Kurt Eichenwald Attempts Twitter Fight With Julian Assange, Gets Wrecked

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A Twitter fight is raging between (possibly former) Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and it's been awesome.

To bring you up to speed - The Gateway Pundit reported Sunday that a lawsuit against Eichenwald and Newsweek was settled out of court last week for an undisclosed sum over Eichenwald accusing Sputnik News editor Bill Moran of colluding with Russia.

After the case was settled, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted a curious change to Eichenwald's Twitter profile; the absence of his affiliation with Newsweek...

"He broke me" moment

To say Eichenwald took it poorly would be an understatement. The ardent tentacle and child porn 'researcher' who was mercilessly destroyed by Tucker Carlson last December, went on a massive Twitter tirade against Assange - calling the Wikileaks founder a child rapist, spreader of STDs, and an agent of Vladimir Putin among other things.

Eichenwald was also a huge dick - tweeting pictures of nature to assange and taunting him for not being able to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London for almost five years or face arrest on bogus charges.

Assange hit back along with with the WikiLeaks Task Force, an associated Twitter account...

After Julian tweeted about Kurt's meltdown, the WL Task Force followed up with an article about ol' Eichenwald's days 'researching' child porn as the administrator of a pedo website.

We're not done!

Julian then said that Eichenwald is a 'CIA-linked' 'serial fabricator' before going on to expose Eichenwald's pen name - Andrew McDonald - which Kurt used to give 5-star reviews to his own books on Amazon.com!

"I emailed Eichenwald with some praise, have swapped messages with him over the years and actually like him."


"..best thing is the way Eichenwald melds the true lies of the main character with the true truth of reality."


"Best book I ever read." -Kurt Eichenwald on Kurt Eichenwald

Another one of Kurt's self-reviews:

Kurt Eichenwald is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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