Trump Attacked Sessions Again This Morning; GOP Shills Are Stroking Out

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I'm not a fan of airing out grievances in a public forum. As public as I am, I'd never discuss personnel changes or grievances with you misfits. It doesn't serve a purpose. The fact that Trump is humiliating Sessions on a daily basis must mean that either Trump is a supreme "type A" personality or Sessions deserves it. Critiques argue that the AG isn't Trump's lawyer. That's a lie. Both AG Holder and Lynch were, in fact, Obama's surrogates and shilled for him on a daily basis. They even shilled for Hillary Clinton during the campaign, partly because they were both corrupt zealots of the deep state. This morning Trump hit Sessions for not replacing the acting head of the FBI, who is, without a doubt, a Clinton mobster.

These tweets are designed to apply pressure on Sessions to quit. After the inauguration, Trump looked like he wanted a detente with the establishment. He even said he would not pursue Hillary Clinton for crimes against the state. But that all changed after the democrats and establishment sought to imprison Trump and his family, via 'Russian ties.' So, here were are now, with a very militant Trump in search of retribution and revenge. To accomplish this, he's gonna need a war time AG. Sessions doesn't have it in him. Rightards are freaking out over this, especially the neocon scum.

And for your Trumptards out there: none of this is 'good news' for the President. His administration, right or wrong, has been a fucking circus act from day 1. Efficient operators are able to foresee trouble ahead; Trump did not. Instead, he's busy cleaning up after his initial mistakes. Most of his supporters were angered by his cabinet picks when he chose them -- but only now -- 6 months into his administration is he realizing they're mostly trash.


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I think Mr. Trump has a sort of true courage that will last, and he is the type that will "give as good as he gets", so the other team is not going to see him out as a "push over". More to the point, his dedication to traditional American values were running strong for his entire bsiness career life, and he was not corrupted by spoending years "inside the sytem". Any man who is a major builder having to buy cement in New York learns the ways of this world from masters.  He has learned to both give and receive true "respect". We will be Ok if "we" do not lose the faith.  He?  No problem. He is obviously in it for the marbles.

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I recall Trump saying the Clintons are nice people, I don't want to hurt how do you folks interpret that? I thought so, the same way Sessions did! What he's doing to Sessions is bullshit.

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Trump uses political speech like a fire hose to aid in flushing out the barn. It is even possible that Bill Clinton would be a fun guy to have a beer with, but I for one will pass, life is too short and I am not sure I would be up to playing those life and death stakes, just for a fun beer. So "he is a nice guy" is Ok with me, but then so was Hilter with his buds, and very good with his mother too, and always kept his uniform nice and clean, with ploished shoes and everything. That didn't make him less of a Hitler however.  

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"These tweets are designed to apply pressure on Sessions to quit" I do not beleive this comment. I think Mr. trump is doing exactly what made him a billionaire, getting the people with the jobs to either do the job, or stand away and let someone else who can.  Sessions is too "politically" connected to freinds and associates from a corrupted Congress. What Mr. Trump, and the NATION needs is a bright bushy tailed patriot as AG. Someone who is wise enough, and unafraid of threats and such. And protect him!  Some one with deep and abiding "sound" values. Someone committed to LEX-REX instead of the ages "old world order" leftover poltical system of "the law of man", as contrasted with "the rule of law". In short, Amerca needs to return to its pre civil war roots, and under Mr. trump, we can.

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He needs Sheriff Joe Arpaio in there as enforcer AG. Joe can erect a tent city in DC to "temporarily" hold the suspects until they can be tried. And no luxuries like heating or cooling. If they don't behave its out to tent city prison in the Arizona dessert. I bet we'll get some quick confessions. Also a full report on who this Obama character really is.

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I had that thought before the elction even. But I think Sherriff Joe is too old now.  Great contributor, but ready to pass the baton. This is a post now for an ambituous man who is ready to take the criminal syndicate we are calling the deep state to jail.Whoever takes that job will require physical protection for his entire term for himself and his family. We are at war here.  People are being slughtered, shot dead in the back in DC (Seth Rich .. too young to die like that!). We better be clear about being at war to limit the losses. And our enemy is *not* Islam. they are just the tools of the enemy. The enemy is "hidden" right now. They are the ones who opened the flood gates over years of corruption. It is going to be a while before enough Americans are on board to turn the tide. 2018 will tell us is America is still "the home of the brave". Mr. Trump is all out, and thank God for him. But, he needs all of us, not just an "audience". The secret about this and about the "bad guys" is..."just don't be one of them".

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It's necessary theater. If Trump met privately with Sessions, the MSM and special prosecutor would claim he's obstructing justice. When everything is public, no such claim can be made, except an impossible to prove claim that Trump has a hidden motive of obstruction.

Sessions deserves everything he's getting. If he had indicted McCain for war crimes, he'd have put fear in neo-cons. If had he indicted Comey, Clapper and Brennan, their lawyers would have them shut-up. He failed to dismiss all the Obama left-overs. Civil forfeiture turns 80% of the population against Sessions. He's MIA with Seth murder. He failed to send US marshalls to seize all the incriminating recordings at the NSA.

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They can claim that all they want, but it would be blather. The DOJ falls under the President of the Executive Branch. Congress can not usurp presidential authority given under the Articles of the Constitution.

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I'm telling ya that all this bullshit regarding Trump and Sessions and related stuff like Trump's "outrageous" Tweets is really a brilliant game of mental rope-a-dope on Trump's part.  All of this stuff is being intentionally done by the Trump adminstration to draw the focus of the usual suspects in CONgress and the MSM while at the same time Trump is doing stuff behind the scenes that is really important - and that stuff goes completely uncovered by the media.There's a good article on All News Pipeline by Susan Duclos that goes into more on this issue:

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Now that Trump is realizing there is no detente with the swamp he seems ready to go on the attack. Thats a good thing. His approaches have been totally puerile up to now and I doubt he has what it takes, the dispassionate ice cold persona and far seeing mind, to begin the dismantling process. The best he can do at this point is not make a move without Bannons approval, hopefully Bannon has what it takes to build a team to take on this massive cleanup undertaking. America has the people to make the changes, but they won't step up behind weak leadership that throws them under the bus.