetings, well the pardon might legally work however look very bad as it is family.  Nepotism seems acceptable at Trump where the family name is the brand however in allot of America nepotism is frowned upon especially with a pardon.Even with a pardon, the security clearances should be denied.  (assuming the above is true)I'm correct the only one not involved is Ivanka?  She is pleasant to look at.  So is Melania, give Baron a job, Ivanka a position, and let Melania look good (better than) other first ladies and repeal healthcare. 

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Just realized Sunday 7/24/27 that asst AG Rosenstein violated the Special Counsel law with his instructions to Mueller. Since Rosenstein may have been BLACKMAILED to assign Mueller (see FreshCamel email reveal) Rosenstein may have violated the statute ON PURPOSE and is waiting for someone to wake up and notice.

The statue requires a CRIME to activate it !!!

28 CFR 600.1
GROUNDS for appointing a Special Counsel.
"The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that CRIMINAL investigation of a person or matter is warranted and—"

Then see Rosenstein instructions regarding JURISDICTION for the "CRIMINAL investigation" as per 28 CFR 600.1:
To investigate...
"any LINKS and/or COMMUNICATION between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump"

"Links" and/or "communicating" to a foreign government are NOT Crimes.
Therefore Rosenstein FAILED to meet the GROUNDS requirements of the law.

For example attending a ceremony at the Russian embassy as Pelosi did or shaking hands with Putin as Obama did - both links and communicating - are not crimes.

In legal terms GROUNDS is the basis or foundation for taking action. Without a CRIME to cite for the Special Counsel to investigate, there are NO Grounds to assign a Special Counsel.

This is a "Smoke and Mirrors" operation until someone calls Mueller on it.

Also it is an ENTRAPMENT operation by Rosenstein and Mueller which is a CRIME, by setting up a false and nonlegal (no grounds) Special Counsel in order to entrap a campaign individual through possible perjury or obstruction or any of the other investigation crimes secondary to the non-criminal investigation.

ENTRAPMENT is defined as a process of tricking an individual into committing a crime to lure them into prosecution. Entrapment which is this Special Counsel operation of Rosenstein and Mueller is thus the only Crime here.

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"In legal terms GROUNDS is the basis or foundation for taking action. Without a CRIME to cite for the Special Counsel to investigate, there are NO Grounds to assign a Special Counsel". This is why Mueller is expanding WAY beyond the original reason for the process,they will keep digging until the find something.

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Again, what I'm not getting is this?If somebody called me and said they had a dossier on Hillary I'd say bring it over and I would call the media and the attorney general and say you might want to take a look at this.  I can't understand the lack of complete transparency in respect to sending the Clinton Crime Family to jail.There would have been complete transparency, if there had been stolen emails they would have been delivered to the news organizations not me.  I'm not understanding the multiple meetings and the non-inclusion of district attorney and media?When you consider how the Trump dossier was handled, it was "unmasked" and released to the press by our government, surely unmasking material from the Russians is less difficult? 

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The involvement in elections need look no fruther than Obama and Hillary when:The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday.http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jul/12/obama-admin-sent-taxpay… US seems to have a preferrence in the Venezuelian outcome, who runs North Korea, etc.. that is standard fare.What it appears is that the Trump family didn't look the camera straight forward and say: yes the Russian provided us with detailed evidence of the Clinton Crime Family which we of course shared with the press and the American public.That is what is missing here.  That simple.  The rest of this is the:When filling out the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86) there is a section right after the instructions you have to acknowledge as having read.  It states “I have read the instructions and I understand that if I withhold, misrepresent, or falsify information on this form, I am subject to the penalties for inaccurate or false statement (per U.S. Criminal Code, Title 18, section 1001), denial or revocation of a security clearance, and/or removal and debarment from Federal service.” The security clearance background investigation process falls under federal guidelines, therefore any criminal charges must be filed in a Federal District Court by the charging agency. If convicted, the criminal penalties include fines of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment up to five years. https://clearancejobsblog.com/consequences-lying-withholding-informatio…Now as I understand this part?Kushner’s lawyers say he mistakenly left meetings with the Russians off his security forms twice But the form makes that really hard to do.https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/7/14/15971508/kushner-lawy… again unless there is something still awaiting to be disclosed, another shoe to fall, another drip-drip-drip  Trump needs to pardon these kids and then send them home to run the business and then appoint someone else to their positions and just be done with this shitInterestingly, if somebody sent his form for him as the attorneys stated: then that person broke the law by misrepresenting and falsifying the SF86 and then need a pardon also and GTFH!

