Ron Paul: Trump Should Veto Congress' Foolish New Sanctions Bill

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

This week’s expected House vote to add more sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea is a prime example of how little thought goes into US foreign policy. Sanctions have become kind of an automatic action the US government takes when it simply doesn’t know what else to do.

No matter what the problem, no matter where on earth it occurs, the answer from Washington is always sanctions. Sanctions are supposed to force governments to change policies and do what Washington tells them or face the wrath of their people. So the goal of sanctions is to make life as miserable as possible for civilians so they will try to overthrow their governments. Foreign leaders and the elites do not suffer under sanctions. This policy would be immoral even if it did work, but it does not.

As Ron Paul relates...

Why is Congress so eager for more sanctions on Russia? The neocons and the media have designated Russia as the official enemy and the military industrial complex and other special interests want to continue getting rich terrifying Americans into believing the propaganda.

Why, just weeks after the White House affirmed that Iran is abiding by its obligations under the nuclear treaty, does Congress pass additional sanctions anyway? Washington blames Iran for “destabilizing” Syria and Iraq by helping them fight ISIS and al-Qaeda. Does this make any sense at all?

When is the last time Iran committed a terrorist act on our soil? It hasn’t. Yet we learned from the declassified 28 pages of the Congressional 9/11 report that Saudi Arabia was deeply involved in the 2001 attacks against Washington and New York. Who has funded al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria for years? Saudi Arabia. Yet no one is talking about sanctions against that country. This is because sanctions are not about our security. They are about politics and special interests.

Why is Congress poised to add yet more sanctions on North Korea? Do they want the North Korean people to suffer more than they are already suffering? North Korea’s GDP is half that of Vermont – the US state with the lowest GDP! Does anyone believe they are about to invade us? There is much talk about North Korea’s ballistic missile program, but little talk about 30,000 US troops and weapons on North Korea’s border. For Washington, it’s never a threat if we do it to the other guy.

Here’s an alternative to doing the same thing over and over: Let’s take US troops out of North Korea after 70 years. The new South Korean president has proposed military talks with North Korea to try and reduce tensions. We should get out of the way and let them solve their own problems. If Iran and Russia want to fight ISIS and al-Qaeda at the invitation of their ally, Syria, why stand in the way? We can’t run the world. We are out of money.

President Trump was elected to pursue a new kind of foreign policy. If he means what he said on the campaign trail, he will veto this foolish sanctions bill and begin dismantling neocon control of his Administration.


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Trump knows that the shitbag congress has the votes to easily override a veto. Too many seditious assholes around... RINOs too... almost time for martial law...

swmnguy Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:25 Permalink

The sanctions are in aid of advancing the Zbigniew Brzezinski Grand Chessboard strategy.  Even Brzezinski recanted that bullshit before he died, but maybe Henry Kissinger and Paul Wolfowitz haven't come up with any new ideas, so they don't have anything else to go by?Sanctions of course don't work to achieve their stated purpose.  That they keep being promoted as so useful proves their true purpose isn't the stated one.  The true purpose seems to be to set a tripwire for military action.

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According to the Europeans most of the sanctions are targeted against the NORDSTREAM pipeline, which will bypass most of the gas sent through Ukraine, and any companies that are helping to build it. A great many of those companies are European and the EU is threatening action against the US if the law is signed. They claim the US is trying to stop the flow of gas from Russia into Europe to benefit US LNG corporations.

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That is completely hilarious because since everyone in Congress is in bed with the Saudi- Israeli - D.C. war triangle, and most of the country is completely disgusted with Washington, considering Congress' 6-13% approval rating, it appears that the joke is on them!

IdioTsincracY Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:42 Permalink

the mofos in DC have fat-ass Agent Orange exactly where they want him,in charge of the Military, threatened by Russia BS, and unable to pushshit through Congress.Guess what's next! 

Reaper Mon, 07/24/2017 - 19:42 Permalink

Neo-cons are addicts, craving a poison, aka war. They get a temporary high when they inflict sanctions. A parallel insanity exists with the American Exceptionals who would die imagining God will reward them for wanton murder.

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The US Foreighn Policy is really quite simple.Any country that doesn't allow American Greatness to spread accross the whole Planet, well then, your Evil and must be stopped.Like General Whack Job said: We will beat you harder than you've ever been beaten before !

