Real Fake News: Science Used As Propaganda

Authored by Joe Jarvis via The Daily Bell,

Did you know that doctors and scientists can be corrupt or simply wrong?

People seem to give doctors and scientists the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their findings and opinions on things like global warming, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, chemicals, and how unhealthy certain foods and habits are.

But like any other humans, scientists and doctors are, well, human. They can be misguided, confused, corrupt, and stubbornly opinionated.

According to Natural News, as many as 20,000 doctors once recommended smoking cigarettes to aid digestion.


In 1940’s Camel ran an ad campaign that claimed “More Doctors Smoke Camels.”


They even handed out packs of Camels to doctors at a medical convention and then polled the doctors on their way out the door, asking what their favorite cigarette brand was, or what kind they had in their pocket at that moment.

Unfortunately, money has corrupted industries like big pharma who pay doctors and scientists to take a position and prescribe particular drugs and treatment. Many peer-reviewed studies have predetermined outcomes which basically find the facts to fit their narrative. It is more a marketing ploy to publish in scientific and medical journals than proof of the actual findings.

Sugar was long considered fine to dump down children’s throats because in the 1960’s a handful of scientists were paid off.

The documents show that a trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation, known today as the Sugar Association, paid three Harvard scientists the equivalent of about $50,000 in today’s dollars to publish a 1967 review of research on sugar, fat and heart disease.


The studies used in the review were handpicked by the sugar group, and the article, which was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, minimized the link between sugar and heart health and cast aspersions on the role of saturated fat.

But even absent actual corruption, basic mistakes are being made in scientific conclusions.

Correlation is not causation. This is a basic foundational tenet of science. Two things may be very strongly correlated, but that does not prove that one causes the other.

According to Reason Magazine:

When it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff of studies that are mediocre or just plain bad, Albert Einstein College of Medicine epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat is a national treasure.


“Most research findings are false or exaggerated, and the more dramatic the result, the less likely it is to be true,” he declares in his excellent new book Getting Risk Right.

Kabat discusses how “the dose makes the poison,” in that saying something doubles your risk of a disease could actually be statistically irrelevant.

For example, you may have heard that eating bacon increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Technically, this is true. If you eat two slices of bacon every day of your life the risk of colorectal cancer increases from 5 to 6 percent. That is not exactly the same risk as smoking cigarettes, which increases the risk of lung cancer by 20 to 50 times over.

And then, of course, you must consider the editorial bias. You’re Risking Your Life Eating Bacon is more likely to get a click than Everyday Bacon Eating Increases Cancer Risk by 1%.

Kabat suggests that the precautionary principle–“better safe than sorry”–is largely an ideological ploy to alarm the public into supporting advocates’ policy preferences.


He also decries “the simplistic notion that ‘consensus among scientists’ is always correct.” He notes that scientific consensus once held that ulcers were caused by spicy foods and stress instead of bacteria…

Here’s the thing, I like to be healthy, and I personally often follow the better safe than sorry principle. But it is a huge miscarriage of authority to push this view on others through fear. It is the idea of I know better than these silly peasants that unfortunately seems to permeate the scientific and medical communities.

Are GMOs, pesticides, and chemicals like BPA really as bad as they say? I personally avoid them, but I honestly haven’t done enough of my own research to know for sure.Salt and fat have gone back and forth as being considered healthy

Salt and fat have gone back and forth as being considered healthy then unhealthy, then healthy again by experts.

People look to doctors and scientists for guidance and too often are brainwashed with those individuals’ own biases and unsubstantiated opinions.

If an expert cannot or will not answer questions about their work, that is a red flag. When people talk about consensus among experts instead of the actual facts, that is another red flag.

There have been too many times in recent history when the experts, the scientists, and the doctors were willfully or mistakenly wrong.

Sometimes, yes, we must defer to experts, since it is simply impossible to research it all on your own. But that doesn’t mean we should forgo the due diligence in critical thinking that goes along with it.

Fear sells. We are used to it in the media but don’t usually expect it from doctors and scientists. But they are humans too, and just as likely to push their agenda instead of the truth.


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former ulcer sufferer here. once i quit taking the meds, and disregarded all dietary advice, i got better almost immediatly. this was when i was a kid. 40 years later, you can't make my food spicy enough. and i wasn't even drinking back then either. doctors!

Sanity Bear Archibald Buttle Thu, 07/27/2017 - 02:11 Permalink

I used to call a doctor (a relative) when I wasn't feeling well. He inevitably recommends a laundry list of pharmaceuticals, so I stopped calling him.

Instead I have my five-step program to treating virtually every actual medical discomfort I experience.

1) Empty bladder and bowels
2) Drink water
3) Stretch out any tense muscles
4) (if appropriate and necessary) purge stomach by intentionally vomiting
5) Rest

That's all I have needed to do to feel better through all of the routine health issues that life inflicts on a regular human being. Zero drugs involved, zero cost involved. And it works pretty much every time.

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For an article critical of studies without or poor data, it reflects that which it criticizes. ZH, click bait headlines, minimal amount of articles on financials. Been reading for over eight years, maybe time to leave. Anyone that moved on, please pm me to better sites. 

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The editors in almost ALL US and European medical journals came out and publicly said ALL their findings were colored by the sponsor of the work they reviewed.