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Kushner is in over his head.He is not falsifying things, he is simply getting used to .gov forms and requirements and all their trick questions so of course he makes mistakes.If he is smart as they say then there must be some other .gov position that would benefit from his skills.He has never worked in the .gov system so he should be doing something less visible, at least in the beginning until he gets used to how the whole racket works.  

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The other 1/2 of the vetting process is too disclose so you cannot be compromised, as an example: say that there is homosexual activity, that activity disclosed isn't a reason for denial in and of itself, so the Russians send photos of some cocksucker, and the cocksucker responds with a laugh.. haha they know I'm a cocksucker so I don't care!   So even if Trump was fucking women, even if there "was" infidelity, that isn't a reason for not disclosing or not receiving a clearance.  And finally the unmasking of that disclosed information should definetly land someone's ass in jail!   Half of all marriages end in divorce (ask Putin) he got one.. ask Newt Gingrich, where the problem arises is the financial food-fight of a divorce and that impact upon stability of a candidate for vetting, the divorce no issue, sex with a consenting adult or robot? No problem, not disclosing a direct question of inquiry fully??????  Big problem.If he had written that he had met with Russians numerous time because he wanted to send the Clinton Crime Family to jail and they had the dirt which he handed over to the Attorney general upon receipt, I don't see the problem??? And here is where it gets really interresting: Hillary maintained that the information was never classified, which is horseshit as far as I'm concerned, and it is illegal to subsequently disclose already leaked information if you have a clearance, that is why I guess it pays to pay a 3rd party actor in say the UK like Fusion GPS to do the leaking and then play the game that way?Now finally the unmasking and that information, it is sensitive/controlled/classified information and the Fusion GPS guy promising to take the 5th is interesting.  Each and every one of the people who disclosed leaked controlled (sensitive but unclassified) FOUO (For offical use only) or above data during the last election needs to be held accountable under the law, not given pardons to testify, but prosecuted.Again that is why my original question is in response to the initial contact why didn't Trump team say, got info? GREAT... you would please give it to the media? thank you!  That's what Comey did but of course he admitted BREAKING THE FUCKING LAW.I have no sympathy for leakers, none.. zero, fucking zip.  Playing hardball during the last campaign?  Well Trump should have said have info? Great, then YOU LEAK IT!  And that I think is what is really at stake here and neither side seems to have played clean, and I find it finally pretty fucking interesting that if you break the law and do so with classified communications that somehow that creates immunity?  That somehow the crime of the disclosure is > than the act of say  corruption in Haiti?http://charlesortel.com/For the crimes and the leaks they should be held accountable and if Trump pardons his own children that isn't going to look like anything beyond nepotism and then lower the bar of rule of law.

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Why is it no questions about Israel?  I know he met with Yahoo.  It's on video.  That's OK, because Israel is in charge of this country, right?  Russia trying to work things out and Israel causing world problems.  Big difference!  This turd taken out would be a good thing.  One less tie with Israel.

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What about Silkway Airlines, Clinton, NGA VAN DNC actblue /actblues hell.
Lynch, Awan Brothers Senate SPY RING, Weiner's delay from DOJ on the emails trickle out to DELAY JUSTICE!!!! DOJ is CORRUPT DE-ACTIVATE THEM Or FIX THEM!

ps: wonder why Machine gun NSVP-12.7 (UPM 200) goes from Kazakhstan to Chicago(USA) on 04-07 JAN 2017 . That like a Russian rig I thought.

Marcecamb Mon, 07/24/2017 - 07:10 Permalink

Is that all you have got, Military Industrial Complex, Soros, Special Interest, CIA, etc? If that is all, you are the one in troubles. The masess are waking up. This show is getting interesting and we, the people are winning.

Thomas Paine Marcecamb Mon, 07/24/2017 - 08:07 Permalink

Just like way before the election...more than enough folks knew what was bullshit and what was not in spite of blatant propaganda media, Fake polling and DEEP STATE chicanery. IN GROWING NUMBERS now even more folks sense the scam, and sense the truth that this BS russian thing is all about deflecting attention from a whole bunch of outrageously aweful shit.  Out in flyover country we're not THAT stupid.Jump you fuckers...cause either way you're going down (and please take gypsy Kushner with you).

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