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Look at the bright side.  Not vetoing this bill will lead America to gradually increasing economic isolation, as the "sanctions" rebound in a widespread loss of our own trade relations.  That will lead to increased manufacturing and domestic production being needed to compensate, increasing jobs, causing labor shortages, and forcing the fucking corporates to start paying living wages. We might discover (as did Russia under our last attempt at sanctions) that the loss of access to cheap and elite imported goods leads to a massive resurgence in domestic production and renewed appreciation for traditional culture as opposed to imported (expensive) luxuries.It's an asinine bill, but as Samwise says, it's an ill wind that blows nobody no good.  This one could have interesting unintended consequences. 

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We need a war with Russia in order to reduce the population.  The 1% can't find another earth to raise their kids. They "liberated" women and blacks because they needed the workforce.  Now with robots around, men, women and children are just not necessary any more.  

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Not going to happen.In a Dying economy what has every presodent done ?And Trump did exactly that.The very first thing, the very first thing Trump did was to Announce I'm going to sell a BaZillion Dollars worth of Weapons to the people that funded 911.Fake Newz or Not, it's the Audacity of Making more weapons to kill more people in order to create more American Jobs and boost the Economy.People of the world must die so that Americans can live high on the Hog, I get that, but they don't have to be so blatant about it.  

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Foreign Policy is Trumps Job.

Trump needs to VETO this for one overriding reason. Congress is stepping on his toes overstepping their authority.

I will say it again:

Leadership in Foreign Policy is Trumps Job.

Please Correct me if I am wrong. The constitution specifically tasks the President with receiving Foreign leaders. The state department and all foreign ambassadors are under the executive branch. Trump is commander in chief of the Armed forces which executes ultimate foreign policy in the extreme.

True Congress approves budgets. True they ultimately authorize wars and ratify treaties, but it is our president that we elect who carries the big stick and conducts the diplomacy and therefore is in charge with formulating foreign policy.

So, Mr, Trump. It is my (one of your deplorables) opinion, that this law does not originate from your desk and is not in sync with your foreign policy goals as I understand them from your speeches. Specifically the poking Russia in the eye part. If that is the case, then Congress is overstepping their role and you should VETO this out of hand.

We look to you for foreign policy Mr. President. If those under you in State or other parts of the executive went around your back in the slightest way to hand this directly to congress you should reprimand them and remind them that they work for you. Not Congress.

A deplorable.

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If i was the President then i'd be playing Golf and the likes all day, however, not before i put together a Special Task Force ( led by Kellyanne Conway ) who's mandate is/was to troll Z/H for Foreign Policy Solutions.

99% here seem perfectly qualified to take on this responsibility. I mean it's not rocket science. Ok 99% may be a slight exaggeration but the numbers are way better than the 2-98 reversal that The Senate came up with a few weeks back on further Sanctions.

How come on almost every other vote is along party lines but they can all agree on Russia? Darn!

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If ZH guys were running the WH we would probably be nuking too many countries. CNN and other MSM certainly would be smoldering ashes. Although we would probably tone it down when the awesome responsibility sunk in (the nuking part not the CNN part)

Kellyanne Conway, I haven't heard much from her lately. but I watch almost zero MSM these days. I did watch the campaign and I thought she was brilliant.

It dawned on me. These pussy hat ladies were all sore that a woman didn't win the Whitehouse. A woman DID win the WH! Kellyanne won it.

A day or two back someone in the comments had a Quote from George Washington's farewell address about not having favorite or unfavored countries. on Friday I heard Mr. Trump quote from past Presidents. I think the country has faced the same stuff before and by including insight into what past presidents said or did the Press will find it harder to crap on what the President says and does.

The Russia thing is a bitch, sorry about the language I mean tough and gnarly. The deeps state wants War with Russia. Russia would seem to be a good ally though. so what gives? It only makes sense If the deep state is running Islamic Jihad, or allied with Islamic Jihad for more sinister plans. Our Military needs to deep 6 the deep state with prejudice. That is my outsider opinion based on public info. I don't know who the targets are and don't have proof of their guilt. (ex three letter agency directors are candidates) I just feel they must be out there. Someone is controlling this opposition. What good is an NSA if it cannot find this out? What good is a CIA if it cannot tell us who is plotting against America or if it itself is the enemy?

I hope the President is colluding with Russia! I have said it before he should make it official foreign policy for the United States of America to collude with Russia. Tell me that would not poke a pin in the Russia Collusion Issue.

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Even inside the current US Administration we have differening/conflicting messages/statements given out on any given day regarding Foreign Policy. The slag at the UN, Haley, Sec of State, Tillerson, Mad Dog Mattis contradict each other on a daily basis. A general unwillingness to accept that the US is a Bankrupt State, financial and of ideas and using Russia as the scapegoat is just Pitiful to observe. Only shooting these congress-Critters in the face will bring about their admission of general corruptness & treasonous acts, having sold their soul to the devil's banksters.