Trump Attacked Sessions Again This Morning; GOP Shills Are Stroking Out

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I'm not a fan of airing out grievances in a public forum. As public as I am, I'd never discuss personnel changes or grievances with you misfits. It doesn't serve a purpose. The fact that Trump is humiliating Sessions on a daily basis must mean that either Trump is a supreme "type A" personality or Sessions deserves it. Critiques argue that the AG isn't Trump's lawyer. That's a lie. Both AG Holder and Lynch were, in fact, Obama's surrogates and shilled for him on a daily basis. They even shilled for Hillary Clinton during the campaign, partly because they were both corrupt zealots of the deep state. This morning Trump hit Sessions for not replacing the acting head of the FBI, who is, without a doubt, a Clinton mobster.

These tweets are designed to apply pressure on Sessions to quit. After the inauguration, Trump looked like he wanted a detente with the establishment. He even said he would not pursue Hillary Clinton for crimes against the state. But that all changed after the democrats and establishment sought to imprison Trump and his family, via 'Russian ties.' So, here were are now, with a very militant Trump in search of retribution and revenge. To accomplish this, he's gonna need a war time AG. Sessions doesn't have it in him. Rightards are freaking out over this, especially the neocon scum.

And for your Trumptards out there: none of this is 'good news' for the President. His administration, right or wrong, has been a fucking circus act from day 1. Efficient operators are able to foresee trouble ahead; Trump did not. Instead, he's busy cleaning up after his initial mistakes. Most of his supporters were angered by his cabinet picks when he chose them -- but only now -- 6 months into his administration is he realizing they're mostly trash.