Yog Soggoth JailBanksters Thu, 07/27/2017 - 11:49 Permalink

Yeah, but that is just going to kill small businesses and tax people to pay for something they have no control over. Inoculations for everything is the scary propaganda. 1) your physician is most likely a parrot with similar IQ. 2) The companies that make the shots have a recorded history of trying to kill you. 3) The science is really sketchy.   I still can't believe this idiot I know suffered with a bout of shingles for months, and then went down to get his free flu shots at walgreens. I have also noticed that the strongest defenders of this Pasteur frenzy have autistic or otherwise affected kids. Someone commented recently," keep your unvaccinated kids away from mine". If your kids are so safely vaccinated, then why should you worry about contact with someone who is not? Another consideration is mutation. It is a well known fact that overprescription of antibiotics have created super viruses. Why would that not be possible  for a weakened slide sample injected into a multitude of hosts with different DNA makeups and immune systems?  Logic is not existing for those blind followers.

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You're right ctrent33. Most modern day science is a religion. I often wonder if Human Beings are predisposed to believe in religion or, need to believe in religion because I see it everywhere.We have removed God and Christianity from our societies but have simply replaced that belief with Environmental religion, Political religions, (the cult of the snowflake) the Religion of believing in UFO's. There are many others as well.Even many Athiests I talk to have taken on such a fervour for their lack of belief in God that they also display a type of faith in that there is no God.

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What does this guy know? Is he a scientist? Does he know anything about how to conduct scientific research? Of scientific methodologies? Of peer review?The perception nowadays is that scientific fact is just a "theory". Theory in layman terms has a different meaning than in scientific terms. The former assumes a theory is some "idea", the latter states that a theory is a hypothesis proven right via scientific experimentation -based on current scientific understandings- whose outcome can be replicated. That does not mean that scientific understanding does not chang through new theories and developments in science and technology. Sure, there is scientific fraud because in science it is all about producing publications and scientists can be very vain but simply generalizing and insinuating that science is just corrupt or wrong is BS.

Socratic Dog Joe A Thu, 07/27/2017 - 06:21 Permalink

Jesus.  I guess he doesn't know as much about how to conduct scientific research as the blokes who get paid to do it, and produce the results their sponsors want.  Or did you miss that part?Peer review: by guys senior in the field, guarantees that current theories will be maintained, no matter how nonsensical.  The cholesterol theory of heart disease, for example.  Or global warming.  Data opposing them simply doesn't get published.Science, as currently practiced, IS corrupt and often plain wrong.  Wake up.

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Other big lies we have been fed:Big bang theory is complete bullcrap. The universe is not expanding. There is no dark matter or dark energy. Black holes do not exist, they are a mathematician construct. Neutron stars don't existAll of particle physics dealing with quantum particles is completely made up too. Quarks, muons, gluons,bosons are all invented based on wishful thinking and complex math. CERN is a gigantic waste of time and money.. They did not find the Higgs-Boson and never will because it is a complete fantasy. They have a better chance of discovering unicorns. Cosmic background radiation is wrong too. Their instruments are reading cosmic foreground radiation which is 1000 times stronger than the distance background radiation Cosmology and particle physics are definitely religions. 

Sokhmate The Boognish Thu, 07/27/2017 - 07:06 Permalink

+14-billion-light-years.  Astronomy in its current state is really Quackstronomy. The bosons do not exist, but bozones might. I suspect that even the atom's structure is bogus. Plethora of scientific observations challenge every single Astro theory, that are circumvented with further fantastical convolution of existing theories or outright dismissal of such observations Yandex: the electric universe

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SCIENCE!, corrupted, used as left-wing political agitprop, to influence the direction of human activity?Say it ain't so!Just wait. Once they figure out how to explain to the masses that "Climate Change" is PEOPLE, we'll have full-on eugenics, not just the nuanced version that is abortion."Animal Husbandry" for humans. Because SCIENCE! says it's necessary! 

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'But they are humans too, and just as likely to push their agenda instead of the truth.'Especially when pushing their agenda successfully results in continued millions of dollars in government funding.

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I can't believe there are as many uneducated people as you in the whole country much less one website.  It's just sad,..the internet and social media has been terrible n one way which is giving completely uninformed opinion a voice and making it seem credible to some.  Most of you are one step away from the "earth might be flat" people.  Between you and our buffoon of a President you're turning us into the Idiocracy, it's just become too easy to survive being a moron.  I guess those with limited brain capacity just hate what they don't understand.  Science is nonsense!?!? Good least on Sundays all you fairy tale believing morons are out of the way for an hour or two.  Go spend your limited funds on stocking your basement for when you're gonna be the only smart ones left to meet Noah 2.0. and while you're out of the way hiding in your basement in the country we'll keep learning and developing things and maybe give you a job picking up trash somewhere or something similar that fits your "skillset".  

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These days, science goes to the highest bidder, scientists sell their theories and premises and their souls to pay for their grants, their fellowships and hybrid vehicles. Who can blame them, They gotta eat too! No scientist will buck Everyone’s favorite purveyor of death, MonSatan unless they want to lose their employment, grants and be thrown out into the street.  Don’t forget that Monsanto is now above the law due to the Monsanto Protection Act  (H.R. 933).

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Statement from a Nuclear Scientist (Shill) concerning Fukushima:"I repeat, there was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity from the damaged Japanese reactors," wrote Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Dr. Joseph Oehmen on March 13. "By 'significant' I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on -- say -- a long distance flight, or drinking a glass of beer that comes from certain areas with high levels of natural background radiation."

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Don't get your health information from people that profit when you are sick. www.pharmadeathclock.comDon't get your vaccines from corporations with no liability for product safety take advice from the CDC and FDA. Those two have killed more US citizens with their advice than all wars in US history.… ever trust the State when they mandate a corporate product.  They are selling you.…